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2023.05.29 18:09 Mother_Lawyer_7312 Help with the doctor

Hi all! I’m a 34f (5’4 226 lbs) who has struggled with weight since i was a child. It seems like no matter what i do, i cannot lose more than 10 lbs (which is often quickly rewarded with gaining it back and then some). I have tried EVERYTHING from fad diets, 80/20, counting calories along with pretty consistent exercise (most recently, I walk about 8-10,000 steps a day and i do Orangetheory 3-4 times a week). In terms of fitness, i always see improvement but my weight and measurements never budge.
I’ve begun to think that i may need some medical intervention. A few years ago, i got tested for a thyroid issue and it came back with nothing. Lately, I’ve been wondering if it’s a hormonal thing or something i am overlooking. I’ve made an appointment with the doctor and i don’t quite know what to say without the doctor dismissing my concerns and giving me the advice of diet and exercise (which has happened several times). I also don’t want them to think I’m just trying to get my hands on ozempic. I really just feel like i need a little bit of help, but would like to hear some options. Question: for anyone that has gone through the route of seeking any sort of medical intervention, what did you say or do to be taken seriously and receive help?
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2023.05.29 18:09 lenstewartmx BPM suddenly all over the place

Daily 10-minute hard bicycle sprint for the last 5 years. Identical course, with some pretty steep hills, the rest flat. Same time of day. I am a creature of habit, so all variables are the same each day. I go very hard, gasping for breath at the end (I'm in my 70's, so this is about what I can do). The only variable I can't control is sweat, which is increasing now that summer is here.
Normal max BPM has always been 138-150 +/- for 5 years. I use the Zepp app on my smartphone, not the trackewatch itself, during the workout because I like the audio updates.
Three days ago, max BPM for the identical ride jumped to 167. Two days ago for the identical 10-minute sprint fell all the way down to 90. Today' identical ride 101. I get a BPM of 80+ just vacuuming the house. I don't get this, but it argues against even owning an Amazfit. Sure, I have a Bip 3 Pro which is the lower end of the price scale, but still...
I've been using the Bip 3 Pro for about 6 months, having migrated from another Chinese tracker, and then a Fitbit sense, before getting the Bip 3 pro.
Are there any settings I can manipulate; changes I can make to either the watch or the app to get this back on track?
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2023.05.29 18:09 Kamilokk To people that have both ADHD and anxiety, what combination of meds helped you

Anyone with both ADHD and anxiety can say which combination of meds helped you?
The big problem with this is ADHD meds can make anxiety worse especially for people with it, and antidepressants make ADHD worse, thats why it’s hard to find the meds combination for both.
Here’s my history of treatment both of these conditions, just to see which meds i took, you can skip it cause adhdrs hate long texts. The most important for me is which meds worked for both anxiety and ADHD in your case
So i had ADHD diagnosed 2 years ago at the age of 22, before I had depression and generalized anxiety disorders diagnosed. Before ADD diagnosis I tried multiple antidepressants (escitalopram, sertraline, paroxetine, duloxetine, wenlafaxine) all of them taken as doctor recommended, always waited like 1-2 months for them to start working cause with SSRI you need to wait to see effects). Paroxetine was the best at removing anxiety and intrusive thoughts, but I couldnt concencrate, was very unorganised, big procrastination, even worse ADHD symptoms plus side effects (vero low libido and erection dysfunction) made me stop. Other SSRI were weaker, escitalopram made it worse, sertraline removed like 30% of anxiety and depression but side affect were sexual disfunction, duloxetine and wenlafaxine worked with depression but anxiety was higher and on evey on of them ADHD symptoms were still there so i stopped them. Also tried pregabalin (worked great for anxiety but made ADD symptoms worse, and the tolerance builds very fast, need to up the does otherwise its not working anymore) Then when diagnosed with ADHD (mostly innatentive type), started taking methylphenidate (started at 10 and 20 mg had some improvement but 30mg extended release version worked the best, sometimes taking 10 or 20mg more when needed) for ADD (adderal/vyvanse is not available in my country). I definitely saw improvement in ADD symptoms, concentration, organization, stopped chaos in my brain. The problem is it often (depends on the day) i get very anxious, have intrusive thoughts, big mood swing, and ocd symptoms like counting letters in words (very weird), social anxiety, overthinking. I know these are side effects of methylphenidate. So my doctor gave me duloxetine saying from his experience it worked for this combined with methylphenidate, but for me it didnt. In conclusion, I’d like to know what combination of meds worked for both anxiety, GAD, OCD and social anxiety as well as managing ADHD symptoms from your experience
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2023.05.29 18:09 Cultural-Wafer-129 New Years Resolution

Submerged in my bed for the past 3 hours, I decided today is the day I finally start my New Year's goal. Marching out of bed with a rather slumped posture and sit on my desk to pick up the book I purchased on Christmas day, it almost being January 1st. Looking at the cover, I wondered who the 12+ authors on the cover were, as I never heard of them. I turn my pc off so that I can concentrate, and I lean back in my gaming chair to get maximum comfort. Flipping to see how many pages the book consists of; I see that there are almost 100 unfilled pages. “Did I just get ripped off?” I think to myself, shrugging it off. Going to the first chapter, I find it coincidental how it focuses on the first author. I wonder if I should stop reading, as it paints a gory death that the first author experienced. It has many unsettling details, focusing on a power outage that occurred 10 minutes prior to his death. A part of me wanted to do a quick search on the author to scout out his credibility, but I couldn't put the book down, as I was too intrigued. I heard some noise downstairs, but I just toned it out as I was already so focused on the book. The next chapter was the second author, which I'd already guessed. This chapter used a lot of similar details that were in the first one, which got me kind of aggravated. Both consisted of a power outage, and both had predictable fates. One of the only differences between them was how they died, one from a gunshot wound and the next from an ice pick. The next difference was how aware they were of what was happening to them; the second victim was more aware than the first. The gory details from both were unsettling enough to make me close the book and focus more on who the authors actually were. Taking the time to search them up, I realize that they died similarly to how they wrote about them. Suddenly I hear a noise coming up the stairs, and I quickly run to my large closet to hide, taking the book with me. I wonder if the book predicts the deaths of these people, thus making me skim through the other chapters. I get to the 13th chapter…Wait, there were only 12, no? I read the chapter title, which read my name, as I hear footsteps enter my room. The footsteps got louder until bam; they stopped outside the closet.
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2023.05.29 18:08 mariakashkareva Estore in June

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2023.05.29 18:08 ImaginationSea3679 Not risking it

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2023.05.29 18:08 calathiel94 How does a gardening noob keep a hydrangea alive?

How does a gardening noob keep a hydrangea alive?
I moved in to a new build in June 2021, we decided this is the year to try and make the garden look somewhat decent. I know that the soil on new builds is generally garbage, so when digging out the flower bed, we dug maybe a foot down and tossed all the soil, and put down a good 200L of compost.
Now the area of the garden where the flower bed is is shaded for most of the day - now that the weather is improving, it gets maybe 2 hours of sunshine in a day?
We heard that hydrangeas are pretty hard to kill, and love the shade and a lot of water, so we picked one up from a plant nursery about 6 weeks ago and planted it in the garden. Ever since it’s gone in, the flowers on it that were already blooming have gone from a vibrant pink to a dull pink, almost white colour. The heads are all touching the soil, as if they’re too heavy for the stem to keep them up and it looks awful. There are new shoots that are coming up that have started to flower, but the whole thing just looks sorry.
I’m bloody terrible at gardening, and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Everything I’ve read online has said to put them in rich soil, water every two days and keep out of direct sunlight.
Please help!
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2023.05.29 18:08 Money-Industry-9403 Breathless for a few weeks

Greetings, I'm a 22-year-old male working in IT, which requires me to spend long periods sitting down. Unfortunately, over the course of this year, I have gained around 10 kilograms and I'm dissatisfied with my current body.
Around three months ago, I experienced difficulty falling asleep due to breathlessness. Concerned, I sought medical attention and visited the emergency doctor. After examining my heart and lungs, the doctor assured me that everything appeared normal. To address the issue, the doctor prescribed me stress-relief pills, which provided some relief by the next morning. However, a few weeks later, I encountered a similar situation where I struggled to take deep breaths for several days before returning to normal.
Currently, I have been experiencing breathlessness for almost three weeks. I consulted a doctor, who suggested that I see a psychologist and prescribed additional medication. When I attempt to take a deep breath through my nose, I sense a potential obstruction in the middle of my chest. Furthermore, I have noticed a couple of swollen lumps in my neck and near my ear. The doctor attributed these lumps to a tooth-related issue, and while they have been present for about a year, one of them recently became swollen. Fortunately, they do not cause any pain.
Considering my symptoms, I'm wondering if there could be an underlying cause beyond anxiety or depression. Any insights or ideas you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.29 18:08 SILENZY New season coming in 10 days

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2023.05.29 18:08 AttitudeNo9114 (16M) Advice on figuring out how much sleep I at least require.

Hi. I want to know how much sleep I need. I am active throughout the day. Internet says I need 8-10 hrs of sleep. But it would be helpful to know how much sleep among the range of 8-10 I require. I wanted to experiment and find it by myself, but I don't know how to. Thanks.
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2023.05.29 18:07 AdventurousFlower877 Pot SD wants to make out

I had a meet n greet 3 weeks ago with a pot SD. He’s reasonably attractive, in his 30s, very rich, and offering above market ppm. He lives 15 minutes away from me. He’s married in a don’t ask, don’t tell situation. He’s had one prior SB arrangement, but she moved away.
At the end of meet n greet on my request, we made out for 10 minutes in his car, which was very hot for both of us. There was no gift at end of meet n greet.
We haven’t had a real sugar date yet though we agree we want that. Mostly because he is insanely busy with his career and married. Partly because I require a first sugar date to include a non-sex activity, like dinner, and a hotel for safety and comfort.
Tentatively, we’ll have a first date this coming weekend. He just texted: ‘if you have some time during the week id love to just make out with you’.
This is refreshingly adorable and I think that is actually what he wants to happen. But I want to be compensated for this 20 minute make out session in his car, especially since I am working 10+ hr days at my real job this week and coordinating the time to get hot and connect is going to be some work.
What do my fellow SBs suggest I say?
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2023.05.29 18:07 foov124 Transferring license to MA. How long did the mail take?

I applied to convert my license to MA. They took my old license and new one will come in the mail. The website says 7-10 days (business days?). Is this accurate or does it typically take more/less? How long was it for you?
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 18:06 Realistic-Eye-2040 Not risking it

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2023.05.29 18:05 Brady9010 Question about muscle loss during weight loss

This morning I weighed myself, and I was officially 10 lbs down. But I weighed myself less than a week ago and I’ve lost 2.4 lbs since then. I’ve been eating, and have been less active and less protein than normal. My hypothesis is I’ve lost muscle mass. I was working out from early December to early January, but stopped due to tennis starting back and muscle soreness making tennis practices an absolute pain. I could start working out again, I’ve just lost motivation. Has anyone experienced similar issues when losing small-moderate amounts of weight? Thanks, have a good day
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2023.05.29 18:04 Ben_Legend1 Legends Room back at it with another $300 freeroll at 7:00 PM EST today for Memorial Day (pushed back from 2:00)! Running 50% first deposit bonus. 200+ members and growing fast! #9XUG3

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2023.05.29 18:04 Ordinary-Brilliant45 Change of circumstances. Improved mental health. Apple fitness showing the progress

Change of circumstances. Improved mental health. Apple fitness showing the progress
I quit my toxic job at the end of march, I’m still working full time but finally got the energy and motivation to work out again! Workout time for March is high as one of them workouts was a 5 hour hike which is when I decided to quit my job.
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2023.05.29 18:04 Anthony1_ That was absolute torture but enjoyed having something to aim for 👌🏻

Stand out players were Ito who scored way more than expected, and then Payet was superb from LCM. 4321 in game Openda 87 was the striker throughout the run. I had the TOTS keeper for 5 games and swapped him out as he has no hands.
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2023.05.29 18:04 darkfar [FRESH ALBUM] SD - Day to Day

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2023.05.29 18:04 Glad_Discipline_1518 Suggestions. What’s working, or not working for you?

I’m currently 2 pounds from my weight target and I’d like to start maintenance mode. I’m currently on 10mg weekly. Do I stretch out the 10mg longer periods like 10 - 14 days or do I go down In dosage like 7.5mg and try to ween down? I’m seeing this as a long term treatment and will require some sort of dosage for the foreseeable future. Just looking for ideas guys. What are you doing to stay in the same range. I’m not interested in surpassing my weight target.
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2023.05.29 18:03 Significant_Bus_5424 What the hell, Lyft?

For context, my brother is a software engineer. Due to the U.S. economic recession, his company was forced to lay off the new employees, which included my brother. He needed a new job so he turned to Lyft (it’s flexible and he likes talking to people) and rented a car from them.
The first few weeks went well for him. Every passenger gave him 5-stars, saying that he was a good conversationalist. He was so good that he became a Platinum Lyft Driver within less than a month. He worked 12+ hrs a day just to be able to pay for apartment rent, food, and the car rent. Even when he only earned $10/hr, he did his best for this job.
Then, one day, he’s suddenly banned from using his account. He called Lyft support and they basically just said “we can’t do anything”. Why not??? We suspect that it’s because of a recent customer 2-star review that he got.
I know my brother. Like I said, a good conversationalist and a nice person in general. So why the hell did he get banned when he has an enormous amount of 5-star reviews? Is this how your treat your drivers?
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2023.05.29 18:03 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/losangeleskings roundup for the week of May 22 - May 28

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2023.05.29 18:03 Objective_Freedom_17 Blockchain

I have been working on a block chain like ethereum but dpos based. I am naming is the Everest chain or short name EVT
I can finish the work in 10-15 days and would like to know how many of people here would be interested building a community. because without a community it's useless all chains are backed by thousands of people
Any thoughts guys?
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