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Empower Clinics Inc. is an integrated healthcare company. This is a place to discuss the company and stock.

2020.04.13 00:08 Orphodoop Electronic Music Livestreams

A place for users to post and discuss electronic music livestreams. The inspiration comes from hoping to drive more viewers to electronic music producers, DJs and bands who are still creating music for all of us via livestreams through the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you to all who keep the electronic music community alive. Self-promotion is allowed!

2023.05.29 17:53 Jbnels2 Adding internet access to vlan

This sub has been abundantly more helpful than other networking subs I've posted in, so I'm back.
I don't want to make major changes to my physical hardware, and I read somewhere brocade doesn't support NAT, so at this point I'm leaning toward putting a minimal vm router on the vlan, and bridge one of its interfaces to the normal home lan. A big question for me at this point is how will the vm router work when there is a router interface on the switch. There's no DHCP anywhere other than the home network.
Copy paste:
I have 1 machine and 3 VM's with four interfaces each on four different VLANs. They can all communicate with each other. How do I add an uplink port? I'm using a brocade ICX-6450, and I have one port of the switch connected to a dumb switch on my normal internet connected home LAN.
If it makes a difference, the 3 VM's are running Alma Linux and the physical machine is running RHEL, though it has internet access through a separate ethernet port already anyway. The VM's are on another RHEL machine that doesn't have an address on the VLAN.
I have 3 VM's I'm trying to set up as nested virtualization hosts. VLAN 1 on port 1 will be the management VLAN. VLANs 2-4 on ports 2-4 of the VMs (which will be interpreted as flat traffic) will be hooked to bridge interfaces and then to kvm vnets for use by the nested virtual machines. I have initially assigned all ports ip addresses to test connectivity and proper setup of the VLANs.
Right now, the layering is:
[ L3 switch ] -> [ metal host ] -> [ bond ] -> [ tagged VLAN ] -> [ bridge ] -> [ vnet ] -> [ vm ] -> [ flat interface ] -> (planned from here on) [ bridge ] -> [ vnet ] -> [ vm ] -> [ flat interface ]
Networking is still not my strong suit, and I'm really diving into vlans for the first time. I just need to know how I allow a VLAN to access the WAN via [ L3 switch ] -> [ L2 switch ] -> [ dumb router ] -> [ big wide world ]
Is this what calls for a trunk? Do you know the terminology for an uplink port with NAT so I can do more effective googling?
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2023.05.29 17:52 Doom-Slay Could WSL2 reasonable be a help with my External Storage drive issue?

After recently switching from Linux to Windows 11 i realized that my external Storage drive is formatted in EXT4 today. But i need some of the data on it on my Windows 11 install. So, with Windows still not natively supporting Ext4, if its reasonably possible to pass-through that external drive an WSL2 Linux vm extract the data reformat the drive to something Windows natively can work with and put the data back on.
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2023.05.29 17:52 EquivalentResearch26 Aviation is a small world.

I’ve actually had four cancelled PPL checkrides due to the following:
1) DPE got Covid when the world was scared of it.
2) Personal Plane broke down 5 days before rescheduled first checkride- needed mag harnesses and we had to move 7 days later- 2800 miles.
3) Family plane at new location had no transponder- gave us carbon monoxide poisoning and became too expensive to use for ride and weather sucked.
4) Had to evacuate home and hanger for fire 7 days before checkride. Mom went missing in Portland (mentally ill and drug abuser), and we moved back to HI 9 days later.
I took 6 months off because I wanted to be sure I wanted to continue flying. I’ve been so frustrated and dedicated for so long. We’ve been through three personal planes, finally have a great 172P. I hired a CFI to help me knock it out in two weeks (two weeks ago), and my cylinder went to shit after takeoff. We knew an overhaul was coming, but now I’m just in limbo again lol. I greased my landing to the point my CFI joked it was “annoyingly perfect” over 7 months of no flying, and really haven’t forgotten anything.
My written expired and now I’m like wow, this is beyond not fun anymore lol. Any thoughts on continuing? I might as well since I’ve been signed off so many times.
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2023.05.29 17:52 put_your_drinks_down How long did you feel sick from nicotine patches?

For folks who tried nicotine patches, how sick did you get the first few days, and how long did it last?
I’ve been on 7mg patches for 50 hours. I haven’t had nausea or too much trouble sleeping. But I feel so fricking sick - achey, feverish, weak. I don’t think this is side effects of the nicotine, but hard to say. I feel exactly like I did back in my worst, early days of long Covid.
I know the theory is that this is supposed to happen as virus and particles get kicked off your ACE2 receptors. But when I was looking through patch posts on the sub, it seems like very few people actually experienced this, and most saw benefits right away.
Mostly I’m just miserable and would love to know how long this lasted for anyone who experienced it!
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2023.05.29 17:51 seewhy87 I’m just so scared for my dad

It’s midnight and I’m laying in bed thinking about how I’m going to live my life without my dad.
My dad is 70 and he was diagnosed with Stage 3A colorectal cancer in 2021. He did surgery and has an ileostomy but unfortunately on his 2nd round of chemo, it caused cardio toxicity and made him go into cardiac arrest. He stayed in the hospital all of 2021 and 2022 and had major surgeries. But he survived. The doctors said he could never do chemotherapy again. So my dad has been trying to live his life and avoid scans as there is no reason to get yearly scans as he can’t even do chemo.
It’s 2023 now and it’s been good but now he’s been having blood in his urine the past few days. He has Covid for the first time so we can’t see his pcp until he tests negative.
My head is spinning. “The cancer is back.” “It came back and it spread to his bladder” “if it spread we can’t do anything and he’s going to die” I have obsessively been researching to try and convince myself things will be okay. I just got out of crisis mode and living in fight or flight and now this. I can’t even imagine what he’s going through or what his thoughts are looking like.
He’s my best friend. I talk to him 3xs a day since I was in high school. No matter how far I am or even if I’m on vacation we always face time just to say hi and to tell each other how much we love one another. He listens to my 3 hour talks about life. He gives me advice and always makes me laugh. It’s incredible how strong and resilient he is. I know I’m privileged to even have my dad alive but I’m already grieving his loss.
I don’t know what the purpose of even writing this is. And I’m so sorry if this post was disrespectful in anyway or not allowed. I just didn’t know where to go. So sorry
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2023.05.29 17:50 Doom-Slay Could WSL2 help me with my external drive issue?

After recently switching from Linux to Windows 11 i realized that my external Storage drive is formatted in EXT4 today. But i need some of the data on it on my Windows 11 install. So, with Windows still not natively supporting Ext4, if its reasonably possible to pass-through that external drive an WSL2 Linux vm extract the data reformat the drive to something Windows natively can work with and put the data back on.
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2023.05.29 17:50 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Program (Here)

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Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.05.29 17:49 gghhgg7 Tolls in Stockholm with a german car

I recently moved to Stockholm and we did the drive from the ferry up to Stockholm and have been here about a week. We are coming from Germany and the car has German plates. We have passed a few toll cameras driving through and around Stockholm.
Can anyone talk to what happens or where a bill is sent for this or how to even pay this. If they send the bill to Germany then I don’t live there anymore. I had it recently where we went to the uk and had the dart cord tunnel bill come to my address in Germany with nearly 1000sek late fees attached. Any Germans reading this are they chasing you down for 35sek?
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2023.05.29 17:49 Fearadhach [OC] Timing (PRVerse 24.5

(Prev) Wiki
A Spacer’s life is spent in two states: Sheer terror, or staring at a countdown. Raised Admiral Thursh Whoomerson sat in his command chair aboard his Human No, you feather-brain, CONFEDERATED flagship and tried not to stare at the ever-so-slowly changing numbers. It gets worse when you are in command. Everyone else has something to do, well, nearly everyone else. At least everyone on the bridge. Anything I try to do now will either look like over-eagerness, anxiety, or a lack of trust in my crew. He turned to look at the plot, relaxed his body, and started in on a meditation he’d learned specifically to make time seem to pass faster while projecting an air of calm confidence towards his crew.
For a wonder it worked for once. A soft ping brought him out of his meditation as the timer hit zero and the Xaltan fleet neared the gravity trap they’d lain in their path. He allowed himself a cold smile as dozens of potential trajectory lines for each enemy ship sprang up on his plot and his his ‘radar’ controllers tried desperately to narrow the possibilities down. The Benzegal Shipyards my fall before this war is over… but not today!
After a few minutes the lines had been reduced to a mere handful for each ship and – better – all of them had converged in to a small enough area for what he wanted to do next. He hit a few controls and outlined a section of space, and the ship’s computer calculated the time-to-fire for him.
He sent the target solution off to all of his Ship Captains, then opened up a fleet-wide comms channel. “The Xaltans have arrived for the dance just on time. Welcome Fleet, you have your designated targets, and I will send you adjusted engagement vectors if they seem necessary, but it doesn’t look like it will. It looks like our dance partners are doing an unusually good job of dealing with the grav-sheer of our little surprise, and will arrive in tight order. Lets reward their efforts with a warm welcome, shall we?”
He heard a few dark chuckles across his flag bridge and nodded inwardly. Moral is still running high, and that is good. How will it be two years from now when we are still having to engage the Xaltan fleet?
Another timer began to tick off seconds. As it neared zero Whoomerson gave his command. “All ships in Welcome Fleet, fire all guns and energy weapons, maximum dispersion patterns. Fill that area of space with everything we can put in it for the next forty seconds. Fighter wings, as soon as the fire is complete, I want every fighter we have moving at maximum acceleration, mode 2.”
The deck tremored beneath him as his own main gun fired, then all secondary batteries went off right behind it. Yet another counter started, timing the barrage, as his gunners cycled through their weapons. The plot showed what seemed to be a haze eminating from his fleet and crawling toward the ever-tightening field of his enemy’s return to normal space.
A light appeared on his console. He looked down at his Comms officer and shook his head, then punched the necessary buttons to officially deny the enemy Commander’s attempt to communicate. He had to force his feathers down as he leaned back in his seat and shared a commiserating glance with his Comms Chief. What point would there be in talking to a dead man? I know he has multiple suicidal ‘loyalty officers’ on every one of his ships, ready to blow them up rather than retreat or – cool breeze forbid – surrender. He also knows that I know. He shook his head quietly. No. They can’t surrender, can’t retreat, can’t even listen to reason… and talking to that Walking Dead Man would do nothing but hurt the moral of my crew. And, possibly myself.
The latest timer mercifully hit zero at last. Well, mercifully for himself and his ruminations… not so much for the Xaltans. The singularities on the Xaltan ships finally gave out under the grav-sheer of the larger singularity several of his ships were maintaining, and those ships translated – hard – down into normal space. The Admiral had to hand it to them: they’d kept their battle line in far better order than most spacers would have been able to under the circumstances.
Sadly, for them, that meant that all of them came out directly into the teeth of his fleet’s ordinance. They came out in their standard wheel-and-spoke: small and mid-sized screening ships in a rotating disc-shaped formation overlapping their shields to provide cover for the larger capital ships behind them. Of course, the formation didn’t work so well when you got hit before your shields could spin up.
Nearly a third of the ‘wheel’ simply ceased to exist in an instant. Another third of it took crippling damage and could no longer hold their formation. Most of the rest took a number of hits, but some had been lucky enough to come out a little behind their fellows, and were spared the worst of the damage. Then the Capital ships hit the cloud. All of them began to roll instantly, trying to spread the damage against as much of their armor as they could. One managed to get its shield up even before they passed through the cloud of fire. Another one sputtered and went dark. A hard half-growl half-cheer went around the Flag Bridge as that capital ship’s icon winked out, but no one looked up from their stations so Whoomerson let it slide.
Opening round to me, then… though that isn’t hard when you get to ambush an unsuspecting opponent. Surprise is the ultimate High Ground. He turned to fleet-comm. “You have already sent tactical data to the Under Fleet?” The woman at the station nodded. “Good.” He thumbed the fleet-channel. “Opening salvo goes to us, but you all know that these lizards will fight to the last: they have no choice. All Captains, weapons free! Mark your targets, rotate your fire, and don’t let up.”
He then took control of the plot and watched as the two fleets converged. The Xaltans closed their ranks quickly, allowing overly damaged ships to fall behind the screen. They kept the same formation, however: The loss of one Captial ship meant that they still had enough screeners to maintain cover. Only the Pinigra and the Kothro can use that particular formation to its true potential, and the Pinigra – from what I understand – only because they let their computers do most of the navigating. He shook his head slightly. Still it is effective. Or, has been. Too bad the Humans figured out how to anticipate the holes they open up for their big ships to fire.
He drew some vectors on the plot for fighters to go out and flank the screen disc, looked at the computer’s projections of the disc’s movements, and assigned a few priority targets. And another timer. “All first line ships: when that timer hits zero you are to concentrate fire on the marked targets. Two salvos each, then go back to your previous firing zones.”
Acknowledgments floated up from the pit, but he had already moved his concentration forward. He unconsciously leaned in to study the plot, and… there. He almost sighed as he started Yet Another Timer… and then another one a little before it. “Underfleet, you have your countdown timer. You can see where it will put you, work your firing solutions out now. Welcome fleet, when your timer runs down you are to slow to fleet speed three. Make it look like we are growing timid from the fire we are taking.”
He suppressed a wince as the icon for one of his own picket ships winked out, and another signaled a need to come off the Line. “And, for flight’s sake, watch your shield-overlaps! I want the Xaltans to think we are taking too much damage, not for it to happen!”
More acknowledgements floated up from the pit. They got cocky. I’m going to ream some Captains when this is done. Movement at the edge of the Xaltan disc caught his eye, and he watched two flights of his fighters crest the disc at different locations… and be immediately destroyed by wide-angle sweeping shots from several of the large destroyers.
Whoomerson grimaced slightly, but then turned his attention to the rest of the Xaltan ships and smiled. The fighters had been a long shot, at best. He allowed himself to ruminate out loud. “It appears that the Xaltans are capable of learning, at least a little, and have learned not to let our fighters get around their discs.
“Now, lets teach them a lesson about ignoring a bull to swat a fly.” One of the timers reached zero, and the ships he’d designated fired their two salvos at specific ships within the Xaltan disc. As his ships fired he selected two points on the disc, and set yet another timer, along with an order that all ships fire everything they had on those spots when the timer hit zero.
The ships in the disc which had been the target of the salvos pushed extra power to their shields, at the cost of their engines, and rolled to distribute the force. Then they found themselves alone, in a small empty segment of the disc, with the combined might of several Xaltan Capital ships pouring through the hole which had opened up. The picket ships were destroyed, utterly, and managed to absorb a great deal of the fire caused by those openings. Yes, oh mighty Xaltans. Continue to use the same strategies against us over and over. Couldn’t possibly go badly for you.
At the same moment the entire fleet opened up with everything they had, and sent a colossal barrage of fire streaming at two points in the disc. Even that barrage would never have penetrated the overlapped shields of the disc… except that another of those openings widened in the disc, almost as if the Xaltan wanted to accept the fire.
The barrages sailed through the open space, though a few less well aimed shot did singe the shields on a few picket ships. The energy weapons, near-lightspeed missiles, and super high-velocity slugs tore directly into the exposed underbellies of the destroyers which had positioned themselves to take out his fighter wings.
Three of the destroyers went dark, and two others began to lose their places in the formation. To their credit, the Xaltan fleet responded in good order. The disc of picket ships abruptly changed their movements, obviously responding to an order to change their defensive pattern. At the same time, their capital ships made a path to allow the injured ships to limp away from the fight without doing too much to their order of battle.
Whomerson felt a hard smile play at his lips. Not much, but enough.
As the damaged ships reached the middle of the Capital ship’s formation, another timer hit zero, and Whoomerson’s fleet opened with another full barrage. This time they didn’t concentrate their fire, but spread it across the enemy disc, causing all of their ships to respond and focus their attention on his fleet… rather than the Underfleet which translated down from FTL space just ‘below’ them.
The Xaltan formation finally responded badly. After all this time, and the way they work their formations, they still get locked into two-dimensional thinking so easily. The picket ships all had their shields focused on the incoming fire, and probably had lost both communications and sensors for a moment.
The Capital ship formation found itself, with its mobility badly hampered by their own tight formation and the damaged ships 'falling' through them made it worse.
The Underfleet announced their presence by firing at the unshielded ‘back side’ of the defensive disc, destroying whole sections of it and allowing nearly a quarter of Welcome Fleet’s barrage to pass thorough what had suddenly become so much space-dust.
They then fired into the fleet of Capital ships, which also had their shields mostly forcused forwards towards the obvious battle, with some token shielding covering their rears in case of some sort of end-run maneuver.
They had, however, left their bellies almost completely exposed. In the space of under a minute the battle turned from one of attrition which looked to cost the Confederated fleet nearly as much as it would cost the Xaltans, to a total rout. Some Xaltan ships turned to flee or shut down engines and tried to surrender, and Whoomerson felt a pang of sadness as most of those ships suddenly seemed to explode of their own accord.
A few others tried to suicide-ram Confederated ships, but his Captains stood ready for just such a maneuver and brought concentrated oblivion down instantly.
As the last of the Xaltan ships winked out Whoomerson felt a strange sadness settle over him. It took a few minutes for him to identify the feeling's cause; Those ships that tried to surrender, or to run. I would have let them go, would have let those men live, but no. The Xaltan Voters…
He took a ragged breath and looked at his second in command, then through his flag bridge, and saw the same sentiments settling on so many faces. One of the Xaltan ships managed to surrender, at least. I wonder if their ‘loyalty officers’ all suddenly grew a sense of self-preservation, or the crew managed to subdue them? He shook his head to banish such musings, forced himself to sit straight in his chair, and thumbed the all-fleet channel. Time to remind everyone who is at fault for all of this, and push their anger… if only to drive away the guilt.
Late on this one, I blame the Holiday. (For those not in the US, we had one of our biggest national holidays this weekend: Memorial Day, which is a remembrance of the sacrifices made by our military people... it is a little like the 'armistice day' that I understand a number of our European friends celebrate, from what I understand?
The editor for links still hasn't been fixed, so adding them is irritating, so I'm not doing more than the minimum right now.
Word count a little higher than usual, since the 2K 'stop' was very near the end of this scene. Next, we are back in the Council chambers, from a somewhat different POV. Hope everyone in the USA has had/is having a good holiday, and everyone not in the USA had a good weekend!
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2023.05.29 17:48 Jazzy1515 What am I doing wrong?

I'm new to the game, played through the tutorial and went into the Meeds and Fears campaign and I feel like I'm moving at a glacial pace.
I'm exporting opium and weed in a variety of different legal goods. I also just took the first city and offed Miguel. Now I'm kinda stuck. I get raided constantly and to move forward I need the second city which means taking like 15 buildings and my economy isn't able to sustain that heat and drive.
How do I improve? Any tips I'm missing out on?
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2023.05.29 17:48 -taters- "The Shadows of Willowford" by Stephen Ting, thoughts?

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2023.05.29 17:48 gravityoffcenter mortar consistency seems wrong

Hi again masonry-people-who-know-infinitely-more-than-I-do
I'm following up on a post I did last week, after having tried to do some repointing using an ill-advised concoction (storebought mortar mixed with extra lime). I've gotten some education about that (thank you), and now have just the straight N mortar (the package says 6 parts sand, 1 portland cement and 1 lime) mixed with some powdered dye.
I'm extremely nervous about using it at this point though, for a couple reasons. One is that the weird consistency the extra lime batch had, where it was like pudding, no grit to it at all, that's the same. Even adding the minimum of water to be able to mix the stuff, it still gets like that. None of the grainy-ness I think of mortar having. I keep looking at it asking myself if this could possibly be right. (Could this possibly be right?)
I did a little test area and it seems better as far as cracking, but it's still really hard to work with. I did that test batch and a much wetter one (any wetter and it wouldn't have stayed on the trowel when you turn it upside-down). Both tests hardened quickly into a clay-like stuff upon being put into the joints, like to where it seemed more difficult than it should have been to try to do the actual pointing. And in either case it's still wildly messy to work with, although some of that is probably my complete lack of experience. (I don't really mind if the end product looks like a train wreck in places - I know there has to be a learning curve. I mainly want to keep bricks in place and seal up gaps where stuff can get into the house.)
The other reason I'm so nervous about screwing up again is that removing the lime stuff was a nightmare. Is a nightmare: I'm still working on it. You'd think that something that cracked up upon application would be easy to chip out, but in a lot of places it's like trying to drill through solid rock. Harder than the brick in those places. I'm ending up taking out more of the previous mortar than I want to just to get all that stuff out. It would be a huge plus if I can do this without the house falling down.
I'm trying to think of other details I should include. I wet the wall right before applying, and wet the container I used to mix the mortar in before using it, and the hawk.
Oh - another question. I've seen conflicting advice about slaking. One place says mix, let it sit for 10 minutes, mix for another 5. Another says let it sit for a half an hour. Another says only let it sit if it's too dry. Any guidance for me on this?
Thank you again - it was a huge relief to get your help with my last post.

tl;dr: unsure if very smooth consistency means something is wrong with the mortar, and not sure how long to slake (and how long to mix after slaking)

original post:
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2023.05.29 17:47 ShitBag13F Struggling and feel disconnected from peers

I feel completely disconnected from peers of the unit that I served with in OEF 9/10. I don't attend funerals, share posts honoring those who lost their lives, wear bracelets, or engage with others on social media even though I want to badly. Last year my team leader died and I wanted to attend the funeral so badly, he was a great man, but I was so scared of the backlash that I'd receive. I don't fit in and I hate it. I struggle daily and feel like I have to one to talk to talk to or grieve with.
I was always on time, in the right uniform, and did everything asked of me. I was not a strong runner (since learning that I have a severe vascular deformity in my legs) but put effort into all PT and didn't malinger. I genuinely tried my hardest. I f'ed up pretty badly at just 18 and married a local woman who knew how to work the system to her advantage, dragging me and my career through the mud. Because of this two issues, I was permanently labeled a s-bag at my first unit and once you get that label there is nothing you can do to break it.
On a pretty regular basis, I'm forced to relive a moment where I damn near lost my life in Afghanistan to enemy fire because of a viral video that circulates the various military pages. It didn't affect me much years ago, but now every time it pops up it hurts, and the comments from my peer in my unit only make it worse. Comments like `hahaha f'ing xxxx`, `xxxx was such a f'ing tool`, `what a s-bag`, etc, the list goes on. It hurts badly because I would give the shirt off my back to these guys - and I try to by contributing anonymously when needed.
Post army I've become a somewhat successful entrepreneur. I credit a lot of my drive from wanting to prove these guys wrong, but damn I would give up everything just to be accepted by my peers. I'm struggling pretty badly and I feel like I have absolutely nobody to talk to that shared the same trauma as me. I feel alienated and left out. I know for a fact if I could run just a little bit faster and didn't f up marrying that girl that I would have had a totally different career arc. I know that I would have a solid relationship with members of my platoon.
Today is especially hard, I have nobody. The only thing keeping me sane is my daughter.
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2023.05.29 17:47 Shoddy-Mission2037 CMP / shoddy apartment wiring

Here’s a scenario…anyone been through something similar?
Moved into an apartment 1.5 years ago. It is a three story building with three apartments - essentially each floor is a unit.
Connected power in my name with CMP upon move in and didn’t see any anomalies for a few months. That changed and noticed sizable gains and decreases in usage over the next year.
One of the big winter storms finally led to a day long outage, so I reached out to other tenants to see if they had any news from CMP on our ETA for restoration. Found out that one neighbor doesn’t have an account with CMP, and he stated that his electricity was included with rent.
The other tenant had an account. Upon looking around, we discovered two power meters for the building. One was for his account, and one for mine.
Questions were asked of the landlord, and they skirted the issue until stating that they forgot about this, and admitted that the third floor might get power from another unit.
The other tenant paying CMP moved out. He mentioned he was contemplating legal action, but backed off when the landlord offered a free month in rent.
Fast forward to now. New tenant has moved in, is paying CMP and it appears the landlord has again forgotten about this issue. My power usage plummeted now that winter is over, making me wonder if another apartment had been running a space heater on my dime.
A breaker test shows that my account powers lighting and outlets in common areas, but it remains unknown just how much usage has occurred outside of my apartment.
CMP has become involved.
So, has anyone been in a situation comparable to this? Is this a small claims kind of case, or is it worth hiring an attorney?
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2023.05.29 17:46 MDKiam AI generated One Shots

Below is an AI Generated one shot. i have been attempting to get it to write more detail but this is not too bad of a spot for someone to jump off from.
The adventure begins with the party arriving in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells. They have been summoned by Zariel, the Archduke of Avernus, to help her in her quest to conquer the layer and drive out the demons.
The party's first task is to find a way to get to Zariel's stronghold, the Fortress of Pandemonium. They can do this by traveling through the River Styx, a river of fire that flows through Avernus, or by finding a portal that leads to the Fortress.
Once they reach the Fortress, they must find Zariel and convince her to let them help her. She is a powerful and dangerous creature, and the party will need to use all of their skills and abilities to persuade her.
If they are successful, Zariel will give them a mission to complete. This mission will involve fighting demons, exploring dangerous dungeons, and solving puzzles.
If they are successful in their mission, they will earn Zariel's trust and help her to conquer Avernus.
Here are some of the items that the party might find in Avernus:
Here are some of the NPCs that the party might meet in Avernus:
Here are the stats for some of the NPCs that the party might meet in Avernus:
This is just a basic outline of the adventure. You can add your own twists and turns to make it more interesting. The most important thing is to have fun and let your imagination run wild.
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2023.05.29 17:46 Impressive-Winter-70 Asbestos in soil? Very anxious about potential exposure and contamination.

Hi, I hope somebody can help me as my anxiety levels about this are through the roof.
I went for a walk through some woodland which is at the bottom of a hill. I later found out that due to heavy rain, there had been a landslip of boiler ash from the 100 year old boiler house at the top of the hill. The ash had been dumped up there for many years. This had contaminated the soil with low levels of asbestos. The soil must have been tested after I had been there, but through looking up the area since, I know that this landslip happened before I went. The woods were closed off after that and the contaminated soil was removed.
It's the contamination part that bothers me. I walked across quite a wet field on my way home so will this have been enough to clean it off my shoes if I stood in any? Because I was outside, is the chances of it still being in the air practically non-existent?
Sorry if this sounds ridiculous, I have quite bad ocd about things like this so I'm unable to think rationally about it at all. It makes me feel like everything in my home is now contaminated. I've literally thought about it every day since I found out a year ago, read all I can but my mind can't settle and I'd just like advice from someone who knows.
Thanks in advance
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2023.05.29 17:46 DKSeffect Reflections on my DNA results -

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2023.05.29 17:45 saltyrefrigerator Books on Racing for a Novice?

I'm a novice racer who wants to improve, and I'm looking for some books I could dive into.
Some books I've found on Google that interest me:
What do you all think about these books? Are there any others that you'd recommend? Thank you!
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2023.05.29 17:45 farklinkbot Woah, woah, woah, I need to go (Dashcam footage of drive through Canadian wildfire)

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2023.05.29 17:44 Eredchon EA App Controller Fix in Gamemode

So I have (or now had) the problem that when playing games through the EA App, the steam deck would not be recognized as a game pad. The games could only be played after editing the controller layout for a keyboard. Which, while playable isn't the best experience.
Solution: After connecting an Xbox Controller to the steam deck then launching the game, the game recognized that a gamepad was connected, awesome. I then Tested the steam deck, still with the Xbox controller connected, only to discover I could only moving the character. What solved that was reordering the controllers. Setting steam deck to player 1 and the Xbox controller to player 2. Now the steam deck gets recognized as a gamepad in game. This worked even after the exiting the game and the EA App and disconnecting the Xbox controller.
I hope this helps anyone with the same problem. This had bothered me for the past few months, with no fix, Feel free to let me know if there are other threads where this information would be useful to anyone.
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2023.05.29 17:42 Valuable_Heron_2015 What NYS marketplace health insurance is good enough to not have to buy UB's ripoff insurance

I do not want to buy UB health insurance. It's very expensive and you get nothing for it. I think I may qualify for Medicaid but I am not sure. But no doctors except community health clinic accept Medicaid and I can't drive to the community health clinic most days.
If you are independent on your taxes and don't get insurance from an employer, I'd love to hear from you about what insurance you have. I have to buy it through the marketplace. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 17:40 iAmBalfrog Dual Purpose Monitor (Gaming PC & Programming Mac, Budget agnostic)

Currently leveraging a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor (centre) with a 27" 1080p 120hz monitor (on the left, with my mac screen on the right, which is then closed when running my desktop PC). Typically the 1440p monitor contains my IDE/meeting screens during the day and is gaming at night. The 1080p side monitor is essentially a monitor for spotify/stack overflow/secondary IDE tabs.
I would ideally like to replace the 1440p 27" with an ultrawide monitor, but considering it will need to render text and some static files consistently through the day I'm worried about QD-OLED burn in. My workspace is big enough I could technically tie-fighter the two current monitors if I put the mac in clamshell mode and or have one monitor in a vertical orientation to the left of the UW.
If however people are leveraging say, the Samsung Odyssey g8/AW34 23DWF for the above scenarios it'd be great to hear. If OLED burn is is likely to occur in this setup then I fall back to a non OLED monitor, such as the Gigabyte M34wq, which would then also bring the benefit of the KVM by reducing some wire clutter on the desk due to having a Mac + PC setup on the same desk, the usb-c connection would also be a plus.
Would appreciate some advice from anyone in a similar scenario and what they ended up finding worked well/have reservations about. M1 well specced Mac (work provided) for daily driving and then a 5900x/7900xtx to power it through gaming in the evening. I work and game in a typically dim lit room so peak brightness isn't a huge concern.
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