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2023.05.29 18:41 Sandline468 The siblings actually won

Now hear me out.
It is almost certainly better for Shiv, Kendal and Roman involved that events of the finale played out the way they did. They did not see it that way only for reasons I will get into. (Please note I'm excluding Connor because he has himself largely broken free from the Waystar monster, which is precisely why he is so relatively stable.)
The essential result of the finale is that the siblings become billionaires and walk away with vast sums of hard, liquid cash. While they always had this wealth to some degree at their disposal, they now have access to the principal amounts without having to ask Dad for permission to do anything.
Being a billionaire is great for a number of reasons - never having to worry about money ever again is a plus - but in many ways the best part about it is the opportunities that wealth offers. If you want political influence, big donations give you access to the highest echelons of the political party of your choosing. What about being an industrial titan? You have instant and substantial seed money to do whatever you want, whether that is founding a new hedge fund or developing a new brand of sandwich toasters. Alternatively you could be a great philanthropist, found a new institution dedicated to your favourite hobby, fly into space - anything. You can hire who you want, spend your days working with people who you picked that like and respect you, and you don't have to spend every waking minute wondering how best to backstab your own brother because he has his own life that is connected to, but comfortably distanced from, your own.
The siblings do of course take advantage of some of these opportunities, with Shiv in particular becoming an aide to a presidential candidate. Despite this, they all decide that what they really want to do in life is to run their Dad's ailing media empire. Why?
Waystar Royco
A different family would probably only be too happy to sell out Dad's old empire and use the funds to realise their own ambitions elsewhere but it seems the siblings ultimately wanted to stay for two reasons:
  1. Waystar is much bigger, and gives access to much more power, than anything they think they can create on their own; and
  2. (They think!) it's what Logan wanted them to do.
Point number 1 makes sense in that any of the siblings striking out on their own would probably not be as successful as Logan - very few people would be - but this also ties into point 2. Logan installed in his kids a desire to be successful, with 'success' being apparently measured against Logan's expectations. Because of this they fear striking out on their own as anything they build will probably not be as big as Waystar Royco. Lacking self-confidence, they believe they must climb on Logan's shoulders to surpass him and win his affections.
The first tragic irony here is that Logan Roy was an abusive asshole of a father who appeared to only ever gave his children affection when it benefitted him. When they meekly submitted he saw them as 'losers' and lost ever further respect for them, yet when they rose up against him he ruthlessly destroyed them, as he had likely done to challengers throughout his life. Hence the events of the series, where first Kendall and then Roman and Shiv get trapped in an endless Sysphean Groundhog Day of repeatedly trying to overthrow Logan and then being brutally struck down. It's a lose-lose situation that could only really be escaped by finding success and validation outside of Logan's world.
The second tragic irony is that Kendal, Roman and Shiv are just not suited to running Waystar. This is not because the siblings are complete failures as people who could never be CEOs - they are all intelligent people who could probably be quite good CEOs given the right circumstances - but because Waystar is Logan's creature, and he has built it in his image. It is a temple of ruthless capitalism where everyone involved has fought their way to the top. A trio of comfortable rich kids would always struggle to fit in.
Tom Wambsgans
Tom sticks out as someone who does fit in at Waystar, and that is almost certainly why he won. Since the finale, lots of people have made argument that Tom has 'lost' as he is now the 'puppet CEO' of Mattson. This is seeing the world through the warped lenses of the Roy family, where unchecked power is the norm and any external authority is unacceptable. Tom however is unfazed because he is a self-directed individual who finally has obtained his dream job. The fact he has a boss places him in the good company of almost everyone who ever had any kind of responsibility, including Logan, who had his own bankers and shareholders throughout his life. While bosses can fire you, if you do well you will be rewarded with skills and self-respect that cannot be bought. Logan was in many ways the ultimate example of this - a 'self-made man' who bullied his way to the top through aggression and hard work.
In contrast, the siblings have never faced the kinds of 'perform or be fired' pressures that Tom faces every day, and this fundamentally alienates them from the competitive business culture that drives Waystar. Part of Logan's bullying of his children may have intended to artificially create the kind of pressures that turn people like Tom into competent employees, but this ultimately failed - at the end of the day, your dad can fire you but he will still be your dad. Instead of engendering the kind of independence, grit, and self-confidence that Logan values, he created in his children a kind of desperate need for validation that was not something he could ever respect. They then attempt to make up for this difference in temperament by trying as hard as possible to act like their Dad - a kind of cargo cult management style where if you act like Logan hard enough, surely you must win?
The result is Kendall, Shiv and Roman fighting it out for control of a company they do not like and that does not like or respect them, acting in ways that do not suit them, pointlessly alienating and attacking each other, all to achieve a goal that does not make them happy. And all for the love and approval of a man who never had much to give to begin with and who definitely cannot give it now he is dead. Instead of finding careers and founding companies that suit themselves, they twist themselves into pretzels to form a shape they can never fit.
After Waystar
If Kendal, Shiv and Roman are to find their own happiness, self-respect and self-confidence, the best place to find it is outside of their father's shadow. The problem does not lie with them but with their father's bizarre and self-contradictory expectations, which caused the drama in the show and which block the sibling's attempts to find roles where they are stable, comfortable and happy.
This is why the ending we got is in some respects the happiest possible ending. Because of the reasons outlined above, none of the siblings would ever have been happy leading Waystar, short of drastic self-imposed changes in personality that would have made them even more miserable. A break away from Waystar is their opportunity to forge their own path and find things they genuinely enjoy doing, free from the shackles of their father.
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2023.05.29 18:41 theoryworksprep *Free LR Tutoring Round*

We made a commitment more than three years ago to offer free tutoring sessions once a month to the LSAT subreddit community...and it's time for the next round in June!
With a lot of people having Memorial Day off today, I thought I'd post this now rather than waiting until June.
I think we've had a lot of success in the past in helping this community—you can read reviews of our diagnostic sessions from students/participants of from previous rounds here and here—and I hope we can continue this tradition even as our company continues to grow.

We are offering complimentary, diagnostic private tutoring sessions throughout the coming week. Space will be limited, so please sign up only if you plan on attending.

If you've attended one of our seminars before, you know we tend to specialize in more advanced test-prep and bring a more sophisticated tool set to the LSAT. What can you expect from your tutor during the session?
  1. The purpose of the session is to act as a diagnostic, i.e. to diagnose what you are struggling with. By the end of the session, you should expect to receive specific and clear recommendations about what you can (and should) do moving forward to achieve your target score. This is irrespective of where you are in your test-prep journey.
  2. You should also expect to learn at least some really important skills or concepts that will help you improve your score in a clear and direct way.
If you are interested scheduling a diagnostic session, you can use our Calendly link to sign up.
We do specialize to an extent in more advanced test prep (see data on student score outcomes for our Advanced Curriculum), but the sessions are open to pretty much everyone, irrespective of how long you have been studying or your average PT score. Ideally, you are not taking the June 2023 exam—it's difficult to give you advice about how to study to improve with only a few days left.
A session typically lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours. You will be paired with one of our three professional LSAT tutors, all of whom have official scores in the 99th percentile on file and are T6 graduates. All three of us here teach the LSAT professionally, on a full-time basis, which means we pride ourselves in not only being good at the exam but also being good at teaching it, which is not always the same thing.
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2023.05.29 18:41 ArtFraga Bon Jovi Bed of Roses Electric Guitar Cover Fender American Pro II Chords - Guitar Tabs - Kfir Ochaion

undefined guitar tabs download as PDF and Guitar Pro on:
Click here for a free preview of the score (first page)
This score has 8 PDF pages
Credit: this score was transcribed/uploaded by @Kfiro
If you cannot find the score, it might be because of a copyright issue. Click on "Request" button at to request and get the score.
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2023.05.29 18:41 facetime010101 Hello Bello Premium Shampoo and Body Wash, Calming Soft Lavender

Hello Bello Premium Shampoo and Body Wash, Calming Soft Lavender
Caution: It's important to remember that these evaluations are guides to potential health concerns and not definitive measures of a product's safety or efficacy. They are based on individual ingredients rather than any negative effects the final product may have. The way ingredients interact in a formulation can influence their potential impact, and the presence of a specific ingredient does not automatically equate to harm when used in a product. It's always crucial to do your own research, consider the product as a whole, and keep in mind that personal reactions can vary greatly. When making decisions about personal care products, it is recommended to consult with healthcare professionals.

Brief: I believe this product stands as one of the top baby shampoo options available at a reasonable price. It has obtained the EWG's certification for safety compliance, containing only a single moderate hazard ingredient. While there are reports from the EWG associating Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice with potential carcinogenic risks, it's worth noting that most commercial aloe vera products, including skincare and topical applications, utilize the clear gel from within the aloe vera leaf, excluding the outer part containing aloin. Manufacturers typically employ processes that remove aloin to undetectable levels. However, parents who harbor concerns regarding the presence of Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice may opt for alternative products. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend this product.

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, Glycerin, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Sodium Chloride, 1,2-Hexanediol, Hydroxyacetophenone, Dehydroacetic Acid, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Citric Acid *Organic.

Typical ingredients description and side effects

  • Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice
    • Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice is widely used in skincare products, including baby shampoos, due to its soothing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is generally considered safe for topical use.
    • However, it's worth noting that certain parts of the aloe vera plant contain a compound called aloin, which has been linked to potential carcinogenic effects when ingested in large amounts. Most commercial aloe vera products, including skincare products and topical applications, are made from the clear gel found inside the aloe vera leaf, not the outer part of the leaf where aloin is found. The process used to prepare aloe vera for commercial use generally removes aloin to non-detectable levels.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Skin Irritation: Aloe vera is usually soothing, but some individuals may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions, such as redness, rash, burning or itching sensations, especially with frequent use.
      • Allergic Reactions: Rarely, some individuals may have a more severe allergic reaction to aloe vera. This could result in symptoms like swelling, severe redness, or difficulty breathing.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

The grading system used by EWG in the Skin Deep database is as follows:
1 to 2: Low hazard
3 to 6: Moderate hazard
7 to 10: High hazard
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2023.05.29 18:41 Zach-dalt Barnsley 0 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday: This playoff final will likely be marred by a couple 'controversial' refereeing decisions that went Wednesday's way, but the Owls still had to battle hard against a resolute Barnsley to claim their spot in next season's Championship!

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2023.05.29 18:40 CyrilAkada "That" or "Which"?

We need to go over the article (___) helps with our final exam.
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2023.05.29 18:40 Higgnkfe Survivor 44 Finale Winner Pick Statistics

Here are the latest winner pick statistics. This is a "midseason" update. The next update will be after the finale.

To avoid any potential spoilers (or even the impression that something could be a spoiler), numbers for a particular castaway will be published only after they are voted out.

Episode 11

Danny was ranked 8/18 in Winner Picks.
He had 72 of 1,380 total picks (5.22%).
Of the people who picked Danny as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 84 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 6.09%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 9
  • +/- to real rank: +1

Post Episode 11

597 Winner Picks (43.26%) still standing.

Why Did People Think Danny would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "In his bio he talks about being a kind and compassionate person instead of focusing on hardcore strategy and that gives me good vibes, he seems like someone who won't present themselves as a strategic threat and because of that he'll stick around long enough to win FTC with his social skills same as Gabler did last season."
  • "Danny seems really down to Earth and a people person. He is also very aware of how people perceive him which is really important in all aspects of the game. A physical asset for his tribe, I think he will make strong early bonds and be likeable enough to end up as the Sole Survivor."
  • "Based on his preseason profile, Danny will be a strong physical player who nevertheless understands the importance of being kind and developing positive relationships. He cites Jeremy as an inspiration for his gameplay, which I think is a wise choice."
  • "Tom Westman 2.0 (is what I'm telling myself anyways)"
  • "Cause his name has double letters"

Episode 12

Jaime was ranked 18/18 in Winner Picks.
She had 17 of 1,380 total picks (1.23%).
Of the people who picked Jaime as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 54 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 3.91%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 18
  • +/- to real rank: 0

Post Episode 12

580 Winner Picks (42.03%) still standing.

Why Did People Think Jaime would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Jaime-Lynn just has… it! She’s definitely sweet; but fun. Sassy, yet smart and she is absolutely someone who would be willing to backstab. She just feels like the perfect survivor winner."
  • "I thought Jamie seems level-headed and adaptable. I think she will be starting well in her tribe and will surprise people at the merge "
  • "Jamie has the same name as my mom so she has to win just because lol plus my mom is rooting for her cuz of the same name lol"
  • "She just seems… fun. She has a head on her shoulders but not in a way that seems threatening!"
  • "the vibes are just simply immaculate with this chick"


Lauren was ranked 12/18 in Winner Picks.

She had 52 of 1,380 total picks (3.77%).
Of the people who picked Lauren as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 91 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 6.59%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 7
  • +/- to real rank: -5

Why Did People Think Lauren would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Lauren seems very social and approachable as a person, especially with the social game becoming more important and impactful in seasons 41-43 with the smaller tribe format. I can see her getting into that early majority and making good run at the merge - I think she’ll be a very logical, social and smart player."
  • "The logo has a woman with an afro. Season 43 had a person that looked like Gabler on the logo, so I’m hoping that carries over!"
  • "I want someone who plays an aggressive game to win, we’ve had too many “subtle” winners. I definitely think a Ratu’s winning this season."
  • "Lauren is adept at handling drama being someone recently divorced. I think people will severely underestimate her and I believe she knows how to act appropriately around certain people, given she is an elementary school teacher. I also think she'll give a killer FTC performance."
  • "In a praying, I heard a certain Macedonian Jesus wisper her name"

Carson was ranked 11/18 in Winner Picks.

He had 53 of 1,380 total picks (3.84%).
Of the people who picked Carson as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 116 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 8.41%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 2
  • +/- to real rank: -9

Why Did People Think Carson would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "In preseason interviews, Carson has mentioned studying the game loads of times. With his young age and acquired knowledge to play the game decently, especially involving ideas focused on reducing perception of threat level, the cast will likely downplay his abilities, allowing him to go far and take the money."
  • "He appears to be extremely intelligent, which will definitely serve him well. Even though he’s young, I think he has a good grasp of what the game entails and will be able to integrate himself well on his tribe.
  • "back to back seasons often share similarities and Carson is the most similar to Jesse from season 43 who probably played the "best" game overall.
  • "Carson seems like the ideal mix of intelligence, athleticism and cunning, while still managing to seem non-threatening due to his age and cheerful, childlike personality. I think he'll easy make the merge, and from that point on the biggest battle will be managing his threat level."
  • "Big sophomore-by-credit-hours energy"

Carolyn was ranked 2/18 in Winner Picks.

She had 100 of 1,380 total picks (7.25%).
Of the people who picked Carolyn as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 103 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 7.46%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 4
  • +/- to real rank: +2

Why Did People Think Carolyn would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Mother! Carolyn may seem like an eclectic and "out there" pick but just look at our last two winners. Maryanne and Gabler proved that wacky and fun characters can win this game and I believe that the trend will continue with Queen Carolyn."
  • "I've watched her play ORGs before and she was a fun player in those and usually would place well. Her personality is chaotic but she is a smart and caring player and I think that would help her win."
  • "Picking someone like Carolyn 3 seasons ago would be an insane choice for most people but I think with the past few winners we're seeing now that archetypes that were previously only casted to be zany characters are now able to make strategic moves and win the game. I think Carolyn is someone who can play similar games to a Maryanne and Gabler by using her quirky persona while making strategic moves with players who might underestimate her at the start."
  • "I played Survivor with her in an ORG! She was the first boot both times, but she has gone on to win other online orgs! She is an absolute Queen/Icon and even though she is out there, she has an incredible social game, and she's going to be very smart and in-tune with the people around her. I have 0 doubt that she's going to be iconic this season, and I'm delighted that she can represent people who play survivor online because they love the game that much."
  • "She's weird. I like that."

Heidi was ranked 15/18 in Winner Picks.

She had 38 of 1,380 total picks (2.75%).
Of the people who picked Danny as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 72 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 5.22%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 15
  • +/- to real rank: 0

Why Did People Think Heidi would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Heidi seems very personable and friendly, and does not stand out as a strategic threat. This has been a pattern for winners in the "new era" and I hope she can survive the early merge and slip under the radar through the jury phase."
  • "We're due for another Puetro Rican winner, and Heidi will be more lowkey of the 2 options. She seems like a more nuturing version of Sandra who has the challenge ability to elevate her game to the next level."
  • "I have maintained since the start of 41 that the new 26-day format benefits those who slow play it the best. I still feel that the mom archetype has a good chance to win if they get to the end, as they have not won in a long time. I picked Heather, Marya, and Lindsay the last 3 seasons, I’m sticking to my guns and picking Heidi."
  • "I chose Heidi because she wants to play like Angelina. How can she lose ?"
  • "I always get it wrong when I use careful reasoning so this time I picked a name that I like."

Yam Yam was ranked 1/18 in Winner Picks.

He had 337 of 1,380 total picks (24.42%).
Of the people who picked Yam Yam as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 155 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 11.23%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 1
  • +/- to real rank: 0

Why Did People Think Yam Yam would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "I literally love talking to barbers/hair stylists because they have so much gossip. I feel like they are actually selective with the information they share, but by the end you are usually able to make a good friend. So, this led me to debating between Yam Yam and Matthew because this is a skill I feel like we rarely see on Survivor, and in the new era I think a lot of people are going to find these social war-horses as big threats. Yam Yam stands out as someone that can just make people laugh and seem like he's not playing the game. However, I feel like he's hiding a coniving, sneaky side that people may see in someone like Tony that gets him to a good position, and then suddenly you're looking at no way of stopping the Yam Yam battering ram."
  • "he owns a salon. we all know that many people like their hair laid to perfection, and i can only assume this is how Yam Yam will play survivor. there is no room for error when you are a hairdresser, and Yam Yam will apply his styling skills to survivor and slay the jury with his fashionable yet strategic endeavors."
  • "They are or used to be a drag queen if I’m not mistaken. And everyone knows that drag queens are cutthroat af, so Yam Yam ftw."
  • "Yam Yam seems so unassuming and funny that he’ll lower the guards of the other castaways while making good social connections. I think he can sneak his way to the end by not appearing as a strategic or physical threat on the surface and then his social game will get him the votes."
  • "Top-tier meme pick. Naseer wills it."

Season Archive

You can view the spreadsheet here
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2023.05.29 18:40 Exceptional_tutor Hire Me-AFFORDABLE ONLINE MATH, CHEMISTRY & FINANCE HELP. Assignments, homework’s, tests, quizzes, exams and essays on your humanities. Email: intelligent6[email protected], Discord: Tutor_Anderson#1448, D.M: +1(678)404-6807

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2023.05.29 18:39 jskdvan [FOR HIRE] Freelance Graphic Designer Logos, Branding & Illustrations

Hello there,
I'm Julian, a freelance graphic designer with several years experience working with visual identity for small - medium sized business across different industries.
My experience includes but are not limited to: logos, brands & branding assets, packaging, illustrations, layout designs, CMS (Wordpress, Squarespace etc) providing a pragmatic solution to your design related issues. I will always provide the correct guidance to have you successfully deploy the assets & deliverables we made together for both physical & digital mediums.
WORK: Website/Portfolio PDF Portfolio Instagram
RATE: A basic logo package (2 Options + Revisions + Final Deliverables) will generally start at $300. Other types of work will be entirely based off the project scope which will be determined during a discovery process. Contracts & Invoices are all readily available!
Having said that, send me a message via Reddit, Instagram, my website or e-mail to discuss any work further, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Would love to sit down and setup an initial discovery call to better understand your project & goals further.
Looking forward to hearing about your projects, don't hesitate to reach out!
Best, J
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2023.05.29 18:39 FallIntoDarkside Another Axis CC Devaluation - Lounge

Axis Bank is reducing the number of lounges accessible through its credit cards from June 1, 2023.
Lounge access is no longer provided at any international terminals within the country.
Check the new list here
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2023.05.29 18:39 Prestikles Looking back

I thought Suikoden 3 was a lot longer of a game. I played it maybe twice - it had always been my least favorite - but lately had the urge to replay it. Emulated at double speed without the slow loading times of PS2, this game seemed very short. The first 3 chapters were a bit of a drag, as I was looking forward to the true runes and joining together...then suddenly I'm at the final war battle and the end of the game.
However, despite the shorter story than I remembered, it is a great predecessor to 1 and 2. The story was much more realistic going through it as an adult.
What revelations have you had replaying? Apparently giving my least favorite another try after a decade was a good idea
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2023.05.29 18:38 stanlemmon Dimmer Switch Market Revenue Analysis & Growth Drivers Insight 2023

The latest report published by Profshare Market Research projects that Dimmer Switch Market is expected to show an impressive between 2023-29. The study covers detailed market analysis, growth and forecast of the Dimmer Switch Market. The report includes market analysis on global as well country-specific levels. Historical data analysis from 2017 to 2022 is very important to forecast the market for 2023 to 2029.
The report uses value chain analysis for each of the product segments. Value chain analysis offers in-depth information about value addition at each stage of the product development. Organization needs to reduce cost of the final product without compromising much on quality. If an organization receives correct value chain analysis information then it can ease the product manufacturing process to large extent. Seamless product delivery to the consumer has become more important than it ever was, proper value chain analysis exactly delivers the same.
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Major players in the Dimmer Switch Market are identified through secondary research and their market revenues are determined through secondary research. Secondary research included the research of the annual and financial reports of the top manufacturers. The percentage splits, market shares, growth rate and breakdowns of the product markets are determined through using secondary sources .
Research process focuses on multiple factors affecting the industry such as competitive landscape, government policy, historical data, market current position, Dimmer Switch Market trends, upcoming technologies & innovations as well as risks, rewards, opportunities and challenges. Study used a very precise top-down and bottom-up approach to validate market revenue, volume, manufacturers, regional analysis, product segments and end users/applications.
Access sample report @
Research report provides detailed analysis on drivers and restraints Dimmer Switch Market along with their impact on demand during the forecast period. The study also provides key market indicators affecting the growth of the market. The research report includes in depth competitive analysis with shares of each player inside market, growth rate and market attractiveness in different end users/regions. Research study on Dimmer Switch Market helps the user to make precise decisions to expand market presence and increase market share.
Regional analysis of Dimmer Switch Market includes North America, Asia Pacific, Europe , Middle East & Africa as major region. These Major regions are further divided into countries like US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England, France Italy, Netherlands, Spain, India, China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea & Australia. Regional outlook is one of the most important aspects of research study. Research study delivers a clear picture of product market for various regions globally.
Some of the important aspects of the Dimmer Switch Market study include:
· Report heavily focuses on major market aspects such as Volume, Revenue, market share, concentration rate, supply-demand scenario, growth & challenges.
· Market growth drivers, trends analysis, future scope, government policies as well as environmental aspects.
· Study uses many important analytical techniques to reach the highest level of data accuracy. These techniques include Secondary research, Porter's five analysis, SWOT analysis, Qualitative analysis, market sizing.
About Profshare:
Profshare Market Research is a full-service market research company that delivers in-depth market research globally. We operate within consumer and business-to-business markets offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We work for private sector clients, along with public sector and voluntary organizations. Profshare Market Research publishes high-quality, in-depth market research studies, to help clients obtain granular level clarity on current business trends and expected future developments. We are committed to our client’s needs, providing custom solutions best fit for strategy development and implementation to extract tangible results.
Contact :
Jes J
Sales Manager
Profshare Market Research
US : +1 917 7225960
[email protected]
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2023.05.29 18:38 Tricky_Method2315 FLOS 0-10v fixture and Ra3 / Casambi

I’m trying to install this fixture and make it compatible with my Ra3system:
The spec sheet says it’s compatible with the dimming module LMJ-5T-DV-B.
Unfortunately I have a concrete ceiling and if I try to install this directly on the ceiling jbox the fixture won’t be flush and instead will hang mid air because the module is so big.
The manufacturer also says they are casambi compatible, which offers much smaller modules like this one, which would fit inside the canopy:
Is there any way I can integrate this with the radiora3 system?
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 18:38 Much_Palpitation9079 Recommendations for accountants?

Hi folks - we're looking at finally crossing the threshold from renters to owners. An interesting vacant fourplex building opened up in our town (New Brunswick) but we don't have a clue about all of the major questions one would face related to taxes and bookkeeping for rental properties (we'd live in 1 and rent the other 3 as affordable units - we're not trying to gouge anyone here). Can anyone recommend a great accountant that works with new real estate investors (preferably one in NB)?
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2023.05.29 18:38 DonHp I finally got the first papercraft set of Wave 2 uploaded, this one recreating a lab from the Jade Science Institute from Volume 1 of WoF Salvation! Link to build it for yourself in the comments!

I finally got the first papercraft set of Wave 2 uploaded, this one recreating a lab from the Jade Science Institute from Volume 1 of WoF Salvation! Link to build it for yourself in the comments! submitted by DonHp to WingsOfFire [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:38 missileanus1 The Will of the Many > NOTW?

I can't answer that with finality yet, as I am halfway through The Will of the Many (dragging it out on purpose, too good to end so soon).
I'll say, based on the first half: this is my most riveting read since The Name of the Wind.
Who cares which is better. If you've been wanting to scratch that NOTW itch for far too long (and haven't), this is it!
Beyond obvious comparisons (academic setting, orphan, etc.), here are a few more subtle elements in NOTW you'll also find in TWOTM:
  1. Situations in which the protagonist gets in trouble have real weight and emotional tension;
  2. The protagonist is clever in the academic sense but lacks emotional intelligence due to excessive pride and lack of emotional regulation, leading to...well, see point #1;
  3. The outlook on class divide is layered and nuanced, rather than predictable and reductive;
  4. There are no good/bad decisions; only morally ambiguous choices and their consequences.
Anyone else read it so far and enjoyed it?
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2023.05.29 18:37 zmastafa102 Waiting for Bayern free spins / konami meanwhile…. Órale Órale Ándale Ándale

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2023.05.29 18:37 Sargent_Lew When was the last time the championship, league 1, and 2 playoff finals were all decided on penalties?

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2023.05.29 18:37 rockenman1234 2015 Ghost Touch Fix

Hello Everyone!
My 2015 Mazda3's infotainment system has been suffering from the ghost touch issue for about two years now. At first, I just followed this guide to disconnect the digitizer and put everything back together. This has worked up until now, but recently a new android auto version just released that makes it a total pain to use without a touch screen.
I've got a little more time on my hands, and wanted to see if I could just go ahead and fix the issue myself. I'm aware of this warranty extension, but last year when I tried to call my local Mazda dealership they refused service and said it would still cost over $200 to replace. I'm pretty sure they just didn't want to help me - and the next dealership is on the opposite side of town, about 3 hours away.
Given this, I'd like to see if any of y'all have done the replacement before and have any tips or resource you can share! I also wanted to see if anyone could confirm that all I needed to do was purchase this part on ebay - and follow this tutorial to remove the replace the old digitizer.
Thanks for your time and help - it's much appreciated!
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2023.05.29 18:37 bvanevery bad starts in adjacency bonus systems

bad starts in adjacency bonus systems
Back in the stone ages, a bad start in a game of tiles with bonuses, meant getting stuck on land that was of very poor quality and would greatly impede your empire development. The canonical example would be getting stuck on an ice floe around the arctic circle in Civ II. There's no food or resources on those tiles for the most part, so the growth potential of your first few cities, is just crippled compared to civs starting in more productive regions of the world.
Nowadays I think thanks to recent Civ games, a lot of bonuses are tied up in building similar classes of improvements adjacent to each other, to gain multiplicative effects on that class of improvement. The examples below are taken from Galactic Civilizations III. In this case the pictoral artwork and available tiles for a homeworld planet are constant, but the distribution of features on the planet is random. Not all features are equally worthwhile, and some are a hindrance. These are generally a consequence of tile adjacency bonus systems, and will apply to any such system in any game. Just remember that "ability to make something adjacent" is always the thing of precious value.
In GC3 these starts are typically so bad, due to the generator being so random, that I find myself starting games over and over and over again. To get a good start, much like we used to reroll characters for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid. Unlike AD&D, the consequence in a 4X game isn't just whether you feel stronger or think you'll do better. There's actual demonstrable wasted hours of real world game time, when one gets stuck with a bad start. This is because the earliest decisions of a 4X game are most impactful.
So I'd rather waste 15 minutes rerolling planets at the beginning of a game, than 2 to 3 hours or longer trying to recover from a poor start. Actually it can be quite a bit worse than that: I can look back at a 17 hour game that I'm bored to death of, and realize it had a lot to do with not getting a good homeword at the very beginning of the game. Was half of my play time, wasted time?
I found myself doing so many rerolls this morning, that I decided I'd finally write this up, as to why each of these rolls is bad. I'm in some kind of endgame with GC3 where I'm very close to being done with it, despite having never finished a game or beaten it. I'm tired of my life being wasted to the tune of 16 to 19 hours at a go on this stuff, before I get totally bored and quit. It's been really bad compared to most other 4X I've played, and this adjacency bonus system is the core of the tedium.

an actually ok start
Wouldn't you know the 1st screenshot after I start writing the post, undermines my thesis. :-) I swear there was roll after roll after bad roll that prompted me to get started on this. This planet is ok because there are broad areas of empty space to build on. Notably, this homeworld has no farmland on it whatsoever. You'll see later why that's a good thing.
Remember, being able to put stuff adjacent to each other, is where all systemic profit comes from. The special features are not really in the way, and they are not terribly redundant or mutually conflicting. If a tile has bonuses for multiple categories you can't typically avail yourself of both bonuses, because improvements tend to be for 1 category only. So in case of a conflict in an adjacency system, you have to make a choice, and various starts can force you into a choice. This is, in essence, getting a lot less bonuses per tile than you might otherwise get.

choked with farmland
This is the kind of planet that keeps me starting the game over and over and over again. Notice how much of the planet's surface is covered with farmland. Farmland isn't something you build other things on top of in this game; you only build farms on them. Yes, you could destroy the farms and build something else instead. But that also means you're sacrificing "bonuses given at the beginning", whatever budget of valuable stuff was allocated for your homeworld.
In an adjacency bonus system, unless an abundant resource like this is tremendously valuable at the beginning of the game, this would always be a bad roll, in any game. There isn't any room left on the planet for other stuff. Most of the planet has you considering and probably giving up "farm related bonuses". And farms, in this game, are not valuable to homeworld creation. Not in this quantity. You might need like 2 farms to build a city on your homeworld. You don't need to build a city immediately on your homeworld either, because all homeworlds start with the ability to support a reasonable amount of population. The main thing you need at the beginning are construction bonuses, and farms don't give you that.
Farms also don't need to be on your homeworld to provide food to your homeworld. That 1st screenshot, there's nothing stopping me from building cities on it. I just can't do it immediately, which isn't important. All I have to do is find some planet somewhere that's got 2 farms on it, and develop them. Then I'll have the food and be able to produce a city on my homeworld just fine. That's pretty much Colonialism 101.
In addition, the funky looking tree in the upper left corner, called an Artocarpus Fruit, gives exactly the same adjacency bonuses as the farmland. The green Floodplain icon in the middle, gives a similar bonus to farmland, just less valuable! So the sprawl of only 1 class of adjacency bonus, is even worse than it might obviously appear. The Random Number Generator just went to town on spewing waaaaaaay too much of 1 thing. And the whole point of class bonus systems, is having to make tradeoffs between the various classes. This is a roll that says, "you can develop any kind of homeworld you want, so long as it's based on farmland." As is typical for class tradeoff systems, lack of balance is totally unprofitable. You gotta build ships, you gotta research techs, you gotta make money... farmland does help you make money, but the bonus isn't all that much.

incompatible adjacencies
At least this one isn't spammed with farmland, but it's still not a good homeworld.
First the features that give bonuses, are often blocking each other so you can't put much next to them. The chunk of rock in the lower right corner for instance, the Thulium, can't have anything built next to it right now, unless you tear up the farmland. It only gives a +2 Wealth bonus anyways. That peninsula lacks tiles, and experience with this particular homeworld over the course of the game shows, that you're never going to be able to get a lot more tiles available in that region. So there's really no basis for creating a wealth center in that region; it's pretty much a useless bonus, 8-Balled behind the farm.
Thulium is also not rare in the galaxy anyways. It's not a critical resource that allows you to build a special project, it's just something you mine around planets. I think this kind of bonus came from an earlier stage of GC3's development where maybe they were more important and difficult to come across. Nowadays, in version 4.52, it would probably be best if they got rid of these planetside "bonuses" entirely. They just take up valuable space.
Another case of "different classes blocking each other" is the maze looking thing at the upper middle, and the red stonehenge icon next to it. The maze is a Research bonus and the stonehenge is a Construction bonus. Most improvements will not allow you to take advantage of both simultaneously.
There is one improvement that gets a bonus from both, but you must have a special resource, Arnor Spice, in order to build it. Most games, you will not have Arnor Spice initially and you may go a very long time without being able to get it. You can' t count on it being available on some planet, as it's kinda like the spice melange from Dune and doesn't exist very many places. Even if you wanted to invade a planet to obtain it from someone else, it might be on the far side of the galaxy and unreachable for quite awhile.
If you try to trade with the AIs for it, they typically give you really bad deals. You can do trade missions at your shipyards, essentially using productivity and time to create the resources in a chain of transactions. But you must have spare shipyard output to do that, and that's generally not true early in the game. You also have to research certain techs to make the trades, and you won't have those techs at the beginning.
So for now, trying to gain a bonus from both Research and Construction simultaneously, is bottlenecked by Arnor Spice. Unless your homeworld came with Arnor Spice, this ain't happenin' for awhile. So that 1 adjacency next to the stonehenge, is of decidedly lower value.
Similarly, that colored lump in the upper left is a Research bonus. The blue crystal icon next to it is a Ship Construction and All Construction bonus. Incompatible. So, the 2 empty hexes adjacent to them both, have to sacrifice 1 or the other bonus. Additionally, adjacency bonuses promote the creation of regions of tiles, all getting bonuses from the same class, to reinforce each other. These 2 bonuses are going to create a boundary between incompatible regions, if it's even useful to develop them at all.
If you absolutely had to play this homeworld in some kind of tournament capacity, just dealing with whatever you were given, then you'd probably decide to go for either Construction or Research, and ignore the bonuses for the other category that you're not going to get. Consolidating a region of stuff that has the same class of bonus, is way too valuable to do otherwise. So this homeworld is bad because it didn't give you Construction and Research bonuses in different areas, where you could develop both separately. Worth a reroll, rather than wasting many game hours overcoming this.
The next 4 rolls in a row, I got spammed with farmland again. The 5th roll gave me not too much farmland, a valuable critical resource, pretty decent open areas, and a couple of bonuses crammed behind some stuff that I couldn't use. In AD&D terms that would be like rolling a "15" when 3..18 is the range. Pretty good, but, you could do better. Will you keep rolling to do better? If I wasn't doing this writeup, I probably would have settled at this point. Mainly because the valuable critical resource was Helios Ore, which lets you build the Strategic Command, which lets you chuck out ships a lot faster.

useless capitol
I really hate that GC3 doesn't do the most basic of sanity checks, about whether a given homeworld generation is fair. Your capitol has adjacency bonuses for most classes of stuff, and can also receive a few bonuses as well, like for Construction. As such, it's quite valuable at the very beginning of the game, to be able to put stuff next to your capitol. In this roll you can't, and unless you chop down farmland, you never will be able to. Even if you do, you're not going to get many adjacent tiles out of it. Your capitol has been basically crippled / nerfed.
The only roll more insulting than this, is when the capitol gets put on the 1 tile island! That happens with colonial capitols plenty of times. On other planets at least you can often terraform a new tile into existence next to the capitol, and you don't expect all planets to be of equal quality anyways. But your homeworld, you're under enormous pressure to build all kinds of improvements everywhere. You don't have enough terraformable tiles for all the stuff you need to do, so if a region lacks for adjacency, there's a good chance it's gonna stay that way.
Most of the tiles available for terraforming on this particular planet, are in the upper middle. There's also no way to know that except by playing the game over and over again. If you play the same race, you'll get the same homeworld, and you'll do its various possible developments many many times. So I know where the "big regions of adjacency" can and can't be.
That's probably enough examples of the problems with adjacency bonus systems. I really think it's a bad game design trajectory, akin to shoe stores that offer "Buy One, Get One 50% Off". That's a slimebag way of saying you'll get a 25% discount when you buy more shoes than you wanted anyways. Shoe prices start off jacked up sky high, so getting 25% merely brings them out of the stratosphere. They've given you nothing. They've just played with your psychological expectations of what the baseline price is, tricking you into thinking you got "a deal".
Adjacency systems, that are crowded, with resources blocking each other from building stuff next to them, and classes being incompatible, are exactly the same thing. Why don't we just go back to "this tile gives you +3 on Construction," Period, The End, and be done with it? It would save players all this BS micromanagement about where exactly to put things. So they could get on with the game, and not have it take 16 to 20 hours before they're bored to death of micromanaging all this guff.
Adjacency systems convince players that they're "doing something", when nothing is being done. Psychologically they're a massive sunk cost fallacy. You micromanaged this homeworld, so it must have been worth bothering to do. You micromanaged all these planets in your empire, so....
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2023.05.29 18:36 sup_reddit How to understand risk of living near airport that uses lead-based fuel?

My wife and I have been thinking about moving somewhat close (within a couple miles) to a small airport where most of the planes still use lead-based aviation fuel. We have a young baby. I have recently learned the topic of lead emissions from aviation fuel has been written about and studied fairly extensively over the past decade. For some background, see this article for example : .
I am trying to understand what a safe minimum distance would be to live from the airport in question, which in our case is Anacortes Airport in Washington.

Here is a PDF from the EPA which estimates that airport emits about 163 Kg per year of lead. It is ranked somewhere around 450 in the list of airports based on how much lead they emit so it is certainly quite small and not among the most polluting airports in the country, however, it is still a significant amount of lead annually. It looks like there are about 20 to 40 total flights per day (arrivals plus departures). Due to the geography of the island, we would be living from 1 to 2 miles away from the airport.

One other thing I looked at is wind direction. It seems for about half the year the wind would be blowing from the airport towards the area we would be living in and the other half of the year (when wind speeds are higher), it would blow the opposite way away from town.

Does anyone have any advice that could help us assess the risk of living in that location? I am inclined to simply not move there at least until the kid is older, but my wife wants to continue considering and researching it.

One other thing I was considering is whether there is data available on how many children in that area have been found to have elevated levels of lead. What if we contacted a pediatrician in the area and asked them if they have seen kids with elevated lead? Just trying to find ways to understand how serious of a concern this would be.

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2023.05.29 18:36 DougDante A lawyer helped a father to stop paying child support for a child which was not his. She was disbarred. The person stating this alleges she was targeted and that lawyers fear retaliation for helping their clients who are fathers.

A lawyer helped a father to stop paying child support for a child which was not his. She was disbarred. The person stating this alleges she was targeted and that lawyers fear retaliation for helping their clients who are fathers.
Here is my response in the hopes that it helps victims of corruption and coercion who wish to seek justice, and helps to prevent injustices which can promote child abuse.
I'm not an attorney and this is not legal advice.
You wrote:
A lawyer helped a father to stop paying child support for a child which was not his. She was disbarred. The person stating this alleges she was targeted and that lawyers fear retaliation for helping their clients who are fathers. (Anonymized)
Fathers have a right to legal representation free from coercion.
18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law
A pattern or practice of harassing lawyers who successfully argue for fathers may be an attempt to extort ineffective legal services for fathers from all lawyers:
Extortion Forcing action or obtaining something by illegal means. Anyone may commit extortion through force or coercion. A public or private official may also commit extortion under the color of office.
The US funds the child support and parenting time systems which depend on protection for civil rights. Undermining those civil rights for fathers creates more work and billable hours for agencies which means any illegal act to extract more money from the federal government may be:
Possibly defrauding the United States:
If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. 18 U.S. Code § 371 - Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States
Possible criminal conspiracy against rights:
Attorneys have a right to practice free from coercion. Clients have a right to legal services not hindered by coercion:
"If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or" 18 U.S. Code § 241.Conspiracy against rights
Use of intimidation, threats, and corrupt persuasion against lawyers and their clients may be witness tampering:
(b)Whoever knowingly uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, with intent to— (1)influence delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding; 18 U.S. Code § 1512.Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant
Other possible federal crimes.
State child support, parenting time, and child protection, and elder abuse are all primarily funded under federal law Title IV-D and Title IV-E. Consider filing complaints.
HHS Office of Inspector General Phone. 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477)
HHS Office of Civil Rights
Department of Justice Civil Rights
The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, created in 1957 by the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, works to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans, particularly some of the most vulnerable members of our society. The Division enforces federal statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, disability, religion, familial status and national origin.
Anyone may report federal crimes to the FBI.
If any attorney misused the bar association rules and complaint procedures not as a way to ensure the integrity of the courts, but rather used detestable selective weights and measures such as combing through a targeted attorney's case history to find technical violations of the rules as retaliation for their vigorous defense of their client's interests, that act itself could be a violation of bar rules subject to complaint:
I would consider a complaint to your state's Bar Association and its State Disciplinary Committee. The ABA has links for each state:
Complaints Against Lawyers
The ABA is not a lawyer disciplinary agency and has no authority to investigate or act upon complaints filed against lawyers. Each state has its own agency that performs that function in regard to lawyers practicing in that state. Locate your state agency from the Directory of State Disciplinary Agencies.
Each state has documented rules of professional conduct for attorneys. Most are very similar to the model rules published by the American Bar Association (ABA):
Model Rules of Professional Conduct
If any judge or person exercising judicial decision making authority and subject to the judicial code of conduct (e.g. some Title IV-D child support etc. employees or Title IV-E child welfare employees who make judicial recommendations such as child placement, child custody, parenting time, or child support calculations), they may also be subject to complaints under this process, even if they are not attorneys.
Judges are expected to abide by the judicial code of conduct for your state. Most states are similar to the model.
Model Code of Judicial Conduct
Every state has a method to file a grievance against a judge who violates their ethical duties. Here it is for Michigan. Other states are similar.
How to File a Grievance
Any social worker who purposefully abuses the bar association complaint system as a weapon of retaliation against an attorney who vigorously defends the interests of their client may be acting in an unethical manner, and is also subject to complaint:
The National Association of Social Workers has a Code of Ethics:
Possible misconduct by a social worker:
Social Workers:
How To File a Complaint
Steps for filing a request for professional review
NASW is very interested in reviewing situations that affect the integrity of our profession.
Possible cause for a federal civil rights action under:
42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights
US courts provide forms:
Complaint for Violation of Civil Rights (Non-Prisoner)
Possible basis of a class action lawsuit for similar situated people:
WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITS? There are many cases and issues that can be brought as class-action lawsuits. Often, class actions fall into one of the following categories: ... Consumer: These class actions hold accountable business entities who engage in systematic and fraudulent or illegal business practices that scam or harm the consumer. Examples include antitrust cases like price-fixing, market allocation agreements and monopolistic schemes. Employment: Employees who have been discriminated against, employees with immigrant worker issues, workers who have hour and wage issues and employees who have on-the-job injuries or suffer because of employer safety violations can bring class-action lawsuits against employers. CIVIL RIGHTS CLASS ACTIONS: A SINGULARLY EFFECTIVE TOOL TO COMBAT DISCRIMINATION For over 50 years, class actions have been among the most powerful tools to secure civil rights in America. Brown v. Board of Education, 1 which outlawed school segregation and set the stage for the entire civil rights movement, was a class action lawsuit. More recent examples include the case portrayed in the Hollywood movie “North Country,” based on the case Jenson v. Eveleth Mines and considered to be the first sexual harassment class action lawsuit. CENTER FOR JUSTICE & DEMOCRACY
I wish you the best of luck in your search for justice.
Tweet and gettr with me to seek justice:
A lawyer helped father to stop paying child support for a child which was not his. She was disbarred. [Alleges that] she was targeted & lawyers fear retaliation for helping their clients. Look @OIGatHHS @HHSOCR @CivilRights @ABAesq @JudiciaryGOP @POTUS
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