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2023.05.29 16:34 solipsismcritic i jumped off a building yesterday

I’ve been thinking about suicide for a while, or for my entire life actually since I was 10 maybe. I never had the guts to do it though. I would always think to myself “what if tomorrow is a better day? what if a miracle happens tomorrow?” A miracle actually never happened and my life got progressively worse over the years. But I really thought I could be strong and withstand the pain but I just broke yesterday.
My parents and I were on day long road trip going home from my family house in the village which is a very traumatic place for me. The roads were deserted and gloomy at night so while my parents stopped at a gas station, for some reason, I just decided to take a walk far far away from them.
I crossed the wide street and went to a motel type place that was a bit far. I went inside and there was just a woman inside and asked me to be careful while walking outside in the dark. The motel had a nice antique decor so I wanted to explore and she allowed me to. I went through every hallway in all 7 floors which I’m pretty sure were completely. And there was a green light EXIT sign on the 7th floor that lead to a door. I expected that the door to the roof would be closed but somehow it wasn’t. I went out, felt the breath of the air on me and within a minute I decided to jump. In another minute I was to the edge of the roof at the back of the building so nobody would see what I’m doing and I saw desert sand staring right back at me when I stood over at the edge.
I thought to myself “there’s no way i will survive this fall, i should do this, im not gonna end up paralyzed” but to assure myself I searched up online on my phone whether jumping from a 7 story building on sandy rock type terrain would kill me and it seemed like it would.
I waited for a minute to think about my life. There was something that I had to deal with very soon that would result in my family hating me which could possibly ruin my life. I thought it wasn’t worth it to move on. I thought about how I should jump but I really didn’t know how someone should jump from a building.
I just decided that I would try to land on my head but I didn’t really know how to do that.
I don’t really know how to explain it but in a split second I just decided to jump. The fall was even faster too and I really didn’t have time to think to land on my head. The fall was fast when I remember it now but I think during the actual fall it was a lot slower as well. I landed on my legs and the rest of my body landed a second later and my survival instincts kicked in and I was covering my head for the impact. I blacked out for 1?2? seconds and when I opened my eyes, my entire body was throbbing. I knew I had broken my legs but I felt like the rest of my body was fine. I gripped my hand on the sand around me and realized how soft and deep they were, they must’ve softened the fall for me.
I sat for 5 minutes there and decided to kinda half walk half crawl back to the front of the building to the lady in the help desk. She asked me how I fell and that she heard a loud thud but I just told her that I tripped really badly on the stairs but she didn’t believe me since I came in from outside and she kept on asking questions but I ignored her and moaned in pain instead. She called the people in the gas station and my parents came and my dad carried me to my car and he drove to the nearest hospital 1 and a half hours away.
I immediately slept on the hospital bed. They did some tests on me and said that both my legs were broken but nothing unfixable. I’m doing a short surgery today to fix something in my right leg. The doctors didn’t question my story but my parents who are doctors as well said that my story made no sense.
I’m tired of lying.
I feel a deep sense of shame for what I did. I don’t know why. I don’t think suicide can ever be the answer. It felt terrible. I feel bad. I disappointed my parents and most importantly, I wronged myself. How can I be mad at other people for what they do to me when I’m the biggest villain in my life? I know about all the struggles I have had to deal with in my life, I know about all the kind words and actions I have done for other people and I know all about the hopes and dreams and aspirations little me had and yet I still decided to brutally jump off a building.
I don’t know. Life isn’t that deep. I should just live one day at a time. I should be happy and try to see what life has in store for me. I never thought that I would see myself jumping off such a tall building and surviving but life has many surprises. I’m happy I survived and I’m happy that I got a second chance to die more peacefully in a less self hating way that would better honor my life.
I’m very happy now even though my parents are very stressed and worried now and my hospital room has no AC. My parents are praying and are deadly worried over some small surgery. I don’t really care though, how could anything hurt someone who survived a 7 story fall?
I know suicidal thoughts and depression can’t be simply fixed by reading a Reddit post but I hope you guys can see how suicide is the cruelest thing you can you do to someone and especially yourself.
I used to always browse this sub on the website but im very happy I wrote my first post here to say my thoughts even though I hope this will be my last post here.
Thank you for reading my mentally ill rambles on the aftermath of what happens when you decided to jump off a building in 5 minutes. I’m always open to messages from anyone who needs help. I’d really like it if people learned from my mistake.
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2023.05.29 16:33 fireinlife Any ideas on how to fix this interior door?

So I got a quote for nearly $300 to buy a primed replacement door. This is a custom sized door so I can't find anything off the self.
Image of door!
How would I go about repairing this?
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2023.05.29 16:31 SleeplessFromSundown The Séance Club - The End of Windhaven Manor [Final]

This post is the final part of this story. Sorry it has taken so long to get through. And I'm not sure I even understand all of it yet. If you're new, this all started here. The previous part (Part 7) is here. Thank you to everyone who followed along.
“Do you see her?” I asked in a meek voice.
“You mean that girl in black?” Harvey answered.
It was her, in the flesh. Her lips parted and formed a malevolent smile. Her dark eyes fixed on mine. My legs turned to solid lead. My feet refused to move. The anxiousness to reach Parker and Juliet and Beth in the cellar crumbled like the wood turning to ash behind us. She demanded my attention.
A hand rocked my shoulder. Harvey. I pushed him away.
“You have to go. Help them. I’ll take care of her.”
“What about you?”
“I’ll be right behind you.”
A mirage of Harvey flitted past Ally and disappeared into the kitchen. Everything blurred, everything but her.
She tilted her head to one side and bridged the gap between us with four slow and deliberate steps. She pushed her right hand out from a long sleeve and ran the black painted nail of her index finger across my cheek, the smooth lacquer cold against my skin. I shuddered as the chill spread like ice creeping up a window.
“It is such a shame to be losing you so soon. We’ve only just met, and yet I feel like we’ve known each other our whole lives. Do you feel it too?”
I shook my head. “Let me go.”
“We’re past that now Sam. I considered if we could coexist, you and I. It gave me a thrill knowing there is another one out there like me. But you insist on meddling with my work.”
“You mean locking all those girls in that filthy dungeon where they met their end? And Jane here.”
“The work is sometimes unpleasant.”
“But the pay is good?”
“This isn’t about money Sam. You and I are the same. The pain you felt from not fitting in. The lonely nights lying awake, wishing you could be like everyone else. The stares and the whispers. The rejection from those who are supposed to love us the most. I too know. But where you hid, I searched out a path where my talents were appreciated and rewarded. You don’t hate me Sam. You hate yourself for not thriving like I have.”
“Thriving? Is that what you call it?”
“By all measures yes. I am good at what I do. The best. The only. Or so I thought. And then there is you. A naïve, sheltered little boy who can barely put on his own pants in the morning. It is such a shame. And these so-called friends of yours, that was always doomed to failure. Oh and if you harbour any thoughts of them escaping, know that we blocked the little secret entrance the stable boy showed you. There’s no escape except through the fire. When they pick through the ashes of this building they will find their bones, and yours. Is this how you imagined it turning out?”
I flexed the muscles in my legs, but they refused to move. Ally smiled.
“It’s useless now Sam.”
I heard the faint whisper of Juliet’s voice in my head. She pleaded with me. Come on Sam, you can do this. I remembered the last encounter with Ally, outside the wall separating Windhaven Manor from the world. Ally had put me in the white room. I had broken free. I had overcome her power once. I had to do it again.
I took a deep breath in through my nose and cried out and willed my feet to move. Electricity coursed through my body and I directed it down to the floor. My left heel separated from the floor and that set the whole thing in motion. The dam burst. I lurched forwards and overbalanced and sprawled to the floor.
Ally crouched beside me and chuckled. “Some would call it a tragedy for a child to die so soon after learning to walk.”
I looked back towards the front of the house. The fire burned hot. Thick black smoke circled up the huge open space of the gallery. Portraits hanging on the wall bubbled and curled as flames consumed them.
A figure appeared at the foot of the staircase. The spectre of Crown. The goons had dragged his lifeless corpse out of the house, but stood before me was the spirit with unfinished business. The ugliness of his actions showed through now in death. His skin was sallow and wrinkled. His head too big for his body and his teeth yellowed. A grotesque monster made worse by his mortal demise.
Ally whispered in my ear. “He knows it was your meddling that brought about his end. I’ll leave you two alone.”
She brushed my cheek with the back of her hand and stood. As she walked away leather straps materialised out of thin air and pinned my body to the floor.
The spectre of Crown grew before me, swelling in size until he had to crouch to stay below the chandelier. He clenched his fists and with burning red eyes let out a guttural growl that skipped my ears and penetrated directly into my skull.
I tried to pull my hands to my ears but they would not come. It made no difference. The roar coming from Crown stabbed the inside of my head like a thousand daggers. I lifted my head and the growl grew to a scream that ricocheted around the inside of my skull. I couldn’t take much more. It felt as though my head would explode.
Guilt bubbled up and mingled with the fear and I shrank into the floor and wished for it to swallow me. They were down there, the only friends I had known, banging against a locked door denying their escape. I sobbed. I sobbed like I had the night my parents turned from me.
In the pit of my stomach something else grew. A seed of frustration born of a lifetime existing in a world that didn’t make sense. A world where I had no idea who I was and what I could or should do. A world in which I hid. I couldn’t do that now.
Juliet’s voice as clear as day, cutting through the racket of Crown’s scream. Do it Sam. I gritted my teeth and electricity buzzed somewhere deep inside, at first dull and imperceptible, and then amplified and resonating until it peaked into a deafening roar.
Above Crown the bulbs in the chandelier glowed white. He swivelled his head and watched them dumbly.
I concentrated, felt the energy forming an extra limb. Like the arms and legs of a newborn it flailed spasmodically. I fought to control it, to turn it to my will. I focussed on the straps pinning me to the floor. The electricity fed into the straps and turned them hot. For a moment I feared they would scold my skin, and then in a moment of release they split and flung upwards.
I picked myself up off the floor and faced the spectre of Crown. Like a spent boxer throwing one final punch I threw out my hands and screamed, willing Crown to be quiet and be still. Demanding he be so.
The floor shook. The dozens of bulbs in the chandelier shattered. The giant spectre of Crown diminished and the screaming inside my head softened until it was no more. Crown’s eyes opened wide as his mouth stitched together and his arms wrenched behind his back. I flicked my hand like I was swatting a fly and Crown flew into the corner of the room and slumped to the floor.
I bent over and rested my hands on my knees. My muscles ached, like I had run a marathon. Shadows played on the floor. I sucked in air and smoke and spluttered and coughed.
In the hallway the silhouette of Ally. She turned and shook her head. The heat of the fire intensified and crackled at my skin. If we were to make our escape, she could not be here to block us. I straightened and strode towards her.
I cycled furiously through the events of the last few days, searching for something to defeat Ally. I had to do to her what she had done to me. The time for running and breaking her spells was through.
I closed my eyes and concentrated. I stripped away everything except for the two of us. The crackle of the fire replaced with silence. The smell of the smoke disappeared. The heat washed away. One by one I shut down all my senses. When I opened my eyes a monotone room of white. Sterile calm had replaced the burning insides of Windhaven Manor.
Her eyes scanned the room and she giggled. “Cheap tricks won’t get you far,” she said. “And you learned this one from me.”
The white rippled as if the walls were made of water. She was fighting it. I concentrated, focussing all my energy, all my will. The ripples slowed and then stopped.
“You’re a fast learner,” she said. “But I have been doing this for more than a weekend.”
Strips of colour permeated the white. A rectangle of tile appeared on the floor. And then some blue from the curtain. Enough of a smouldering wall to let in some smoke. The acrid smell reached my nose and I spluttered. As each wedge of colour appeared, I filled it back in white. But it was a sinking ship and the pail I held to bail out the water would not be enough.
Ally grunted under her breath. A grunt of frustration. The white room shook and made a sound like a train bearing down.
I had to bind her. I raised my palm and coils of rope rose from the ground and oscillated like snakes around her. She swatted them away and wrenched them from the ground and flung them at my feet, limp and unmoving.
“It won’t be that easy,” she sneered.
My arms jerked behind my back. She bound my wrists and then my ankles. She pursed her lips and blew as if extinguishing a single candle on a birthday cake, and it was enough to send me to the floor. I couldn’t do this on my own. I needed help.
I shut my eyes and concentrated my energy not on my bindings, but on the woods at the back of Windhaven Manor. On the girls who escaped the dungeon and now roamed the forest, watching the house burn from behind the barrier Ally constructed.
I fed the energy coursing through my body into the giant snowdome structure until it burned hot and then like the globes in the chandelier, it cracked and exploded into the night sky. The spirits of the girls watched the shards disappear and then strode towards the Manor.
I turned my attention to the tiny room beside the pantry, where Jane Laughlin lay bound to the bed. I stood beside her and lay my hand on the shackles binding her to the bed. She shuddered as the mask came free from her mouth and then stood as the shackles broke.
I opened my eyes and the white of the room flickered off and then back on again like bad reception on a television. I had to keep the white walls up long enough for them to draw near. For them to be ready when the façade fell. Ally strode towards me, exuding confidence.
“You can’t beat me Sam.”
Ally squeezed her hands into fists and screamed. In a burst of energy she wiped the white room clear and we were back in the burning house. The air was thick with smoke. Behind me a timber beam tumbled from the ceiling and crashed to the floor. The heat and smoke sucked the moisture from my insides and I heaved out a series of coughs.
Ally opened her eyes and smiled. She had bested me. But then they came. The girls from the dungeon and Jane Laughlin surrounded her. The sum total off all the pain and hurt inflicted in this place. Everything Ally had worked to keep hidden from the world.
They lurched at Ally. She raised her hands and pushed them back one by one as they went for her. She spun on the spot, trying to keep them at bay. She could not hold them all back. The sheer weight of numbers overwhelmed. They leaned in and pushed their heads into hers and showed her what those men had done. Made her feel it. The fear and despair and anger of each individual stacked together and Ally crumpled to the floor holding her head.
“Make it stop,” she said.
They kept at her.
Jane Laughlin sidled over to the base of the stairs where Crown sat, bound and with his mouth stitched. She considered him, restrained and helpless on the floor as she had been. He fought with his restraints, and then whimpered, as she had. As I ran for the pantry and the wine cellar, the corridor filled with the muffled sound of his screams.
The door to the cellar stood open and I made the descent of the stairs in three leaps. The enclosed space already full with smoke. At the end of the long corridor leading outside, Parker and Harvey shouldered the door. Juliet and Beth screamed encouragement. The door would not budge.
“We can’t go that way,” I yelled.
They raced back up the long corridor. A sudden rush of emotion bubbled up to the surface. I was so happy to see them all still alive. My lower jaw rattled and my hands shook. I fought to hide it.
Beth reached me first. “Sam, you’re ok.”
I blubbered a response and took in a lung full of smoke. We had to get out.
The fire raged outside the kitchen door. A wave of flame climbed up and spread across the ceiling. A subtle cracking sound from above intensified and a chunk of the upstairs floor came crashing down through the ceiling, blocking the rear door. We couldn’t get out the back. The only way now was back through the house. A ball of flame whooshed through the doorway and I put my arm up too late, my eyebrows wilting in the heat.
We crouched together in the middle of the kitchen, lowering our heads to get the last of the remaining oxygen. Malicious red flames and choking black smoke surrounded us on all sides.
“Where do we go now?” Parker’s words came out between coughs. Tears streaked down his cheeks. Soot covered his brow. I wished I had an answer.
Then he was there, standing over Parker’s shoulder. Leon. With the protective bubble gone, he too was free to come in the Manor.
“The fire has not yet consumed the dining room. But you don’t have long.”
I looked vaguely in the direction of the kitchen door and blinked back the stinging from the smoke. “I don’t think we can find it in this.”
“Follow me.”
I pulled my shirt up over my head. “We have to go. The dining room, we can make it. All together on three.”
I shouted out the numbers, the sound drowned out by the roar of the fire. I grabbed Beth’s hand and yanked her into action. Leon led the way and I kept my eyes on his heels. Together we were a flurry of arms and legs bounding for the dining room. I gritted my teeth against the heat. We burst through the doorway and everything turned orange.
From below the sweater pulled tight down over my hair, I shot a glance over to the floor of the grand gallery where I had left Ally writhing on the floor. She was not there now. Nor were the spectres of the girls.
I followed Leon’s heels into the dining room. The great wooden table smouldered in the centre of the room. Brilliant orange flames consumed the thick curtains. Parker spotted his camera still atop the tripod and set to pulling the camera free before Harvey grabbed his arm and yelled something that sounded like ‘leave it’.
Harvey grabbed one of the heavy chairs with their high backs and velvet cushions and heaved it at the window in the back corner of the room. The chair disappeared into the darkness of the night and Harvey kicked at the glass shards left behind. Parker joined. We piled out the opening.
I drank in the fresh cool air of night, staggering over the narrow path beside the house and to the small strip of grass beyond. Parker collapsed beside me and pulled the laptop out from under his shirt. He tapped at the casing and for a moment a brief smile flashed across his face, but it did not last long. He wiped soot and sweat from his face with shaking hands.
Harvey checked us all in turn, like a parent fussing over their children. We had scrapes and bruises and our skin was red and raw, but we were alright. We had survived. He ran to the front of the house and came back with palms held out by his sides. The man in the black suit, the goons Ponytail and Beanie, and Ally were all gone, along with the black van and the BMW.
Huddled together, we watched the fire consume Windhaven Manor, bright reds and oranges lighting up the windows and thick black smoke tumbling into the purple haze of sky. It was almost morning, the horizon signalling the coming of the sun.
Leon stood apart on the grass. I went to him.
“Thank you for coming back for us.”
He shrugged. “It’s something. It isn’t enough to make up for the rest.”
“You saved our lives. And those girls, they had their chance to meet their tormentors. That’s something too.”
He nodded. “What happens now?”
I turned my head sideways. “I’m still learning how all this works.”
The red of the fire reflected in his eyes. “Me too. I might go for a walk in the woods. I always liked it out there.”
He glided across the lawn and entered the trees and was gone.
The sound of sirens fought with the crackle of the fire. The fire brigade and the police. I got to my feet and shuffled to the front of the Manor. The burnt out carcasses of our cars stood by the low height wall. Black soot smudged the stone façade above the windows and the doors.
By the oak tree on the ocean side of the house stood Jane Laughlin. She peered down into a hole dug at the base of the tree. A pale and withered hand poked up out of the dirt. Her hand. They had meant to remove the body, but had aborted the task and fled.
A fire truck appeared at the head of the driveway and then another. They sped down the gravel and came to a sliding stop. A lone police car followed. Harvey sidled over.
Jane looked to the horizon. Out on the cliff edge stood a figure in a red dress. She recognised her sister Kylie immediately and ran down the slope. The two sisters embraced in the first light of the sun. I turned to the whoosh of water through a hose from the fire trucks and when I turned back, the Laughlin sisters were gone.
The members of The Séance Club, which I now consider myself a part, sat together on the low-height stone wall as the firefighters extinguished the flames consuming Windhaven Manor. The house was quiet now. The nausea and vibration I had felt that first night replaced with calm.
The police stripped the compound clean for the best part of a week. They identified Kyle the sketch artist and Hugo from the teeth that survived the fire of the hovel built over the dungeon. Hugo’s wife lay on the back lawn where Beanie and Ponytail had left her. But as to specific evidence of the crimes that occurred, they could not find enough to put a case together.
The two fires and the disappearance of Crown made some headlines, but there wasn’t enough to hang anyone else. The police claimed publicly that there was no link between the fire at Windhaven Manor and the fire at the squalid residence over the back fence. At Harvey’s behest they searched the area with cadaver dogs for the remains of the girls, but they found nothing.
Parker turned his laptop over to the police. They identified the two goons, Ponytail and Beanie, low level thugs who had disappeared from the streets years earlier. Those in the know presumed them dead. It made tracing them almost impossible. Tracing their vehicles lead to a dead end.
The man in black the suit on the other hand might as well be a ghost. On him they found nothing. They have a face, but nothing else.
As for Ally, the girl somehow managed to always turn her face away from the cameras, as if she knew where they were.
I sat in a small room at the police station for three days with Harvey putting the pieces together. He showed me a photograph of an old and gaunt man with a bent back, the last owner of Windhaven Manor before it was sold after his death. He had to be the man with the bent back from the ceremony in the dungeon, but I could not be certain. I never saw his face. Of the faces I did see, we knew Crown and Kyle and Hugo, but the others were harder to pinpoint.
At the end of it all Harvey sighed. There was nothing more we could do. But we could rest on the knowledge that the key players in the ceremony were all now dead.
Questions nagged at me. Where was Ally and what was she doing? Would she try to find me? Who was she working for?
That was the biggest question of all. Who was at the top and pulling the strings? Harvey wasn’t giving up. He was a dog with a bone at the best of times, and now he had a taste of blood. He refused to go back to the police even after Crown’s departure, which he described as the removal of a cancerous limb.
Harvey called me after the dust settled on everything. I told him that the trail had gone cold and I had no idea where Ally was. For all I knew she had evaporated into thin air. Harvey thought it unlikely, and I agreed. He told me it was time for some old-fashioned detective work. The names of the goons would be a start.
And there was something else Harvey mentioned, something that I had almost forgotten. He had always believed that his investigation into the disappearance of the girls was the reason one of his colleagues was murdered. Crown confirmed as much in the bedroom right before he was shot. Harvey thinks there is something to it. Another thread to pull, and he has a hunch. For now he’s keeping his cards close to his chest until he has some proof. I almost pressed him on the issue but decided I’d rather put it all behind me.
The story made headlines in the local press for a while, but ultimately it fizzled into a non-story, quickly forgotten by a public with a short attention spans. We all waited for a reckoning from within the police ranks, but it never came. Harvey predicted that’s the way it would go, and he was proven right.
The one item they did recover was a gold necklace with a heart pendant. The necklace Jane Laughlin wore the night of her death. The police found it where the black van had parked. After a few days in the possession of the police, Harvey arranged to have the necklace released to the family of its former owner.
The following day Mr. and Mrs. Laughlin appeared on the local news, thanking the efforts of those who recovered the remains of their daughter. It was closure, though not the kind they had hoped for. Both their girls were dead.
A week later The Séance Club convened in Beth’s apartment. Parker and Juliet were already there when I arrived. It was cathartic to talk about the events at Windhaven Manor, to compare stories and scars. I guess that’s why they have the saying about a problem shared.
After a brief silence, Beth asked, “Are you going to talk to the parents of Jane and Kylie?”
I shook my head. “What will I tell them?”
“That their daughters found each other out by the cliff edge.”
“And what about the agony of their deaths? Should I tell them that too? Besides, it doesn’t feel right. None of this feels right to me yet. And what weight do my words hold over those of some Priest talking about how he knows their souls are at rest.”
“Because you really do know.”
I shrugged. “I can’t prove any of it.”
Truth was I had no idea how to integrate the things I could see and do into my life. From childhood all I had wanted was to be like everyone else. For people not to stare or whisper as I walked by. To find acceptance. Sitting with my three new friends at Beth’s tiny kitchen table, with our shared experience behind us, I finally had it. This could be the start of something.
Parker was already planning the next Séance Club trip. An abandoned farm up north with mysterious sightings going back centuries. Juliet was already on board. I told them to wait. I couldn’t jump back in right away.
I was the last to leave, Beth and I sipping mug after mug of coffee and sharing comfortable silence. When I sighed and told her I should go, she grabbed my arm.
“I’ve never had a real family, and then I found Juliet and Parker. The Séance Club became my family. Whatever happens we are there for each other. And we mean it when we say we want you to join.”
I thought about that all night, unable to sleep.
The next morning I called Parker.
An abandoned farm up north you say?
* * * *
I navigated to the narrow alley and checked the time. The Exchange should be open. It looked out of context in the Saturday morning light. No bright light spilling from the window. No surge of Friday night after work traffic.
I slipped in the front door. A lone man lifted upturned stools down from the bar. He had his back to me and I crept across the hardwood floor in the direction of the stairs down and the bathrooms.
The vibration swelled in my chest, but I did not fear it. A dull pain rose in the base of my skull, but I gritted my teeth. A man wearing a pair of rough leather shoes came from the other end of the corridor and stopped before me.
“Are you here to help?”
I nodded.
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2023.05.29 16:30 kcr141 Searching For Common Threads 9: The Dark Forest

First Previous Next
When we landed at the primary research site, it was quiet at last. As I unstrapped myself and began to stand up, I started forming a list in my mind of all the tasks that would need to be completed.
As a first order of business, I walked over to the other side of the flight deck and began to inspect the hull breach. The hole that had been formed in the side of our ship was smooth on the inside. There was no evidence of any tearing or fragmenting, rather, the metal appeared to have been melted.
“You know,” I said, “I don’t think this was from kinetics fire. It looks like a laser did this.”
“It was a laser,” Tsavolyn replied. “I could see the beam.”
“I mean, it makes sense ‘cause we were moving away from them so quickly.”
At this, commander Taylor spoke up:
“That reminds me, did I hear you correctly when you said that those attackers were pulling twelve G’s?”
“Yeah,” I answered.
“They… that’s not… they can’t do that, that should be lethal!”
“I know,” I said. “Maybe those two ships never had a crew to begin with, however, they weren’t acting like they were computer controlled either. Honestly, I’m even more impressed they didn’t damage their warp drives or stall their reactors pulling those kinds of maneuvers.”
“Unfortunately, we’ll have to worry about that later,” commander Taylor responded, “right now, we need to get our own drive back in order.”
The three of us began to make our way down to the cargo hold. Once there, I found the nearest control panel and instructed the cargo bay doors to open. Sunlight flooded into the compartment.
The first thing that jumped out at me was that, unlike Earth’s spaceports, our landing pad seemed to be entirely makeshift. The bay doors led directly out onto a platform surrounded by guard rails and supported by a steel lattice structure. From there, a set of stairs connected the platform to the concrete floor below. Besides the platform in front of us, there was a concerning lack of service structures.
Then, I saw the rest of the world beyond the guard railing. The human-built structures gave way to rolling grassy hills with forests and mountains visible in the distance. From our vantage point, an abandoned alien city could be seen as well. The city was the reason for the outpost’s construction and was also the only obvious indicator that this was not Earth.
“It may not be quite what you’re used to,” commander Taylor said, “but according to the outpost’s inventory, everything you need should be here.”
I went over my mental checklist again before speaking:
“Alright. So… I need to swap out proto-segments three, seven, nine, fourteen, and… eighteen. We should probably start with three since that one’s kinda the whole reason we landed at all.”
“What is special about segment three?” Tsavolyn asked.
“Proto-segment three is all the way inside of the warp drive’s primary ring,” I answered. “We experimented with other designs that were easier to service, but none could match the efficiency of our current approach. So unfortunately, in order to get to segments one through four, you have to partition them and extract the surrounding buffer. It takes special machines to do this because the drive becomes inoperable if the buffer leaks out.”
“Plus,” I added, “that stuff is toxic and it aerosolizes at standard pressure.”
“We didn’t pack our own equipment because it’s very heavy and we wanted to stay maneuverable in order to give ourselves the best chance of survival,” Taylor said plainly.
The three of us climbed down to the ground and began our preparations.
“I’m going to need some way to get up top to the primary ring,” I remarked.
“There should be an articulated lift here somewhere,” commander Taylor responded. “I can get that set up while you go find any other tools you might need.”
“Alright,” I said. The three of us parted, Tsavolyn traveling with Taylor while I headed in the opposite direction towards the edge of the spaceport. The researchers had set up a collection of temporary shelters and storage units. These structures were built out of flexible plastic supported by metal framework, they were more like habitats than buildings.
Once inside one of the shelters, it was obvious that the outpost was abandoned in a hurry. A variety of tools and electronics lay strewn about on top of a foldable table along with a half eaten bowl of oatmeal and a tablet.
Out of curiosity, I picked up the tablet and powered it on. When the screen lit up a dim orange color and displayed alien text, I realized that the device was of tynaksian design; evidence of the expedition’s cooperative nature.
After turning the tablet off, I set it back where I found it and then got to work. I managed to find a small tool bag and began packing it with everything I would need. I took a set of wrenches, a small flashlight, and a multitude of powered screwdrivers. I also packed a set of pliers along with extra bolts and wires in case any got lost or damaged. As I was searching through various storage drawers, I caught a glint of something gold and shiny. I reached in and produced a roll of PI tape. Remembering the hull breach on the flight deck, I packed the tape as well.
The next couple hours were spent tediously replacing each of the modified warp drive components. Accessing proto-segment three was a delicate process that involved attaching several cables and hoses to the drive’s primary ring, engaging multiple safety mechanisms, and then having commander Taylor activate the extraction machine from the ground.
After segment three, the rest were fairly straight forward. I would simply unbolt a panel somewhere, replace the proto-segment, and then put the panel back. When that was done, I went back inside the ship and used the PI tape to patch up the hole in the side of the flight deck. I also realized, upon further inspection, that the laser beam responsible for the hull breach had continued on its path and damaged one of the control interfaces.
To prevent any complications, I disconnected the damaged interface and then began a diagnostic on each of the components that had been replaced. After that, I headed back outside, finding commander Taylor and Tsavolyn admiring the alien landscape.
“I’m running a diagnostic on each segment,” I told them. “Once that’s done, we should be good to go!”
“Alright,” Taylor responded, “let me know when—”
As he spoke, the commander turned around to face me before stopping mid sentence.
After a moment of silence, I realized that Taylor was staring at something behind me. Cautiously, I turned around and followed his gaze.
An alien stared back at me. Their skin looked like it was composed of very small scales, so they definitely weren’t tynaksian. Looking directly at them, their scales were a crisp white color, however, when the sunlight hit them at an angle, they took on a faint violet hue. The alien wore a strange cyan-colored uniform inscribed with markings that were barely visible, and they seemed to be carrying a small crate full of electronics.
Since they weren’t tynaksian, that currently only left one option:
This was a raknin, probably one from the enemy fleet.
As soon as I had that realization, the alien dropped the crate they were holding and bolted in the opposite direction.
“Hey, wait!” commander Taylor shouted before taking off after them.
The raknin had already reached the other end of the launch pad by the time I recovered from my initial shock. I too began to chase after the commander and our alien visitor with Tsavolyn following close behind.
The concrete floor ended and our chase continued through the tall, lush grass. The ground grew steeper and before I knew it, the raknin and commander Taylor had both disappeared over the top of a hill.
Reaching the top of the hill myself revealed both a large valley as well as the alien’s intended destination. A raknin spacecraft sat tucked away at the bottom of the valley, concealed previously by the surrounding hills.
Taylor was gaining on the fleeing alien, and as they neared the bottom of the hill, the commander leapt forward. He collided with the raknin and the two of them tumbled the rest of the way down.
The alien quickly recovered and continued running. Commander Taylor took longer to get his bearings allowing me and Tsavolyn to catch up with him.
From there, it was a dead sprint to the spaceship.
When they reached the base of the rocket, the raknin scaled a ladder leading up to the cargo hold.
We weren’t far behind.
When I made my way to the top, officially boarding the alien craft, I was greeted with the sight of commander Taylor tackling the alien to the ground.
The alien tried to escape but couldn’t. As they struggled, the commander managed to look at me and shout:
“Tape! Tape! Give me the Tape!”
And then I remembered: I still had the polyimide tape!
I opened the tool bag and retrieved the roll of tape I had used to repair the hull breach. I tossed the roll to Taylor and then helped hold the raknin down while he restrained them.
Once the alien was immobile, I stood up and took a step backwards. As I did so, my hand collided with a hard surface and I cried out in pain.
I turned around to see what I had hit, but there was only empty space in front of me. Confused, I looked down at the back of my hand.
There were burn marks.
While Esen and Taylor were handling the fleeing raknin, I had the wherewithal to check if there were any other crewmates aboard the rocket.
I had been on a couple of raknin spacecraft before, but this one was different. It was like the whole interior had been emptied out and replaced with a strange metal lattice. This lattice was densely packed with hundreds of some kind of tetrahedron-shaped device. These devices covered every wall and ceiling. Even the floors were nothing more than a thin metal grating with more of the strange instrument underneath.
It looked like this vessel had been turned into some kind of detector array. I wasn’t sure what kind of array this was or why this had been done, but I figured the flight deck might hold some answers.
Besides us, the ship turned out to be empty; the raknin we encountered had flown here alone. When I reached the bridge, the first thing I noticed was a message displayed on several of the control interfaces warning of damage to the electrical systems.
I picked one of the control interfaces and sat down. As I was in the process of opening the diagnostics menu, Esen came in.
“Hey, do you think you can communicate with our new friend?”
“Probably,” I answered, “but I can’t guarantee that she’ll cooperate”
“I’m hoping they’re at least willing to tell us what they have down in the cargo hold,” He said.
“If you’re referring to all the devices on the walls, I can probably figure that out from here. I have some experience with these ships from before our falling out with the raknins. If I open the diagnostics interface, it will list every subsystem on the ship’s network.”
“Yeah, finding out what those are would also be helpful,” Esen said.
“Also? I thought the hold was otherwise empty.”
“Oh no,” Esen replied, “there’s definitely something in the middle of the cargo hold. We’re not sure what it is because it’s invisible.”
“Yeah,” he answered. “It’s surrounded by some kind of cloaking field. Also, the field isn’t safe to touch.”
Esen held up his hand revealing burn marks on both sides.
“Okay, that’s strange. Wait, you touched it twice?” I asked.
“Science has to be repeatable,” he said with a chuckle.
“Okay, I have the diagnostics menu up. It looks like they have… actually I’m not sure how to say this in English. It’s a type of particle, low mass, no charge, emitted during nuclear processes…”
“It’s not in the nucleus of atoms, right?” Esen asked.
“That’s right,” I answered.
“You’re probably thinking of neutrinos then.”
“That sounds correct,” I responded. “In that case, this ship has an array of neutrino detectors.”
“That’s probably what the things on the wall are for then,” Esen said.
“That would be my guess as well. Okay, this I don’t recognize.”
“What is it,” he asked.
“It’s a system listed as ‘frame capture,’ and I have no idea what that means.” I said.
“Could that have to do with our strange object?”
“Maybe?” I answered. “I’m not sure though because this is listed along with the warp drive and the drive complement.”
After a moment of contemplation, I selected ‘frame capture’ and ran a basic, full subsystem diagnostic.
After a few moments, I heard the ship’s reactor change output modes followed by the unmistakable rumble of the warp drive activating. This was confirmation that whatever the frame capture system was, it had something to do with the FTL drive, however that still left a lot of questions unanswered. I had never encountered it before, so it was either new technology or something that had been kept secret.
The diagnostic continued without issue until suddenly, a warning flashed on the screen. I didn’t have time to read it before the control interface went dead. The warp drive powered down along with the reactor leaving us in total silence.
“Hey!” commander Taylor shouted from below, “You two should get down here!”
Esen and I made our way down to the cargo hold. The spaces between the flight deck and the hold were dark now as, apparently, the entire spacecraft had lost power. Fortunately, the cargo bay doors were still open and thus the deck was illuminated with sunlight.
When we reached the hold, we both stopped in our tracks. Something was definitely different.
“Whatever you did caused it to become visible,” commander Taylor said.
He was right. In the center of the room sat a strange metallic object. It had a thick outline in the shape of a dodecahedron, however, the space in the middle was filled with a forest of thin metal strands. It was spiky, messy, and in some way, almost organic.
“Can you ask the raknin what this is?” Taylor asked.
I glanced over at the pilot thoroughly restrained with the shiny, high performance tape. She was staring at the now-visible object, and the fear in her eyes was contagious.
I looked at her and saw myself as a kid lost in the woods.
“Hey, are you alright?” the commander asked.
“Sorry, I’m fine,” I said. “I think the silence is getting to me again.”
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2023.05.29 16:27 Goldeneyez123 How much should I pay for a 2013 accord coupe v6

I'm searching for a replacement car since my current car is about to give out any day now, and i dont think i can hold out another month. I really want a sporty, quick 2-door car and came across the Accord. The market is very limited where I am so how much should I realistically pay out the door for this one I saw
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2023.05.29 16:22 accountofmountzuma Car being keyed in driveway for years

Hi, I need some advice. I am so frustrated and angry. I live in a suburban neighborhood, but there is occasional pedestrian foot traffic, however not much. My car has been getting keyed in my driveway for the past like eight years right above the driver side door handle you can tell someone’s been taking a key or I don’t even know what they would be using to gouge out slashes in lines Right above the drivers door handle
I am guessing they’re putting it there so that I can’t miss it and it’s driving me nuts we have two vehicles so far they’ve only targeted the one vehicle for the past seven years now they’ve moved on to my second vehicle, a newer one, and already have begun with two horizontal lines above the door handle with a key, or some other kind of sharp object I’m guessing the protective paint on this vehicle is a little bit better because he didn’t gouge down past the clearcoat it looks like. Yet.
How do I catch this person or stop this from happening? I don’t have a lot of money so installing a huge security system isn’t going to happen. The front of our house is also not greatly lit and there are no street lights so of course that sucks. We did get a motion activated ring camera, but that stupid camera has not caught anything on there except for me .
Are there any other cameras or devices I can hook up to catch this person or make it stop happening other than leaving my porch light on all night which I am not opposed to doing but other people my house don’t want to do and no it’s not anybody in my house
I can’t imagine who would be so persistent after eight years to keep doing this a teenager? I did yell at a bunch of kids walking through my yard but nine years ago because they were smoking cigarettes. I’m leaving their butts in my yard and I said no trespassing they never came through again, but maybe about a year later, when the key started
I also found a weird note left on my porch. It’s pretty creepy other day. I tried to file a police report but of course the police never called me back until two days later and we play phone gage. Gotta love it. So I just was like forget about it.
Is there a deer camera or wildlife camera or some thing I can use that doesn’t need to have the batteries constantly change or recharge I don’t even know what I would do if I caught the person I just can’t stand it keeps happening. I feel like a victim in my own house my own neighborhood, my own driveway.
Thanks for any advice. Can’t believe this is still happening. Unreal.
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2023.05.29 16:22 DVNR_Cleo By Your Moves Part 1 [M4M][Stranger to Friends][Popular Speaker][Shy Listener][School][Dancers][Comfort][CW: Listener Attempted Suicide]

This script will have a lot of the speaker "speaking" through his thoughts which is inside the parentheses. Some parts of this story will have my experiences. I kind of, nerded out in the terms, so, please forgive me😅
This script is free of use but please give me credits and leave the link below so I may listen to it if you're planning to fill this script.
Summary: Jay is looking for another member in his dance group. He can't find someone not until he saw you rehearsing in an empty classroom.
Speaker's name: Jay (Jeremiah)
{You walk through the school grounds, students walk by and some of them greets you. You groan of disappointment}
(I can't find anyone. Those people that went for the audition earlier was not that bad, but I can't accept them because I will need to train them. I don't have that much time, the competition will be next month... Argh! I am only one member short and I can't even spot a single soul!)
{While walking, you heard a song being played in one of the classrooms. You looked for it and saw a man dancing just by himself}
(Oh, who is this person dancing alone in this rarely used room. Nice choice of music. Hmmm... I wonder, what genre is he using. It looks like, interpretative? Nope, it's too vigorous.)
{You walked closely to the windows quietly and observed}
(Contemporary? Probably... there's also some elements of ballet, the pirouette and that flying mystic swan, some rythmic gymnastics and look at that facial expression. No wait that's not all, he's... he is popping and krumping. Lyrical Hip-hop? No, it's mixed. Is he freestyling? Who is this guy?)
{You walked back and leaned to the wall}
(Those routines... it exudes femininity and masculinity. The combination of his firmness and fluidity, it's almost hypnotizing. His musicality is perfect. He is not only dancing to the beat but, also in the melody. I want him. I need to take him.)
{You took a deep breath and approached the room. You're surprised because you can't see him}
Wait, where did he go? He was just there.
{You run towards the door and open it}
Hey, du—
{You saw him laying down on the floor, gasping for air and twitching in pain, you ran towards him}
Hey! What happened to you? Oh shit, he is hyperventilating. Hey, can you hear me? Hey! What do I do? Uhhhh...
{You carried him and ran to the school clinic}
{The sound of you running is slowly fading as he lose his consciousness}
{The blanket shifts and he wakes up}
You're awake! Thank goodness. Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere? Woah, woah, hey! Don't move around so much, you need to lay down rest.
Well, I was walking around the school and before I knew it, I heard a music that's coming from the farthest room which is mostly unused. You were dancing there, so passionately and gracefully but when I took my eyes off of you and looked at you again, you lying on the floor, gasping for air and you look like you're in a lot of pain.
No need to be shy about it. It was good. Like, very good. It was... uhhh, what was the word? Oh. It was, bewitching.
{You let out a small laugh}
Here, drink this water.
Hey, the nurse said that you overfatigued. When I was watching you dance, the way you execute your routines were powerful but it appears to be all controlled. It's not like you were just flailing your body around. How come that you got exhausted by that so easily? Do you have some kind of illness?
No? Then why? How long were you there dancing?
So, let's say since 11 AM, then it would be... One, two, three ho— y-you've been dancing for four hours!? Have you eaten your lunch?
No? Did you even took a break? Drink water?
Still no? Dang. You were abusing your body. Why did you do that? What you did earlier could've costed your life, didn't you think about that?
Oh shit, you're crying. I-i-i'm sorry, that was insensitive of me. P-please stop crying. W-where's my handkerchief? Here.
{You sat beside him and wiped his tears}
I-is it something I said? If it is, I am so sorry.
No? Then is it something else?
Okay. Do you wanna talk about it? It's okay if you don't want to.
{You stroke his hair}
Whatever it is your experiencing right now, I may not know it but I tell you, it is not worth your life, okay? That's it, let it out. Everything will be fine. That's it.
Have you calmed down? Great. Feel a little better? That's good.
We've been talking for a while but we don't know each other's name. I am Jeremiah, but everybody call me Jay.
You know me? Well, it would be unfair if you're the only one who knows about me. I want to know you, too. Tell me your name.
Nice name. Your parents are genius for naming you that, it fits you perfectly. I have to say, I think I heard it somewhere. Wait let me think...
Ah, you're the one that choreographed Mrs. Williams's class. The interpretative dance competition. The one that got controversial.
Well, I asked your classmates who was the artist that made such a masterpiece. And about the controversial part, there was an uprorar. The other contestants' advisers asked the judges why did your class won. Wait, how come that you didn't know this? Aren't you also a student of Mrs. Williams?
You are. But why didn't I saw you with your classmates on the performance?
Pfft— you didn't join because you weren't in the mood. To be fair, I think I would also do that if I wasn't feeling it.
Do you wanna know what did the judges say about the performance? They said it was abstract and unconventional. Your class is the only one that used a song that doesn't have lyrics on it, but you made a something through formations and simple moves to portray symbolisms and events of a story. The judges and some art and dance teachers were nerding out when they were giving critiques. And about that, they were looking for you that day. I think they were looking for you for like, 2 weeks? Some dance teachers were asking around that time about you. Did you know that?
No? Why?
Huh? You didn't attend school for 2 months? That's a long time. I guess the hype died down. You have so many things to catch up, then.
(Oh, great. What a coincidence. I thought he is only dealing with what's probably happening to him but now, he seems like he got a lot of things in his hands. Of course, he is going to say no about this. Whatever, I'll just take my shot and ask him. I'll just have to be ready for rejection. )
This is probably a bad time but there's something that I want to tell you. I wasn't just, walking around the school but I was looking for someone. There is a dance competition next month and my group wanted to participate. We will be competing against the groups from other schools but we have a problem. We are one member short. I was scouting for a new member and I happen to see you. What I am trying to say is, can I recruit you?
The genre will be Hip-hop. You're down for it?
So you're saying that, you never tried dancing Hip-hop, but I saw you popping and krumping earlier. You were freestyling, shifting from contemporary to lyrical hip-hop and if I remember it, you were also incorporating ballet earlier.
Yeah, you were doing the pirouettes and the flying mystic swan. You know the one that you jump and like do the splits in the air? It is flying mystic swan, isn't that what it's called? No?
It was grand jeté? I am so sorry, I know so little about ballet and italian language, it's like almost the polar opposite of hip-hop.
Hey, don't laugh. Did I say something stupid again? It was French, not Italian?
{You laughed with him}
Hey, stop laughing. You're bullying me now, don't you know that. Laughing at my mistakes.
So, what do you think. Do you want to join? I think you will be a great addition to the team. I would train you, personally.
You will? That's great! Thank you! But what about your school works? How are you gonna catch up?
Wow, we have a genius right here. You can get it done within a week? A week? 2 months worth of lessons from different subjects in just a week? You, are one helluva brainiac. Both in academics and dancing.
You're too modest. But that's cute. For that, I will give you more benefits for joining my team. You won't worry about snacks and drinks, I will be providing them. You also won't worry about transportation because I will fetch you to wherever you live in and I will send you back. You will also have the luxury of having a ride in my car. How's that sound?
Too much? No, no, no, no. You deserve this. And not because I want to keep you in my team and to keep you from being snatched by other groups.
{You laughed}
No, seriously. With that talent of yours, it must have a matching treatment to improve it. So, when do you want to start?
No, it's okay. You can just inform me whenever we see each other again. You know what, let's exchange numbers. When you are ready, just call me and I will fetch you. I am always free after class.
{You got a message notification in your phone}
Hey, I need to go now. Will you be alright if I leave you? The school nurse will be here soon. My friends are looking for me.
Yeah? Well, catch you later. Hopefully, sooner. Bye!
{You walked out of the school clinic and then for a while it will fade out}
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2023.05.29 16:17 snapchat_haydays91 Advice/silverrock clarity before my 7 days are up?

I recently purchased a 2010 Honda CRV with 100k miles so I expected some issues, but silverrock is closed today, and tomorrow is my last day to make a decision. I’m moving from FL to VT without a vehicle but we’re going rural and I needed a reliable FWD car. I’m a single mom with poor credit and it’s what I could afford. It was only one owner up north and it basically looks untouched.
The rundown from the mechanic is brakes, rotors, an AC recharge, and then one that the mechanic was pretty sure SilverRock won’t cover—shocks and struts. It checks out—I noticed the brakes right away and some bouncing at high speeds.
I’m trying to do more research online about what’s covered and what’s not, but can’t the brakes and rotors be considered normal wear and tear and not be covered as well?
Is there any hope of getting all the repairs covered if it’s within the 7 days?
And is it not a reasonable expectation that these specific things would be inspected and taken care of before given to a new owner? My concern is returning the car only to inherit yet another cars problems, and the ones currently available in my range are comparable in miles and age.
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2023.05.29 16:10 ParamedicDeep3869 What do I do?

I wrote a suicide note about a month ago and left it on my desk at my school's multi-media class for someone to read as a call for help. It contained very personal stuff regarding my parents' neglect, abuse, and constant gaslighting.
After leaving that note on my desk, I went to algebra and went on with the period, waiting for the time my multi-media teacher would come into the class and pull me into the hall. Eventually, 15 minutes into the lesson, my multi-media teacher came in and asked to speak to me in private. We had a short conversation about my personal life and she questioned if I took anything before coming to school. I said no, and we began walking to the guidance counseling office. When I checked in, I was taken in by my school counselor. My multi-media teacher left and it was just me and my counselor in the small office. She asked what was wrong and I handed her the suicide note with tears in my eyes. She took a moment to read the note until she put it aside.
"I never knew you were going through this kind of stuff. Why did you keep it away from me?". I kept my personal issues away from my guidance counselor because I could not handle giving her the burden of listening to my problems and trying to help me. I cried as I explained to her the reasons why I refused to talk about it to anyone, even her.
When my explanation was done, she began questioning me, and I tried the best I could to tell her the whole truth. Once we were done, she excused herself from the office for a moment to print out something. I waited for a few minutes and took the suicide note off her desk to read it. I had so many feelings and thoughts that very moment that I can't explain. I put the note back before she entered the office, and I look at the papers. I asked her:
"What are those?"
"This is the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Assessment. I have to ask you some more questions to determine the severity of your suicidal thoughts this past month."
We began the assessment, and I was completely honest with my responses. When we were done, she furrowed her eyebrows at me in concern and said, "Based on your answers, your scale is severe. The suicide hotline has to be involved, and possibly your parents."
I broke that very moment and begged her not to. My parents were the reason why this had begun in the first place. My counselor tried to calm me down and reassured me with the saying, "We'll see."
I eventually calmed down and braced myself as she dialed the suicide hotline number and began to introduce me to the operators. I waited as she answered questions that she was asked. After about 10 minutes or so, she hung up and turned to me.
"Your parents have to be involved. I'm sorry. We can't let you go if you're severely suicidal."
"I don't want my parents to know. Please don't tell them; they're the main reason why I wrote that note. My parents are gonna be mad."
"I'm sorry, they have to know. This is for the sake of your safety and everyone else's. This is your life we are talking about."
I backed down. If my parents found out, they'd act caring and maybe full on sob after hearing about me. But behind the curtains? They'll be mad, ashamed, and embarrassed. My counselor looked at me.
"I'll be back. I have to notify your parents and have them check in with me."
I nodded. She left the office. I heard her on the phone with my mom, then my dad shortly after.
She returned and asked if she could get me anything in the meantime we waited for the suicide hotline operators and my parents to arrive. I was fine I said, so we waited for an hour.
An hour later, the suicide hotline operators finally arrived and entered my counselor's office. I introduced myself and so did the operators. My counselor asked if I wanted her to leave. I said no, because I felt uncomfortable without her by my side.
We began the conversation and they asked about the longevity of my suicidal thoughts, what caused it, if I had any plans, etc. They also asked questions about myself and got to know me more personally. After 20-30 minutes, the operators and counselor left the office to greet my mom and explain the situation. I sat there for a while, shaking as I heard them talk to my mom about the condition I was in. The operators, my counselor, and mom came into the office. I looked at my mom. She was crying and had puffy eyes. I immediately felt horrible; because I felt at that very moment that if was my fault fro causing this whole mess and that I hurt my mom. I held back tears as I was escorted out the room by the hotline operators and into another office while my counselor stayed back with my mom.
A few more questions were asked, and I explained myself thoroughly to them. They were done, and they allowed me to return to the counselor's office. My mom led me out the counseling office and checked me out of the school.
When we got into the car, she instantly stopped crying and started screaming and shaming me.
"Why the fuck did you write that note? Do you know what position that puts your father and I in?"
"You're nothing but a burden. I raised you and provided you with food, clothes, and shelter yet you go out being ungrateful and putting your parents in a bad spotlight."
"You're not gonna be successful if you're a suicidal burden like that; especially in the military field? They won't accept people like you."
She rambled the whole ride back home and once went through the door, my dad stomped up to me and straight up asked in my face, "Why did you write that note?".
I was too hurt to speak at that time so I kept quiet. No matter how much my dad beat me to force something out of my mouth, I refused to tell him anything. My mom just stood there watching me get beaten and she herself continued on with my dad. He gave up and stormed out the house as my mom just stood there, shaking her head and eventually leaving too.
Days later, my parents were still mad about the suicide note situation. I laid on the couch in the living room watching TV while my mom was cleaning. She paused what she was doing and sat on the couch across from me. She had a stern look on her face as she began:
"Your dad and I are not happy about you. We gave you materials from birth to now and you're being ungrateful. I don't know what made you write that note and to feel this way, but I'm gonna say it to your face. I am sorry for being a "bad parent" and not being able to keep up with your crazily high standards. If you grow up and leave me to die alone, then I hope you realize what mistake you're about to do. I'm your mother and I gave you everything, and this is how you treat me and your father."
She then got up and left. I turned my back away and started to silently cry. I feel like I'm in the wrong; for writing that note, for being ungrateful like my mom said, everything. I don't know what to do so if you're reading this entire shenanigan rant, thanks for your time. If you would like, please offer me advice.
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2023.05.29 16:05 Stabbysavi Obviously new is beating used right now in terms of sanity, but what about leasing?

I am very close to desperate to needing a different car. Not necessarily a new car, but a different car. My 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee needs more work and I am terrified to drive it. And I don't want to put more money into it.
I have $24,000 cash in savings, but that's all my savings.
It just doesn't make sense to buy a used car for $27,000, when a new car is only going to cost $30,000. But I want to keep my payments low, I don't make a lot of money. I'm trying to have my car payment be below $300 a month. Also, I don't have a lot of monthly money left over for repairs.
Mazda is currently doing a leasing deal for $270 a month with $4,000ish down for a CX30. I've been wanting to try a Mazda anyway.
Would leasing make sense? Or am I crazy?
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2023.05.29 16:05 No_Consideration_339 Trip Report train 21 Texas Eagle

Trip Report train 21 Texas Eagle
Here's my report for the southbound Texas Eagle this past Saturday. I boarded in Chicago and disembarked in Alton, IL. First some notes about Chicago Union Station. For all coach passengers Amtrak uses the Great Hall as waiting room space. It's a great space but oddly enough they could use more seating. While entering the great hall there was a sign saying Train 21 Texas Eagle Passengers Check In. I checked in and they gave me a seat check with ALN written on it and told me to get on the train at Door 1. This office closed about 45 minutes before the train departed and I saw many on board without seat checks. They called us all about 20 minutes before departure, lined us all up and marched us down to the track where we boarded. There were signs (Door 1,2,3,4) and attendants at each car door asking us our destinations. Looked to be a five car train, three coaches, diner, and sleeper at the front behind a GE loco. Door 1 was the last car, a nice Superliner coach. All the short haul St. Louis and Illinois passengers were in the last coach. The car was about 75% full. I didn't have a seatmate but many did. I grabbed the last seat on the left side as I wanted to look out the rear window en route. A fateful decision.
Boarding at CUS
We left right on the advertised and headed south. No delays at 21st st. or Brighton Park, thankfully. On time at Joliet with a BNSF stack train racing us the last mile into the station. But as we accelerated past 80mph south of Joliet the wind began to whistle around the rear door. It was annoying. Noise cancelling headphones made it bearable, but it was enough that myself and a few others tried messing with the rear door to stop it. Nothing much worked. As much as I enjoyed looking out the back at 100mph across the Illinois prairie, the whistle made sitting in the last seat less than optimum. While the Amfleet/Horizon/Venture equipped corridor trains can hit 110, Superliners are limited to 100. The ride was nice and smooth though and I got the sense that we could have gone faster if allowed.
We were right on the advertised until Lincoln. We had to wait a few minutes for a northbound UP stack train and were 5 minutes late into Lincoln. We met the northbound River Runner just north of Springfield which made us about 10 minutes late into Springfield. Made up a little time and were 6 minutes late into Alton. The train arrived in St. Louis on time. I snagged a beer and some chips from the dinecafe and service was fine. I do miss the observation/lounge car and hope it eventually returns to the Eagle.
21st St.
Looking out the back at Pontiac
Pontiac, IL new depot.
Here's a pro tip for those thinking of using the very nice Alton, IL station. Parking is a pay to park gated lot. The rate is $8/day or $35 for a lost ticket. I was in Chicago for two weeks. My car was just fine and my "lost" ticket meant I only paid the rough equivalent of 4 days. The parking lot also miraculously healed my 22 year old car. I had a check engine light on when I pulled in back on May 15th, and the light was off when I pulled out on Saturday!
All in all a nice trip.
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2023.05.29 16:03 khoafraelich789 2023 Mazda CX-30 Review: Above-and-beyond the mainstream choices

2023 Mazda CX-30 Review: Above-and-beyond the mainstream choices
Mazda's midcompact crossover aims high and hits the mark
Pros: Fun to drive; wonderful interior; standard all-wheel drive; class-leading turbo power
Cons: Average fuel economy from base engine; expensive relative to mainstream competitors; smartphone integration is only so-so
Mazda’s ongoing push to be an upscale brand is perhaps best exemplified by one of its least-expensive models. The 2023 CX-30 goes above and beyond the typical mainstream midcompact with a segment-busting turbocharged engine, standard all-wheel drive and an interior that belongs in a class above most of Mazda’s traditional competitors.

As impressive as it may be in that context, Mazda’s advantages come at a price — literally. It’s expensive for the segment and a bit shy when it comes to passenger and cargo space; a Kia Seltos or VW Taos would serve you better in that regard. And although it’s based on the traditionally athletic and nimble Mazda3, its AWD and taller profile add mass higher than where you’d ideally want it. Gone are the days of Mazda chasing lap times with its turbocharged Mazdaspeed models, but the CX-30 is nonetheless an excellent driving companion with near-luxury bona fides to boot.

What's new for 2023?
In short, not much. The standard 2.5-liter engine was massaged slightly, freeing up an additional 5 horsepower and simultaneously improving fuel economy, albeit slightly. Mazda also made some updates to the CX-30’s safety systems and crash structure that should improve performance for rear passengers. The only bad news is that Mazda quietly discontinued the base turbo trim, so you’ll have to spend a bit more to get that extra power for 2023.

What are the CX-30 interior and in-car technology like?
Like the Mazda3 with which it shares so much, the CX-30's cabin makes you go "wow" considering its price and the vehicles with which it competes. Whatever trim level you're considering, the key to this wow factor is how Mazda's current interior design scheme removes visual clutter by reducing switchgear and effectively hiding air vents and door handles. Lower trim levels are sadly no longer available with two-tone color treatments (we suppose most people just want plain-old black), but upper trims can still get white or black leather accented with reddish brown simulated leather trim. No matter the trim level, though, for a car in the $20,000-$35,000 range, CX-30 interior looks and feels special.

It's also of a high quality and quite functional. The steering wheel, which looks sensational, is an absolute treat to hold and has intelligently designed buttons/switches for the infotainment and cruise controls. There's considerable center console space, including a configurable under-armrest bin, and a decently sized forward bin for a smartphone.

Mazda's tech interface is a bit love-it-or-hate-it. The dashtop screen is large and easy to see. The knob that controls it is large, not unlike BMW's iDrive, and ergonomically placed on the center console. It's not a touchscreen, though, as Mazda engineers determined that hunting for touch-operating icons can be distracting. They're not wrong, and the higher-mounted screen is certainly easier to read at a glance. That said, there are a lot of people who don't not care for this setup and specifically prefer a touchscreen like the ones offered in all the Mazda's competitors. Specifically, the lack of a touchscreen can make it harder to select icons in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which were designed to be controlled by touch. There's a reason the Mazda CX-50 now allows touch operation when using CarPlay and Android Auto, but that advancement unfortunately hasn't made it to the CX-30 yet.

How big is the CX-30?
Although it was originally an unusual size, the CX-30 now finds itself among a growing number of midcompact SUVs that slot in between subcompacts like the Hyundai Kona and compacts like Mazda's own CX-5. Others include the Ford Bronco Sport, Kia Seltos, and Volkswagen Taos. In terms of space, the CX-30 is the smallest of that group and is definitely the least family-friendly. Two tall passengers will be able to sit front-to-back on the passenger side, but not on the driver side. Fitting a rear-facing child seat in the middle will be a squeeze.

Cargo space with the rear seat raised is 20.2 cubic feet, which is only a bit better than subcompact models and considerably less than the midcompacts mentioned above. That number is virtually identical to the Mazda3 hatchback, but in our testing, we found the CX-30's extra height allowed it to swallow an additional suitcase (surprisingly, the Mazda3 sedan can carry more than them both). Although its suitcase count trailed its midcompact competitors, it was superior to a pair of small luxury models, the BMW X2 and Audi Q3. We could also fit a golf bag diagonally across the cargo area.

What are the CX-30 fuel economy and performance specs?
For 2023, every CX-30 comes with all-wheel drive, plus a six-speed automatic. There are then two choices of engine. Cars dubbed CX-30 2.5 S have a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter inline-four that produces 191 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque. That's more than the base engines of most competitors, plus some of their engine upgrades. It now returns 26 miles per gallon city, 33 mpg highway and 29 mpg combined. Those figures remain low compared to other base engines, but again, the competition generally has less power.

As for the CX-30's upgrade engine, nothing in the segment can touch it. The turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-four produces 227 hp and 310 lb-ft on regular gas. It'll do 250 hp and 320 lb-ft if you feel like filling it with 93 octane. Fuel economy is basically the same as the base engine at 22/30/25 mpg.

What's the CX-30 like to drive?
If you want to feel what a car is doing through the steering wheel, throttle pedal and through the seat of your pants, the Mazda CX-30 is exactly the type of small crossover you're looking for. Its taller stature means it loses some of the agility provided by the lower Mazda3, but the primary control efforts and feedback are just as exceptional. When it comes to providing an engaging driving experience, no SUV comes remotely close in the CX-30's price range. There's even a case to be made that it provides more driving fun than a BMW X2.

Along those lines, the available turbo engine is there to make the CX-30 feel luxurious and effortless, rather than burn rubber and set lap times like some turbocharged Mazdaspeed of old. On paper and in practice, none of its non-luxury competitors can touch it in a straight line – it obviously costs more, but it's the engine we'd certainly want.

Nevertheless, the base engine is still a peach. It's more powerful than most competitors, boasts terrific throttle response and is paired with one of the smartest transmissions around. It always knows exactly which of its six gears to select at any given time, and when Sport mode is selected, it quickly downshifts when braking into a corner like the sport-tuned transmissions of luxury brands do. It also doesn't clumsily hang onto revs when accelerating thereafter. As a bonus, the Premium trim adds paddle shifters then let you have some extra fun if you're so inclined.

What other Mazda CX-30 reviews can I read?
2021 Mazda CX-30 2.5 Turbo First Drive A lifted, almost-hot hatch
The turbo engine was a new addition last year. It makes an already fun little SUV, even better, though certainly not to hot hatch levels.

2020 Mazda CX-30 Luggage Test Can it fit more than the Mazda3?
Taking an in-depth look at the CX-30's cargo capacity to see how much luggage it can fit inside and how that compares to the Mazda3 as well as other small crossovers. We also compared it to both the Mazda3 hatch and sedan with surprising results.

2020 Mazda CX-30 First Drive The middle way
Our first taste of the CX-30 features more in-depth information about its design and engineering.

What is the 2023 CX-30 price?
The base CX-30 2.5 S comes standard with 16-inch alloy wheels, automatic LED headlights, automatic wipers, adaptive cruise control, a full suite of accident avoidance tech (see Safety section below), cloth upholstery, two USB ports, an eight-speaker sound system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and the Mazda Connect interface that includes an 8.8-inch display and center console controller.

From there, you have a choice of three "packages" that are pretty much what other brands refer to as trim levels. We think the Select is best place to start your CX-30 shopping as for an extra $2,300 you gain 18-inch wheels, blind-sport warning, proximity entry, dual-zone climate control, rear air vents, a rear armrest, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and leatherette upholstery versus the standard cloth. The Preferred, new Carbon Edition (pictured below) and Premium packages add further luxuries, most notably a heated power driver seat with memory (Preferred) and leather upholstery (Premium).

All new prices are below and include the $1,275 destination charge (add another $45 if you’re shopping in Alaska).

S: $24,225
S Select: $26,525
S Preferred: $29,495
S Carbon Edition: $30,565
S Premium: $32,775
Turbo Premium: $35,075
Turbo Premium Plus: $36,675
What are the CX-30 safety ratings and driver assistance features?
Every CX-30 comes with a comprehensive array of standard safety features beyond the usual airbags and stability aids. These include forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking (Smart Brake Support), lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist, and a driver inattention warning system. Blind-spot and rear cross-traffic warning are included on all but the base trim.

Beyond their simple inclusion, these features are also among the best-executed on the market. Most appreciably, they aren't prone to false alarms or constantly beep at you like a scolding nanny.

The government awarded the CX-30 a perfect five stars in every crash test even before the updates Mazda made for 2023. The Institute for Highway Safety named the CX-30 a Top Safety Pick. It received the best-possible ratings in all crash tests and for its front-crash prevention system (both for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents). Unusually, its base LED headlights got the best possible rating of "Good," while the curve-adaptive upgrade headlights found on the range-topping Premium (photographed above) actually got a "Poor" rating due to excessive glare. The CX-30 also received top marks for the ease of use of its child seat LATCH anchors.

Source: Autoblog
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2023.05.29 16:01 mghtbfckd Is it illegal if friends sell our stuff after we fled the country?

Me and my wife fled the country due to some poor life decisions. The day we packed what we could fit in our car we asked some very good family friends to come over because we needed help. we told them the situation and that we would never be returning. We gave them the house keys, keys and titles of 2 other cars and asked them to sell everything and get the house ready to be sold. The house is owned by my wife's parents and they are very old and not the best of health so they won't be able to handle everything on their own to prepare the house to be sold. We agreed that they could keep half of all the money from selling our belongings. They provided no assistance to us in getting out of the country, nor did they give us any financial support to aid us in getting out of the country.
Now my question is, are our friends in any kind of danger with the law? Because we are the rightful and legal owners of the cars and all our belongings, can they be prosecuted for sending us the money from selling our belongings.
My wife's family is paying them to get the house ready to be sold as well.
We didn't tell our families, nor our friends where we were going or where we are now. If the police come to question our whereabouts if they don't know where we went then they don't have to be put in a position to lie.
We really are good people, just made some bad decisions, and at this point in our lives 30 years in prison would have been the remainder of our lives.
Any insight is appreciated. 🙄
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2023.05.29 16:01 copperboom33 Looking for AWD Daily Driver

I’m looking to replace my 2014 Corolla sometime soon (no huge rush though) mainly because I want something upgraded and more comfortable. I drive about an hour total (40 miles) most days for work and I love the gas mileage of the Corolla but it’s uncomfortable and noisy/unenjoyable to drive, and after 7+ years of it I think I’ve reached my limit. I live in New England so I would really like something AWD. Currently I put snow tires on the Corolla each year and it doesn’t seem worth the cost to do that anymore since I work remote when it snows now, but do still have to drive in bad weather occasionally so I’d like the AWD. I would love something with great gas mileage and have considered electric too but most EVs are out of my price range: would like to stay close to $30,000 or slightly over. No kids so I don’t need a ton of space, but my boyfriend is 6’4” and I have 2 nieces and a nephew I cart around occasionally so they all need to fit. Cars I’m currently considering: * -2020-2021 Lexus UX250h: great mpg, just slightly concerned about cramped interior size and if it would be silly to buy something a few years old when I can afford a new car. * -New AWD Prius: best mpg but it’s another small Toyota which is what I’m already bored of. * -Subarus: new 2024 Crosstrek, Legacy, or Impreza. All very similar and I like the updated 2024 interiors and more substantial size of the cars compared to the Corolla. Mpg isn’t great though and it seems like a bad idea to buy a new car with worse mpg than my current one? * -Mazda CX30 - not crazy about the exterior look of this one for some reason and again not great mpg. * -2021-2022 Audi A3 - this is probably my favorite but concerns about high repair costs and depreciation in value are making me think it’s not the most financially wise decision to make.
Any thoughts on those options, or others I’m missing?? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 16:01 MikeCoolGuy16 Noticed Something

So I doordash a few days a week as I do work another job. Today went to McDonald's and noticed 6 people get out of one car with 6 different phones picking up 6 different door dash orders and all get into the same car. How is this even possible if some our in different directions? Maybe it's new idk.
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2023.05.29 15:59 Previous-Button-2656 Scratch on Door Jam

I was washing my car yesterday and something got stuck under my microfiber and made a long scratch on the door jam. It’s a black car and the scratch appears white. I fly barred it and it’s smooth to the touch without my finger nail catching? How do I remove the scratch? The black paint on my car is very delicate for some reason.
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2023.05.29 15:57 IndependentSwan3625 tickingtale part 7 still unillistrated

on the train there were doors. Revita looked around, saw no one was watching and opened one of them. "hi. what is this car?" asked frisk, who was inside. "how did you ... find this?" asked Revita.
"I saw a door. the key from anger room opened one of them. is the train gonna split again?"
"...yes. this leads to the forgotten station. there is something I need from there."
I'm still a bit shocked frisk found the key. it was quite easy.
"this train … ride is pretty long" said Revita. "hey, in the meantime, do you wanna see something cool?" asked frisk. "I guess" Revita said. frisk walked up to a wall and started spinning so fast that she was only a blur of her back and front. you couldn't tell which way she was spinning. I also go faster when doing my 'frisk dance'. didn't you mention that monsters found you more attackable when you did it in the underground? except for the fifth to last floor, the only thing notable is the first time in the tower that frisk got hurt. "ow! what are those bullets even?" "are you ok? and those are lasers." answered Revita. "I'm fine, but it's probably gonna leave a mark." said frisk. Revita paled for a moment. I bet the readers are dying to know why. they probably are but remember what swan said? I think it was something about dramatic effect. there is no statue in the forgotten station. instead there is a basin and, in this case, a very disappointed interdimensional royal scientist. "why do you look so sad?" frisk asked while giving him the memento of anger. Gaster started gesturing (wait. Gaster, gestur, gesture. toby!!!!!!) "☟︎☜︎☼︎☜︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎☼︎☜︎ ✋︎💧︎☠︎🕯︎❄︎ ⚐︎☠︎☜︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ❄︎☟︎⚐︎💧︎☜︎ 💧︎✌︎👍︎☼︎✌︎☞︎✋︎👍︎☜︎ 💧︎☟︎☼︎✋︎☠︎☜︎💧︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ 👍︎✌︎☠︎ 👍︎☟︎✌︎☠︎☝︎☜︎ 🕈︎✌︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ ☞︎☼︎☜︎✈︎🕆︎☜︎☠︎👍︎✡︎ ❄︎⚐︎ 💣︎✌︎❄︎👍︎☟︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ ❄︎🕆︎☠︎☜︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ ☞︎⚐︎☹︎😐︎ ☹︎🕆︎☹︎☹︎🕆︎👌︎✡︎ ✌︎👌︎⚐︎🕆︎❄︎ 💣︎☜︎📬︎ ✋︎❄︎🕯︎💧︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ 😐︎✋︎☠︎👎︎ ⚐︎☞︎ 💧︎⚐︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ ☝︎☜︎❄︎💧︎ 💧︎❄︎🕆︎👍︎😐︎ ✋︎☠︎ ☜︎✞︎☜︎☼︎✡︎⚐︎☠︎☜︎🕯︎💧︎ ☟︎☜︎✌︎👎︎📬︎ ✌︎👍︎👍︎⚐︎☼︎👎︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ 📂︎📁︎📁︎ ✡︎☜︎✌︎☼︎ ⚐︎☹︎👎︎ ☼︎☜︎🏱︎⚐︎☼︎❄︎💧︎📪︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ ☟︎🕆︎💣︎✌︎☠︎💧︎ ☟︎✌︎✞︎☜︎ ✌︎ 💧︎⚐︎☠︎☝︎ ☹︎✋︎😐︎☜︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ 👍︎✌︎☹︎☹︎☜︎👎︎ 🕯︎👌︎✌︎👌︎✡︎ 💧︎☟︎✌︎☼︎😐︎🕯︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ ✋︎❄︎🕯︎💧︎ 💣︎⚐︎💧︎❄︎ ✞︎✋︎☜︎🕈︎☜︎👎︎ ✞︎☜︎☼︎💧︎✋︎⚐︎☠︎ 🕈︎✌︎💧︎ ✞︎✋︎☜︎🕈︎☜︎👎︎ 📂︎📂︎📪︎📁︎📁︎📁︎📪︎📁︎📁︎📁︎📪︎📁︎📁︎📁︎📬︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎🕯︎💧︎ ✌︎👌︎⚐︎🕆︎❄︎ 📂︎📬︎🗄︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎💧︎ ☟︎🕆︎💣︎✌︎☠︎ 🏱︎⚐︎🏱︎🕆︎☹︎✌︎❄︎✋︎⚐︎☠︎ ✌︎❄︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎📪︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ 💧︎⚐︎☠︎☝︎ ✋︎💧︎☠︎🕯︎❄︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎ ☝︎⚐︎⚐︎👎︎✏︎" (I will have to agree with Gaster. baby shark isn't good).
afterworlds Gaster left. Revita sacrificed a curse he got from who-knows-where to get a reflection.
there is no demon in the forgotten station. sans and papyrus were in arid atheneum, but otherwise there were only 2 important things about it: Revita, in a seceret room, broke a mirror with the reflection to get a mirror shard. and 2: Barigan.
some important stuff: thank you revita for the fact that even though I moved to TickingTale, my posts are still the hottest thing there. potential will probably only join the ticking tale team in 2 days. speaking of 2 days: the 2 day break I had 2 days ago isn't me slowing down, but a break for religious reasons. (other than Saturday, the next holiday in my religion is in almost half a year. (to know more, look up Jewish calender). sans and papyrus are in the typing room, and will leave after issue 8. if all goes to plan, the first illustrated tickingtale will be issue 12, but it will take a long time. please remember that you can always ask anyone that is in the typing room anything in the comment section, that I will not feel spammed about it, and that since my posts get on average 200 views on the first day, I know people read this. also also, Gaster's monologue in this part is actual wingdings. go translate and read it. it's funny. amounting to the last 2 things I said, should I do the extra effort to font sans and papyrus? comment.
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2023.05.29 15:55 Sixyn RCA reverse camera - wiring confusion

Hi folks,
I'm working on wiring this camera to my RCD330.
I've gotten the camera installed and powered up by wiring the power into the reverse tail lights. I've even got the output verified by connecting a little RCA monitor (seen in picture).
What I haven't been able to figure out is how to connect the RCA cable to my RCD330.
Here is an album with my confusions listed in the descriptions:
The only other question I have is regarding the trigger wire on both ends of the RCA cable. What is the point of the trigger wire if my radio unit is already switching into a black screen (awaiting a video signal) when I throw the car into reverse?
Any help is greatly appreciated. I've been at this for more hours than I'd like to admit.
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2023.05.29 15:54 rani456 Top 10 Most Common Locksmith Services and Their Importance

Top 10 Most Common Locksmith Services and Their Importance

Top 10 Most Common Locksmith Services and Their Importance

1. Commercial security:

A trustworthy locksmith can give every one of the administrations you want for your business. Lock changes, lock fixes, ace key frameworks, electronic keypad locks, or straightforward lockout help can be in every way gotten from a full-administration locksmith. Assuming you really want high-security locks or entryway closers, your locksmith ought to likewise have the option to help.

2. Private locks:

Locksmiths can give a full scope of administrations including fixing, substitution, and establishment of hardware to guarantee your locks are working appropriately and your house is secure. In the event that you lock yourself out, they can get you in. On the off chance that you need a press button locking framework, they can give and introduce it. Deadbolts, hold sets, press button locks, and in the middle between can be found at your neighborhood locksmith. Whether you really want to open entryways since you have lost your keys or it's messed up or you are keen on introducing a significant level of security, we are experts in accomplishing this work. With an extensive variety of expert private locksmith administrations, we can tweak any answers to suit your home's necessities.

3. Padlocks and lockboxes:

Latches arrive in a scope of types and styles. Assuming you really want a number of locks generally keyed to an expert, or on the other hand assuming you need high-security locks with keys that can't be replicated by representatives or inhabitants, you can track down them. Locks can be climate safe and come in various thicknesses and shackle lengths. A few locks are even Bluetooth empowered so you can open them with your PDA.

4. Electronic Lock Administrations:

Electronic lock frameworks are probably the most effective ways to get a structure. Specifically, assuming you want to restrict admittance to just the approved, we can suggest an entrance control framework that perceives your workers and other approved people while keeping out every other person. Electronic frameworks, like brilliant lock establishment, give better security and assist with allowing you more prominent command over the actual structure by having the option to remotely screen and cooperate with your locking components.

5. Installing or fixing window locks:

With regards to home security, the windows on your house are normally the most fragile point. This is particularly obvious on the off chance that they need to be outfitted with good locks. Locksmiths can assist you with making a safer home by introducing top-notch locks on the entirety of your windows or fixing the current locks so they give better insurance.

6. Rekeying or supplanting locks:

There are a ton of circumstances where rekeying your current locks or putting in new locks seems OK. For example, assuming you move into another home, supplanting the locks is all really smart since the past proprietor might have given out spare keys to individuals that you don't have the foggiest idea. Locksmiths can either rekey or supplant the locks on your entryways, assisting with establishing a safer climate.

7. Lockout administrations:

At some point, it happens to everybody. You are surging out of the entryway, attempting to get someplace in a rush. As the entryway swings shut behind you, you understand without a second to spare that your keys are still inside. Wildly, you pivot and attempt the door handle just to observe that it is locked. In circumstances like these, locksmiths can assist you with getting back inside. They can open locked vehicles or entryways without the requirement for the first key.

8. They Assist with forestalling Security Breaches:

Commercial locksmiths can assist with introducing top-notch locks and access control gadgets that have been demonstrated powerful against altering endeavors or sidestep by unapproved people who mean damage to business and its benefactors. They can likewise furnish you with security exhortation overall so different parts of your property are very much monitored also. This incorporates introducing or fixing far-reaching alert frameworks for indoor and open-air use, CCTV observation frameworks, window bars, built-up entryways, and windows intended to endure break-ins.

9. They Can Furnish You with Dependable, Durable Locks:

Business properties are intended for normal use by many individuals, so excellent safety efforts ought to be executed to discourage all types of crime inside and outside the premises. Your business locksmith can guarantee this by introducing strong yet dependable locking components that will not capitulate to mileage from regular use, so you get more incentive for your cash.

10. Locksmiths can supplant lost keys and locks:

Locksmiths are individuals who represent considerable authority in the plan and establishment of safety frameworks for homes, organizations, and vehicles. They can likewise supplant lost keys or locks when fundamental. As well as putting in new equipment, they likewise offer crisis administrations, for example, vehicle opening on the off chance that you locked your keys inside. This kind of administration is one that each individual ought to have in light of the fact that it saves a great deal of time and cash from attempting to track down a way into a locked vehicle all alone or calling for emergency aides which could cost much more than having an accomplished proficient assist you with opening your entryway immediately without harming the lock or different parts on your vehicle like handles and so on.
Are you looking for an emergency locksmith in Dublin? visit this site.
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2023.05.29 15:54 Ok-Presence6432 Lessons from Chasing Desires

Back in India I used to score only 10s or 9s nothing less. I had my own standards and I considered myself as a high value guy. I’ve never even bothered to look at an average looking girl. They were completely addicted or obsessed having sex with me even though they were in love and I wasn’t up for anything serious. I’m not the kinda guy who puts his dick into anything he sees. I had my friends I grew up with and they were the world to me. We rolled like gangstas with crazy hot chicks in rotation wherever we went.
So later on in life i had to moved to Australia for my higher studies. I was really excited since people there are way more open minded and casual sex isn’t a big deal over there. But didn’t know it would be a life changing decision.
Ever since I came here I’ve been busy working part time and studying really hard since my subjects are damn tough. I barely had time to cook my own food, do my own laundry, clean my room etc etc etc. After a point it seemed like as if I had lost my game. I wasn’t meeting any people. Slowly my expectations started to decrease and the only girls I could go out with were 5s or 6s. Even they friendzoned me and I got the title of being a “nice guy”. It was like I forgot how to make the next move. I was just stuck. I was very very sexually frustrated. Comparing myself with the past my confidence level went down even more. It hit back to me again and again what kind of a guy I was back in India and what kind of a loser I’ve become now. I totally gave up on going after girls and kinda made peace with working on myself first. Everything in life was set except for my sex life.
So I’ve got this fat loser kinda co-worker with me who started talking about the escorts randomly. He was telling how amazing it is to pay to have sex and he’d never have to chase a girl anymore. But low-key he would never ever get any girl even if he tried to. I didn’t really pay much attention to it but later that night I saw an ad on some website saying “local hookers near you”. I kinda wanted to check out what’s the hype all about. So I clicked the website. My already sick brain became more infected looking at the amount of hot girls there. I was earning too much that spending money on these girls would barely make a difference to my account balance. I came across a lot of straight forward descriptions like 30min- full service, blowjob and all that kinda shit. But they were all very very average looking and the decent ones were way out of my budget. My completely infected brain got addicted to the website. I started texting around 40 to 50 girls spending the whole day asking for rates and nudes, Carefully filtered out the decent one I could sleep with and made a booking. At this moment my brain was really excited that I don’t have to feel sad about not getting girls anymore but my gut felt very wrong saying that I shouldn’t do this.
My heart was beating really fast a few hours before the booking. It was a weird feeling I wasn’t either relieved or scared. I parked my car far away from the place and started walking with a pack of condom, 400 dollars in cash and my car key. While walking to the place I made peace thinking okay it’s just like any other hookup except the fact that I have to pay her at the end. So I put on a smile on my silly face successfully forgetting the fact that I’m paying her to have sex. I convinced myself it’s just me getting back in the game.
So I got there and I called her to ask which door number it is. She didn’t pick my call up. She continued texting me giving me directions and finally I ended up in a shady ass house. There was a sitting area with a board “Do not smoke” and the entire house inside was lit up in red colour. I texted her what should I do now and she asked me to sit in that bench and wait for her to come out. After 20minutes there came a women around the age 30ish with poor makeup and acne scars all over the face with a smokin hot plastic body. It wasn’t what I saw in the picture at all but it didn’t click me at this point. She asked me to come in and to her bedroom. Me just being myself tried to make a light conversation with her and making some flirty jokes. But all she replied was “yes babe”, “Ikr baby” which kinda turned me off. She was also busy on her phone. Something was off. She then asked does my phone number end with 43 or 21. I told my number was 43. She then gave me a look like she sorted out something and asked for the money. Me who had no idea what was going on gave her the money. She asked me to sit in this bedroom while she’ll come back in 20min finishing the other guy. So basically what had happened was She realised she had messed up the entire timetable on her day and there was another guy supposed be there before me. I felt utterly disturbed and disgusted when I heard that. I was like what the actual fuck???
I don’t know what got into me at this point. I got really pumped up and held the door back as she tried to close it. I said I don’t want to do this anymore (very respectfully), got the money back and stormed to walk outside back to my car. This walk back to my car parked 15min away reset me back and in fact gave me a new perspective.
Sex isn’t everything. Probably I was a huge player back then but I wasn’t entirely focused on sex. I made connections with the girls I met and I cared for them. 10s or 9s or 4s or 1s I loved spending time with everyone. Maybe I was only sexually attracted to certain girls who were hot to me. Maybe I liked the feeling that I had more options and sex was just a part of it. I loved spending time with everyone and I had shit going on in my life. It’s like the moment when you don’t expect or try for anything is when the universe gives it to you. I loved my friends who supported me morally and also whom I loved partying and snorting lines with. That’s probably why I didn’t try really hard to get a girl to satisfy my loneliness and that’s why I had it easy with scoring girls. It’s okay that I don’t got such friends here but now I can actually take care of my own shit. Now is the time I make some self improvements, learn a new skill, explore my interests, travel the places I’ve never been to, make connections with new people in a new country and finally talk to girls without the intention to get laid.
The Moral of my life experience is:
Having desires for someone is one thing and desperately trying to put your dick into anything is something else.
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2023.05.29 15:52 No-Background-421 Move out sale! LG 6 cu. ft 1-Door Refrigerator, Smart Inverter Compressor

Move out sale! LG 6 cu. ft 1-Door Refrigerator, Smart Inverter Compressor
Hi people of Reddit! I’m moving back to our province and I’m selling my 10-month old LG inverter refrigerator. Nabili ko siya July 2022 for P16,345.00 and I’m willing to give it away for 13k nalang (slightly negotiable) as I will use the money rin for my moving. It has 10 Year Warranty on Compressor, and 2 Year Warranty on Parts and Service, Pocket Handle. No issues at all and never been repaired or nagloko eversince I got it. I live with my sister lang din naman and madalas din ako wala sa bahay bc I travel a lot. See attached photos of the actual itsura of the item and the receipt as well. :) Let me know if you’re interested and let’s arrange the shipping! I still have the box rin.
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2023.05.29 15:52 kingkmke21 How to repair this?

Not sure if this is the correct sub for this question but I need help. Found this small crack around the border of my cars windshield (2020 Jeep Renegade). It doesn't look like it went deep at all. Is there anyways to repair it?
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