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2023.05.29 18:28 MudGroundbreaking $IEMG Awaiting Buy Signal based off 31 signals on the 30-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.05.29 18:27 BulldogWarrior76 King Richard the Lionhearted and his 20,000 strong Crusader army are teleported to Westeros.

King Richard the Lionhearted and his army from the Battle of Arsuf during the III Crusade, about 20,000 men in total, get teleported to Westeros. The Westerosi and crusaders can understand each other. What happens in these three different scenarios?
1) Richard and his army wind up in the North shortly after Robb has been crowned the King in the North. Taking it as a sign from God, Richard allies his men with Robb after learning of Ned's fate. Can the Young Wolf and Richard the Lionhearted avenge Ned and win northern independece?
2) Richard and his army wind up with Stannis shortly before his meeting with Renly. After learning about Joffrey and the incest, Richard takes it as a sign from God and pledges his support to helping Stannis win the Iron Throne. How well does Stannis do now that he has the support of Richard?
3) Richard and his army wind up in Essos and meet Daenerys shortly after Khal Drogo's death. While a bit wary of her dragons at first, after learning about her exile and the murder of her family Richard takes it as a sign from God and agrees to aid her in reclaiming the throne. How does Dany do with the crusaders on her side?
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2023.05.29 18:24 Giomenezos [SPOILERS ALL]

The classic Hawke/ Loghain choice.
I got to finally play dao and da2 years after playing dai. I actually enjoyed that i experienced it in that order. I have a soft spot for tragedy, noble sacrifice and all that. My warden is dead while having a human child with Morrigan, Loghain is alive and Alistrair became a drunk. Hawke has lost every family that he has besides his uncle but who cares about him, and has not romanced anyone, his personality switched from being snarky to more aggressive after his mother died.
After i realized that Loghain will be in the fade with Hawke i thought that it would be the easy choice to leave him in the fade. Then i remembered that he was spared to make up for his deeds against the people that he wronged and got killed by his actions. A reason why Warden didn't let him sacrifice himself, dying is the easy way out. There is also a bit of tragedy in Loghain not being able to die for a good cause , instead he has to make up with actions while he is alive.
Hawke on the other hand, has nothing to return back to besides Varric. Also Corypheus is technically his fight to fight but in the fade it is just a demon that blocks our path (which i'm sure my Inquisitor could kill ). Him dying in the fade tho is that much more tragic than i am comfortable with since he has lost everything and now he must lose his life on top. I'm not Grrm.
I wish Stroud was an option like on my first playthrough.
I may be looking into this more deeply than i should, but after playing the trilogy i got invested into the story. I'm just curious for other people perspectives on the subject and how did you deal with this :P
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2023.05.29 18:23 BryGuy_ASU77 My MR920 Elite just got a Kobra

My MR920 Elite just got a Kobra
Kobra Kydex IWB light bearing holster that is! Holosun EPS and P.ID WML are a great combo. Esthetically, they're a perfect match, but more importantly offer a lot of features and performance. The biggest criticism on new WML's is holster compatibility. After hearing the P.ID and P.ID HC (2 smaller of the 4 models) have almost an identical size/profile to the TLR1 (check the attached pics), I decided to take a gamble with Kobra Kydex and ordered a TLR1 holster. Glad I did coz it's a perfect fit with nice click-in retention. Also checked my buddy's Vedder holster for TLR1, it fits too with even better click-in retention than his TLR1! Not sure if Holosun designed this light's size strategically, but good move (or coincidence) by them to open up holster options (YMMV on other holster brands). BTW, Kobra Kydex quality is top-notch (on par with my Tier1), reasonably short lead time, and good CS (Joe was responsive in answering all my pre-order questions).
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2023.05.29 18:23 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 3-Rest of PreGames

Amethyst and Jett talked about their plan for training, while Chelsey and Memphis discussed their lives in District 6, and Memphis told Chelsey about his cousin Lorraine, who had died in the 2nd Games, placing 4th out of 24.
When it was time to get into their chariots, Amethyst helped Jett up, before getting up herself.
As Chelsey and Memphis moved down the Avenue, neither acknowledged the existence of the crowd, causing them to be booed.
In the moonlight, the amethysts on the outfits of Amethyst and and Jett almost seemed to glow in the dark.
In the end, Chelsey and Memphis were deemed the worst dressed, while Amethyst and Jett earned Anderson Fashion’s best dressed, and had money sent to their families.
Chelsey and Memphis threw knives, but mostly worked in the camouflage station.
Amethyst and Jett threw spears and knives, and avoided Leticia and Terrance (both 2), who had volunteered for the Games. Victoreen (3) was the youngest and shortest tribute this year, and she worked with her district partner Vilnius (3). Marinelle (4) was also young and short, at just thirteen, and she swam in the pool.
Marissa and Weston (both 5) worked in the chemical station, while Tess and Hollis (both 7) threw axes. Plaid (8) appeared to be seeing a dress, while Flaxine (9) worked in the cultivation station. Ortega (10) threw knives, while Ross (11) worked in the botany and toxicology station. Walden (12) utilized the medical station.
Amethyst was the first to be assessed, throwing spears at targets. She scored a strong 9, and was at the top of the pack. Meanwhile Jett threw knives and scored a 5. Chelsey scored a 5 for knife throwing, while Memphis scored a 7 for the same skill.
Other strong skills included Terrance and Vilnius scoring 10s, while Leticia scored a 9. Hollis also scored near the top with an 8.
The lowest scores were Victoreen and Marinelle scoring 3s, while Flaxine scored a 4 alongside Plaid.
On Panem Today that night, the odds were decided. Amethyst had odds of 5 to 1, probably due to her not being a volunteer. Jett had odds of 17 to 1, which were decent for a tribute his age.
Chelsey had odds of 16 to 1, while Memphis had odds of 10 to 1. Almost no one wanted either to win.
Plutaria Snow had on a aqua blue dress, in order to honor Steward. Her aqua dress looked pretty with her blue eyes.
Amethyst was up first, and said that she wanted to be District 1’s first victor of the new era, and the only person she would let beat her would be Jett. She said that if she made it to the top two with Jett, she didn’t know what she would do, and appeared frustrated when Plutaria continued to question her.
Jett talked about how much he respected Amethyst, and his goal was to make it as far as possible.
Chelsey and Memphis refused to apologize for their rebellious behavior, instead criticizing Plutaria and President Zenia Heavensbee for “allowing the killing of children to continue.” Memphis in particular called them monsters, and was booed off the stage.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci gave her hint word, which was “lava”.
The next day the tributes were taken to the hovercraft. They had their trackers implanted into their arms halfway through, and Memphis and Chelsey had to be held down by multiple peacekeepers in order to do so.
Tube Rooms
Amethyst was visited by Anthra, who reminded her not to let her relationship with Jett ruin her chances of winning. Anthra then visited Jett, and reminded him to stay with Amethyst, and she may even let him win at the end.
Peoria visited Chelsey first, who was staring straight ahead. Peoria wished Chelsey luck, and Chelsey muttered that at least she could be with her family again soon.
Peoria then visited Memphis, and whispered something into his ear, that caused Memphis to laugh and look at her in sarcastic humor.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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2023.05.29 18:22 SEO403 You don't deserve a second chance

As the title suggests, you do not "deserve" a second chance. I believe that the average person in the West understands how society functions, especially in the digital age. The things that are respected, not respected, admired and frowned upon. However, I feel there is a higher rate of entitlement in today's day and age than in the past. I understand that we all have a past and made mistakes but it is people's prerogative to forgive you or dismiss your past. Especially if we are talking about things one did despite knowing the societal repercussions. I know that sometimes life pushes us one way or the other and we do what we can to come up on top but it does not change the outlook on things in society. You made on ônly Friends, got big, your pics went everywhere, regretted it, deleted it, your pictures are everywhere and you are struggling to find men who overlook it? You knew what you were getting into before doing so. Whoever chooses to overlook it, good. If they choose not to? Their prerogative. You were a drug dealer who had to be in that life because of numerous factors outside of your control, got arrested numerous times, now have a criminal record, left the industry and now can't get a job? It really does suck and I hope you come up on top but society is how it is and it is people's prerogative to give you a job or not. You are single and have several kids by several men or women, which has shrunk your dating pool? It sucks, it really does but it is their prerogative to choose not to deal with you.I see an overload of content online full of people crying in entitlement because they are in a predicament and reaping what it entails to be there. My heart goes out to those who got into certain situations, which was entirely and fully out of their control. I empathise with them, but I don't dictate society's perception and acceptance towards certain things. As for those who ignored people telling them not to do something and still went ahead and did it, deal with it. The example I provided, in the beginning, is based on a real-life situation. I have a friend whom I actively advised against creating Plus 18 content, she ignored me, created the account, got big, and made a lot of money for one year, and everyone in town found out. EVERYONE. Pictures got shared, got disowned, stopped making money as subscribers faded, graduated and couldn't find a job as a lawyer as a byproduct of that. Not a cultural fit they told her. This was 3 years ago. To this day, she still has not been able to white collar job. You type her name and surname online and pictures pop.She struggles to date, no one around us wants to take her seriously and she got super depressed. She blames society, I guess you can blame society. But guess what, society was like this before you made that decision, you had friends telling you against it to protect you and when the inevitable happened, you wanted to backtrack. The internet is forever. I am genuinely not against most things, call it a certain type of content creation... you do you. However, if the inevitable happens ladies and gents, do not cry. You were a grown individual to make a decision, be the same grown individual to deal with the repercussions. We can scream as much as we want that a certain type of work is real work, that c people deserve second chances in whatever but I believe that it is the worst advice you can give to people you care about. This is not a Utopia, people judge, discriminate, and insult, it can be a nasty place. The last thing you want is to make it easy for society to cross you and turn your life into a living hell. Take responsibility. Own your choices.
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2023.05.29 18:18 ImaFireSquid Rating my excitement for the 4 DLC reveals

4) Akuma.
We have Ryu and Ken, and we're about to get our third Shoto in Akuma. There are so many of these in Street Fighter- off the top of my head, we're still missing Dan, Sakura, Gouken, and at least two different non-canon Ryus. I played a bit of 4... they all kind of blended together for me.
3) Rashiid
I'm just not sure how to take advantage of a really bouncy character, nothing against him in particular. I also don't actually know where this guy fits in World Tour, or like... in Street Fighter now.
2) Ed
He's kind of interesting now because there are canon implications for Ed. He's actually important to story stuff, and that's fun. I do not know how the player is going to copy his supers. I thought psycho power was a "you have it or you don't" situation.
1) Aki
Mostly just because she's new and I want to see what her deal is. She has a Karen haircut and knives so I have to assume we meet her screaming at/threatening a cashier at a grocery store.
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2023.05.29 18:17 cmcaitmckenna Possible auto immune, neurological disorder, or hormone disorder?

I’m a 33 yr old female, 150 lbs, 5’5 that has been experiencing weird symptoms for 3 years that seem to come on for a few months then disappear only to reappear with new weird symptoms a few months later and so on and so on like a cycle. Which makes me believe is either autoimmune, hormonal or neurological. I have seen 5 different specialists, only to be told I have cervical dystonia, a single brain lesion which I was told was probably because of migraines I get from cervical dystonia, I was told I have very mild scoliosis of my upper back, I also had 6 polyps removed of my colon 2 were pre cancerous. My first main symptoms were vomitting everyday for almost 6 months after I had pneumonia which caused me to find out I had hepatits c from previous drug use (7 yrs clean) which I had cured last year after taking epclusa. During this time they discovered I had a positive ANA but my levels were not high enough to ever get a diagnosis. I also had high testosterone and high DHEA. Which makes me think possible pcos? But all these tests were done while I still had hepatitis so who knows what false positives it caused. Even after the hep c was cured however I’ve still had many symptoms. My last flare up ended in January. My symptoms then had me thinking I had POTS or some type of dysautonomia because of my super high heart rate at one point was 198 after standing. The cardiologist basically dismissed it as anxiety because everything seemed normal.
Now im having a lot of issues with my bladder, I had a uti 2 months ago and my uti symptoms still seem to persist even tho I have no uti. The symptoms went away for a good month then came back recently even tho theres no uti. The symptoms seem worse at night and sometimes after I smoke weed or I’m dehydrated. These are my current symptoms. A lot of these I had before but the uti like symptoms are new.
Based on my symptoms I’ve thought I’ve had multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, pcos, endo, interstitial cystitis, of course cancer lol, and probably more. Anyone have any advice on who I should talk to or see or other possibilities? I have an appointment with an internist Thursday.
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2023.05.29 18:16 alulu5 Black hair salons in Dothan / 2 hour radius?

I have thick natural hair. Any suggestions for black hair salons, or hairstylists familiar with natural hair?
I've had upsetting experiences in the past, so someone known for having actual experience cutting and styling natural hair is a must. (I really don't get how people become hairstylists without learning natural hair...)
For reference, I've went to Chapman Green Salon and another salon in Sun Plaza near-ish to the mall. I also went to Curltopia in Atlanta a year or so ago, and I didn't really care for how uneven an improperly done devacut looked on my cut-too-short curls. I just need a good trim, not a haircut.
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2023.05.29 18:16 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] tons of goodies to be found!


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All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
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SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.05.29 18:16 LisaHouseofTreasures Kaileigh Women's Top Blue Short Sleeve Button Accents Size XXL

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2023.05.29 18:14 That_Clown_Kid Moving to kota and the loneliness that follows

Hey y'all, so recently I moved to kota to prepare for NEET, its been about a week and I get why this place is so depressing, you see the different phases of life everyone is going through, the competition, the pain, the sorrow of falling a question short off that cutoff, it's all here.

Now as luck would have it, none of my friends/classmates moved here, so this city is basically alien to me, my hometown is about 1200km from here, and my closest relatives are 800km away, and for the cherry on top , I've been having a hard time making friends or meeting new people, so if anyone else is feeling lost in this town or if anyone wants to talk in general, please dm me , I'd like to make new friends here.

tl;dr, trying to make friends / meet new people in kota.
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2023.05.29 18:12 Motor_Somewhere7565 A Twokinds AU: Mike and Evals (Chapter Seven)

Chapter Seven
If bone burying was considered sacred, then Mike should be allowed to call hole digging hallowed. He had suspicions regarding what Evals was up to, while questions remained regarding his miraculous recovery from near death. He didn’t want to think Evals was lying to him, which would be out of character for him. Evals had been open about everything with him since the day they met. Mike realized he had kept things from him, though. In hindsight, he might have felt better if he had told Evals more about his painful past rather than carrying it all inside for so long. There was so much more he could tell Evals too.
Mainly how he felt about him.
Mike thought it was silly to think about that while stranded on an island. They ought to figure out how to get out of there. Still, they were stuck there alone together. He encountered his fair share of novels on the subject. They were primarily fictional accounts he snuck away from Eric’s private library. They were all about humans in forbidden love affairs with female keidran on remote isles that could be mistaken for tropical paradises. Every island conveniently had a blue lagoon where the two characters did dirty things. Aside from how poorly written they all were, causing Mike to roll his eyes with every page turned, he couldn’t get passed breeding in the filthy water. That was gross.
Still, he understood the appeal of being stuck on an island with someone as hunky as Evals. If he could write a novel about it, Evals would be the human hero pursuing a passionate and illegal connection with Mike. He’d base the female keidran off himself; perhaps, the only instance where he would permit fantasizing as a female. As he walked across the beach, Mike tried thinking of a name he would give his characters if he ever wrote the book. He might as well name the human Evals. He had nothing to worry about from Evals ever connecting the dots since he couldn’t read. As for the female keidran, he gave it some serious thought.
“Mary,” he thought. “Her name ought to be Mary Sue.”
He snapped his fingers excitedly. Mike thought that was a good name. For a moment, he seriously considered writing the book. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a quill and ink with a steady supply of paper on the island, so far as he knew. It was all one big silly thought anyway. If they ever got off the island, Mike wouldn’t write some erotic romance novel based on him and Evals. It was nice to think about the two as just themselves, enjoying each other’s company in such a beautiful place.
As he blushed, Mike’s attention was drawn inland. He might as well explore the island himself while he had nothing better to do. He assumed Evals would be gone for a while. He wasn’t worried about getting lost, either. An island was an island and was only so big. Taking a deep breath, he started inland.
Walking through the jungle, Mike was impressed by how big the trees and their leaves were. He stopped and used a damp leaf to funnel some rainwater into his mouth. Two birds chirped as they flew overhead, twirling around each other as Mike watched them and smiled. They looked cute together. Unable to figure out their species, he took the sappy way out and viewed them as a pair of lovebirds.
Mike laughed and remarked to himself, “You are so cheesy.”
He was comforted by seeing more wildlife on the island and enjoyed a song or two sung by the birds. Mike would be damned if he was going to eat them, though. Having lost his appetite for rabbits, he figured he’d learn how to fish. Evals might protest the switch to white meat, but there was plenty Mike could do to prepare it to be worth his while. Fish was also considered brain food, which Evals needed more of.
As he ventured further through the jungle, Mike stopped when he heard running water. It couldn’t be the ocean because he was too far inland now. Growing curious, he pushed passed the thick foliage until he happened upon a great clearing. Stepping out onto a rock quarry, he looked over the ledge and stared into a vast, beautiful lagoon. His attention was drawn further up by a waterfall. Looking back down into the lagoon, Mike was in disbelief. Life imitated art, or in the case of what he was thinking, life imitated poorly written erotic smut.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said to himself.
He spent a moment taking the sight in. It was a wonderful place. Looking back into the lagoon, he figured the drop must have been fifty feet or more. Briefly feeling mischievous, he came to his better senses and decided to leave for now so he could find Evals and bring him back to show him. Turning to leave, Mike only took a few steps before abruptly breaking into a run. Jumping off, he hollered excitedly until he splashed into the water. At the last second, a scary thought crossed his mind that he didn’t account for how deep the water was. It could have been shallow, guaranteeing a broken leg or even death. It was too late, but luckily for him, the water was deep, and he torpedoed far enough down that he had to swim back up.
Resurfacing, he gasped for air and laughed. As he floated in the water, Mike enjoyed himself. He wished he could have shared it with Evals but couldn’t resist the jump. Swimming to the rocky shore, Mike got out. He had to be careful he didn’t slip, and some of the jagged rocks weren’t kind on his soft paws. Stopping short of the waterfall, he looked up but could barely see anything as it rained all over his face. Stepping into it, he soaked himself. As cold as it was, it felt good. He couldn’t explain why, but there was always something relieving about how freshwater felt, unlike the ocean. There was a nice contrast between the salty water he swam in and the freshwater now crashing down on him. He let his mouth fill up with it. After swallowing the water, he tried taking more in but ended up with too much and coughed it all out. That was enough water for him.
Stepping out, he found a hidden cave and was even more impressed. There was a chill there that not even the tropical weather outside could temper. The lagoon only got better the more he explored it. Sitting down, he took a moment to admire the waterfall from inside.
A glint of light got his attention. It wasn’t coming from outside, either. Looking back, he saw something in the dirt. Crawling over, Mike dug it out and discovered a mana crystal. Impressed by his find, Mike held it up.
“Would you look at that?”
It was a small crystal. They were a dime a dozen in those sizes that could be found in gift shops in every port town. Still, to find them out here was impressive enough. Mike hated to think about what humans would do to an isolated paradise such as this if they knew mana crystals existed there. They would probably mine it all, destroying the wildlife and working slaves like him to death to get every last piece. They would end up flooding the market and be forced to sell the crystals on the cheap. Closing his hand, Mike didn’t want people to find the island, but that would complicate things since he and Evals needed to be rescued. Their rescuers might not even care who they were except that they were slaves. They might not even get to leave the island and instead be put to work. Just thinking about it sent a chill down his spine.
Turning to leave the cave, he approached the waterfall but glimpsed something. Mike saw his reflection but could have sworn there were others. Perhaps, he was seeing things, or his eyes weren’t adjusting well in the dark. There was also the mana crystal. Opening his hand, he held it out and shined it on the water. At first, he only saw himself. Thinking it was all poppycock, he would have considered nothing more of it, but the light from the crystal flashed into the water and revealed two other foxes standing behind him. Startled, he stumbled back. Just in case, he looked back, but there was nobody there.
“Ok,” he said while glancing at the crystal. “Nobody is there, obviously, but I still saw that.”
Mike knew what he saw, but rather than throw the crystal away as he should, curiosity got the better of him. Shining the crystal back on the waterfall, he saw them again, and he didn’t need to figure out who they were.
“Mom? Dad?”
He never knew what they looked like, but something told him it was them. His mother was beautiful and had the same long hair and eyes as him. With a smile, she put a hand on his shoulder. Mike reached up to touch her, but while he could do that in the reflection, he couldn’t feel her hand in real life.
As for his father, when Mike looked at him, he found him to be average.
He delighted in seeing them but felt sad he never got to know them, nor would he ever get to see them beyond the reflection in the waterfall. When they faded away, Mike reached out to them, but his hand stuck through the waterfall, and he was alone again. Taking a step back, he couldn’t let such visions get to him. Mana crystals, especially where they were in steady supply, were potent, and even a keidran who didn’t know magic, such as himself, could be susceptible to their powers. He glanced back into the cave, wondering how many of them there might be. However, something told him to look back into the waterfall, and when he did, he saw someone else there with him.
This time, Mike could only blush and enjoy seeing himself being embraced from behind. He knew this wasn’t real either, but he let himself think it was for a moment. Perhaps, it could be one day.
A familiar voice asked him, “Mike?”
“Did I tell you already how much I like seeing you like this?”
He chuckled and responded, “Oh? I never thought you’d go for guys, especially when they’re all wet and stinky like I am.”
“What are you talking about? You’re a vixen.”
Having closed his eyes, Mike opened them and found himself a female in his reflection. Annoyed, he splashed the vision away. The mood had been spoiled, and there was no silly dark Basitin magic excuse he could use this time. Looking at the mana crystal, he tossed it away and left the cave in a huff.
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2023.05.29 18:07 _HELLSTATIC_ Yo,religion quota in action in r/india

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