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2023.05.29 17:51 darkelementwars [USA-FL][H]3DS Games, loose PS2 Games, PS3 Games, Witcher 3 Complete (Switch), Yoshi Amiibo [W]Paypal

Have a few odds and ends left to sell. Pictures are dated from the first time they were posted, but I can take an updated picture for anything if someone requests it.
Add $5 for shipping. Everything ships Priority.
Accepting Paypal G&S.
3DS Games
Loose games come in a replacement case with a printed cover. Pictures are dated from my last post, I can take updated pictures on request.
Pokemon Ultra Moon - $40
Tales of the Abyss (loose) - $35
Ocarina of Time 3DS (loose) - $20
Dead or Alive Dimensions (PAL version) - $10
PS3 Games
Loose games come in a replacement case with a printed cover.
Grand Theft Auto 5 (includes foldable map and inserts) - $15
Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend - $10
XBlaze Code: Embryo (loose) - $10
Witcher 3 Complete Edition (complete box, includes map and stickers) - $25
Loose PS2 Games
I'm listing these as untested as I no longer have any ability to test them. My PS2 died about five years ago, and these two have just been sitting in a blank case ever since. I can confirm they worked back then, and can't see why that would be any different now, but I can't confirm. Persona 3 looks clean on the back, Magna Carta has some microscratches.
Magna Carta: Tears of Blood - $25
Persona 3 FES - $25
Yoshi Amiibo, Super Smash Bros Edition (Unopened) - $30
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2023.05.29 17:50 Benethor92 Connecting AL Dreams Of The Red Wizards and SKT (SPOILER)

Hello all, next week i will start playing SKT with my group. We are actually playing the 20 episodes of Dreams Of The Red Wzards (the AL modules). We played the first three, which are somewhat tied to Ghosts Of Saltmarch. But the fourth chapter really builds on what happened in SKT. It plays a while after SKT, so i proposed to play SKT before returning to DRW. DRW 04 starts a while after SKT with the following assumptions:
- The cult of the dragon assassinated Hekathon- They stole the Wyrmskull throne- Iyrmrith has been turned into a Dracolich by the cult of the dragon and seeks revenge- The red wizards of Thay long sought for the Wyrmskull throne and watched the activities of the Cult of the Dragon. After the assassination they stole Hekathons bodey and raised him as a death knight.- A second Scepter of Shanatar, the Iltkazar Scepter also plays a big role- The modules goe up to level 20.
So far so good. In the DRW modules the player rescue Hekathon but at the end he dies, but got his peace after the PCs save him out of hell. I actually really like how the adventures tie in together. My main problem is the following: In SKT the PCs save Hekathon who went missing. In DRW they enter Maelstrom and the giants are like "Oh no, Hekathon has gone missing... again. Can you save him... again?". Thats stupid.
My idea is the following: Hekathon has not been captured by the Kraken society. I actually dont want to use the Kraken society at all. Hekathon has been murdered by Iymrith, not by the cult of the dragon. His body has then already been stolen by the red wizards. Already during the campaign of SKT. The final would still be the fighting against Iymrith, but not rescuing Hekathon (at least not the SKT way), because he is dead. Serissa would be the ruler with the power of the Korolnor Scepter. She then wants the players to search for Hekathon (thus starting DRW)
Has anyone here run something similar? Do you see any logical problems with my general idea? My party would start SKT at level 8, but thats not a problem, i dont see a problem with shortening Nighstone and scaling the difficulty up there. It then would go seamlessly up to level 20, ending SKT with somewhere around lvl 13, with the DRW module being set for APL 13 going upwards from thereon.
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2023.05.29 17:50 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 10 Jobs in Philadelphia Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
TruVerify VP Operations Philadelphia
Geisinger Respiratory Therapist Registered RRT New Philadelphia
GeoBlue Data Analytics Architect Philadelphia
GeoBlue Sales Support Specialist - Commercial Philadelphia
Oshi Health GI Nurse Practitioner Philadelphia
Sekeena Johnson Inc Float RN Philadelphia
Floyd Lee Locums Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Philadelphia
Serenity Care Resources Llc Caregive Home Health Aide- West Philadelphia Philadelphia
GHR Healthcare Icu Rn Philadelphia
The Judge Group Surgical Nurse Philadelphia
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in philadelphia. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 17:49 kizuishou Dog reactive girl has come so far

Feeling like a proud mum at the moment and just wanted to share! We got a rescue greyhound about a year and a half ago as our first dog (in adulthood) and quickly discovered that the kennels downplayed her 'grumpiness' with other dogs and it was, in fact, full blown reactivity and before long she was lunging and snarling at other dogs.
We definitely made things worse, because we were inexperienced and didn't realise what we were dealing with so took her out to places where there were commonly other dogs, and she got rushed by off lead dogs regularly enough to make the problem escalate in the way it did. Growls became snarls became attempting to attack nearby dogs on sight, and we shouldn't have kept putting her in situations with other dogs when we knew she had strong feelings about them. It seems too obvious in retrospect, and it does deeply frustrate me that the rescue we got her from seemed to know she didn't like other dogs and would 'grumble' at them (their words, and we naïvely looked no further), but didn't communicate the actual severity of it to us OR how to deal with it as first time owners, but hey ho...
Anyway, a few months in we spent some time with a behaviourist and implemented a few simple changes: - vet visit, naturally, to check all was well physically (it was, she's fine) - no countryside or park walks or walks in environments with other dogs - turning and leaving if we spot another dog or creating as much distance as possible - advocating for her and demanding dogs be recalled / not approach if off lead - high value treats the second she sees a dog, either held to her face or scatter fed at a distance from the other dog - repeating the above throughout the dog passing by - decompression time between dog encounters e.g. if she had a reaction one evening, no walk or walk in a guaranteed dog free space the following day to reduce trigger stacking
Writing it all down, it seems so straightforward, but we felt hopeless and out of our depth at the time and like we were failing her and perhaps weren't cut out to meet her needs.
Thankfully though, within six months and now approaching 12 months since we met with our behaviourist, it's like walking a different dog! She used to be intensely triggered by off lead black dogs in particular - she would pull, immediately get over threshold and inadvertently bite our fingers taking treats, not hold eye contact or acknowledge us at all etc. Now, she is able to look at them, stay calm, and then just focus on us for treats and take them gently!
When she sees other dogs now, she immediately looks to us, and is able to watch them and remain calm while watching them and break away from them of her own accord to turn back to us. She still gets jittery in some scenarios (e.g. lots of dogs, or off lead dogs with other stuff like loud noise or a cat or screaming kids etc.) but we never thought we would be able to take her for a relaxing walk in our local park and we can! We're also experienced enough now to preempt off lead dogs that are likely to be a problem and take action as needed to avoid them, which we didn't always pick up on before. But most recently even when dogs have run up to her, even when they're getting too close, she just focuses on us and let's us lead her away to safety and it floors me every time.
Maybe most importantly is how it had changed our relationship, she trusts us and we trust her to trust us too rather than automatically assuming the worst case scenario when we see another dog on the horizon. She will never be a group walk kind of dog or someone we can take to tight spaces with other dogs, and she will never be able to be off lead outside of a secure area (due to her prey drive, let alone reactivity too) and we accept that. But, she's doing things now like settling in pubs with other dogs at the opposite end of the room (trying that for the first time was stressful as hell and we more more dog reactive than she was at the time 😂) and joining us at busy parks and we never thought she'd come this far.
She is definitely an easy reactive dog compared to some of the stories I've read here (my heart goes out to some of the other pawrents sacrificing so much and working with their dogs' massive feelings and fears), but had we not taken the action we did and been patient with her, it could have been so much worse.
Idk I'm just so proud of her and how far she's come, and so glad we took action when we did. I thought it was worth sharing a success story as from experience it's all too easy to get bogged down in the present and feel like there's no hope. Success CAN be possible, although it might look different for each dog.
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2023.05.29 17:49 EngineeringBulky162 C4C I WILL click back

help me out too please, support to go all around!
Code for code: 153128870
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2023.05.29 17:49 bentogames Expedia Canada Referral - $30 CAD

This code can give you $30 CAD off a hotel booking through the Expedia App when you become a new Expedia member (it's free). Want to use it? Just use this link to get the discount:
Also works for US,
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2023.05.29 17:49 Live_Review3958 16w, FTM 35, feeling big. How can I have body positivity? Tips? Mantras? Acceptance?

Hey there! Im a FTM and 16 weeks. I feel so big. Like bloated, big, heavy, lethargic, tired, hungry, sad, grouchy, thirsty, and big. I was so excited to be pregnant and didn’t think I’d struggle with my pregnant body but I am. I feel like I’m full term and have a belly already and just growing everywhere. Arms, face, just bigger all around. Surprisingly I’ve only gained like 9 pounds but I feel 20 pounds heavier.
I want to have happiness, acceptance, and love for myself. I’m fighting yoga, working out, meditation and I normally love those things. I only want to sleep and eat even at 16w. You know that feeling when you don’t get coffee or fully ever feel alert? That’s how I feel and bloated face and body.
I don’t feel good in my clothes either. I feel hunchy. I don’t feel cute, feminine or sexy and I normally feel all those things.
Tips on how to work with this energy?
P. S. Todays my birthday!! I’m spending the day in bed but I wish I could be active and happy and feel good.
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2023.05.29 17:49 Intelligent_Task5157 Will there be any 4th gen rivalries like Armys vs Blinks?

On social media, Blinks and Armys fight all the time every day. They used to compete for Youtube views where one keeps outdoing the other every comeback. 4th gen has some rivalries like Moas vs Stays, Midzys vs Mys,… but are there any that can be big like Armies vs Blinks? If we look at Newjeans, who is one of the top 4th gen groups right now, their fans don’t seem to be fighting anyone and only support other groups. Maybe 4th gen is less competitive and more supportive
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2023.05.29 17:49 Fearadhach [OC] Timing (PRVerse 24.5

(Prev) Wiki
A Spacer’s life is spent in two states: Sheer terror, or staring at a countdown. Raised Admiral Thursh Whoomerson sat in his command chair aboard his Human No, you feather-brain, CONFEDERATED flagship and tried not to stare at the ever-so-slowly changing numbers. It gets worse when you are in command. Everyone else has something to do, well, nearly everyone else. At least everyone on the bridge. Anything I try to do now will either look like over-eagerness, anxiety, or a lack of trust in my crew. He turned to look at the plot, relaxed his body, and started in on a meditation he’d learned specifically to make time seem to pass faster while projecting an air of calm confidence towards his crew.
For a wonder it worked for once. A soft ping brought him out of his meditation as the timer hit zero and the Xaltan fleet neared the gravity trap they’d lain in their path. He allowed himself a cold smile as dozens of potential trajectory lines for each enemy ship sprang up on his plot and his his ‘radar’ controllers tried desperately to narrow the possibilities down. The Benzegal Shipyards my fall before this war is over… but not today!
After a few minutes the lines had been reduced to a mere handful for each ship and – better – all of them had converged in to a small enough area for what he wanted to do next. He hit a few controls and outlined a section of space, and the ship’s computer calculated the time-to-fire for him.
He sent the target solution off to all of his Ship Captains, then opened up a fleet-wide comms channel. “The Xaltans have arrived for the dance just on time. Welcome Fleet, you have your designated targets, and I will send you adjusted engagement vectors if they seem necessary, but it doesn’t look like it will. It looks like our dance partners are doing an unusually good job of dealing with the grav-sheer of our little surprise, and will arrive in tight order. Lets reward their efforts with a warm welcome, shall we?”
He heard a few dark chuckles across his flag bridge and nodded inwardly. Moral is still running high, and that is good. How will it be two years from now when we are still having to engage the Xaltan fleet?
Another timer began to tick off seconds. As it neared zero Whoomerson gave his command. “All ships in Welcome Fleet, fire all guns and energy weapons, maximum dispersion patterns. Fill that area of space with everything we can put in it for the next forty seconds. Fighter wings, as soon as the fire is complete, I want every fighter we have moving at maximum acceleration, mode 2.”
The deck tremored beneath him as his own main gun fired, then all secondary batteries went off right behind it. Yet another counter started, timing the barrage, as his gunners cycled through their weapons. The plot showed what seemed to be a haze eminating from his fleet and crawling toward the ever-tightening field of his enemy’s return to normal space.
A light appeared on his console. He looked down at his Comms officer and shook his head, then punched the necessary buttons to officially deny the enemy Commander’s attempt to communicate. He had to force his feathers down as he leaned back in his seat and shared a commiserating glance with his Comms Chief. What point would there be in talking to a dead man? I know he has multiple suicidal ‘loyalty officers’ on every one of his ships, ready to blow them up rather than retreat or – cool breeze forbid – surrender. He also knows that I know. He shook his head quietly. No. They can’t surrender, can’t retreat, can’t even listen to reason… and talking to that Walking Dead Man would do nothing but hurt the moral of my crew. And, possibly myself.
The latest timer mercifully hit zero at last. Well, mercifully for himself and his ruminations… not so much for the Xaltans. The singularities on the Xaltan ships finally gave out under the grav-sheer of the larger singularity several of his ships were maintaining, and those ships translated – hard – down into normal space. The Admiral had to hand it to them: they’d kept their battle line in far better order than most spacers would have been able to under the circumstances.
Sadly, for them, that meant that all of them came out directly into the teeth of his fleet’s ordinance. They came out in their standard wheel-and-spoke: small and mid-sized screening ships in a rotating disc-shaped formation overlapping their shields to provide cover for the larger capital ships behind them. Of course, the formation didn’t work so well when you got hit before your shields could spin up.
Nearly a third of the ‘wheel’ simply ceased to exist in an instant. Another third of it took crippling damage and could no longer hold their formation. Most of the rest took a number of hits, but some had been lucky enough to come out a little behind their fellows, and were spared the worst of the damage. Then the Capital ships hit the cloud. All of them began to roll instantly, trying to spread the damage against as much of their armor as they could. One managed to get its shield up even before they passed through the cloud of fire. Another one sputtered and went dark. A hard half-growl half-cheer went around the Flag Bridge as that capital ship’s icon winked out, but no one looked up from their stations so Whoomerson let it slide.
Opening round to me, then… though that isn’t hard when you get to ambush an unsuspecting opponent. Surprise is the ultimate High Ground. He turned to fleet-comm. “You have already sent tactical data to the Under Fleet?” The woman at the station nodded. “Good.” He thumbed the fleet-channel. “Opening salvo goes to us, but you all know that these lizards will fight to the last: they have no choice. All Captains, weapons free! Mark your targets, rotate your fire, and don’t let up.”
He then took control of the plot and watched as the two fleets converged. The Xaltans closed their ranks quickly, allowing overly damaged ships to fall behind the screen. They kept the same formation, however: The loss of one Captial ship meant that they still had enough screeners to maintain cover. Only the Pinigra and the Kothro can use that particular formation to its true potential, and the Pinigra – from what I understand – only because they let their computers do most of the navigating. He shook his head slightly. Still it is effective. Or, has been. Too bad the Humans figured out how to anticipate the holes they open up for their big ships to fire.
He drew some vectors on the plot for fighters to go out and flank the screen disc, looked at the computer’s projections of the disc’s movements, and assigned a few priority targets. And another timer. “All first line ships: when that timer hits zero you are to concentrate fire on the marked targets. Two salvos each, then go back to your previous firing zones.”
Acknowledgments floated up from the pit, but he had already moved his concentration forward. He unconsciously leaned in to study the plot, and… there. He almost sighed as he started Yet Another Timer… and then another one a little before it. “Underfleet, you have your countdown timer. You can see where it will put you, work your firing solutions out now. Welcome fleet, when your timer runs down you are to slow to fleet speed three. Make it look like we are growing timid from the fire we are taking.”
He suppressed a wince as the icon for one of his own picket ships winked out, and another signaled a need to come off the Line. “And, for flight’s sake, watch your shield-overlaps! I want the Xaltans to think we are taking too much damage, not for it to happen!”
More acknowledgements floated up from the pit. They got cocky. I’m going to ream some Captains when this is done. Movement at the edge of the Xaltan disc caught his eye, and he watched two flights of his fighters crest the disc at different locations… and be immediately destroyed by wide-angle sweeping shots from several of the large destroyers.
Whoomerson grimaced slightly, but then turned his attention to the rest of the Xaltan ships and smiled. The fighters had been a long shot, at best. He allowed himself to ruminate out loud. “It appears that the Xaltans are capable of learning, at least a little, and have learned not to let our fighters get around their discs.
“Now, lets teach them a lesson about ignoring a bull to swat a fly.” One of the timers reached zero, and the ships he’d designated fired their two salvos at specific ships within the Xaltan disc. As his ships fired he selected two points on the disc, and set yet another timer, along with an order that all ships fire everything they had on those spots when the timer hit zero.
The ships in the disc which had been the target of the salvos pushed extra power to their shields, at the cost of their engines, and rolled to distribute the force. Then they found themselves alone, in a small empty segment of the disc, with the combined might of several Xaltan Capital ships pouring through the hole which had opened up. The picket ships were destroyed, utterly, and managed to absorb a great deal of the fire caused by those openings. Yes, oh mighty Xaltans. Continue to use the same strategies against us over and over. Couldn’t possibly go badly for you.
At the same moment the entire fleet opened up with everything they had, and sent a colossal barrage of fire streaming at two points in the disc. Even that barrage would never have penetrated the overlapped shields of the disc… except that another of those openings widened in the disc, almost as if the Xaltan wanted to accept the fire.
The barrages sailed through the open space, though a few less well aimed shot did singe the shields on a few picket ships. The energy weapons, near-lightspeed missiles, and super high-velocity slugs tore directly into the exposed underbellies of the destroyers which had positioned themselves to take out his fighter wings.
Three of the destroyers went dark, and two others began to lose their places in the formation. To their credit, the Xaltan fleet responded in good order. The disc of picket ships abruptly changed their movements, obviously responding to an order to change their defensive pattern. At the same time, their capital ships made a path to allow the injured ships to limp away from the fight without doing too much to their order of battle.
Whomerson felt a hard smile play at his lips. Not much, but enough.
As the damaged ships reached the middle of the Capital ship’s formation, another timer hit zero, and Whoomerson’s fleet opened with another full barrage. This time they didn’t concentrate their fire, but spread it across the enemy disc, causing all of their ships to respond and focus their attention on his fleet… rather than the Underfleet which translated down from FTL space just ‘below’ them.
The Xaltan formation finally responded badly. After all this time, and the way they work their formations, they still get locked into two-dimensional thinking so easily. The picket ships all had their shields focused on the incoming fire, and probably had lost both communications and sensors for a moment.
The Capital ship formation found itself, with its mobility badly hampered by their own tight formation and the damaged ships 'falling' through them made it worse.
The Underfleet announced their presence by firing at the unshielded ‘back side’ of the defensive disc, destroying whole sections of it and allowing nearly a quarter of Welcome Fleet’s barrage to pass thorough what had suddenly become so much space-dust.
They then fired into the fleet of Capital ships, which also had their shields mostly forcused forwards towards the obvious battle, with some token shielding covering their rears in case of some sort of end-run maneuver.
They had, however, left their bellies almost completely exposed. In the space of under a minute the battle turned from one of attrition which looked to cost the Confederated fleet nearly as much as it would cost the Xaltans, to a total rout. Some Xaltan ships turned to flee or shut down engines and tried to surrender, and Whoomerson felt a pang of sadness as most of those ships suddenly seemed to explode of their own accord.
A few others tried to suicide-ram Confederated ships, but his Captains stood ready for just such a maneuver and brought concentrated oblivion down instantly.
As the last of the Xaltan ships winked out Whoomerson felt a strange sadness settle over him. It took a few minutes for him to identify the feeling's cause; Those ships that tried to surrender, or to run. I would have let them go, would have let those men live, but no. The Xaltan Voters…
He took a ragged breath and looked at his second in command, then through his flag bridge, and saw the same sentiments settling on so many faces. One of the Xaltan ships managed to surrender, at least. I wonder if their ‘loyalty officers’ all suddenly grew a sense of self-preservation, or the crew managed to subdue them? He shook his head to banish such musings, forced himself to sit straight in his chair, and thumbed the all-fleet channel. Time to remind everyone who is at fault for all of this, and push their anger… if only to drive away the guilt.
Late on this one, I blame the Holiday. (For those not in the US, we had one of our biggest national holidays this weekend: Memorial Day, which is a remembrance of the sacrifices made by our military people... it is a little like the 'armistice day' that I understand a number of our European friends celebrate, from what I understand?
The editor for links still hasn't been fixed, so adding them is irritating, so I'm not doing more than the minimum right now.
Word count a little higher than usual, since the 2K 'stop' was very near the end of this scene. Next, we are back in the Council chambers, from a somewhat different POV. Hope everyone in the USA has had/is having a good holiday, and everyone not in the USA had a good weekend!
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2023.05.29 17:49 katholaha Wondering about symptoms and if anyone has experienced similar

I’m a 25F and I recently got diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome as well as hyper mobility spectrum disorder and MCAS with an ANA of 1:2560 speckled And >8.0 for SSB and SSA which the normal is <1.0. I also had very low vitamin D. My cbc and metabolic panel have been super off for years with unknown reasons. I got an avise test done and I am awaiting the results. My rheumatologist keeps going back and forth on if I also have Lupus. I have all the normal Sjögren’s symptoms from terrible dry eyes to a super dry mouth that causes me to not be able to swallow sometimes. Super dry flakey skin. Salivary gland swelling that causes bad pain and I can’t eat for hours to days. But I also have the malar rash and anytime I step in the sun I get raised red rashes wherever the sun has touched and it will last for weeks. I have really bad hair loss, mouth and nose sores, migraines, light sensitivity, swollen and sore joints especially the fingers and ankles and knees. I’ve had weird issues with chronic pancreatitis with unknown cause. I needed my appendix removed and it showed extensive fibrous obliteration of the lumen and multiple fibrous serosal adhesions which I guess is a pretty rare occurrence of chronic appendicitis. Plus my gallbladder has been removed. I have terrible GI issues ranging from chronic gastritis and esophagitis to constant gerd even on medication and nausea and vomiting; as well as diarrhea with unknown cause. I’ve gotten kidney stones as well as protein in the urine. I’ve had pretty bad anemia for years that hasn’t improved much even with medical management. I am just constantly tired and have zero energy ever. I also have POTs and a rapid heartbeat with occasional irregular beats along with fainting. The list of symptoms could go on.
I just want to know what others think or if anyone else has had the same issues. I’m just so tired of fighting to feel good everyday and I just want to hear other people’s thoughts and feelings.
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2023.05.29 17:48 PureChaosX Demonetized Due To Reused Content...

So I received an email from YouTube not too long ago saying my channel was no longer eligible for monetization due to reused content.
I'm confused as to how anyone at YouTube came to this conclusion, as my channel is, without a doubt, all 100% reused-content free.
All the videos are mine, recorded by me, commentated by me, edited by me, uploaded by me. None of my videos contain any repeated or repetitive content, nor do they contain any footage from other content creators videos. They all 100% mine.
Most of my channel is gameplay footage, doing Let's Plays with commentary. Some radio control videos and some PC videos. Also, my voice is in almost every video.
As far as I can tell, looking at my videos, every single one is different from the last, with perhaps the only thing looking identical are the titles on each game, except the Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 etc... other than that, each video is, for all intents and purposes, unique AND my own.
My channel name is PureChaosX, not to be confused with the football boots with a similar name.
If anyone would like to check it out and maybe give me their opinion if you believe my channel does indeed contain reused content.
I firmly believe this to a complete and utter mistake on YouTube's part, but of course they may deny it or refuse to fix their mistake.
I've appealed their decision with a small video, got to wait at least 14 days. Awesome.
Anyone else had this happen to them recently? Kinda curious.
Sorry, there was no real reason for this post. Needed to vent.
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2023.05.29 17:48 Orion9092 6 foot bed?

6 foot bed?
My digital glove box on my '20 limited shows a 6' bed as an option. I don't have a tape measure but it seems that my bed is 6 feet by knowing my height and the leftover space. I thought our beds only came in 5'7" or 6'4"?
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2023.05.29 17:48 notaspop 20 day update

I think one of the biggest factors keeping me going is the fear I won't be able to restart if I relapse. I know this may be not the best mindset to have, but I've never (consciously) gone this far since I stated watching porn many years ago. I am proud of myself and I really don't want to lose what I have.
I'm looking for other motivations and I think the healthiest one is to keep reminding myself of core reasons why I don't want to watch porn and masturbate. It's nice to think that this will help with my social confidence and interacting with girls but if I get rejected or feel I'm not improving I don't want to relapse thinking this is all for nothing. I want to stop because I want to live a life free of mindless, effortless dopamine highs, and I have to believe that in the long term, and I'm talking very long term - years and years from now, not watching porn will be substantially better for me.
Feel free to ask questions, or give advice, thoughts or opinions. Stay strong out there guys.
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2023.05.29 17:48 katholaha Wondering about symptoms

I’m a 25F and I recently got diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome as well as hyper mobility spectrum disorder and MCAS with an ANA of 1:2560 speckled And >8.0 for SSB and SSA which the normal is <1.0. I also had very low vitamin D. My cbc and metabolic panel have been super off for years with unknown reasons. I got an avise test done and I am awaiting the results. My rheumatologist keeps going back and forth on if I also have Lupus. I have all the normal Sjögren’s symptoms from terrible dry eyes to a super dry mouth that causes me to not be able to swallow sometimes. Super dry flakey skin. Salivary gland swelling that causes bad pain and I can’t eat for hours to days. But I also have the malar rash and anytime I step in the sun I get raised red rashes wherever the sun has touched and it will last for weeks. I have really bad hair loss, mouth and nose sores, migraines, light sensitivity, swollen and sore joints especially the fingers and ankles and knees. I’ve had weird issues with chronic pancreatitis with unknown cause. I needed my appendix removed and it showed extensive fibrous obliteration of the lumen and multiple fibrous serosal adhesions which I guess is a pretty rare occurrence of chronic appendicitis. Plus my gallbladder has been removed. I have terrible GI issues ranging from chronic gastritis and esophagitis to constant gerd even on medication and nausea and vomiting; as well as diarrhea with unknown cause. I’ve gotten kidney stones as well as protein in the urine. I’ve had pretty bad anemia for years that hasn’t improved much even with medical management. I am just constantly tired and have zero energy ever. I also have POTs and a rapid heartbeat with occasional irregular beats along with fainting. The list of symptoms could go on.
I just want to know what others think or if anyone else has had the same issues. I’m just so tired of fighting to feel good everyday and I just want to hear other people’s thoughts and feelings.
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2023.05.29 17:48 GateauxGarcon What are your theories on how the events of the game will unfold?

I've been thinking about how the story will unfold because I'm obviously excited for the new game :P. Here's what I think how some events might take place, All your theories are welcome :).
Things I picked up from the first game and miles morales - Harry knows that a lot of the things his father does is unethical. Devil's breath being one example. Harry on the other hand doesn't seem to be a bad person, considering how much he wants to be more like his mother. At the end of miles morales we see norman wanting to get harry out of the chamber, even thought kurt connors disagrees. Now harry was already in stasis, there was no immediate threat. So why would norman suddenly want him out? Methinks that norman has another solution, and he's done with whatever Connors was trying to do.
Now coming to the recent trailer with peter saying that connors is the only one that can help. But is he? Norman has the whole oscorp with him, and their cutting edge technology and scientists as well. I'm sure that he could find a way, so why does it have to be connors? I think this could be a possible result of harry realising that what his father is wanting to do does not sit well with him, and doesn't want to be treated that way. That's why peter is looking for connors because he was previously working on finding a cure. Whatever norman wants to do also might involve the symbiote in some way. Since harry doesn't want a part in it, that gives him a motive to get rid of the symbiote as well which eventually finds its way to peter.
Norman realising spiderman now has the symbiote means that he needs to get it from him. That's where kraven comes in. But why would kraven work under norman when all he wants is an equal to fight against, he's going to fight Spiderman anyway. I feel like this is about the lizard. It's possible that norman knows connors is the lizard and also knows what causes him to turn, and is willing to help out kraven hunt connors since he no longer has need for him and just wants the symbiote back. Kraven is looking to hunt both the lizard and Spiderman so it suits him well to cause connors to turn, and this leaves us at the start of the trailer with the spidermen and kraven going after connors, with peter getting pissed at kraven because he's the one who turned hin into the lizard.
Obviously not that great but i tried to piece together things the best as i could. Feel free to share your own!
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2023.05.29 17:47 thelavatoryca Portable Restroom Rentals Fresno

Looking for convenient and hygienic portable restroom solutions in Fresno? Look no further than Portable Restroom Rentals Fresno! With a wide range of clean and well-maintained units, we cater to all your event or construction site needs. Our reliable service ensures a comfortable experience for your guests or workers. Contact us today for hassle-free portable restroom rentals!
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2023.05.29 17:47 troublethere Unsent letters pt 3

I recently had my final therapy session about you, and it's likely this will be the last letter I write. Living in the past can only last for so long.
My therapist asked me how I'm coping with the situation. Naturally, I wish I had more closure. Something like you telling me off and expressing outright indifference would have helped. That's why I've always despised the concept of ghosting, especially after our last interaction. I wish we had one last fight. If you had just told me that the entire thing was just about money for you, then at least it would be something definitive that I could hold onto. Instead, I find myself constantly envisioning various scenarios, with my mind often dwelling on the worst-case ones first. If I were to take a grounded and logical perspective, you decided you didn't want to jeopardize your new relationship and had to cut things off with me. The harsher option my mind will wander to is that you were disgusted with me and were looking for an escape the moment you got what you needed. Since your graduation, my gut leans more towards the harsh scenario. I hold onto these feelings of self-loathing to make sense of everything that's transpired. It's difficult not to blame myself, thinking that there was something wrong with me or that I somehow messed things up.
I tell her it's like any other heartache. I'm sad right now, but time heals everything. Gradually, I'm forgetting what you look like. Every day that goes by, you occupy my mind a little less. I've reached a point where I can't even recall the sound of your voice. Eventually, one day I won't be able to remember what you were like at all. Perhaps that's what your intention was, and you're already at that point of detachment with me. I believed I knew you, and clearly I didn't think you'd be able to do that to me. What fills me with regret is the fact that I won't know the you in 10 years. How successful you would have been and how everything played out. It would upset me more if I find out you're just spending every day getting high or if you're still at SK in a year.
My therapist requested to read my first letter, and I foolishly sent it to her without editing. She picked up on the fact that I was a month away from making irreversible decisions. She starts to probe, and I lie to her again, saying, 'I was going to fly out to her city a few times.' Admitting the truth makes me feel foolish and pathetic. I'm relectant to discuss it over with her because she'll overanalyze what I was about to do.
So what were they? At the start of the year, I anticipated us ending because you were graduating. I was hoping us separating was to be because you had made it. You might not remember this, I promised you the full amounts from the crypto and stocks investments once they rebounded. Well, they did rebound. I was poised to pay off your car in full and give an extra 50% to set you up with an emergency fund. I had conversations with you about how you were inherently at a disadvantage because you're always set up to dig yourself out of a hole. This was my way of breaking that cycle and making sure you were off to a head start.
This next one made me feel so freaking idiotic. I was buying into what you were telling me. I started looking up job opportunities in your area. I actually found one and set up a virtual interview. It felt so real to me, and imagine my whole illusion being shattered at the very moment when you decided to just up and drop me. I was devastated. How could I be so naive? Why would I jeopardize everything I had for something that wasn't real? So that's the reason why I reacted as intensely as I did when you first told me.
What would I do if you reached out? She asked me if I had the resolve to not be tempted to get back into another sugar relationship. This question poses a great challenge for me. I don't know why I still care, I don't know why I can't let go. I've actually given a graduation present to your sister to give to you anonymously. I might do one last one for your birthday before I completely let go. It makes me sick to my stomach how I've felt the past few months. I hate feeling like this, and I don't think I'd be able to do it again.
She leaves me with one final question. If I could, would I go back and change everything so that none of this ever happened? I think this is such a facetious and meaningless question, but I give her an answer that I think she'd be satisfied with. Yes, I would change things. You crushed me twice, why wouldn't I change things? If you think about it, there are so many things in my life that I would change if I could. I'd live life so many different times if I could change different things about it. Think about the possibilities. I'd change which dental school I went to, which city I lived in, even what professions I'd go into. One life I could have lived in Texas or New York. I could have explored being a baker or even pursued being an optometrist or pharmacist.
All these different possibilities, all these endless lives, and I'd still fall in love with the same person.
Thank you for being you. Thank you for letting me love and take care of you for the brief time we had. I can't torture myself with the past forever. I have so many questions about what happened between us and what's been going on, but the one thing I know is that you no longer want me in your life. I have to let you go. So fuck you and live your life. :]
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2023.05.29 17:47 Sufficient_Bike9421 "Beating yourself up is never a fair fight."

These are the words of my favorite poet, Andrea Gibson. I thought others here might also appreciate them, too.

Right now I'm fighting the instinct to self-blame. I keep thinking of how many lies my ex-partner told. From the very beginning of reconciliation he lied to me: he stayed in touch with AP, planned a trip for AP's birthday, lied about dating a guy while separated, hung out with said guy behind my back during reconciliation. . . Shitty, right?

And then I think: what did I do deserve to do this? No, really, what did I do to deserve this?

I keep looking for an answer. Tearing myself apart to justify him lying to me. Maybe it was my fault after all. Maybe I was too insecure, too fragile to deserve the truth. It's not the way to think. It's so hard to stop it.

There's no way to win a battle against myself without also losing. I'm trying to lay down my arms.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Paradox830 How is multiplayer?

Girlfriend really wants to pick the game. We play Civ 6 with us 2 and then other AI civs free for all.
How is that here? Been reading about stability issues in combat with multiplayer. Has that been ironed out or should we probably wait to buy the game for now?
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