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2023.05.29 16:45 RealAd1811 How do I (30F) support my boyfriend 33M) in his career?

My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over a year. For the past almost two years he has been working at an Amazon warehouse, he started packing the trucks, then got a supervisor role where he tracks down missing packages and supervises, and then he began teaching classes of new hires on how to do their job. They really love him there and he gets along well with all his coworkers. Problem is that he doesn’t like the pay. They encouraged him to apply to be a training ambassador as platt of the HR department, and he did, but hasn’t heard back yet.
In the meantime, he has a few friends that are in ironworking. His one friend encouraged him to join. He apparently signed up for last years group (they bring in journeymen once a year) before we met, but didn’t get called since they do it alphabetical. He did get called this year, and out of about 70 people was one of the 15 who made it into the program. He is the oldest of the bunch. He did amazing though, he got a 100% on his entrance exam, which is unheard of. He is really smart, his friend said probably too smart for ironworking. He did complete 3/4 of a college education in engineering, but ended up dropping out, he wasn’t really sure of a major, he was young and said he partied too much, his family has a farm and they needed his help after his brother got badly injured while he was away at college so he left to help his dad out.
Anyways, so he has been really on the fence with ironworking. It was complete news to me when he mentioned ironworking to me while hanging out with his friend on new years. But since then he got in.
A couple weeks ago he was talking, I know he and I are both really indecisive people, and I’m struggling with career decisions too. He was talking about how it’s hard to choose whether to continue with Amazon or start ironworking. He already started the weekly class for ironworking and is just waiting for a call to start a job and start his apprentice hours, which will take 3 years to complete. He already has a lot of knowledge and experience welding, etc., and has a big leg up, and should start at a higher pay grade. But he was saying how this work is going to be really tough on his body, but he would get good pay (about 70k after a few years I think?). He said he has student loans from college which he left in 2011, I’m not sure how much, but that is why he’s still living with his dad and brother, to pay them off, he said interest is brutal.
I do really believe in him, he is very smart and likable and handy and a good person. I told him just think about what you think is best for your future, I guess. He told me this weekend he did decide on pursuing ironworking because it will be better for his future money wise, with the better pay and pension and benefits. He said before that it will take him a few years into ironworking until his loans are paid off. He also wants to buy a new (to him) truck and a house.
I feel that my clock is ticking and I’m glad that he will have a good paying career but I don’t want him to do something he doesn’t want to do that he might not like, and that is hard in his body. I want to be the best supporter of him that I can be, and even though he’s made his decision I sense that he’s really not sure of it, and I don’t know what to do.
I currently live alone in an apartment and just got a slightly better paying job, just in customer service making 52k, and I also have 22k in student loans. I want to save on expenses and a roommate makes sense, but then my boyfriend and I won’t have privacy. I don’t think he is ready to move in yet since he is paying off his loans, and won’t be for a few years it sounds like.
How can I be a good girlfriend? Taking a higher payer job will be good for our future, he said he wants to start a family, and I’m already 30 and really wanted to have kids by 35 or so. But I don’t want him to hate his job or hurt his body doing backbreaking work, I want him to be happy and I’m sad that he is sad to leave a great group of people at his current job that all love him and don’t want him to go.
TLDR: my boyfriend currently works at amazon where he is well loved and has been promoted fast, but isn’t making too much, and has a lot of student debt loan, probably 100k or something. He recently decided after much, much indecision to start a career in ironworking, where the pay and benefits will be much(?) better, but physically taxing. This will be better for our future so he can pay off his debt quicker and we can start a life together, but at the expense of maybe his health and happiness. How can I best support him?
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2023.05.29 16:45 TaticalSweater My views on this season. Why I didn’t love it. Why that’s okay and if you liked it that’s fine too.

To start I want to say if you liked this season that’s totally fine and I’m not mad at you at all. I didn’t love this season and I’ll explain why later. But I think its worth saying this ahead of time that if you liked it thats totally fine but just try to see it from someone else’s POV it they didn’t. I see posts quickly trying to dismiss people that didn’t love the season and say things like the expectations they have will never match up to the writing etc. or some of the liked it fans are becoming borderline “We’ll you just didn’t get it” fans of fandoms which quickly gets annoying but I want to keep this respectful. If fans that disliked the show have done the same to fans that do like it thats also not cool.
Why I didn’t like it S2:
I thought the pacing in S2 compared to 1 was awful. This season was extremely slow and for me wasn’t very gripping as S1 and this season was extremely character development heavy. I didn’t seek out this sub reddit until after Ep 7 an Episode I truly didn’t enjoy as the plot barely progressed and it truly felt like filler.
Note: To dismiss the go to excuses at this point: — I don’t need action in shows 24/7 - I like slow burns (if paced well) - I don’t expect to get all the answers in a show like this - I like character development (if paced well)
I’ve seen some try to defend the slow pace to the season because they enjoyed every second of this season. The last 2 episodes had the most action and also felt the most rushed because they had given so much dedication/screen time to character development this season that some whole conversations had to be cut. This could have been for some higher purpose edit cramming in the final 2 episodes. To put some things in perspective this season had 9 episodes. Last 2 were the most action heavy so thats 23% with the other 7 episodes (77%) being character development, character study, light action, and filler (at least in Ep 7 not trying to go back and rewatch the season). So 77% of your season being primarily character development no matter how good it might have been makes this season feel unbalanced.
I still like the show but I 100% get why some people did not love the season. I don’t get some of the things others didn’t like such as they don’t like the 2 timelines, and they don’t like the shauna murder plot. I find those two reasons pretty silly. I can find issues with both but they aren’t my gripe with this season.
If you liked the season I think thats great but I think people on both sides need to understand where people are coming from. I wouldn’t exactly call this a strong season but I know some would. I like this series and will be returning. Despite not loving this season much.
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2023.05.29 16:45 therealsleamShaDdy This message is for everyone!!

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. Lately, I've been reflecting on the importance of human connection and how much it can mean to have someone to talk to and share life's ups and downs with. Whether it's a funny story, a heartfelt conversation, or just someone to be there during tough times, having a friend by your side can make all the difference. That's why I wanted to reach out and say that if anyone out there is looking for a listening ear or a friendly conversation, I'm here. Let's chat and get to know each other better, and maybe we can make each other's days a little brighter.
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2023.05.29 16:44 thealmightydoener It's 2023 and there are still units that have restrictions, which depend on the opponent, is the biggest bullshit I've ever heard and seen.

The biggest flaw i have with the game is how they made it so that it is not worth at all to summon for extreme units.
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2023.05.29 16:44 Shambeak88 I, m34, want to be a good uncle to nephew, m18

Ok, I'm not a great writer, but here it goes... My m34 sister f36 got pregnant in high-school. I was a sophomore in high school, and I wasn't ready, for anything really. My parents got divorced when I was young -4yrs- and I thought I didn't care. About the divorce that is. I use to say I have abandonment issues as apart of my personality. I thought I was edgy back then. I never really thought about it much until I realized, I destroyed my whole romantic life because of it. I love my nephew m18 and he is gonna be a grad soon. It's been 18 yrs now and I'd like to give him some life advise. I have alot but I'm so emotionally damaged that I played chicken with the love of my life, and she called my bluff. I fucked up my lif with alcohol for 10 yrs since then.. He thinks I'm awesome, but he doesn't know I'm a drop-out looser. I'm so afraid he's gonna destroy his life like I have, because of emotional issues. I feel so unprepared for this. Gentle advice please. I really hate myself latley. How would you approach this situation?
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2023.05.29 16:44 keyboardsmash_55 I’m much better but still not there

Good news: I’m much better. I hug him without feeling anxiety and sadness. I can hang out with him without these feelings (they’re still there and that disappoints me, but it’s much better). There’s definitely progress but sometimes I interpret this progress as numbness. Anyways. Problem is I still don’t feel 100% there. I still check how I feel around him. I still check if I find him attractive. I still have numbness. I still feel guilty because he’s so invested and says he loves me more and more every day. I still get triggered when he says he loves me. And that makes me think ‘oh that happens because you don’t love him, otherwise you wouldn’t feel guilty’. But these are just thoughts. I’m working on it. There’s still hope. I’ll beat it!
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2023.05.29 16:43 Ann_Maria_Thomas Mindful Eating Tips for Boosting Mental Well-being: Share Your Insights!

Hey fellow Redditors,
Are you looking to enhance your mental well-being through mindful eating? Mindful eating is a powerful practice that involves being fully present and attentive to the entire experience of eating, nurturing not only our bodies but also our minds. Today, I wanted to start a discussion and gather insights from the community on effective mindful eating tips that can support better mental health.
Share your experiences, tips, and techniques that have helped you incorporate mindful eating into your daily life. How has mindful eating positively impacted your mental well-being? Are there any specific strategies you use to stay present and engaged during meals? Let's come together and exchange knowledge on this important aspect of self-care.
Feel free to share any personal anecdotes, recommended resources, or even your favorite mindful eating exercises. We can learn so much from each other's experiences and support one another in our journeys toward enhanced mental well-being through mindful eating.
So, Reddit, what are some effective mindful eating tips that have helped you boost your mental well-being? Let's start the conversation and empower each other to embrace a healthier relationship with food!
Looking forward to reading your insights and engaging in a fruitful discussion. Remember, every contribution counts!
(Note: Please remember to be respectful and supportive in your comments. This is a safe space for sharing and learning from one another.)
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2023.05.29 16:43 magic-theater Surveying Nicotine Use in Long COVID

People have been experimenting with nicotine as a treatment for long COVID. This has been motivated by a case study released by Marco Leitzke (Department of Anesthesiology, Helios Clinics, Leisnig, Germany). Since then, there have been a number of anecdotal reports from long haulers attempting to self-treatment with nicotine. Results have thus far been mixed. Nevertheless, the apparent increase in sensitivity to nicotine among long haulers points to the involvement of the cholinergic (or parasympathetic) system in long COVID.
With that in mind, it would be great if you can share your experience if you have used nicotine after developing long COVID. Please include additional details in the comments (and reference your survey response).

The explanation provided in the cases study as to why nicotine has an effect should be viewed with scepticism. While the explanation is dubious, the patient outcomes are worth noting. I want to ensure that people are aware of the nuance and I hope this can facilitate a well-informed discussion.
Is the post-COVID-19 syndrome a severe impairment of acetylcholine-orchestrated neuromodulation that responds to nicotine administration?

Anecdotal Reports:

The case study can be viewed in contrast with an article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA.
An experimental test of the nicotinic hypothesis of COVID-19
GPT4 Generated Summary:
Researchers are trying to understand the wide range of symptoms associated with COVID-19 and the mechanisms behind them. One theory, called the "nicotinic hypothesis," suggests that the SARS-CoV-2 virus might bind to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs), which are proteins on the surface of cells. This binding could lead to competition between the virus and certain molecules for the receptor sites. However, recent experiments using ligand-binding assays and patch-clamp recordings found no significant evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein competes with these molecules for the human α7-AChR. This means that the proposed competition is unlikely to be a key aspect of the disease.

View Poll
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2023.05.29 16:43 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Complete Course)

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2023.05.29 16:43 Glittering_Farm6542 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (Review) - As a new fan

So I was a fan of Panic! At the Disco but I only really listened the big hits like “High Hopes” and a week ago I wanted to go through their whole discography so I asked the subreddit which album to start with. And there are a lot of different answers but I chose “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” to start out because I just relistened to “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” and I might as well listen to the album it came from. So without further ado, here’s my review of “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”.
Introduction - It’s just an introduction that builds up to the next song. NEXT!
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage - Now before I begin my review of this song, I really have to wonder why they thought it was a good Idea to put long names as their songs because sometimes it’s very annoying to type them. Anyways, this song is a banger. It’s really catchy, the production is really great, the electronics at the bridge making me dance and feel hyped af. The theme of criticizing artists who make music that seems to be controversial only to gain fame is an interesting topic that I’ve heard a dozen times and I think it was tackled in a good way. Overall, probably the most replayed song for me on this album from it’s short runtime and its catchiness.
London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines - I think it’s a great follow-up to the last track. The vocal notes have been hitting so far, the production is really great, and the chorus is catchy. Although a song about the “Critics” is a bit cliché at this point since I’ve heard that same theme a thousand times now, It does give the POV from bands that are starting to get into the scene or spotlight and I really think it’s a unique take from this song. Really great song, hopefully nothing can ruin my day.
Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks - Holy sh*t who thought that this was a good idea to slather what could’ve been a good track with a bunch of auto tune. It was starting really good with that instrumental until I heard Brendon’s singing with that auto tune. There are also some notes that he hits wrong so it makes it worse. With me bashing the song, I do have to appreciate the theme of battling alcoholism, as it is personal to Ross. Overall, it had potential but was executed poorly.
Camisado - This song is deep. It gives an unforgiving view on Ross' father’s inability to deal with his problems. I really found that saddening but it also helps to add another dimension to this track. The use of electronics was great and the lyrics are hard hitting now that I know the theme. The only problem I had at the time was Brendon’s voice but it eventually grew on me. Personally, I think this song tried to mimic what the last track did but this was executed better.
Time To Dance - Two words: SHOTGUN WEDDING! The production really shines with those electronics and this song shows off Brendon’s unique vocal range. Now I do want to explain the theme and the lyrics but I’ve never heard of the novel they based this song around with and it would probably just be me stating out the stuff that’s talking about In the song so to summarize this in one sentence, I like this song.
Lying Is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off - Ok the names are getting ridiculous. I do like the silent build-up in the verses so it could release all that energy into the chorus. I thought the production was great as it adds to the tension and Brendon’s singing was a bit faulty at some points, but it grew on me. I do like the fact that this song title leads up to the next song and it’s a reference from the movie: “Closer”. Overall, really great song.
Intermission - That synth is both catchy and annoying at the same time. I do like the piano section and the fact the that this divides the album from one side: Electronic pop-punk and the other: Baroque pop/rock. Kinda useless but I appreciate it.
But It’s Better If You Do - You know on first listens, Brendon’s voice had problems on some songs but there are songs that I really enjoyed on the first listen and this is one of them. The theme is a person is at a strip club wishing that he didn’t have to be there because of loneliness and that’s an interesting theme. I really love the production on here as it compliments well with Brendon’s voice and the lyrics. At the end of the song it transitions into “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” so that’s extra points. Really love this song.
I Write Sins Not Tragedies - I mean c’mon now, we all know this is a classic.
I Constantly Thank God For Esteban - I was kinda disappointed since I’ve been on a winning streak on this album and this song breaks it. This song just feels too pretentious with the lyrics and the chorus doesn’t blend with the production. The bridge also stops any momentum that was built previously on the track and Brendon’s delivery was a bit shaky. The only things I can complement on this song is the last chorus where the rock sound actually blends with the chorus, the production is decent, and the whole theme of the song about hypocrites being an interesting topic. Not even gonna lie, this might be even worse than “Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks” because at least that song had potential to be a great song and it did have its catchy segments. Overall, the worst track on this album.
There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet - Note that this song title is so long that I just copy-pasted this because I am not typing all of that. When I first heard the song, I thought it was an unlikable song but after relistening to it, I do see the premise they were taking for but the song didn’t really hook me in that much. I do like the theatrical production combined with the storytelling, the song does give me a few chuckles on the lyrics and Brendon’s delivery is on fire here. However, that hook is such a mess that’s what I’ll say. Overall, it’s not one of my favorites but I don’t exactly hate it and I do appreciate what they were going for on this song.
Build God, Then We’ll Talk - This is probably the one song that I think deserves more praise. From the first time I heard it, I thought the verses were kinda off-key and didn’t have a melody but over time they did grow on me. I thought the production was nice, the chorus was great, and this song has the best lyrics (Imo) mocking the idea of prostitution. I also want to mention the cello section, which was beautiful. Overall, great closer to the album
Now what do I think about this album?
I personally think that this album was generally a great experience to start out with Panic! At the Disco. I really liked the theme of dividing the album with different sub-genres of pop punk with the electronics and the classical instruments. It also gave me some new favorite songs like “The Only Difference…”. The album does have some cons like most songs have a formulaic switch-up on the bridge section of the songs, and there are times that they are a bit too pretentious but overall, I really enjoyed this album.
I would like to hear your thoughts about this review. Did you like it? How did you feel about this review? Do you wanna share your thoughts about this album? You can share those thoughts in the comments to your heart's content. You can also tell me which album do I go next.
Favorites: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines Camisado Time To Dance Lying Is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off But It’s Better If You Do I Write Sins Not Tragedies Build God, Then We’ll Talk
Least Favorite: I Constantly Thank God For Esteban
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2023.05.29 16:43 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Complete Edition)

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2023.05.29 16:42 St_Dane Scrap wood workbench

Scrap wood workbench
I made this bench over the last year while working at a cabinetshop. I noticed just how much viable wood was thrown out everyday and decided to save as much as I could and turn it into a "free" benchtop. The frame is made from local Gary oak. Now to make my first commission; dining chairs!
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2023.05.29 16:42 halbear123 Dealing with confidentiality laws and stuff as a minor?

While grippy socks look very comfortable, they do not make the prospect of hospitalization much more apealing.
My therapist continues to extend the amound of time between visits, which is not the right call, and it's because I consistently lie about my biggest problems, SI and SH. She would either tell my parents or hospitalize me, neither of which would be good for me.
I have a feeling my parents would take my phone away, my bedroom door, search my room, et cetera. They would do it with good intentions and stuff but it would make things worse for me.
I have demand avoidance issues, so i know that as soon as anyone other than my therapist know about this stuff, and tell me what to do about it, I'll really want to do the opposite of what they say and it'll just be harder.
So does anyone know how I can use confidentiality laws and stuff to find a way to keep everything from my parents but still talk to my therapist about it? Is that possible? I can't find much about minor confidentiality online.
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2023.05.29 16:42 gaylesbian4453 I 19f have been talking to 20M for about a year now and I need some advice

I 19F have been talking to this guy 20M for almost a year now..and we have been seeing each other often and progressing our friendship into more..we've kisses held hands hugged..I've sat in his lap..then just the other night he was being so sweet telling me how he wanted to start a real romantic relationship with me and was just being so loving and sweet telling all kinds of romantic and sweet things..then I woke up this morning and went to text him like I always do and he's blocked me..I'm not sure why..but I feels like somethings wrong with me this happens so much each person I've gotten close to like this dissappears and won't tell me why or each relationship I've been in has turned toxic and there something wrong with me..?
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2023.05.29 16:41 chipmunk_cyclotron Loud HVAC return vent (x-post from r/homeowners)

Hi All,
Posting this here for additional visibility. I'm some having some issues with the noise generated from our HVAC return. We have an open plan living room / dining room / kitchen and the HVAC return is located on the shared wall of those three spaces next to our dining table. When the fan is running, it creates loud white noise that makes it hard to hear or talk. The fan/AC runs frequently in the summer due to the heat in our area and the constant background noise is grating.
I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to mitigate this. I have two ideas right now: 1) rotate the vent 90 degrees around the corner, build a baffle into the bottom of a custom table/cabinet (so it doesn't look out of place), put the baffle against the vent or 2) completely relocate the return to our front room.
I'm hesitant to do #1 as I don't know how easy it will be to just rotate the intake but I believe I can match airflow specs with a custom cabinet/baffle design. #2 seems like it could be pricey but at this point it may be worth the cost. I'm just worried that moving it to another room may not completely solve the issue. There are no doorways in between the front room and our main living area so sound could still reverberate.
We've also maxed out our wallspace with some sound dampening art canvases but it hasn't reduced the noise enough.
Does anyone have any suggestions or insights on how to deal with this? Thanks for reading and for any help!
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2023.05.29 16:41 PanickinPelican getting shamed for public situations

okay, to start, I don't have children of my own, and I don't want any. I don't 'hate' children per say, but I don't go out of my way to be around kids, don't want to take care of someone else's kids, and genuinely don't enjoy being around them in any sense of the matter. I love traveling and being out and about, and if there's a group with kids, I tend to leave the area and be elsewhere, or, if I can't escape, I count down the seconds until I can and can't stand fussy, unruly, loud, screaming kids in public.
My parents were very strict with my siblings and I, and we were very well behaved in public because we were taught to be that way. (So it's infuriating to see parents let their kids do whatever they want and not discipline them)
Does anyone else feel this way and get shamed for it?
The worst is hearing someone tell me that I don't know what the parents are going through so I'm not allowed to get mad if kids are screaming in public. Like...NO..maybe parents teach their kids how to behave in public?? I understand the occasional outbursts, it happens, but DAMN if your kids are running around, being obnoxious and ruining the space for EVERYONE, maybe take charge.
It annoys me that people give me so much shit for leaving situations with kids around and moving seats/tables/locations because I don't want to be around it.
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2023.05.29 16:41 Bight_my_ass What is your favorite thing about being sober?

I'll start, how easy it is to do small things. When stoned if I sat down and left my water or whatever out of reach, it would never seem worth it to get up to grab it. Now that I'm sober I'm not too lazy to get back up and get the thing. I love it.
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2023.05.29 16:41 Opening-Sky9108 University Funds

Hey everyone!
I'm entering first year at Queens this fall, and after calculating my income and expenses, I'm expected to have about 25k surplus at the end of first year. Each year following I'll have about 4k as surplus.
I was wondering what the best course of action is with saving this money? I was considering using it for medical school after the 4 years are up, but given that's a relatively short period for investments, I'd be willing to leave the money in for longer.
Additionally, I'm also willing to split up the money and put it in different spots if that's better?
My parents have also discussed purchasing a house in kingston using the 25k as down-payment. The idea is I'd live there with roommates who'd be paying rent (to cover mortgage costs and stuff). My parents are worried about how much extra they'd have to contribute. Furthermore, would it even be approved in my name given I have no income (my mom's also not working at the moment, it's just my dad at 66k). This would also mean the $8000 I have set aside currently for annual rent would contribute to the house as well.
Another idea was since our mortgage renewal is coming up this December, we put the 25k into our current house's mortgage, and my parents would give me the money back with then some extra (the extra depends on how much they can take out during the next mortgage renewal). My only worry with this is that our current house's mortgage will increase astronomically (we live in Scarborough).
However, even with all these options I liked will have a couple thousand from working part-time to invest, and I'm not sure how to do it or what to do? I've heard of GICs, TFSAs, and stocks, but I don't know where to start or what's better to invest in?
I also know how to play it safe with stocks, and how to read the market. My parents are first gen immigrants and have no idea about any of this stuff, so I really have no one to guide me which makes me even more anxious.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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2023.05.29 16:41 bikkebana Zebras with ME/Long Covid, how do you manage?

How do you manage without being able to do exercise and physiotherapy?
I actually ended up getting diagnosed with EDS after getting Long Covid two years ago (i think the theory that it destroys connective tissues makes a lot of sense because it took me from a fully functional hypermobile person with some fatigue and the rare injury to pain-riddled and disabled). I didn't have very bad PEM for most of the last two years but was too horrified with my overwhelming and abrupt onset of other symptoms (POTS, neuropathic pain, musculoskeletal pain, GI issues, dysautonomia, etc) to prioritise working out.
Two to three months ago, however, i overdid it very badly and have been in a very bad crash since then. Terribly fatigued, not able to be upright for more than a minute, and get PEM with very little exertion. It's been horrific and devastating. I'm pretty much fully bedbound (i only go to the toilet and back to bed) and my pains are also worse. Plus I've lost a lot of weight as part of Long Covid over the last two years and am very underweight now.
I know exercise and strengthening is one of the few things we have in our arsenal but i just don't know how to manage without being able to do that? I have so many regrets–not prioritising gentle exercise when i was capable of it, overexerting myself like a fool—an am rapidly losing the little bit of hope i was clinging onto for recovery. I had made my peace with never being fully healthy again but i hadn't anticipated being so disabled so soon without any way to get better.
I'm 35 years old and don't anticipate being able to hang on much longer at this rate. I wish life hadn't been so very cruel.
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2023.05.29 16:41 Thiccsickle Max attack vs best buddy 14 attack

I currently have a zacian (14/15/15) that is best buddied and later on I got a zacian (15/14/15) with max attack. I wanted to know how the stats played out and if it’s worth it to power up the new zacian or if the best buddy boost on the old one makes up for the 14 attack
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