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2023.05.29 16:19 Material_Brush_5791 navigate hrt levels as nb

Hi. I am identifying as nb. Now I am in the process of finding a right dose of testosteron for me. I use gel and check my levels every month. But I feel that although my doctor is helping me with confirming that the levels are safe, I miss having some guidance when it comes to knowing what levels are good for me. Does anyone have any thoughts on what levels is good to aim for and how to navigate this? Last blood work showed levels at the very top of what's recommended for cis males, and I wonder what will happen if I continue on this dosage, even for only a little while longer.
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2023.05.29 16:19 Famous-Pay-5069 Is it safe to assume that furniture shops (IKEA) have equipments to deliver items through windows for old style flats?

Our rented apartment dont have elevators/lifts and the passage way is very narrow which makes it impossible to move big furnitures through it.
We are planning to buy our furnitures in ikea and other furniture stores nearby. Is it safe to assume that they have a way to move items via lift through windows/terrace? Or I have to ask the store if they support that kind of delivery?
Any stores have you know where they have this delivery service?
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2023.05.29 16:18 itsboldofyoutoassume the pretty social community server [13+]

searching for a chill place to hang out and make new friends? come and be pretty social with us! there is something for everyone, whether that’s playing mini games with our fun bots or simply sharing memes. not to mention our book club (coming soon) and bimonthly movie nights
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2023.05.29 16:17 venushaze Opinions on neighbourhood around Fuglebakken/edge of Frederiksberg and NV?

Hello! I am moving to CPH from abroad for my studies, having never visited CPH before. I am considering housing near Fuglebakken station, which seems to border Frederiksberg, Nørrebro and Nordvest. I am studying in Frederiksberg so it is very conveniently located for me.
Can anyone give me insight on what living in this area is like? Is it safe? Quiet? Close to fun things to do?
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2023.05.29 16:17 unchartednorth Episode 60: I Have Been Outside Stemming the Tide Actual Play

It's scary out there! Better stay safe and cozy in...a dungeon?
Today while scouring the land of scoundrels, death will not be defied and things just are not as they seem!
Check it out in your podcatcher, or if you're new to the story follow the links below!

Stemming the Tide is an actual play podcast brought to you by the Uncharted North Network! We are running the Pathfinder 2e Adventure path Abomination Vaults with an all-Canadian cast dedicated to audio quality and serious storytelling.
Music is curated for every episode and punctuates the high-risk narrative, as our small party of heroes dives into a dangerous and brutal megadungeon, risking everything for their home and the lives of innocents!
You can interact with the cast and fellow fans on our public fan Discord or support us on Patreon and help us create more content, explore new game systems, and collaborate with fellow content creators!
- Duncan the morlock with a case of the Mondays
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2023.05.29 16:17 Icy_Abrocoma_9715 Maybe higher education is not for me

Context: I'm still a first year but there has been this lingering feeling that higher education isn't for me.
It started way back during college applications. my friends and I were scrambling to comply with the requirements but my mind all the time was just blank. I'd look at the list of courses, even did research, but I there was no single course that sparked a connection or something like that. Still, I chose courses that I somewhat have even the tiniest interest in.
Fast forward today, I'm studying in one of the top univs in the country .I know that this period in college is still the transitioning phase but I just can't shake the feeling that higher education isnt for me. I struggle to comply with even the most basic of tasks. I procrastinate a lot and cram most of the time and submit late outputs. I've been a constant honor student since elem but I do understand that college is at a different level and I'm not really grade conscious anymore. But even if I get high or passing grades, I just don't see how the mental and physical stress makes it worth it ?
Idk maybe I'm just experiencing burnout but what do you think? I'm thinking of taking a vocational course instead ( baking in particular) or just see how it goes and remember to rest in between?
Thank u for reaching this far and stay safe!
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2023.05.29 16:16 BananaCognacBitch2 FINALLY

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2023.05.29 16:16 feelingbetter-1974 If your gambling addiction ever felt like a dark, evil demon inside you…

My name is Maria, and I fell into gambling addiction hard with online slots. In my deepest, lowest moments, my addiction felt like a black cancer eating away my soul, spreading desperation, anxiety, depression, regret, and self-loathing inside me. I just want to post for those who don’t know that I have a totally free gambling addiction podcast that provides a 10-week, week by week plan for overcoming your gambling addiction as a spiritual battle. I am now almost 5 months gambling free. There IS light at the end of the tunnel!
If you’re in that dark, desperate, hopeless place and need a voice to guide you through it, then my podcast is for you.
Stay safe, and God bless
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2023.05.29 16:15 feelingbetter-1974 If your gambling addiction ever felt like a dark, evil demon inside you…

My name is Maria, and I fell into gambling addiction hard with online slots. In my deepest, lowest moments, my addiction felt like a black cancer eating away my soul, spreading desperation, anxiety, depression, regret, and self-loathing inside me. I just want to post for those who don’t know that I have a totally free gambling addiction podcast that provides a 10-week, week by week plan for overcoming your gambling addiction as a spiritual battle. I am now almost 5 months gambling free. There IS light at the end of the tunnel!
If you’re in that dark, desperate, hopeless place and need a voice to guide you through it, then my podcast is for you.
Stay safe, and God bless
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2023.05.29 16:15 resistantbanana I feel like doing mushrooms has cured my eating disorder

I (26F) have struggled with chronic anorexia along with some other mental health issues for years now. It had gotten to a point where I was completely unable to function as an adult and relied heavily on my parents and hospitals/treatment centers to keep me safe. There are many factors, but over the past several months my life has gotten significantly better. I am able to regulate my emotions and care for myself in ways I had not been able to before. A couple of months ago though, I started to experiment with mushrooms. I took my largest dose yet yesterday (1g) and had an amazing experience. I won’t go into too much detail, but my partner and I went and sat out in a grass field at a park which used to be a golf course. A lot of my trauma stems from my years as a competitive runner, as this is what activated my ED. A large amount of competitive cross country races are held at golf courses, and I felt like I was able to make peace with a lot of things in my life/past. At one point I took off my shoes and socks and just ran barefoot in the grass for as long as I wanted to. I do not run anymore since it’s hard for me to do so in a mentally healthy way, so the feels of just doing this in a very natural and pure way felt amazing. I also went out for ice cream after this. My boyfriend and I talked a lot about me feeling proud of myself for ordering whatever I wanted to order and being able to fully enjoy it. Later that evening at home, I was washing my hands in the bathroom and stopped to look at myself in the mirror. I felt like I was seeing myself physically from an outside perspective. I had an appreciation for my physical body and self that I have never felt before. All in all, I had an amazing trip yesterday. I feel like my brain accomplished in a few hours what I couldn’t in years of therapy. I cannot afford therapy, so having these types of moments where I am able to explore my own mind and guide myself where it is I want to go is really special to me. My boyfriend is also amazing and we are able to discuss a lot of this afterwards. He always provides an ear as I process my thoughts. I looked at him yesterday and went “yeah… I understand why the hippies were so happy now”
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2023.05.29 16:14 diarrheaoutmyass how do I (13M) stop worrying about being dependent on father (54M)

I had a relatively good childhood. we had nice things, clothes, TV, trips, toys, etc. I never had to worry about finances, never had to fear that I'd starve.
My mother behaved in odd ways, though. She was unstable, perhaps the product of being emotionally neglected. I was subjected to beatings (multiple times a week), verbal beatdowns, etc. She didn't care for my feelings, majority of the time. example: she would occasionally force me to wear ill-fitting shoes/clothes when I was younger. I've been told that it was abuse, but I have a hard time seeing it as such. After all, my basic needs for survival were met? (I am likely autistic, if that matters here)
A lot of the time my father was at work, leaving the two of us at home, alone. (+my siblings) I only really ever had her. I had no friends, I had no one else. So I cling onto her. Only her, and she knew. She could do whatever she wanted to me, she could say whatever, because I would always run back, like a damn dog. She died a few years ago, at the age of forty-something, when I was eight. I was alone again. But I had it better than my father, at least. He was much closer to her.
My father was devastated (it was to be expected), and my grandmother became the primary caregiver for the next few months. During this period of time, I learnt to do housework on my own. Despite that, my grandma still helped. She cooked, cleaned, etc. But it was uncomfortable. It felt like there was some price to pay, in exchange for her help.
I knew it wasn't true, that she did so only because she cared. Same thing when it comes to my father. I understand that I have it better than many others, that I have family to care about me. But I don't see them as such. I can't help it. I am unable view my father as some sort of parental figure. He rarely ever beat us, but whenever arguements arose between my siblings and I, he would bring her up. "Your mother would be disappointed.", etc. Because it would get us to stop. He never showed interest in whatever it was we were arguing about.
He has changed over the years, and is now more caring. But I dislike being dependent on him (finances aside), because then he'd have something to use against me. He already takes his anger out on us by yelling. (not quite sure if it's accurate, English is not my first language)
He occasionally threatens to kick my siblings and I out of the house, due to our differing opinions on certain topics, such as political views. (doesn't help that I'm transftm, despite the fact that I'm not out yet)
My best bet (am I using this term correctly?) is to move out when I am financially stable. It is not just him, I dislike being dependent on others in general. Everything I can do, I will do on my own. Unless it is outside my capabilities, then I will begrudgingly accept help.
I am grateful to him for raising us, and ensuring we grow up healthy. Much better than some of my friends' parents. But I feel no connection to him. That all we share is blood, and a last name. I do trust him more than a stranger, but not completely. Neither do I trust my siblings. One is a sexist and a creep, and the other is gullible, easy to be manipulated. I am unable to feel completely safe, in this house.
Honestly, I need to get over myself.
I feel that I am being ungrateful. Am I?
TL;DR dislike being dependent on father, afraid of being taken advantage of. how to stop?
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2023.05.29 16:14 Due-Bar-5747 Ai generated idea and I really want someone to make this

Title: Apocalypse Clean
In "Apocalypse Clean," players take on the role of a professional cleaner tasked with cleaning up abandoned homes in a city that has been overrun by zombies. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players have to navigate through various abandoned homes, avoiding zombies and cleaning up the mess left behind by the previous inhabitants.
Players start off with a basic cleaning kit, which includes items such as brooms, mops, cleaning sprays, and garbage bags. As they progress through the game, they can earn money to upgrade their cleaning equipment and unlock new tools that will help them complete their tasks more efficiently.
The game is divided into levels, with each level representing a different abandoned home. Players have to clean up the mess in each home within a set time limit, all while avoiding zombies that may be lurking around the house.
The mess left behind by the previous occupants may include piles of garbage, broken furniture, and even dead bodies. Players have to use their cleaning equipment to clean up the mess, and must dispose of any hazardous materials (like zombie corpses) in a safe manner.
As players progress through the game, they will encounter more challenging levels with more difficult zombie enemies and more complex cleaning tasks. They will also be able to unlock new cleaning equipment and upgrades that will make their job easier.
Key Features:
Target Audience:
"Apocalypse Clean" is aimed at players who enjoy action-adventure games and are looking for a unique twist on the zombie genre. The game may also appeal to fans of simulation games, as it incorporates elements of resource management and strategy.
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2023.05.29 16:13 GapSudden4730 I swear everyone be leaving and ignoring me including chatgpt

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2023.05.29 16:11 itsboldofyoutoassume the pretty social community server [13+]

searching for a chill place to hang out and make new friends? come and be pretty social with us! there is something for everyone, whether that’s playing mini games with our fun bots or simply sharing memes. not to mention our book club (coming soon) and bimonthly movie nights
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2023.05.29 16:11 SogeMoge A sense of '23 releases (w The Iron Man Matt Cary) / Ep7 / Pit Droid Pit podcast

A sense of '23 releases (w The Iron Man Matt Cary) / Ep7 / Pit Droid Pit podcast
Hey, Pit Droids!
PDP Episode 7: Join your hosts, SogeMoge, Dab and Dab's pen, alongside special guest, The Iron Man Matt Cary in this exciting podcast episode. We discuss X-Wing Starter kits for Empire and Rebels, YT-2400 and Alpha-class Starwing reprints, Battle of Endor battle expansion pack, their application to 2.0 Legacy and community building. Matt also takes us behind the scenes of Midwest Scrubdown 2, giving insight about it's side event which was run with 2.0 Legacy rule set.
Starter kits:
The Midwest Scrubdown 2: The Empire Scrubs Your Back:
PDP is available for bigger audience on multiple platforms:
Join us in 2.0 Legacy Discord server for feedback and communication:
Fly safe (or not, ask your wing leader) everyone!
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2023.05.29 16:11 KellyfromLeedsUK The Urgent Need for CCTV and Burglar Alarm Systems

The Urgent Need for CCTV and Burglar Alarm Systems
In an era of increasing crime rates, safeguarding our homes, businesses, and communities has become an imperative task. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to fortify our defences and take proactive measures to protect what matters most to us. As we delve into the statistics of crime in York, UK, we will uncover the different types of crimes committed, particularly focusing on home burglaries and business break-ins. By examining compelling real-life examples, we aim to shed light on the urgency of installing CCTV and burglar alarm systems as indispensable tools for deterring criminals and ensuring the safety of our city."


York, a vibrant and historic city in the UK, has witnessed a concerning rise in crime rates in recent years. While it remains a relatively safe place compared to larger cities, the increasing incidence of crimes demands our attention and a proactive response. To ensure the well-being of our community, it is essential to recognize the need for effective security measures, such as CCTV and burglar alarm systems.
The crime landscape in York encompasses various offenses, ranging from petty theft to more serious crimes like burglaries and business break-ins. Home burglaries have become a persistent threat, leaving residents feeling vulnerable and violated. Similarly, businesses have experienced an upsurge in break-ins, leading to financial losses and potential disruption of livelihoods.
Amidst these unsettling trends, it is evident that traditional security measures alone are no longer sufficient. To combat the growing audacity of criminals and protect our homes, businesses, and collective peace of mind, investing in advanced security systems like CCTV and burglar alarms is a crucial step forward.
By leveraging technology and surveillance, we can significantly enhance our ability to prevent crimes, apprehend culprits, and create a safer environment for everyone. CCTV systems act as an ever-watchful eye, deterring criminals from targeting properties and providing vital evidence in the event of an incident. Meanwhile, burglar alarm systems act as immediate alerts, notifying residents or business owners of potential intrusions and enabling swift responses.
Considering the rising crime rates and the impact it has on individuals and the community at large, it is imperative that we take a proactive stance to protect our city. The installation of CCTV and burglar alarm systems serves as a strong deterrent, giving us the ability to safeguard our homes, businesses, and cherished neighborhoods. By investing in these security measures, we can actively contribute to reducing crime, increasing safety, and preserving the quality of life we all cherish in York, UK.

Unveiling Home Burglaries and Business Break-Ins:

A. Home burglaries:

Home burglaries pose a significant threat to the safety and well-being of York's residents. These incidents not only result in financial losses but also leave lasting emotional and psychological effects. By examining the prevalence of home burglaries, we can truly grasp the urgency of implementing robust security measures.
Statistical data reveals a concerning rise in home burglaries in York over the past few years. Figures indicate a steady increase, reflecting the need for immediate action. The impact of these crimes extends beyond mere numbers, as they shatter the sense of security and invade the sanctity of our homes.
To shed light on the gravity of the situation, let's consider real-life examples of home burglaries in York postcodes:
  1. Example 1: In the Smithson Avenue area (YO10 postcode), a family returned from a weekend getaway to discover their home ransacked. Valuable possessions, including electronics and jewelry, were stolen, leaving them feeling violated and vulnerable.
  2. Example 2: Within the Heworth Green neighborhood (YO31 postcode), a series of brazen daytime burglaries occurred, targeting unoccupied homes. Residents, despite taking basic precautions, fell victim to determined criminals who took advantage of vulnerable properties.
These examples highlight the stark reality that home burglaries are not isolated incidents but a distressingly common occurrence within York's neighborhoods. Such incidents necessitate immediate action to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our properties.
By installing CCTV and burglar alarm systems, we can significantly enhance our defense against home burglaries. The presence of CCTV cameras acts as a visible deterrent, dissuading potential intruders from targeting our homes. Moreover, burglar alarm systems serve as a crucial early warning system, alerting residents and potentially scaring off burglars in the process.
In the next sections, we will delve into the impact of business break-ins and explore further examples of crimes in York captured on CCTV, emphasizing the critical role of comprehensive security measures in safeguarding our city.

The Power of CCTV and Burglar Alarm Systems

Role of CCTV in crime prevention: CCTV systems play a pivotal role in deterring criminals and preventing crimes within businesses and public spaces in York. By closely monitoring activities and capturing vital footage, CCTV acts as an ever-watchful eye, significantly reducing the risk of break-ins and other unlawful activities.
The presence of visible CCTV cameras serves as a powerful deterrent for criminals. Potential perpetrators are less likely to target businesses equipped with surveillance systems due to the increased risk of identification and capture. The knowledge that their actions are being recorded acts as a psychological barrier, discouraging criminal behavior and forcing them to reconsider their actions.
Furthermore, the effectiveness of CCTV footage in identifying and apprehending criminals cannot be overstated. In numerous instances, law enforcement authorities in York have successfully utilized CCTV recordings to solve crimes and bring perpetrators to justice. The clear and compelling visual evidence captured by CCTV systems provides invaluable support in investigations, making it easier to identify suspects, gather crucial details, and secure convictions.
B. Importance of burglar alarm systems:
Burglar alarm systems serve as a vital line of defense against break-ins, providing immediate alerts and deterring criminals from proceeding with their illicit activities. Their importance in safeguarding businesses and residences cannot be overstated.
When an intrusion is detected, burglar alarm systems emit a loud and attention-grabbing sound, alerting business owners, residents, and even neighboring properties. This rapid response system not only startles potential intruders but also serves as a signal for authorities to intervene promptly, increasing the chances of apprehending the culprits.
Real-life success stories highlight the effectiveness of burglar alarm systems in preventing crimes in York:
  1. Example 1: In the Micklegate area (YO1 postcode), a popular boutique clothing store had a burglar alarm system installed. One night, when an intruder attempted to break into the premises, the alarm immediately sounded, alerting the business owner and neighboring shopkeepers. Startled by the loud noise and the potential attention it drew, the intruder quickly fled the scene, leaving the business and its valuable inventory unharmed.
  2. Example 2: A restaurant located in the Fossgate district (YO10 postcode) experienced a series of break-ins, causing significant financial losses and damage. Determined to prevent further incidents, the owner invested in a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. Shortly after installation, an attempted break-in occurred, triggering the alarm and alerting the owner and nearby residents. The swift response from authorities led to the apprehension of the intruder and prevented the restaurant from enduring further losses.
These real-life examples underscore the vital role that burglar alarm systems play in thwarting attempted crimes, providing a sense of security, and minimizing the potential impact of break-ins on businesses and residents.
By combining the strength of CCTV and burglar alarm systems, we can create a formidable defense against crime in York, safeguarding our businesses, homes, and overall community. The next section will delve into additional crimes captured on CCTV, further emphasizing the need for comprehensive surveillance measures throughout the city.

Real-Life Instances Caught on CCTV & Crimes captured on CCTV in public areas

CCTV systems have played a critical role in capturing various criminal activities occurring in public areas throughout York. These incidents encompass a range of offenses, including vandalism, assault, theft, and other illicit activities. By examining some notable examples, we can understand the impact on community safety and emphasize the importance of comprehensive surveillance.
Example 1: In the city center (YO1 postcode), CCTV footage revealed a group of individuals vandalizing public property, defacing walls with graffiti, and causing significant damage to park benches. The clear images captured by the cameras enabled authorities to identify and apprehend the vandals, ensuring that they were held accountable for their actions. Such incidents not only degrade the aesthetic appeal of the city but also compromise the overall sense of safety and well-being for residents and visitors.
  1. Example 2: Within a popular shopping district (YO31 postcode), CCTV footage recorded an altercation between individuals that escalated into physical assault. The timely intervention of security personnel, alerted by the live feed, prevented further harm and allowed for immediate medical assistance to be provided. The footage proved crucial in identifying the perpetrators and providing evidence for legal proceedings. Instances like these highlight the vital role of CCTV in promoting public safety and acting as a deterrent against violent behavior.
The presence of comprehensive surveillance systems in public areas serves as a crucial tool in preventing and investigating crimes. It acts as a constant reminder to potential wrongdoers that their actions are being recorded, significantly reducing the likelihood of criminal activities. Moreover, the ability to capture clear evidence on CCTV facilitates law enforcement efforts, enhances community safety, and fosters a sense of security for residents, workers, and visitors alike.

Crimes recorded at specific locations in York:

CCTV systems are instrumental in capturing criminal activities at specific locations in York, including petrol stations, buildings, and other vulnerable spots. By examining notable incidents, we can emphasize the need for surveillance systems in these areas to deter criminal activities effectively.
Example 1: At a petrol station along the A19 (YO32 postcode), CCTV footage revealed a series of fuel thefts committed by individuals who would drive away without paying for their purchases. The recorded incidents prompted the implementation of stricter security measures, including enhanced CCTV coverage and improved lighting. As a result, subsequent attempts at fuel theft significantly decreased, demonstrating the deterrent effect of surveillance systems in protecting businesses and preventing financial losses.
  1. Example 2: A residential building complex in the Holgate area (YO24 postcode) experienced a spate of break-ins and thefts. CCTV footage captured the culprits, who took advantage of vulnerable entry points and targeted unsuspecting residents. The incidents prompted the installation of surveillance cameras and strengthened security measures, resulting in a decrease in further criminal activities within the complex.
These examples illustrate the critical need for surveillance systems in specific locations that are prone to criminal activities. By implementing CCTV in places like petrol stations, buildings, and other vulnerable spots, we can actively deter criminals, protect valuable assets, and foster a safer environment for all.
V. The Economic Impact and Future Projections:
A. Discuss the potential correlation between crime rates and the current economy:
The relationship between crime rates and the economy is complex, with various factors influencing criminal activities in York. Economic conditions can play a role in shaping crime rates, although it is essential to consider multiple variables when analyzing this correlation.
  1. Economic downturns: During periods of economic instability or recessions, there is often an increase in certain types of crimes, such as theft, burglary, and fraud. Financial strain and unemployment can drive individuals to engage in illegal activities to meet their needs or maintain their lifestyles. However, it is crucial to note that not all crimes are directly linked to economic factors.


In conclusion, this article's crime statistics and real-life examples vividly illustrate the pressing need for installing CCTV and burglar alarm systems in York, UK. The rising crime rates, particularly in home burglaries, business break-ins, and public spaces, pose a significant threat to the safety and well-being of our community.
CCTV systems act as a powerful deterrent, providing round-the-clock surveillance and capturing critical evidence that can aid in investigations and the identification of perpetrators. The presence of CCTV cameras in public areas and at vulnerable locations like petrol stations and buildings acts as a constant reminder to potential criminals that their actions are being monitored, significantly reducing the risk of criminal activities.
Similarly, burglar alarm systems serve as an early warning system, alerting residents and business owners to potential break-ins and deterring criminals from proceeding with their plans. The examples of successfully thwarted crimes demonstrate the effectiveness of burglar alarm systems in safeguarding properties and minimizing losses.
It is crucial for residents, business owners, and community leaders to recognize the collective responsibility we have in protecting our city and fostering a secure environment for everyone. By investing in CCTV and burglar alarm systems, we take proactive steps to deter criminals, protect our homes, businesses, and public spaces, and contribute to the overall safety and well-being of our community.
Therefore, let us come together and prioritize the installation of these security measures. Residents should secure their homes, business owners should protect their establishments, and community leaders should support initiatives aimed at enhancing security infrastructure. By taking these proactive measures, we send a clear message that we will not tolerate criminal activities and are committed to fostering a secure environment for all.
Remember, the safety of our city is a shared responsibility. By collectively investing in CCTV and burglar alarm systems, we create a formidable defence against crime and ensure a brighter and safer future for York, UK. Let us unite in safeguarding our city, protecting our homes and businesses, and fostering a secure environment that we can all be proud of.
Here are a few recommended security companies in The York area.
CCTV Installation Company in York
Alarm Installation Service in York
Hope this helps with any CCTV or Alarm system questions.
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2023.05.29 16:10 katyefff How to gain/maintain weight?

Someone I love has just been diagnosed with rectal cancer. We don’t know the stage or what the next steps are yet but will find out soon.
They have lost a significant amount of weight due to pain and malabsorption of nutrients. I’m scared for them to go into chemo/radiation with such a low body weight. I’m concerned they’re extremely malnourished. As of right now, they’re struggling to get 1500 calories a day in, which is close to the caloric needs of a toddler, from what I understand.
What are some safe ways we can increase their body weight? I was thinking Naked brand smoothies, and this GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 protein powder
Does anyone else have any tips or tricks to share?
Thank you in advance. 🙏
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2023.05.29 16:10 CushAway4Dogs Cleaning Safety for Dog Owners

Keeping a clean home is important, but certain products can cause pet parents’ concern. Irritated eyes and skin, as well as breathing problems could be the result of cleaning products according to You can keep your pup safe and maintain a healthy, happy home by keeping a few tips for cleaning safety for dog owners in mind.

1. Keep Products Out of Reach

Just like kids, pets are at risk from discovering and using products without supervision. That’s why it’s best to put chemicals away in a pet-safe place. Are low cabinets the only option? Using kiddie locks may not be a bad idea to keep your pups out. Make sure no dog items are stored in the same area.

2. Check Product Labels

Some products will tell you specifically whether they’re pet-safe or not. However, the best bet is always to follow instructions from the manufacturer and be vigilant.
If you’re not sure about a product, err on the side of caution and don’t use it unless you consult your vet. Some fumes can be harmful for dogs, making it best to avoid certain products. This doesn’t mean always going natural is the safest route either. Essential oils can be harmful for pups as well, according to the American Kennel Club.

3. Keep Doggy Away

The best approach when cleaning an area is to make sure your pup can’t get near until everything is dry. Make sure your dog’s toys and bowls are safely out of the way of sprays and fumes too. You could even work cleaning your pup’s items into your routine. While everything dries, it’s the perfect time to take a walk so you can both enjoy some fresh air.

4. Pay Special Attention to Your Dog’s High-Touch Areas

If your pup is known to take a sip from the toilet bowl or if he likes to lick the floors in your kitchen, then plan on being really choosy with your cleaning products in those areas. Air fresheners are best avoided in general as they can lead to irritation in any part of the house.

5. Consider Using Your Own Simple Solution

Vinegar, baking soda, and water go a long way to clean surfaces. Mixed in a 1 to 1 ratio, a vinegawater solution can be sprayed on counters or used to mop floors. Baking soda can be used to clean your toilet or sinks, or even sprinkled on laundry to freshen odors instead of using heavily scented detergents.
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2023.05.29 16:09 panda51515 So let's talk about crib safety...

FTM here. My 3 and a half month old is remarkably agile for her age. Shes been able to roll from tummy to back for about a month now but recently has learned how to roll from her back to her tummy. We have her sleep in her bassinet at night still as she wakes during the night for feeding (I BF) but lately have been having her take naps in her crib with the ultimate goal of transitioning to crib sleeping soon.
Anyways, she also does this cute slithering thing, not full blown crawling but she slithers using her legs and arms to move around with her stomach never leaving the ground.
So I laid her down in her crib for her morning nap. She somehow managed to roll onto her stomach and get her legs stuck in the crib bars. They were easily removed from the bars but it looked like she was stuck in the sense of not being able to roll back onto her stomach and not being able to get traction to slither out of it.
She was just laying there looking defeated when I checked on her lol. Felt bad for the little one but also it raises some safety concerns. Surely it cant be safe to have her stuck on her stomach like that. I'm not even sure if shed be able to raise her head up with her feet not being able to touch the ground.
I've heard crib bumpers are not safe. I dont feel comfortable using her sleep sack as it's pretty heavy and We dont have an AC in there yet. What other things do you guys do to keep babies safe in their cribs?
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2023.05.29 16:09 Plantsandveganz And he left all of a sudden

I ( 28 F) waited for him ( 36 M) all day and the next day and the next ... with my champagne glasses that I painted myself to welcome him back home and for his new accomplishments and got him everything he needed to feel taken care of like we used to and his fave homemade granola! Then he ignored my message asking him if he got here safe.. nothing. After 5 days I was sick worried even though he had been online several times. I understand if there was a change of plans ( that he specifically said he did not have at all) but perhaps letting me know through text would have been more than enough to show a little respect ? Then last night he told me he doesn't think I am good enough for the exciting plans that he has in the future (yes exact words). He said he was fine but '' thought about it and will be traveling for work to the most famous and important cities around the world '' and that he will probably find someone else anyway just like I ''should ''. Okay that's cool... but where tf did that come from ? I don't care about the absolutely fabulous reason you have to ghost and dump me it's more like the attitude and arrogance. It is completely valid and natural that people change but why did you make me believe we had a future together for 6 years and told me in a such a careless and offensive way ? I can barely catch my breath and move it is a very heavy amount of pain that I am still trying to process. I am numb and overwhelmed with the pain I can barely describe it. I feel so embarrassed about booking places and just to cancel last min or losing the tickets and also getting charged it was just a mess, that's the last thing I care about at the moment with all this overwhelming pain though. Any grammar corrections are welcomed btw I am feeling very weak right now sorry I tried to sound kind of clear. I told him I love him and to always stay safe and healthy at the end oh well.. it made me feel ok tho. Blessings to y'all
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2023.05.29 16:08 DropTheBodies How do I communicate my needs and boundaries early on?

I’m sorry I don’t belong here—I’m not demi or anywhere on the spectrum, but functionally, there are a lot of similarities between what’s going on with me and demisexuality. Long story short, I’m just now dealing with some childhood trauma, and I don’t even know who I am sexually anymore, but all I know is I don’t want to have sex when I don’t feel safe anymore. I was never doing that for me…I realize I was just doing it because I thought that’s what was expected of me. It was what was expected of me. But I realize sex is supposed to be fully consented to by me…and to feel safe by me. And to feel safe, I need enthusiastic consent, connection, and communication.
Unfortunately consent, connection, and communication are all things I struggle with conceptually and in practice. (I struggle with identifying whether I am truly consenting or not. I struggle with keeping my connections open—I frequently disconnect and detach. I’m terrible at communication in general—always fearing abandonment). Yes I am am in therapy, and I’m working on these things but I am also in a long term relationship, i have a FWB, and I am currently dating someone new, so I need to figure some of this out quick.
How can I communicate what my needs and boundaries are ? My partner and my FWB all understand what’s going on, but they don’t know what I need from them. The the person I’m dating thankfully wants to take things slow also because of childhood trauma, but they are also a very sexual person and we are beginning to do physical things like holding hands and kissing and made out once. I want to go that direction, but it’s scaring me thinking they are already getting closer to wanting to be sexual.
I’m so sorry if this is offensive to anyway.
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2023.05.29 16:08 Ivanostrech A horror survival game in a large factory

Ur friends challenge u to go to the large abandoned factory u heard that there were many stories about it. But u still proceeded with it your friends then drive u to the factory and u finally arrived youre friends quickly gave u equipment and drove off.
Chapter 1: Main floor U then unlock the chains to the factory u see the factorys main floor it was large but the lights were out and it was night time u get task 1: Activate the power. U get your flashlight and used a vent to go to the main control room. U get there but u see the screens are on ur not alone. U quickly activate the switch the whole factory lights up u then u heard footsteps u quickly hid in the vent. U see that its actually a robot u can see its skeleton its motherboard and even its powerbox and its glowing eyes.... The robot then walks out of the room u have just escaped death. U then quickly go to the main floor again and try getting out it was LOCKED u heard the lound footsteps again almost like it knows your trying to escape and its angry u quickly hid in a trashcan Ur safe for now. U found a crowbar u see a note "use this at the back of the robot to stun him" it was unknown who wrote that thing but u know its a survivor trying to help others that got stuck in the factory. U quickly sneak to the robots back and hit the mechanical spine at the back it got stunned and u quickly go to an elevator to go to the 2nd floor. It malfunctions the robot then goes to normal and sees you IT RAN TO YOU but just before it got to you u hit the elevators circuit and it then goes up. the robots hand is caught between the doors. just when u thought its over the hand got the elevator jammed u expected it to get seperated from the animatornic but u never knew it was this durable. U then hit it with crowbar and it then gets its hand out u get a sigh of relief but who knows whats waiting for you in the second floor
Chapter 1 ep 2: Second floor
To be continued....
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