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This is a community for people moving to Canada or already in Canada. It covers any and all subjects flights, moving expenses, apartment rentals, where to buy your winter coat from (you’ll need it), basically everything a new immigrant needs. Please keep the discussions civil. #canadapr #canadaworkpermit #PGWP #SOWP #BOWP #LMIA

2015.12.23 21:32 RedTheSnapper The deep falls of Bozeman MT

It goes pretty low, doesn't it?

2023.05.29 17:57 ClearlyInvsible Coming to Crunchyroll in Winter 2024

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2023.05.29 17:56 Webhead24-7 2024 and 2025 options?

I'm about to enter the last year of my lease and I'm thinking of switching to a Plug-in. I have an all electric Kona, but it's a bit small for an expanding family and lacks AWD for the Buffalo winters.
I've done a lot of research on what's out there and like the Kia Sportage and the Hyundai Tuscan. Both are in my price range at the top trim.
My question here is has anyone heard of anything coming soon? New models or upgraded versions? My dealer would let me trade in early, but I would wait if improvements were in the future.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 17:54 ducttape90 CANT WAIT - Used 2021 MY Performance FSD

Hey All, Brand new to the sub! 👋 I just ordered a used 20k mile Black 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance with FSD.
Since it’s black, I plan to start with tint and PPF/ceramic coat. I’m in CA and looking for recommendations for tint% and products.
I’ve also heard ambient lighting is a common upgrade…. What are your recommendations for first things to do to your Model Y (other than drive it like you stole it 💨) Is there a popular website that folks like to use for Tesla accessories? A while back I had a WRX and knew about Subiebros for example.
Lemme see your black MYP! Thanks all!
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2023.05.29 17:54 lizzuurdd MA Political Science

Hey everyone,
Anyone else been admitted for the Winter Start for MA Political Science? I haven't found much on this thread, but looking to connect with people who are starting or if there's anyone already in the program!
I am from the US, but have been living in Madrid for about 2 years now and will be moving to Heidelberg with my dog as well.
I would love to connect with anyone or hear any tips and tricks for life with a dog in Heidelberg.
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2023.05.29 17:53 Efficient_Policy_ Good mountaineering stores

Hi everyone, I will be travelling to the mountains and will be needing winter wear suitable for -25 to -30 degrees. Any good stores that you would recommend here? Specifically need clothes suitable for such extreme weather conditions. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 17:52 Mohamadkassar How to make Carrot Salad?

Here’s a recipe for carrot salad:
  1. In a large mixing bowl, add the grated carrots, raisins or dried cranberries, and chopped nuts.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, olive oil, honey or maple syrup, salt, and black pepper to make the dressing.
  3. Pour the dressing over the carrot mixture in the bowl.
  4. Toss the salad gently to coat all the ingredients evenly with the dressing.
  5. Let the carrot salad sit at room temperature for about 15–20 minutes, or refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to meld and the carrots to slightly soften.
  6. Before serving, taste and adjust the seasoning with more salt, pepper, or sweetener, if desired.
  7. Garnish with fresh herbs, if using.
  8. Serve the carrot salad chilled or at room temperature as a healthy and colorful side dish or a light meal.
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2023.05.29 17:51 paigevanegdom I’m so embarrassed…

I 18F have to get a colonoscopy in June and I would honestly rather crawl into a hole and die. I’m so embarrassed that I honestly feel like I can’t do it but my mom says I need to which is true but I really don’t think I can. I’m also really worried about not being completely put out, they said their doing conscious sedation but my pain tolerance is quite literally -100 so if I am at all aware or feel anything I’m going to have a literal mental breakdown. I’m really just looking for reassurance from someone’s who’s had one before and can tell me it’s not as bad or embarrassing as I think it is without trying to sugar coat it because I know it’s not going to be fun.
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2023.05.29 17:50 Mohamadkassar How to make Avocado Salad?

Here’s a recipe for avocado salad:
  1. Place the diced avocados, cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced red onion, and chopped cilantro in a large mixing bowl.
  2. In a separate small bowl, whisk together lime juice, olive oil, salt, and black pepper to make the dressing.
  3. Pour the dressing over the avocado mixture in the large mixing bowl. Gently toss to coat the ingredients with the dressing.
  4. Taste the avocado salad and adjust the seasoning with additional salt, pepper, or lime juice as needed.
  5. If desired, you can serve the avocado salad over a bed of mixed greens or lettuce for added freshness and crunch.
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2023.05.29 17:49 OxideGas The W.C Richardson was built in 1902. On Dec. 9th, 1909 during a fierce winter gale the Richardson found herself thrown upon Waverly Shoal, a mile off Buffalos safe shore. 5 men would never make it home. She rests in 40 feet of water.

The W.C Richardson was built in 1902. On Dec. 9th, 1909 during a fierce winter gale the Richardson found herself thrown upon Waverly Shoal, a mile off Buffalos safe shore. 5 men would never make it home. She rests in 40 feet of water. submitted by OxideGas to ShipwreckPorn [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:47 TheMonkeyPrince [Tom Bogert] Sources: Philadelphia Union, midfielder Jose Martinez are nearing a contract extension. Martinez, 28, was subject of bids from Besiktas in the winter and it was unclear if he'd remain in Philly, but new deal will secure future. Among best DMs in MLS.

[Tom Bogert] Sources: Philadelphia Union, midfielder Jose Martinez are nearing a contract extension. Martinez, 28, was subject of bids from Besiktas in the winter and it was unclear if he'd remain in Philly, but new deal will secure future. Among best DMs in MLS. submitted by TheMonkeyPrince to MLS [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:47 JoshAsdvgi The Beaver and Muskrat Story

The Beaver and Muskrat Story

The Beaver and Muskrat Story
By Roy Moses

The old lady settled herself comfortably on the caribou skin mats and called for my attention.
"Do you know how the Muskrat came to crow flats.?" She asked.
Of course I did not know.
She ordered her tea cup to be filled and that I sit and listen.
This is when she told me the story of the Beaver and the Muskrat.
The young Muskrat had strayed from it's family and wandered up and down the river, enjoying the summer.
In the same area, a young Beaver was having the same adventure.
He had been kicked out of his parent's lodge as it was getting over crowded .
Soon the leaves were drying and the grass was withering, the air was getting crisp.
The young Beaver had decided to build a lodge on the small creek that ran into main river. He dammed the creek to raise the water, then build a lodge in the bank upstream from the dam.
The Muskrat was encountering some difficulties on the river.
The swift water was getting colder and ice was forming on the shores.
He managed to climb a bank near a small stream that ran into the river.
Some distance back from the river, there was a small lake.
The Muskrat explored it and found that there was plenty of vegetation at the bottom of the lake and along the shore.
He soon found a suitable bank and dug out a den.
This is how these two animals spent the winter at the head of the waters.
The snow had melted, the sun was shining, birds were singing.
Spring had arrived at the head of the waters.
There were squeaking and cracking sounds coming from the river.
Suddenly, and without warning, there were thundering, grinding sounds coming from the river.
The ice was breaking up and flowing down the river.
In the mean time, the Muskrat discovered the Beaver's dam.
The Beaver was well aware of the ice breakup and somewhat anxious for the river to clear so that he could travel.
Little did he know what lay ahead!
The two met on the small creek where the Beaver had his lodge.
They became aquatinted and soon referred to each other as cousins.
The two were very anxious to travel so they went to the river.
There were logs and much debris drifting down the river.
They climbed onto a log that was drifting near the shore.
This was the beginning of their journey down river which is now known as the Porcupine River.
Whenever they got tired, they would swim ashore and rest.
After they replenished themselves by feasting on the new willow shoots and fresh grass, they would resume their journey by swimming out and climbing onto another log or a drifting pile of debris.
They made a practice of sampling water in any creek or river that joined the great river.
Very early one morning they came drifting around a long bend and saw a river jointing the great river from the north.
Their log drifted into an eddy at the point where the two great rivers joined.
The Beaver immediately sampled the water and was convinced that it came from lakes.
The Muskrat was also convinced that this river came from lakes but was quick to discourage the Beaver from exploring further.
They crossed the new river and landed on the north shore to rest.
Curiosity overwhelmed the Muskrat.
He told his cousin that he would go for a walk.
The Beaver, not one for traveling over land, decided to satisfy his hunger with the new willow shoots and fresh grass on the river shore.
Later, he got comfortable in the warm sunshine and slept.
In the meantime, the Muskrat started up the hill toward the mountain (which is now known as Crow Mountain.)
The Muskrat soon found a caribou trail that went directly north toward the mountain.
It was trampled down by herds previously headed north in the spring migration.
The Muskrat followed the trail until he came to the top of the first mountain.
From the top of the east end of the mountain he could not believe what he saw.
There were lakes! Hundreds of them, as far as one could see.
Just pass the next mountain, but there they were.
The Muskrat sat down and rested, then resentfully started on his return walk.
Because if he did not return, the Beaver was sure to follow him and he definitely did not want to share the many lakes with anyone.
He came up with an idea when he was walking down the hill through a rocky creek bed.
He stubbed his toe! After stumbling further, he bruised his feet by dropping a handful of rocks on them.
When he finally returned to the river, the Beaver helped him with his wounds and decided to delay their journey.
But the Muskrat being anxious to be rid of the Beaver, encouraged him to continue his journey by himself.
So the Beaver prepared himself to leave.
He returned to the shore one last time.
This was farewell.
As friends often do when they part, the Beaver and the Muskrat traded gifts.
They traded tails!
The Beaver, secretly being suspicious of the Muskrat's journey up the hill, told him, "My long tail is easier for you to walk through the grassy areas, your flat tail will help me signal danger and will also be useful when building dams and lodges."
With that he swam out and climbed onto a log and drifted down the river.
As he disappeared around the bend, the Muskrat leaped to his feet with joy and headed directly north for the lakes which is now known as the Crow Flats.
This is how the Muskrat came to live in Vuntut!

My great grandmother Myra Moses told this story to me when I was 9 years old.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Shoddy-Mission2037 CMP / shoddy apartment wiring

Here’s a scenario…anyone been through something similar?
Moved into an apartment 1.5 years ago. It is a three story building with three apartments - essentially each floor is a unit.
Connected power in my name with CMP upon move in and didn’t see any anomalies for a few months. That changed and noticed sizable gains and decreases in usage over the next year.
One of the big winter storms finally led to a day long outage, so I reached out to other tenants to see if they had any news from CMP on our ETA for restoration. Found out that one neighbor doesn’t have an account with CMP, and he stated that his electricity was included with rent.
The other tenant had an account. Upon looking around, we discovered two power meters for the building. One was for his account, and one for mine.
Questions were asked of the landlord, and they skirted the issue until stating that they forgot about this, and admitted that the third floor might get power from another unit.
The other tenant paying CMP moved out. He mentioned he was contemplating legal action, but backed off when the landlord offered a free month in rent.
Fast forward to now. New tenant has moved in, is paying CMP and it appears the landlord has again forgotten about this issue. My power usage plummeted now that winter is over, making me wonder if another apartment had been running a space heater on my dime.
A breaker test shows that my account powers lighting and outlets in common areas, but it remains unknown just how much usage has occurred outside of my apartment.
CMP has become involved.
So, has anyone been in a situation comparable to this? Is this a small claims kind of case, or is it worth hiring an attorney?
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2023.05.29 17:47 executie444 17f, metalhead and gamer that also watches anime XD

hii my birthday is in about a month weeee
i love love love metal and gaming, i also draw and watch anime sometimes. :D
my fav songs rn is probably when winter by dagoba and in the name of by babymetal
i love to play deep rock galactic, almost have all achievements just need one more!
i play modded minecraft too sometimes
my fav games are deep rock galactic, yumenikki, divinity original sin 2, hollow knight and minecraft! i play on pc btw
beware i can be clingy ok XD
age limit is 17 to i think 20
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2023.05.29 17:46 otowndelivery Memorial day

Memorial day
Anyone else map looking like this right now?
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2023.05.29 17:44 topographx ACOTAR world map I made last summer!

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2023.05.29 17:44 C4ptainchr0nic What's it like to live in Terence Bay?

We are considering moving to this area and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what it's like to live there... I'm already aware of the fog and I mostly work remote. Bell Aliant says fivlber OP is available. I've read that raised beds are necessary for gardens.
The area seems beautiful.... But I noticed not many fences. Is it too windy for fences there? Is it really cold in winter? Are the schools good? Would an ATV be ok there?
Trying to get hyped up but also looking for realistic expectations.
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2023.05.29 17:42 ad-smartwatcher Red dogwood

Red dogwood
I posted this question earlier but forgot to include the picture.
This red dogwood used to display beautiful, bare red branches in winter. However, after I hired someone to prune and trim it about 4 years ago, it just hasn’t grown back the same. I cut it down to about 8 inches in 2021 at the end of the fall season hoping it would bounce back beautifully. Early spring this year, I hired someone to prune it, but he ended up cutting it all the way down again. Now it looks like this, and I don’t know what to do with it.
Is there any way to salvage this plant and how? I was hopeful because I read that this dogwood is supposed to be hardy a plant.
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2023.05.29 17:41 notme6197 AITA for not wanting to take their calls or texts today?

I started a small business in the fall. I have 2 people that help - sort of.
One has to be careful because it could be a conflict of interest. But they could help with research and other behind the scenes stuff. The other only helps if it benefits their daughter.
I’ve been planning for the past 8+ weeks on running a fundraiser. I’ve been very public with this. I’ve been creating an account, QR codes, rules, games, pledge forms and ordering things for this. I had other things of my own to do yesterday but worked on this instead because I found myself with extra time.
They both messaged me that they think it’s a bad idea and now’s not the time. We should wait until the winter to do it. They didn’t say anything sooner because they didn’t think we’d really be doing it. They’ve watched me plan it, heard me discuss it, seen it in newsletters and now they’re realizing it’s a real thing and they don’t want to do it and won’t help. I can’t run a fundraiser single handed.
I threw in the towel. I gave up. I have so much on my plate between my full time job, my family and trying to get this business somewhere that I just became so angry when they did this to me.
They’ve been texting and calling and I just need time to process and move on so I don’t say something I’ll regret, something out of anger and frustration. My family said I’m being an AH for ignoring them but I just put so much effort into something that I thought they were backing and helping with and they just completely walked away from it. Am I being an AH?
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2023.05.29 17:40 PsykoticMnk1 Doing this OC Challenge with my new OC

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2023.05.29 17:37 NyneHelios Public streetlight fails every time my AC compressor kicks on

I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes roughly 20 times consistently. For context - I just bought my house and moved in 2 months ago. It was pretty much impossible to create conditions for this to happen during the winter months when I was shopping for a new home. But every time my ac compressor fires up, the streetlight on the corner (roughly 15 feet from my property) goes out. It’ll come back on roughly 5 min later. This happens like clockwork.
Is this my problem or the utility companies problem? What’s going on here? I’m fairly positive that I’m being rightfully charged for my AC’s power consumption because I can see my bill (and power consumed) increasing. Just wondering if this is incredibly dangerous or not. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 17:37 BarefootGOON Cattle feed questions?

Good day mates
Looking for some wisdom in regards to cattle feed, I'm looking to get two weaned steer calves to raise for harvest for family not selling.
Looking to harvest between 16 to 20 months don't want to feed through two winters
He will also have access to pasture and hay.
All that being said when looking at tractor supply or other stores like that the prices between cattle feed I see very from $12 a bag to $28 a bag for 50 pounds.
Big price jumps. I don't fully understand all the percentages when it says 12% or 20%. Or what exactly is important for what I am looking to do.
Anyone have input or some knowledge of different cattle feed.
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2023.05.29 17:35 TheScribe_1 [The Book of the Chosen] - Chapter Eleven - The Room of Doors

Previous Chapter - Read 10 weeks ahead on Patreon - Read the story so far on Royal Road
Chapter Eleven - The Room of Doors
‘Get moving!’
Sara watched the men readying their horses, squinting at the brightness of the stone. The courtyard was full of the sound of boot-steps and creaking leather. Overhead, a thin veil of rippled grey hung over the early winter sky, and the dawn sun tugged gleaming at its edges. Overhead, the dull black shape of an old stormtower bled the sky. Empty, just like the rest of them. There was something very jarring, Sara decided, about the worn jerkins and stubbled cheeks of her father’s men, ensconced in a pillared courtyard of vast stone. They were out of place, and they had been every moment since arriving in Uldoroth, she realised. They didn’t belong here. Her own anxiety was mirrored imperfectly with the relief on their weary faces, and the dark rings under their eyes seemed just a little less deep. There may be Black Hand to deal with, back in the Westmere, but it was home. At least there your enemies had the decency to show themselves. Sara realised she was chewing her lip. At her back, two of the Black Guard waited wordlessly in their gold-touched armour, much more in keeping with the finery of the courtyard, and everything else in the capital. They were waiting to escort her away to the Queen, unaware they found a girl not so eager for the honour as she had been, just a few days before.
‘Father!’ She called out, spying him across the writhing mass of men in their moss green cloaks, but he seemed not to hear her. He was standing near the arched cloister at the far side of the square, cloaked and ready for travel, in hurried conversation with a shaded figure standing beyond the marble facade. She squinted, trying to make out the other man, but there was nothing but a dark shadow to trace.
‘Well then, M’lady.’ A voice said beside her, and she turned to find Halin looking down at her, a kind smile on his broad face. ‘You’ll be a right proper Princess when I next see you, methinks.’
Sara smiled at him and shook her head sheepishly. ‘Uldoroth is not my home, yet, Halin. I won’t forget.’
‘Be careful you don’t, Lady Sara.’ Halin glanced distrustfully at the Black Guard behind her. ‘Lots of fancy folk here. Fancy folk with fancier lies.’
‘I’ll be careful, Halin.’ She told him seriously.
He smiled again, and the sternness dissolved away from his face.
‘Take care, M’Lady.’ He told her, dipping his head politely. She returned the gesture, dropping into a small curtsy.
‘Look after my father, will you?’
‘Always, M’Lady.’
Halin hurried off into the throng in the square, and Sara watched him go, feeling her the knot in her belly tighten. The conversations with her unexpected visitors had left their mark, a nagging uncertainty gnawing at the excitement that had carried her through her first few uneventful days in the capital. The little comfort she had taken in the presence of her father and his men was a loss she could ill afford. She watched her father’s back, frowning softly to herself. Her thoughts were not what she had imagined, when she had thought of him leaving. A hundred different times, and more. Had she expected tears, grief at the parting? Relief? Instead, there was only the fear, a dull, leaden weight in her belly, clammy-cold as marsh-water.
‘Come on, you whoresons! I want to be on the road before lunch!’ Halin roared, and the men quickened their work. Her father had not moved, still deep in conversation, just out of sight. She peered a little closer, and for a moment the pale sunlight crept over the top of the square, flashing against a colourful doublet marked with a silver brooch. The Fox’s lips barely moved as he spoke from the shadows of the cloister, and her father was scowling. Sara frowned.
‘Mount up!’
The ornate wagon that had been her home all those weeks trundled into the square, then, drawn by a pair of stout horses. Sara saw her father turn reluctantly towards it, striding out into the square. Sara peered past him into the cloister, and for a moment Lord Bywood’s sharp eyes caught hers. Then he smiled, dipping his dark, smooth head, and vanished himself away into the shadows.
Sara hurried out into the crowded square, leaving her escort behind, darting between the shifting limbs of the horses. Her father turned towards her as she approached, and smiled small smile, in two parts, one weary, one sad.
She threw her arms around him and pressed her head against his chest for a moment, and he put an arm around her shoulders. She knew her role, and the knowing of it made her safe for a moment. Then she stepped back, looking up at him.
‘I thought you were going to leave without saying goodbye.’
‘I… There was much preparation to do.’
Sara did not reply. His eyes had that same distance that they had had since they arrived in the capital. Uldoroth had worn at him, as if all the brightness and finery had made his skin dull, eyes darkened like the contrast of shadows in bright sun.
‘Will you write?’
He blinked as she spoke, then smiled, and the tiredness fell away from him for a moment. He took her chin gently in one hand, tilting it up to meet his eyes.
‘Yes, I will write.’ He told her, and she saw again that fierce ambition in his eyes, the look she had known so well on their journey from the Westmere. Swollen around the soft, lazy ease of diminished strength. ‘And I shall expect news in return. The Rose of Westmere will show these fools how a real lady charms.’
Sara smiled and lowered her eyes self-consciously.
‘I… I will not disappoint you, father.’ She said quietly, and found, in spite of herself, that there were tears in her eyes.
‘See that you do not.’ He replied. Then he let go of her chin and climbed quickly into the carriage. He leaned out from the window for a moment, before they were gone, banging a hand against the wooden panels of the door impatiently.
‘Move out!’
‘You heard him!’ Halin bellowed in response, holding his horse in check beneath him. ‘Back to Westmere, before your wives go straying!’
With that, her father’s men spurred their horses away into the white corridors of the citadel, bound for the sky-cages and the city below. They had arrived on foot, leading their steeds, but they left by horseback, hurried by grave purpose towards the long road west. She watched the window of the carriage as it trundled away with the horses, but her father did not appear again. She stayed there, staring after them, until the party were out of sight and the great gate of the keep heaved closed behind them, slamming into the distant stone with a resounding thud.
She turned to find the Black Guard waiting, watching her with dark eyes through the narrow slits of their polished helms. For a moment, the suddenness of the departure threatened to overwhelm her. What was it he had told her, slurring over his unfinished dinner, in the pristine perfection of their lodgings, surrounded by invisible eyes? Power belongs to the strong. To those who take it. Just then, standing in the courtyard, watching alone as her father departed, she realised that he was right. And he wasn’t strong enough. She took a deep breath, smiling for the Black Guard, and followed them out of the ancient courtyard into the halls beyond.
The broad, open avenues and garden-ways of the Keep of Eranor closed in to interior corridors rather quickly, when you knew the way, and soon Sara was following her black-gilded escort through pale passageways lined with statuettes and tapestries, ceilings lost far overhead to the flickering light of amber flames. An occasional glimpse of pale sunlight leaped out across the stone floor, shimmering through shifting motes of dust. Sara was her Lady-self again, graceful and poised, gliding over the polished floor after her escort. The giant corridors were a maze of twists and turns, past fragment-views of gardens and libraries and sitting-halls and galleries, but she was dimly aware they were moving towards the Hall of the King. The thought made her a little giddy.
‘Will I be received in the King’s Hall?’ She asked as they walked, but the Black Guards didn’t reply, and their armour clinked in the quiet. Sara frowned, following them. The passage curved, rising, and she found that the wall on her right side suddenly gave way to the hall below. One of the galleries, set high in the rafters of the King’s Hall. She stopped, putting her hand on the balustrade and peering out over the ledge, into the vaulted, silent emptiness of the hall. Some fifty foot below, the patterned black and white marble of the floor gleamed in flashes of reflected amber, quiet and empty. At the far end, pale sunlight caught the Night Throne, setting fire in the mirrored stone. Overhead, the matching nightglass ceiling gleamed like a lake in starlight, and swirling figures swept back and forth across it in the shifting light of the chamber. Sara felt a little thrill run over her neck.
Sara blinked, starting, and found Dana standing beside her.
‘Sister!’ Sara took hold of her sister’s hands and rose onto her tiptoes, pressing a kiss against her cheek. ‘Here to welcome me into the fold?’
She was struck again by the strangeness of her sister, the difference in her. Dana wore black, a dress of simple lines and inlaid jet, at once relaxed and taut as a lute string. Her pale hands were folded over her belly, and her muddy dark hair was pulled back into a bun. The Black Guards halted behind her, waiting.
‘I am to escort you to the Queen’s chambers.’ Dana said simply. With that she turned and began to walk away along the balcony, towards a closed door at the throne-end of the hall. Sara frowned, hurrying after her.
‘Do the King and Queen not share chambers?’ She asked as they walked, and the hall below drew on beside them.
‘Their Majesties prefer… to keep their own space.’
The Black Guard fell into step at a respectful distance behind them, armoured heels clicking against the stone.
‘How many others are there?’
‘How many what?’
‘Handmaidens. How many does her Majesty keep?’
Dana did not break stride. ‘Two others, and the Matron.’
‘I suppose we shall not have servants of our own.’ Sara said quietly, eyeing the shadows shifting over the nightglass ceiling. ‘No need to spy on us when we are so close.’
‘Sara-’ Dana began, but Sara cut her off.
‘Father is gone, you know. This morning.’
‘I know.’ Dana replied, looking ahead.
‘You did not come to see him.’
Dana did not turn.
‘I’m sure he will miss you terribly, sister.’
Sara bristled suddenly, grabbing her sister’s arm.
‘I did not ask for it!’
Dana looked down at the hand on her arm, frowning. ‘What?’
‘Any of it!’ Sara told her, angry now, her whisper cracking. ‘I didn’t ask to stay. I didn’t ask him to send you away. I would have given anything to go with you. I thought he would never let me leave.’ She lowered her voice, flicking an eye back towards the waiting guards. ‘I did not ask for the way he… the way he…’
She took a breath, swallowing, and straightened, looking her sister in the eye.
‘There are worse things than being ignored, Dana.’
Dana’s hand folded over hers.
‘Let’s… let’s put it behind us.’ She said quietly. ‘You are here, now.’
Sara blinked at her, nodding. She wanted to say more, but her words would not come, locked away from her tongue by the choked gulping of her breath. She lowered her eyes, and Dana squeezed her hand.
‘Sara, listen to me.’ Dana murmured, leaning close. ‘You must be careful. The Queen-’
The door at the far end of the gallery swung open, creaking on its hinges. The pair fell silent, frozen, and whatever Dana might have said, she held instead.
‘Wait here.’
The Matron, the head of the Queen’s Keepers, was an elderly woman with rounding hips and hair the colour of ash tied into a tight bun behind the worn-leather creases of her forehead. She was wearing black, same as Dana, though her smock was somehow plainer, when she opened the door onto the gallery, ushering the sisters wordlessly into the corridor beyond. Dana had bowed her head deferentially, withering under the Matron’s hard eyes, and quickly disappeared into one of the many doors of the hallway. Sara almost asked for her to stay, but instead she steeled herself, remembering her lessons, and followed the stern old woman down the long, flickering hallway. The corridors of the keep were all severe, all lit by weak, flickering torchlight and gleaming the gleam of cold stone, but here they were particularly bare. There were no busts, no tapestries, no mosaics. Nothing but cold, dead rock, lent a little life by the dim thrustings of infrequent braziers. In her own apartments, she had understood the quiet, but here, in the keep proper, there was an eery silence to the corridors that jarred with Sara’s anticipation. Where were the nobles in their gay clothes, where was the music and laughter of a King’s Hall? Sara frowned to herself, and kept walking.
The room at the end of the hallway was broad and rounded, like a kind of circle made out of many flat edges, each holding the low light of a brazier. The marble floors were black and white and patterned like a gamesboard, empty but for a broad nightwood table at its centre, matching the room itself for its odd roundness. On the far side, a wall of shutters opened out onto a large, bare balcony, and over the intricately wrought stone balustrade, Sara could see the City of the Moon below, sweeping away towards the edge of the Heartspire, empty stormtowers stabbing black into the sky. Beyond, the great emerald plains of Valia stretched out into the west, past the fiery line of the river Arq, scored with jagged, dark rock and silver streams. Sara swallowed, realising she’d never been so high up.
‘Wait here.’
‘But-‘ She protested, frowning, but the Matron was already gone, turned on her heel and disappeared back the way she had come. Sara flinched as the door slammed shut behind her, and the silence of the room prickled at her skin. The breeze rustled over the balcony, swirling about the pillared windows, but the air inside was still as the grave. She stepped slowly over to the table, touching the polished wood. This much nightwood would have cost more than a wagonload of gold. She traced the knotted lines across the black surface, trying to ignore the cold weight churning in her gut.
Time stretched on around her, and the minutes dragged by like years. Despite the open air flooding through the windows, the chamber was not cool, warmed by the subtle glow of the braziers, and she felt a little wetness beginning to build under her arms. She looked about herself, trying to calm her heart. There were four other doors in the room, besides the one they had entered through, all dark and heavy looking, and each bore a pattern of silver on its face. There was a cradle, and opposite it, a pendant with teeth like a wolf. Beside the cradle door, a small drinks table, a glass jug of purple wine atop it, with a pair of matching glasses. The two doors closest to the balcony bore a sun and a crescent moon. She looked a little closer, and realised that the markings were not moonsilver, merely an imitation in gleaming silver paint, and the door she had entered through bore no markings at all. Sara watched them, imagining the rooms that lay behind each. Which one was the Queen behind, she wondered, and her heart quickened at the thought, stomach churning. She was stranded, here, now, in the capital. What if the Queen didn’t like her? What if she said something wrong? Would she be sent away again, back to her father?
‘Lady Westmere.’
The crescent moon had swung open, and the Queen glided through, a beautiful shadow in a studded black dress, arms glistening with little sharpened sequins the colour of midnight. Her hair had been contorted into an elaborate maze of raven curls over her pate, and her pale skin took on a translucent sheen in the pale light from the balcony doors. The throat of her dress was open, as it had been in the King’s Hall all those days ago, and she wore the same golden necklace, its myriad points sharp like daggers with their drops of ruby blood.
Sara blinked, then remembered herself, and dropped into a low curtsy, bowing her head.
‘Your Majesty.’ She said quietly, keeping her eyes on the floor.
The Queen did not reply. Sara was dimly aware of her shadow moving across the floor, crossing to the drinks table beside the cradle door. Sara risked a glance up, then, and found the Queen’s slender back to her. When she at last turned, she had a glass goblet of wine clutched in her narrow fingers. Sara lowered her eyes again.
‘You are a pretty one, aren’t you.’ The Queen said quietly, as if to herself. Her voice was cold, like ice leaking over lakewater, deep and still. She took a sip from her cup, and Sara could feel the cut of her eyes against her skin. ‘What did the Weasel of Westmere do to sire such a pretty daughter. Your sister, maybe, I understand, but you…’
Sara forced herself not to frown.
‘Well trained, I see.’ The Queen murmured, smiling coldly. She took another sip of her wine. ‘Your mother’s touch, I assume, not your father’s.’
Sara hesitated. She glanced up at the Queen, then lowered her eyes again, nodding.
‘I hear she is unwell.’
Sara looked up again, braver this time, and found the Queen’s dark eyes watching her over the rim of her glass.
‘She has an affliction, Your Majesty. She does not eat, and rarely sleeps. The Keepers say it is a disease of her mind.’
‘The one thing none of us can escape.’ The Queen sighed, toying idly with her glass and looking out of the window over the city below. ‘Still, there are worse places to be sickly than a Lord’s hall.’
‘I suppose… I suppose that is true, Your Majesty.’
The Queen raised an eyebrow. ‘Suppose, do you?’
Sara squirmed for a moment under the weight of her eyes, but then the Queen turned away, stepping slowly around the edge of the table till she was standing beside the open windows. She took another sip of her wine, back to Sara again.
‘Your sister met you, this morning.’
Sara hesitated, thrown for a moment by the abruptness of the statement.
‘Yes, Your Majesty.’
‘And she came to you yesterday, in the apartments Bywood found for you.’
‘Yes.’ Sara felt the cold weight return in her belly. She thought of what the Fox had warned her. There is always someone watching. She cast her mind back to her conversations with Dana. Gods. What had they spoken of? Had she said something out of turn?
‘Curious, that she did not seek out your father.’
Sara let out her breath slowly. That was not a particularly well-hidden curiosity.
‘Dana must have been very busy, Your Majesty.’
‘She is as busy as I make her, and that is rarely too taxing.’
Sara sighed. ‘They have… sometimes not seen eye to eye.’
‘And you?’ The Queen turned as she spoke, fixing her eyes to Sara’s again. Behind her, the distant sounds of the city drifted lazily up through the air, swirling around far-off columns of wispy smoke. ‘What do you say of him?’
Sara hesitated again, stuttering. ‘He is my father, Your Majesty. I trust that he always knows what is best for his daughters.’
‘In my experience it is fathers who know the least about their own daughters.’ The Queen replied dryly, sipping again. ‘Come, let me look at you, then.’
She came back around the nightwood table, her long, narrow limbs gliding over the polished floor, and stopped in front of Sara, setting her glass down beside them. She took Sara’s chin in two spindly fingers and tilted it upwards so that she was looking her in the eye, only a few inches from her face. Sara realised again how tall she was, as tall as her father, at least, though her slender frame made her seem much smaller. She tried not to squirm, but she found that the Queen’s fingers dug uncomfortably into her chin, dark eyes flitting back and forth across her face like a hungry wolf.
‘Yes, very pretty.’ She said at last, not releasing her chin. Sara could feel her breath on her face, smelling softly of dark wine. ‘No wonder. You look like her, you know.’
‘Who-‘ but the Queen had already turned away, back to the table, picking up her wineglass in one bone-stretched hand.
‘The Matron will meet you outside. She will give you your tasks and show you to your chamber. You will begin tomorrow.’
Sara flinched, realising she had been holding her breath. She curtsied to the Queen’s back, suddenly a little giddy.
‘Thank you, Your Majesty.’
‘You may go, girl.’
Sara turned to go, not at all sure what to make of the encounter. She paused at the door, looking back over her shoulder, but found the Queen looking out over the city silently again, wineglass in hand, black dress glistening with jet. Sara hesitated a moment longer, then hurried out into the corridor beyond the unmarked door, closing it behind her.
The night before her father leaves, she wakes in darkness.
She does not open her eyes, but she knows it is not yet dawn. The sounds of the garden beyond her shutters are soft and murmuring, wind-stirred and drip-spotted.
She can feel him over her, the tense stillness of him, closer than shadows. He smells of wine. Sweat. She is cold, but she does not move. She dares not move. She can feel the weight of his eyes, dulled with drink, tracing the lines of her. His breathing sounds like anger.
She does not know how long she waits there, frozen. But she does not open her eyes. Not once. Time stretches out before her in that moment, an eternity of breathless terror.
Then he leaves. The smell of him lingers long after the door has closed behind him. She lays there a while longer, motionless, dead as stone. Then she curls into her own arms, and weeps silently until the dawn.
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