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2023.05.29 18:31 Saturday_Bar_Hunt Best Georgia Football Bars?

Hello all,
I am writing this post as I am wanting to gather some information as it pertains to best bars on campuses around the nation to create a website so college football fans know where the best bars are at for their favorite college football team.
Below are some questions I am looking for a response?
Best pregame bar before Georgia football games? Why is it the best pregame bar?
Best bar to watch Georgia football games? Why is it the best watch party bar?
Best postgame bar after Georgia football games? Why is it the best post game bar?
Any information is extremely helpful and appreciated. I can’t wait to see some of the responses.
Thank you
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2023.05.29 18:31 Thin_Librarian_7533 Girlfriend was underage topless waitress-I’m Conflicted

TL;DR: girlfriend worked as a topless waitress starting when she was 16, after fleeing abusive home. Now she claims there is nothing wrong with that and I feel really uncomfortable with that.
My (M29) girlfriend (M31) (dating 5 years, living together 2) grew up in an abusive house and her mother was too afraid to permanently leave her father. When she turned 16 and could legally move out she did, she worked full-time as a waitress in the evenings while finishing high school. After a bit money was tight, and another girl in the house offered to set her up with a job at a topless bar. She “borrowed” her older sister’s ID, applied, and got hired, making like $2 more an hour.
She doesn’t remember exactly how old she was, but she remembers having to turn down the offer of a 17th birthday bash with friends because she had a shift and didn’t know anyone to switch with, so she was 16. At some point around 20-21 she started bartending there, and eventually transitioned to fully clothed bartending elsewhere.
She only told me a month ago. I had hit the point where I realized I’m desperately in love with her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. Being the suave gentleman that I am I told her that in roughly those words. She was overjoyed and slightly overwhelmed. But a few days after I told her that she told me she had been wondering what type of father I’d be, and that she loved watching me play with my brother’s kids.
A few days again after that, she nervously told me we had to talk. So we did. She told me a lot, much of it I knew. But she was basically laying out what our future would look like. I won’t go into details about her family, but we agreed that if we have kids there will be multiple family members on her side that would never see our kids, and her mother would never be around our kids without one of us present.
Then she told me about working as a topless waitress. I think to her it felt cathartic. There was no one in her life that knew, and I think she felt a bit bad about keeping it secret for so long. We talked for maybe an hour about it with me being understanding at first. I figured she was a broke college student who needed money, and tits get you money. I’m not a big fan of sex work, but bare boobs and no physical contact (except for the groper customers) is not a huge deal to me. She was relieved that I was fine with it.
Until I did some math. She initially didn’t tell me when she started, she just said “used to work as a topless waitress” and told me a bunch. When she was talking something was nagging in the back of my mind, and eventually it clicked that the dates meant she had to be like 17 or 16 when she started. When I asked her that she went silent and looked at the floor for a minute. Then she told me the part about being in grade 11.
So I hugged her. I wasn’t mad. She was a scared teen who escaped an abusive situation who used her sexuality to survive. And then we talked some more. And as we talked I got uncomfortable. I thought I would be supporting her with a painful part of her past, but again something felt off. Here’s what I am struggling with:
  1. She insists that nothing wrong happened. The manager didn’t know she was underage, the customers didn’t, and she knew what she was doing, so no wrongdoing. In her eyes.
  2. She knew that she got attention for looking young. She was a skinny, blondish-brunette small-breasted girl, and she quickly ended up with lots of regulars. She said it wasn’t a big deal because the bar tended to always keep a few skinny girls on staff, there were customers who “liked ‘em young twigs”. She saw it as basic supply and demand.
  3. She said that even now, from an adult perspective, she doesn’t see what is wrong with it. She said that if someone is in a safe workplace and able to make sure no one finds out then it’s fine. She seems to think that something is wrong only once the law finds out.
  4. I asked her what she would tell someone now if she found out someone she cared for was considering illegal sex work. She thought about it, and told me she’d tell them all the uncomfortable stories she has, warn them of consequences, tell them how much tips she made, then leave it to them to decide.
We ended the conversation somewhat peacefully. She was unhappy that went from supportive to unhappy, but we didn’t fight. But the more that time has gone on the more I can’t deal with this. I would be completely fine with her having compassion on her younger self, that is healthy. I would be fine with her saying that at the time she felt it was totally OK, or that in hindsight she feels like she had no other option. But she fully defends it, as if she thinks topless 16-year olds serving drunk men who grope without permission is fine.
Since then we’ve talked twice about it, no change. I tell her I’m uncomfortable with her current attitude, she tells me it’s her past and it’s in the past. Yes, it’s in the past, but it’s how she now feels about underage sex work that makes me uncomfortable.
What the hell do I do? I love her. I was picturing her as the mother of my children. I want to move past this. In a way, I feel like she is secretly insecure about this, and her defense of it is a security measure for her. I suspect that might be the case, to her it seemed like a huge deal to tell me. Or she just now trusted me. Like if she admits there is something wrong then suddenly she’s a bad person who abused herself. What scares me is what might happen if someday we have kids and she talks to them about life choices and says things like this.
Is there any way to move past this? Do I just accept how she feels about her past? Keep telling her why I’m uncomfortable? Leave the best thing that ever happened to me? Stay with her and maybe never have kids? Proceed with a family and hope her attitude changes by the time it matters? Has anyone been through a similar thing of dealing with a partner's past, specifically when you want to be supportive but struggle with it?
Thanks. I used a throw-away account for protection. I originally posted in a different sub, but it was quickly removed. I wonder why.
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2023.05.29 18:31 TwoHatchets How many employees are at Corridor?

I love watching the corridor crew, especially the shenanigans that happen during crew cuts. I often put a playlist on while I craft and want to make stuff for the crew as a thank you. I originally wanted to do a larger piece for the studio (might do this later), but for now decided smaller individual pieces would be better.
I know some people work behind the camera like Daniel or are not currently an “official” employee of corridor like Clint, Jan, Adrian, and Gui.
So far my list is:
1 Niko 2 Sam 3 Wren 4 Jake 5 Jordan C. 6 Jordan A. 7 Cmike 8 Knife 9 Fenner 10 Chase 11 Dean 12 Matt 13 Daniel 14 Jonah 15 Christian 16 Nick (Dante) 17 Clint 18 Austin 19 Adrian 20 Gui da Silva 21 Peter 22 Jan
If I’m forgetting anyone or if you know there’s a few people behind the scenes, please let me know. I would hate to leave anyone out just because they aren’t in front of the camera much. I’m not putting anyone’s names on them, they’re most likely going to be the same with perhaps slight color differences so everyone can choose what they want. Perhaps I’ll throw a few extra in just in case.
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2023.05.29 18:31 Backpackerxiaofeng SSD upgrade question

Currently, I have 3 PCI Gen 3 ssds in my laptop, which kind of SSD Should I buy if I only want to upgrade one of them. The assistant of dell suggested I use same version Gen 3.
Thank you very much!
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2023.05.29 18:31 Exceptional_tutor AFFORDABLE ONLINE MATH, CHEMISTRY & FINANCE HELP. Assignments, homework’s, tests, quizzes, exams and essays on your humanities. Email: intelligent6[email protected], Discord: Tutor_Anderson#1448, D.M: +1(678)404-6807

Am an accomplished and highly experienced tutor with nearly 8 years in the industry with a strong track recording of helping students increase grades and test scores. Am 24/7 available and my work is timely. A refund is made in-case work is not done to satisfaction. H.M.U and you will enjoy the services. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 18:30 lady_doom_ Looking for freshwater spots to swim outside of Columbus

Any ideas appreciated and willing to drive out of town up to an hour and a half or so. Grew up near freshwater lakes and rivers in GA where we would swim regularly and looking for good spots to paddleboard and swim or swim from shore. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 18:30 Hour-Lab238 Any reward credit cards worth going for?

A few years ago I decided to get a Sainsbury's credit card to build credit score and earn nectar points, was great until they reduced the value of the points. I used to buy a lot of fuel at Sainsburys but now I have moved I go to Tesco as I need high octane fuel. also do some of shopping there, looked into a Tesco credit card and the rewards just seemed pointless. Pardon the pun.
I'm thinking to make things easier I may just take my spending back to my debit card (no reward but less hassle as me and my wife can use a joint account and not have to share a credit card) as I can't see any cards available that offer tempting rewards. Anyone know of anything worth going for?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 18:30 DopelessHopefeand Does Reddit Still Allow The Earning Of Trophies Through Gold Giving:Earning And Other Events Like r/Place

I was curious as to wether the new owners of Reddit had taken away trophies or if they can still be earned like they were when you could give gold out or receive awards such as the 100 awards trophy etc
I know quite a bit has changed with Premium Reddit and didn’t know if the overhaul included changes to earning trophies if you even still can?
It seems that after they took the participation awards you could claim once or twice a week, that the trophies stopped working as well
Is this a bug or new feature? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions as well as feedback and assistance
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2023.05.29 18:30 fourthtimeisit Backpack for locomotive engineer

I'm looking for a good bag to take to work. Switching back to full time after some time in the office. I work as a locomotive engineer, driver, conductor, what have you. So lots of contact with all sorts of weather conditions, grease, dirt, metal and heat. The occasional bear or mountain cat as well, but that's not really relevant. More trains, usually.
I'd like something that lasts forever, is washable, looks sleak and doesn't cost an arm anda leg. If it does, recommend it anyway, see what can fork out. Thanks a lot!
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2023.05.29 18:30 LoneVentriloquistSFW Video where they have their Digipacks in front of them?

Does anyone have a link of the video described as such above? I think it has the words Set Me Free under the table theyre sitting at. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 18:30 WorryKey4024 [EXCEL] Connected List Build Out (New to VBA)

Hi there! I'm very new to VBA, but hoping some of my manual work can be more efficient using macros.
I'm building out a 6-level connected list for SAP Concur expense items (a chart of accounts, essentially). My levels are as follows:
Name / Level 1 (Company) / Level 2 (Class) / Level 3 (Department) / Level 4 (General Ledger Account) / Level 5 (Event) / Level 6 (Person)
Example of what my files look like (simplified):
Name Level 1 Code Level 2 Code Level 3 Code Level 4 Code Level 5 Code Level 6 Code
Company 100 100
Class 10 100 10
Department 3 100 10 D003
Materials & Supplies Account 100 10 D003 6000
Christmas Event 100 10 D003 6000 P00123
Staff Person 100 10 D003 6000 P00123 101_Staff

I've already used a line combo generator to build out the majority of these connected lists with about 200k lines of data. In order to maintain these lists and make changes, I'd like to be able to enter in each level of code needed and have the output be all possible variations of the connected list data for importing into SAP Concur.
Example for adding a new event (all other level codes exist already):
Name Level 1 Options Level 2 Options Level 3 Options Level 4 Options Level 5 Options Level 6 Options
Summer Event (new) 100 10 D003 6000 P00150 (new) 101_Staff
D005 6001 101_Client
So I'm looking for a data output that will combine all possible combinations of the Levels above in a new sheet.
Can anyone suggest some ways to do this using VBA? I've done a bit of research but get stuck with how much variation I need (some of my levels have up to 160 values to include or choose from when generating the connected list). Thanks for any advice!
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2023.05.29 18:30 violinnoob90 Please help-- boyfriend's 13 year old cat peeing and pooping all over the house.

Hello and thanks.
My boyfriend and I have been living together with his cat (13 years old) for 4 years. In that time, she has had occasional issues pooping or peeing outside the box (mostly with pooping). However, for the past year or so, it has gotten a bit out of control. We moved to a new house in November 2022 and now it's the worst it's ever been.
Every day, I wake up and ask my boyfriend if she pooped in her box, and he says "no, she went on the landing" or "no, she went in the closet". It's gotten to be a rare occasion (once every 5-6 times or so) that she goes in the box, although she usually has always peed in the box for the most part. Recently, she has also started peeing in laundry baskets that are left out, on carpets, etc. Last night, she attempted to go in her box after was there encouraging her but had bad constipation and ran off in a panic. We woke up this morning to her having pooped and peed on the couch. I am becoming increasingly disgusted with this and finding it difficult to live with (last week, she peed all over a bunch of my shoes and over the side of a suitcase).
The biggest problem with this is that I can't talk to my boyfriend about it without him getting upset. Every time, he says that she's just constipated and scared of her box and he needs to adjust her food, etc. I can't even make a suggestion (like getting her another litterbox) without him throwing up his hands, raising his voice and telling me that I need to stop "making such a big deal out of it" and he doesn't want to problem-solve, he just wants me to be supportive. (He claims he's actively trying to solve the problem, and he did buy Dr. Elsey's cat attract litter last week and put it in her box, so I guess that's something.) He also says that because she's 13, this is just something that happens, and he gets angry at me for being upset about it, asking what I will do when I have a kid someday or I have to take care of my parents when I'm old. I feel like these are very different situations, though, and I don't see why he seems fine with not solving this problem.
Today, I was visibly upset and said we NEEDED to take her to the vet, he got angry and said he will sometime soon but he's really busy this week and the problem isn't going to be solved immediately. I said I would take her for him this week and he refused, saying he needs to be there to hear what the vet has to say. We got into a huge fight where he told me I always make such a big deal about things and make them worse, but I'm just not okay letting the cat go to the bathroom all over the house! It's clearly not good for her, either.
I should mention that we were gone the other weekend on a trip, and she went in her box normally for the cat sitter the entire time she was left alone, which seems strange to me. Also, she is extremely spoiled-- my boyfriend is constantly obsessing over her and catering to what he thinks is her every need, even after she attacks him and draws blood often.
So I have a few questions for cat owners-- am I actually overreacting? Is it actually normal for cats to pee and poop outside the box this frequently? If not, what can be done? Should I go ahead and just purchase another litterbox? We've tried a few different types of litter, but is it worth trying more?
Thanks in advance.
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Radio Bam episode #116
Bam Margera – Brandon “Dico” Dicamillo – Buddy Bill – Mark ‘Fannah’ Hannah – Murray – Missy Margera - Linden 'Black Aquaman'
- Dico loves Fannah in the new movie MingHags. He borrowed a pair of Dico’s underwear so he could film a few scenes. The scenes he filmed were soo good that Dico requested the underwear back so he could add it to his movie collection.
- Bam has been telling everyone he knows about the movie; he’s been showing clips to everyone too.
- ‘Who would you rather’ questions with Fannah, involving his two brothers. “Which brother would you rather a horse fuck soo hard they die?”
- Linden ‘Black Aquaman’ has entered the studio dressed as a white man with his face painted white.
- “Compton Ass Terry is selling out Black People”, a claim made by Chad I Ginsberg after Bam says he wants Terry in the new movie. “All black people kinda do!” Bam responds.
- Chad goes further to say that he smoked Terry out a few times before too. “He’s not special just because he’s the black guy on bunch of white people’s bus!”
- Bam randomly says the N-Word quoting a random black guy he has heard while skating. “Damn N***a I got some hard motha fuckin boogies!”. - Chad wants a picture of Lindon in ‘WhiteFace’.
- “Steak! It’s what’s for Dinner!” Dico’s steak commercial.
- Bam plays audio of a scene from MingHags that he’s currently working on involving his grandfather ‘Pop-Pop' and Jimmy Pop’s retarded friend Mark the Bagger.
- Dico felt odd screaming in Marks the Baggers face because he would just blankly stare through Dico like he had no inner thoughts going on.
- The guys explain who Mark the Baggers is and how Jimmy Pop ran into him while he bagged groceries at a grocery store. Jimmy Pop eventually got him on The Stern show.
- Sidenote: In an old episode of this show, not knowing Bam would be working with Mark the Bagger in the future, Bam discloses that while working at the grocery store, Mark was caught luring a child into the back and having the child perform oral sex on him. There were no charges filed because, “He’s Retarded”.
- Bam plays more audio involving the Bagger and Pop-Pop. “Daddy Noooooo!”
- Bam and Dico reflect on how thankful they are deciding to film this movie themselves instead of getting Corporate Backing from Hollywood (Though they tried in the previous episode and failed).
- Instead Bam uses some his rich connections to get private funding on top of the tens of thousands Bam’s already going to be paying to make this film.
- Bam’s release date goal is four months from now in time for kids going back to school in fall.
- Bam plays another audio clip from the movie MingHags.
- Bam and Missy left the bar the other night and had Buddy Bill with them to take back to their house so he can pick his truck up.
- Police notice Buddy Bill getting into Bams car and pull them over. They immediately get Buddy Bill out and arrest him without even checking if Missy or Bam were drunk or not.
- Buddy Bill has another boxing match happening this Friday. He gets really excited when he starts talking about it and starts getting amped up in studio, soo much that he starts squeezing Chad’s cheese steak he had lying on the console.
- Linden and Buddy Bill got into a small schedule resulting in Buddy Bill’s nose getting broke again. “He’s cheesing my Squeeze-Steak!”
- Buddy Bill stories that have been said here before.
- Bam starts questioning Buddy Bill about a crazy lingerie party from 2 years ago that he went to with Rake Yohn. Buddy Bill is hesitant about saying what exactly happened live on air.
- 80’s vice vaper wave intro
- The guys play HD female moans and sucking sounds, which turns Bill on as he starts looking around the studio to see which girl made those noises. “I’m a very emotional person!”
- Dico starts handing out small snacks that he's brought from home, Bam doesn’t normally eat at home due to his Bulimia.
- “Let me guess: some sort of experiment?” “Spearmint? I’d rather have Wintergreen!”
- Hanna’s Hilarious Laugh from the first film Haggard is played.
- Gina Lynn, the porn star featured in Bam’s new film, brought a whole bunch of her sex toys and porn she’s featured in and Bam likes to scatter them around the castle for fun along with the tranny pornos he’s gotten from his Hustler interview.
- Gina Lynn and her husband Chad have open and graphic conversations about their sex lives and personal Lives including domestic violence resulting in hospitalizations.
- While shooting Johnny Knoxville’s cover for the rolling stone, Dico and Bam were cornered by ‘some faggot’ promoting an internet soap opera, he even demanded they take some of his autographed posters.
- The guys promptly threw the posters in the thrash can closest to the front door so the guy could see it in the way out.
- Bill gets amped about the fight and squeezes Chad’s Cheese steak again. - ShitGoose was overheard by Buddy Bill telling Bam’s Mom April that Bam was snorting too much Adderall and drinking too much.
- When confronted by Bam, ShitGoose denies these allegations, but once Buddy Bill heard his denials, he tells ShitGoose he overheard the conversation between him and April.
- ShitGoose begins to cry and confess stating that he was just worried about Bam’s drug and alcohol consumption.
- Later that night though, after mixing alcohol and Klonopin, ShitGoose was seen rolling in hay and attempting to break dance.
- Seth Meisterman and his girlfriend Salina have some goats on Bam’s property. While ShitGoose was fucked up on Klonopin and alcohol, he let his large dog White Fang loose and it ended up killing one of the baby goats.
- Chad believes the last episode of Radio Bam was too harsh on ShitGoose. “you gotta love the guy”.
- Gina Lynn was covered in stripper pole bruises and wore a skirt that was soo short that it was ‘above the ass line’ according to Missy. Her tits also kept gaming out during filming so Bam is considering making the movie rated R instead of PG-13
- Gina needed underwear because her pussy kept popping out as well (doesn’t wear underwear). So Missy let her use one of her sexy pair of underwear, but after she returned them to Missy someone stole them.
- While filming for MingHags, Dico pissed in lindens drinks Missy of the evening and he had no idea.
- The guys discuss how they will be individually screening the movie at their houses once it is finished.
- “I have a nose problem!” buddy bills breakable nose and the drugs that have been through it to cause his brain aneurysm.
- After playing video games all night on cocaine with a lady, Buddy Bill went to the bathroom to piss, next thing he knew he was on the ground covered in piss and couldn’t see colors. Turns out he had a brain aneurysm.
- Linden starts instigating Buddy Bill to see if he can hit him in his nose again.
- Buddy Bill plugs his boxing match at the double tree hotel this Friday! He’s fighting a buddy he has a motorcross grudge against.
- Buddy Bill had heard awful things about this particular boxing organization if they down get their fighter money back, or the ticket sanders back.
End of show
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2023.05.29 18:30 717LIL717lifeislove i used to connect with something that talked about a blueprint wrote this long time ago

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2023.05.29 18:30 ThatOneMetalguy666 Tips for a beginner?

I gifted a good friend of mine a bass for his birthday, do y'all have any good bass youtubers that he can learn from. (He's an absolute beginner)
I'm planning on learning him the basics but I'm also not really great (I'm a guitarist who picks up a bass once in a while)
Also what are some good starting songs i can teach him (i showed him smells like teen spirit because it's really simple) but what are some other basic and easy basslines
Thanks a lot :)
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2023.05.29 18:30 BabyBoosts [SELLING] Baby Boosts Friendly, Personal, Effective. Premier elo boosting Experienced Professional Competitive Pricing Iron - Masters 20% Off Mid Season Sale!

Visit our website for prices at:
Hey! I'm Baby, playing since about the end of season 1, and boosting since about season 3 reaching a high of Masters without much struggle; I have extensive experience throughout solo queue and the boosting community alike and am looking for clients to help get their dream rank on the ladder. While also running a team of experienced, passionate boosters that will almost ensure your order will be fulfilled with personality and assurance.
With continued support even after the order is over and the ability to tailor your order to fit your schedule or needs makes us stand out as a premier service. Along with strict guidelines for our boosters to follow ensure you & your account will be in good hands.
We have a hardened refund policy if anything happens to your account during an order or we run into some form of a problem, giving you a bit more peace of mind.
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DIVISIONS - Division/tier boosting to help reach your desired rank.
GAMES - Specific number of games.
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PLACEMENTS - Placement games played to start with a healthy MMR.
COACHING - Coaching for any tier of play.
Pricing/Ordering: For Pricing and order inquires visit Thank you!
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2023.05.29 18:30 Ovta Need Advice: Renting out Ohio home furnished while moving to Arizona. Thoughts?

Hey fellow Redditors,
I'm currently facing a situation where my fiancé and I will be moving from Ohio to Arizona for a two-year period, after which we will move back. We've been brainstorming ideas to make the transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible, and I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our plan.
Here's the gist of it: We own a home in central Ohio, and rather than going through the hassle of moving all our belongings across the country, we're considering renting it out as a furnished rental. This way, we can save on moving expenses and generate rental income to offset the costs of renting a furnished place in Arizona.
I'd greatly appreciate any insights you might have on this idea. Have any of you tried a similar approach before? Are there any potential challenges or drawbacks we should be aware of? What factors should we consider before making a final decision?
Looking forward to hearing your experiences and advice. Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.05.29 18:30 paglaburo of course he did not tag justine lupe

of course he did not tag justine lupe submitted by paglaburo to SuccessionTV [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:29 I_have_a_name1 what do you do after losing someone [TW for suicide]

TW for suicide
Today marks three years since I lost someone who meant the world to me, and I'm filled with a turmoil of emotions that I need to let out. I just want to share my unfiltered thoughts and the pain that still grips me.
We met during high school, and despite our starkly different political views, we clicked. We had opposite perspectives on almost everything, but our shared hobbies and personal beliefs brought us closer. We dated for a while, but then she had to leave for New York to pursue a law degree. We ended things, but we stayed in touch.
She was going through her own struggles with gender identity, questioning whether she truly wanted to be a man or not. It was a constant battle for her. And in the end, she made the devastating choice to take her own life. It shattered me, and even after three years, I still feel the void she left behind.
I miss her every single day. It's hard to explain, but the pain lingers, and time hasn't made it any easier. I yearn for her presence, her touch, her voice—everything that made her uniquely herself. It's irrational, I know, but grief defies reason and clings to your very core.
I often find myself wondering what more I could have done. Should I have fought harder for her? Could I have been a better support? These questions haunt me, but I know there are no answers.
This grief consumes me, and I can't help but feel resentment towards the LGBT+ community at times. I understand it's unfair to generalize, but witnessing how some treated her during her detransition and in her final days leaves a bitter taste. It adds another layer of complexity to my sorrow, intensifying the sense of isolation.
Today, as I write this, I'm reminded of how fragile life is and how deep our emotions can run. Grief doesn't follow a neat timeline or play by any rules. It's messy, unpredictable, and all-encompassing. It doesn't fade with time; it morphs and evolves, leaving you grappling with its weight.
To those who have experienced similar depths of emotion, I stand with you. Let's navigate this painful journey together, offering support and understanding as we traverse the uncharted territories of grief. Sometimes, just knowing we're not alone can provide a glimmer of solace.
Thanks, Reddit, for giving me a space to share my unfiltered thoughts. This post might not be the most eloquent, but it's honest and real. In a world that often demands perfection, it's liberating to let go and embrace the messy, imperfect nature of our emotions.
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2023.05.29 18:29 khris901 Can I use a dash camera to record neighbours damaging my car door?

I'm pretty sure my neighbours are damaging my car when they open their car doors.
They have a large 4x4 which they park really badly in the space next to mine. I've caught the driver and their children opening their doors into my car when I was sat in my car, much to my displeasure. I even park my car as far away from them in my parking space but they still park close to my car.
The doors of my car are covered in marks and small dents and are getting worse. How can I get proof of the damage I believe they are causing?
I notice teslas have cameras in the wing mirrors which are really good for catching people damaging your car. Therefore is it legal to record other cars damaging your car even when they are parked?
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2023.05.29 18:29 dayo_aji How to have a really disastrous 12 months!!! 🤣🤣🤣

How to have a really disastrous 12 months!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Obi followers, time to shed more crocodile tears and run to moderators to ban me! Good riddance to Obi! 😂😂😂
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2023.05.29 18:29 _ENX_ Tried to "renew" my wooden kitchen counter. Destroyed it instead. Help!

Tried to
Hi all!
I have a wooden kitchen counter that started to get damaged because of water so I took the initiative to try and restore it.
Big mistake.
I sanded the surface with a 80 to 120 grit using a disc sanding machine. I think it was sanded properly (?) then applied Saman Waterbased Varnish at the recommendation of the store clerk (second image). I told him I needed a good waterproof sealant since it's a wooden kitchen counter and that was his recommendation.
I've applied 3 layers. Waited for each layer to dry and gently sanded before applying another layer.
The picture below is a few days after the whole restoration project lol needless to say I'm an absolute newbie.
I'm thinking of restarting the whole process, starting from sanding again but I would preferably like to avoid making the same mistakes again...
I suspect the product I applied was wrong for the job. Any recommendations on a good kitchen counter sealant? Thank you!
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
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