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San Antonio Spurs (NBA)

2010.10.10 20:42 ncobb San Antonio Spurs (NBA)


2016.11.26 04:57 drpepper7557 Boston Celtics


2019.02.15 20:14 f1uk3r A place to post memes related to NBA

A place to post memes related to NBA

2023.05.29 00:36 Consistent_Carob_133 The Life and Legacy of James Avery: From Uncle Phil to Beyond #viral #s...

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2023.05.28 14:23 queenliz2fr Headcanons you have about the lesser known parts of Tom Riddle's life

So throughout my posts and comments I have already shared a few of mine.
This particular one covers my headcanon on his pre-Hogwarts and summers during his first four years at Hogwarts: https://old.reddit.com/HPfanfiction/comments/13gfgtx/tom_riddle_discovers_his_love_for_reading/
Some other ones that I have:
That's it for now. If you have any other headcanons about the lesser known deeds of Tom Riddle, feel free to share. As for me, I have developed a biography for him a while ago, but seeing that I am too old to write fanfiction anymore, feel free to borrow also any of the ideas.
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2023.05.28 10:53 DDCutie Hello! I'm Asking For Your Help Suggesting Boy's Names That Would Fit My Face

https://imgur.com/a/1qJjgEl https://imgur.com/a/ZKUNAhqhttps://imgur.com/a/ATNGQWoHere's my photo.
Daniel was one of your name suggestions tied with Lucas in my last post on my last post.
I'm trying to keep my options wide open here.
I'm not exactly trying a new name for trans reasons, but it sure does help me to find my way to finding my new self. Maybe once you come up with a name, you could write a short story using it?
A first and a middle name would be a plus!
I guess I'm going to put down here a top 100 list or something and hope for some good answers as I'm considering using the names most suggested to me. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 10:50 DDCutie Hello! I'm Asking For Your Help Suggesting Boy's Names That Would Fit My Face

https://imgur.com/a/ZKUNAhq https://imgur.com/a/ATNGQWo
Here's my photo.
Daniel was one of your name suggestions tied with Lucas in my last post on my last post.
I'm trying to keep my options wide open here.
I'm not exactly trying a new name for trans reasons, but it sure does help me to find my way to finding my new self. Maybe once you come up with a name, you could write a short story using it?
A first and a middle name would be a plus!
I guess I'm going to put down here a top 100 list or something and hope for some good answers as I'm considering using the names most suggested to me. Thanks!


View Poll
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2023.05.28 09:23 ChoicesBOT Subject-Free Sundays: 2023-05-28

This is our weekly casual conversation chat! Here, community members are welcome to discuss anything and everything about the game, about your life, or about what you've been up to. We also include userflair data on this day. Please keep the discussion within subreddit rules, of course, and remember to keep things civil and friendly!

Flairs Overview

Number of Users with each Flair

Note: This table shows the number of unique users with each flair image, with a minimum of 25. Multiple identical flairs in the same user's flair count as one.
Flair Users
A Courtesan of Rome 56
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Adam3 51
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Adrian3 165
Aerin 197
Aiden 179
Aisha 38
Aislinn 139
Ajay 210
Alana 133
America's Most Eligible 36
Andy 215
Angel 46
Anna 99
Annabelle 291
Annelyse 68
Aromantic 33
Arylu 129
Asexual 94
Aster 154
Aubrey 33
Aurora 114
Ava 151
Avery-F 71
Avery-M 48
Bloodbound 66
Becca 402
Beckett 1023
Ben 79
Bertrand 25
Bi 209
Bianca 73
Blaine-F1 42
Blaine-F3 56
Blaine-M1 69
Blaine-M3 89
Blades of Light and Shadow 117
Book 56
Bryce 862
Cal 174
Caleb-Hero 25
Caleb 40
Cas-F2 42
Cas-M2 113
Cassius 134
Cat 52
Charlie 155
Chris 107
Colt 260
Connor 83
Corgi 297
Crow 48
Dakota-F1 48
Dakota-F2 28
Dakota-M1 64
Dakota-M4 44
Dallas 53
Damien 930
Dan 48
Danni 111
Dave 37
Dean 35
Derek 37
Diavolos 61
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Dipper 75
Desire & Decorum 40
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Eiko 124
Eleanor 168
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Ernest 743
Endless Summer 132
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Ethan 1017
Eva 84
Fabien 41
Flynn 326
Furball 129
Gabe2 32
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Gaius 122
Gay 39
Gorgue 100
Grayson 38
Greyhound 41
Griffin 106
Hamid 120
Hana 336
Hayden-F2 178
Hayden-F3 111
Hayden-M1 69
Hayden-M2 96
Hazel 35
Heart 588
High School Story 59
Hunt 184
Hunter-F1 30
Hunter-M1 28
Hunter-M2 111
The It Lives Series 90
Imogen 68
Imtura 154
Jackie 88
Jaime 70
Jake 848
James 68
Jax 296
Jen 107
John2 43
Julian 27
Kaitlyn 288
Kamilah 792
Kane 30
Kate 58
Katherine 47
Kayden-F1 73
Kayden-M1 112
Kayden-M2 40
Kenji 141
Kenna 181
Kepler 35
Kieran-M1 36
Kingsley-F1 38
Kingsley-F2 84
Kingsley-F3 55
Kingsley-M1 174
Kingsley-M2 36
Kingsley-M3 84
Kitten 102
Leo 74
Lesbian 116
Levi 69
Liam1 376
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Liam3 305
Lily 64
Lindsay 30
Lobster 50
Logan1 108
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Loola 32
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Madeleine 25
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Nonbinary 26
Open Heart 70
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Perfect Match 31
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Rainbow 31
Raleigh-F 45
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Raydan 142
Redfield 82
Redpanda 29
Ride or Die 26
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Sabina 81
Sam-F1 42
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Sam 51
Sawyer 149
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Seth 27
Shannon 41
Shreya 246
Sienna 50
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Skye 508
Slater 58
Sloane 96
Sol 63
Sonia 308
Stacy 32
Sumire 31
Syphax 95
Tatum 107
The Crown and The Flame 54
The Elementalists 95
Thomas 275
Threep 180
Tobias 25
Tom 347
Trans 41
Troy 26
The Royal Romance 42
Trystan-F3 28
Trystan-M1 44
Trystan-M3 34
Trystan-M4 34
Tyril 773
Uwu 69
Val 74
Vera 57
Veronica 87
Victoria 71
Veil of Secrets 30
Zahra 29
Zig 413
Zoey 161
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2023.05.27 15:52 BudTheWonderer Found Family History Connected to New London and Groton

For almost three and a half years in the latter part of the '70s, I was a QM aboard both a missile sub and a fast attack, out of New London. Many times we made the transit out, and back in, and I remember Avery Point lighthouse being a navaid that we used.
I retired in 2016 from about 36 years of sea-duty (and maritime-connected employment with the Federal government). I started to seriously pursue genealogy, which I had occasionally dabbled in before this time.
Within the last year, I found out that I am descended from three of the 1600s founders of New London and Groton. Walter Palmer is my 11th great-grandfather, and Thomas Minor and James Avery are both my 10th great-grandfathers. And Avery Point is named after James Avery!
I wish I had known this when I was stationed there.
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2023.05.27 15:18 drumgrape Thoughts on the lightning bolt necklace

So I watched Charli's interview on The Viall Files, and re: the scene where Raquel buys the lightening bolt necklace, she says they tried on sooo much jewelery that day in the store.
So then I thought--if they tried on as much jewelry as she says, why did production specifically show the lightening bolt purchase? Like, these people probably shop all the time, why include *that* in the final edit?
Then I was watching old VPR clips on YouTube and saw in a scene where she's fighting with James in their apartment, Kristen is wearing a lightning bolt necklace! Perhaps was a gift from Sandoval, idk I don't have the $$ to purchase old VPR episodes or subscribe to Peacock lol.
Putting all that together, I wonder if production knew about the affair long before it came out among the cast. I mean they had to have right, if they film everyone for months each year, and it seems likely that the affair started earlier than the official timeline given by Sandoval and Raquel? And then when S & R started getting sloppier (dancing at the Abbey, the necklace) production stopped hiding it as much? And then the sloppiness ended up contributing to Ariana finding out anyway. via the dropped phone.
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2023.05.27 10:10 Mordred_the_owl Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites Hot Takes (Spoilers)

Someone please explain this. After having watched five seasons of Survivor with my boyfriend (Pearl Islands, China, Vanuatu, Panama/Exile Island, Cook Islands, and Fiji in that order), we watched Fans Vs. Favorites, and my boyfriend absolutely hated it.
It was like pulling teeth to get him to finish the season. He despises Cirie (which breaks my heart because I adore her so much). He thinks she's a heartless person who doesn't care about others' well-being (in response to her typical smiling demeanor with Penner and James' evacs). He also thinks the season was absolutely ruined by med-evacs and quits. Without Penner, Fairplay, Yau (thanks to Cirie), and Mikey (thanks to Joel) in the game, he felt that early into the season all the strategic players were gone.
I happen to disagree. The men in the end were not good at strategy, but I do feel some of the women definitely were. The blindsides were great, and the moment when Erik gave up his necklace? Iconic. Cirie played the middle like she needed to in order to get to the end of the game. Amanda and Parv were incredibly tactical and self-aware knowing full well they couldn't have dual likeability & physical threats like Ozzy and James late in the game. Like... I just don't get it. There was strategy here, right?
Maybe for context it helps that my boyfriend's top there seasons so far are Cook Islands, China, and Fiji. He loves the strategy. Fiji had him fixated, and the fact he put it in his top three really stunned me. Like, don't get me wrong, I love it. But what happened with a certain deal. Well, it guts me to watch those episodes.
Anyway, back to Micronesia, I just don't understand my boyfriend. I want to, but the fact that he nearly refused to watch it part way through (like how he refused to watch the last episode of Panama) just boggled me. I can't watch a Survivor season halfway through. Even when I don't like the final 2 or 3, I've still got to see the FTC and reunion. Not everyone's a superfan, and that's cool, but like... Micronesia was a wild ride worth taking... at least I think so.
Can someone explain why he might feel like this? I want to keep him watching Survivor with me, but I fear he won't if we run into another season he feels is boring and spoiled from the near outset. I might have a warped perspective since I've watched 44 seasons now, but I'm willing to hear other opinions or at least an explanation as to why he and I aren't seeing eye-to-eye.
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2023.05.27 10:07 OkaTeluguAbbayi Sanjeevaiah Park is now "None of your business"

Sanjeevaiah Park is now submitted by OkaTeluguAbbayi to hyderabad [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 03:00 Queen-of-Sharks Early Game Yuri and Natsuki

Early Game Yuri and Natsuki
Bassed on a Terraria playthrough I'm doing with my friend. I (Yuri) play melee, and he (Natsuki) plays ranger. We were also playing on the Drunk world seed.
Early Game Yuri
  • Armor: Cactus Mask, Shadewood Breastplate, Moonlord's Legs
  • Accessories: Shackle, Aglet, Band of Regeneration, Climbing Claws, Panic Necklace.
  • Weapons: Umbrella, Wooden Boomerang
Early Game Natsuki
  • Armor: Shadewood Helmet, Cactus breastplate, Moonlord's legs.
  • Accessories: Step Stool, Panic Necklace, Climbing Claws, Aglet, Shackle.
  • Weapon: Throwing Knives, Shadewood Bow
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2023.05.26 06:41 doorknobbin The Timeline - Extended Reunion, Podcasts, Social Media and Show

HMP=Howie Mandel Podcast notes
CHD=Call Her Daddy w/Ariana Podcast notes
Not noted = Show
Tim=Sandoval Rachel=Raquel
February 10, 2014: Ariana and Tim are official
Approx Feb 17, 2014: Annemarie Kunkel (Miami Girl) sleeps with Tom Sandoval
Sometime in 2017: Ariana and Kristen become good friends.
Sometime in 2017: Billie Lee is accused of an affair with Scandoval by Kristen Doute at the season 6 reunion as shown in unaired footage. Denied by both Billie and Tim.
**Please note there is a confirmed affair that happens sometime between Annemarie and Rachel**
*Please note that there are other possible (likely) affairs throughout but only one has been confirmed*
Sometime in 2018: HMP- Tim says his relationship began to deteriorate with Ariana.
March 2019: Ariana and Tim become homeowners
April 27, 2021: Rachel Leviss cuts her hair into a bob
May 16, 2021: James Kennedy and Rachel Leviss get engaged (an epic proposal, and it was WASTED ON YOUU!) Tim pays an exorbitant amount of money towards the proposal.
SUMMER 2021: (HMP) [Prior to your kiss with Rachel, was there a] time where you sat down yes and said I don't know that this is working to Ariana? I think it was like a year prior that I kind of drew a line (then goes off on how she doesn't apologize? basically said he brought it up around this time)
September 5, 2021: Rachel's bob gets a lot blonder
October 5, 2021: Give them Lala makeup party, Rachel and Tim pose closely
October 19, 2021: The inception of Tim Scamdoval and the Most Extras (beginning of the midlife crisis?)
December 4, 2021: (Season 9 Reunion), Rachel and DJJK (James Kennedy) break off their engagement. Rachel cites a nearly 2 year lack of physical intimacy, among other issues.
December 4, 2021: (Reunion, Season 9) Ariana reveals she has frozen her eggs. Says she has asked Tim to fertilize them several times already and reiterates he should.
December 4, 2021: (Reunion, Season 9) Katie says that Schwartz never hears from Sandoval and is never helping /around to work on their bar, despite Tim using it as an excuse to be away from home
January 2022: (Reunion, Season 10) Tim (2023) says that he started having feelings for Rachel since "last year". Andy: Looking back when did you realize you had feelings for Raquel? Tim: \deep sigh* Honestly, throughout last year, like beginning of the year, I really started to see and get to know who she was.*
Feb 12, 2022: Rachel posts about the superbowl and bud light (Tim's drink idk if this is relevant)
April 17, 2022: (Coachella) Rachel posts a photo of her and Tim. Captions it "I'm on an island 🌵✌️"
April 19, 2022: (Coachella) Rachel posts a photo with the caption: "Let me tell ya the magic was strong this night because I felt the most confident i've ever felt before in my life...she's here to stay [meaningless emojis i'm not searching for lol]"
April ??, 2022: (Coachella) After Ariana went to bed, Tim told Rachel that he and Ariana had an open relationship. Rachel repeated this to a friend, who told Scheana, who brought it up in the extended reunion episode.
April 2022: Rumor has it Tom Schwartz and Rachel were making out at Coachella...except he wasn't the Tom at Coachella ☕️🫖 Author's note: The Scandoval started at Coachella and Tom is predictable.
May 31- June 4, 2022: Rachel is competing for Miss California [places 15th]. Tim is on video saying "Thank you" when someone says Rachel is beautiful. Scheana, Brock and Ariana attend as well.
June 9, 2022: Katie posts informing the public about her decision to divorce Tom Schwartz.
June 24, 2022: Ariana Madix's Birthday
July 7, 2022: Tim's official 40th year of punishing us all (birthday). HMP: Says this is when he knew he needed to make a change bc he was unhappy in life and with his relationship
July 14, 2022: Rachel posts with the caption "secrets don't make friends...friends make secrets" Not sure if this is Scandoval related
Mid July: (HMP) Tim reveals that he was trying to push Schwartz and Rachel to get together just before filming. Schwartz was absolutely not into it and had zero interest in Rachel.
Mid July, 2022: Filming of VPR season 10 begins
July ??, 2022: Rachel discusses a mystery man that loves to go down on her in a Never Before Scene with Scheana
July ??, 2022: Peter takes care of a very drunk Rachel, bringing her home and holding her hair while she puked. He spends the night at her apartment. Tim later texts Peter asking if he "banged" Rachel. Peter was confused as Tim rarely texts him and was concerned the show was portraying him negatively. Upon watching the episode, Peter was even more confused because it wasn't edited to make it look like they slept together
August 2, 2022: Ariana's dog, Charlotte York Maddix passes away
August 3, 2022: Tim is at Guy's Night at the Mondrian. Rachel joins after ditching Katie's Divorce trip. Tim later admits this is when they first have sex in Rachel's car, even though we all know it was in the car he was driving. He rings the doorbell for Ariana to let him in.
August 3, 2022: (HMP) TRANSLATED: I thought you guys kissed for the first time at the door? No, the backyard, we have a fire pit, around there. Actual: of like you said the first time it was the kiss it was a kiss at the door well that's what started oh that's what started something but and then it it we backed off but then it's just uh you said you were locked out of the house this all happened on the porch uh our backyard wow yeah yeah going along like it no no like we have a fire pit and like a thing and yeah wow and it was kind of yeah I mean look like
August 10?, 2022: The night at the Abbey, this is also apparently the first time that Tom and Rachel have sex. At the reunion they say nothing happened at Guy's night, Rachel and Tim were discussing his relationship issues with Ariana and an emotional bond was formed. According to the reunion nothing happened until the night at the Abbey after See You Next Tuesday
August 10?, 2022: Tom, Tom Rachel at Sur w/Lisa; Tim is elated and drooling over Rachel. Lisa clocks Later go to the Abbey together where they are spotted by James Kennedy and Ally. Ally was weirded out by the interaction or dancing or whatever between Rachel/Tim
August --, 2022: (HMP) I got my ass into therapy immediately to try to figure out what the hell I'm gonna do like because the feelings were something very very strong like and those feelings that I had um started to kind of like take over in a sense like logic all that fucking went out the window
August 12, 2023: Rachel invites James to a party at "Tom Sandoval's house. I know you're invited bc Tom Sandoval told me"
August 13, 2022: Rachel calls Lala a mistress bimbo. Is in Ariana's home at her party. Just before this was the night at the Mondrian that I am trying to find a date for that Rachel and Tim are saying they first had sex
August ??, 2022: Rachel states on WWHL she had never thought of Schwartz as a potential romantic partner Andy: Did you really not realize that you didn't have any kind of Crush on Schwartz until Scheana put the idea in your head? Rachel: Yes, correct. I didn't view him that way.
August 21, 2022: (White Party) Schwartz and Rachel "make out" to deliberately hurt Katie.
August 23, 2022: (Scheana's wedding) Tim and Rachel disappeared for approx. 3 hours. Allegedly caught by guests making out but the guests didn't know who they were at the time.
August 31, 2022: Schwartz says this is the day he learned about the one night stand only
September 5, 2022: Newport Labor Day party. Death of Ariana's Grandmother. Tim refused to leave to go to Ariana, instead stayed and partied with his mistress. Hung up on her, lied about not knowing his ride left, lied about ubers not being able to come.
September 8, 2022: Scheana tells Scandoval that there are open relationship rumors going around, started by Katie.
September 8, 2022: Ariana is in Florida. Rachel, maybe Schwartz and Tim go to Ariana's house to use her hot tub. Rachel "dips out" and spends the night in Tim's room. Er, Guest Room. Wait no, couch. Schwartz both slept there and at his apartment depending on if you ask Rachel or Tim.
September ??, 2022: Tim gets his sperm checked to begin the process of fertilizing Ariana's eggs
September ??, 2022: Tim and Tom discuss his relationship with Ariana, lays groundwork for painting her as the villain.
September 12, 2022: (Glamping Trip) Schwartz jokes that Rachel has a type...men that are taken.
September 13, 2022: Rachel buys herself the lightning bolt necklace for $780 USD.
September 17, 2022: (SAH party) Rachel ambushes Katie at Sur. Confronts her. Tim and Rachel tag team Mother Teri Maloney like the cunexttuesdays they are.
September 17, 2022: Rachel grills Ariana on her sex life with Tim. Specifically digging into whether she's still sexually attracted to Tim, to which Ariana emphatically states she is. Rachel tells Ariana that she should have ended her relationship with James when they stopped wanting to have sex, implying Ariana should do the same
September 19, 2022: Life is Beautiful Festival. The "very long time" Tom waited to f*ck Rachel again. Rachel posts a video on Tim's shoulders and a photo with the caption "it's giving Harley Quinn falls in love with the Joker Poison Ivy vibes🃏🙌⚡️". Scheana, Brock and friends attend.
October --, 2022: Rachel wears the TomTom Sweater; season MVP Katie Maloney texts Tom Schwartz that "[Rachel] is following [Schwartz] around like a puppydog fangirl". Tom responds: "She's not here for me. Trust me"
October 28, 2022: (Video, loosely transcribed) "I feel like I am always true to who I am and being newly single I'm exploring a different side of life, trying to have fun and figure out who I am as a person...I'm constantly evolving and...from the very beginning I wanted to be the girl that I am sitting before you right now."
October 30, 2022: Dresses as an angel with the caption "Angel Energy"
October 31, 2022: Tim dresses up as Mistress Rachel. Rachel and Ariana wear matching costumes to a friend's halloween/birthday party.
November 15, 2022: Posts photo w/ caption: "not sure what to caption this but here's 3 emojis (Lightning Bolt) (Crystal Ball) (Bathroom door Girl sign emoji) [later deciphered as 1. Tom's 2. Future 3. Girl]
November --, 2022: Rachel is seen at a Most Extras concert that she didn't post on social media
December 25, 2022: Rachel and Tim spend Christmas in St Louis with his family CHD- Ariana said Rachel and Tim went to St Louis several times
Throughout January: Ariana and Tim were improving their relationship. Were intimate several times through January. Both Tim and Ariana say that after they had spent time in therapy she put in more effort and their relationship improved.
January --, 2023: Ariana and Tim deny open relationship rumors. Both affirm that they are in a monogamous relationship.
January 25, 2023: (weekend) Scheana states on her podcast that the Vegas weekend for Brittany Cartwright's birthday Rachel, Tim, Tom and Jo went away to Big Bear for the weekend and turned their locations off. Schwartz said it was just a Ski trip with Tim, but Rachel and Jo were both photographed there as well.
Feb 8, 2023: Tim and Tom both appear on WWHL; Tom's behaviour is notably weird to host Andy Cohen.
Feb 8, 2023: (CHD) Rachel was in NYC staying in the same hotel room and Tim. Ariana suspects this is why Schwartz was so nervous on WWHL.
Feb 9, 2023: Rachel posts about how great she was this season. Looking forward to the audience seeing her "standing in her power" "showing her growth" and "finding her voice and confidence"
Feb 10, 2023: Ariana and Tim's 9 year anniversary, celebrated at a steakhouse (photographed) would be the same restaurant he takes Rachel to after the reunion
Feb 14, 2023: Tim spends with Ariana and Rachel; says on Howie Mandel's podcast that he broke up with her this day. CHD-Ariana said Tim bought her flowers and took her out for Valentines day. Rachel and other friends join them out. When they returned home, he brought up a conversation about breaking up. Tim also said he was having a midlife crisis. Ariana said she never said she was going to commit suicide, she was going to deactivate social media move etc. They talked it through and left it as "to be continued" Ariana says one drunk conversation wasn't the end of the relationship. Ariana said he will have to be the one who ends it by more or less physically leaving.
Feb 15, 2023: Producer Baskin asks Tim point blank if anything physical has ever happened between him and Rachel. He denies all accusations of inappropriate conduct.
Feb --, 2023: (HMP) Ariana had asked Tom about fertilizing the eggs she froze. Tom says she was fully in denial because he had already broken up with her. (putting this here bc he says they broke up valentine's day)
Feb 28, 2023: Rachel and Tim have virtual sex via facetime, Tim records the call to his camera roll
March 1, 2023: At a Most Extras concert, Tim's phone falls out of his pocket and is handed to Ariana. Ariana finds a screen recording of Tim and Rachel masturbating, leaves the establishment.
March 1, 2023: Rachel and Scheana do WWHL, Rachel names Tim the hotter Tom, Scheana Mike Tyson's her after Rachel nonchalantly tells her about the affair \personal liberties taken with this description**
March 1-2, 2023: (CHD) Tim yells at Ariana until 6am the following morning. She says she texted close friends of hers and his to make them aware of the situation, including production.
March 2, 2023: Alex Baskin, the executive producer of “Vanderpump Rules,” tells Variety that Madix had called production the day before to tell them what had happened.
March 2, 2023: (HMP) Tim said that it wasn't fair that Ariana didn't want to film the dissolution of their relationship so he called production to capture everything. This is directly opposite of an executive producer (Alex Baskin) has recounted-as stated above.
March 2-3: Tim is angry at Ariana, yelling at her. He refuses to leave their shared home and is openly antagonistic. Ariana is surrounded by friends who help mediate.
March 3, 2023 (Early Morning): Filming of VPR Season 10 resumes. They were already filming when the TMZ story published. (According to Alex Baskin)
March 3, 2023 Scandoval goes public at 12:06 pm PT on March 3, TMZ broke the news about the breakup, with a headline that blared: “TOM SANDOVAL & ARIANA MADIX CALL IT QUITS … Allegations He Cheated With Costar Raquel Leviss.
March 4, 2023: Tim issues a heartfelt apology to Schwartz and his business partners. Begins it with "hey, I know ur mad" does not mention anyone else.
March 8, 2023: Tim issues an apology to Ariana.
March 8, 2023: Rachel issues an apology to Ariana. Captions it "I'm sorry 🥺 💔"
March 9, 2023: Posts follow up apology talks about health. Doesn't want to "label" her relationship with Tom. No caption.
March 23, 2023: Filming of the VPR season 10 reunion. All cast except Scheana/Rachel interact
March 29, 2023: Rachel is pictured with a (not sponsored) Beis weekender bag outside of Ariana's house while she is out of town at a wedding in Mexico. Ariana is sent Beis's full collection afterward.
April 3, 2023: the last time Tim and Rachel were seen together was actually April 3rd, where Tim brings Rachel to the airport.
Apr 5, 2023: Schwartz was on WWHL, shat the bed revealed he knew in August, Rachel was Tim's Heroin, the Affair became an "open secret" in January.
Apr 11, 2023: Howie Mandel Interview
April 26, 2023: James Kennedy was on WWHL
May 23, 2023: (CHD) Ariana says that to date Rachel has been sending letters addressed to Tim. She believes they are still in a relationship.
Howie Mandel
*-*we kissed for the first time in the back yard over the fire pit (not the night at the abbey, Mondrian or Coachella)
-says he went to the drummer's wedding alone bc Ariana didn't want to go; Kristen says Ariana had covid and couldn't
-On getting close to Rachel: she was so awesome like getting to know her like she's so kind she's like smart she's witty she's fun she's like she's like she's hot she's down for it
-"I got Ariana and I into Couple's Therapy" Ariana during the finale said “then we go to couples therapy…” suggesting they in-fact did not go to couples therapy.
-plan to break up in therapy---but also before the reunion but also after the reunion
-Tom called a producer to tell them they were breaking up and that's why cameras picked back up. He said he had to hold himself accountable, refuses all accountability, tells production to get the camera out of his face
-Tom, Jo, Tim and Rachel spent a weekend in Big Bear (Scheana's Podcast)
-Lala said that Tim and Rachel were found under the covers in bed together at a party (Lala or Scheana's podcast idk)
-at some point Ariana is at home when she sees Tim leave the guest room where Rachel was sleeping Tim says he was getting her a glass of water
-Ariana allegedly caught Tom coming from the guest room one night when Rachel was staying over. He said he was getting her a glass of water. (Lala, on a podcast w Scheana)
Does anyone remember during the show Scheana says she would trust Raquel being in bed with Brock? and “It’s not even like this was an, ‘Oops. We kissed one time when we were on acid at Coachella.’ This was a full blown love affair”
"I’m furious with Oliver for making me look a certain way which is not representative of who I am at all,” she says in her interview. He’s very openly a cheater and hasn’t done anything to hide it or keep his wife from finding out which makes me think he wants her to feel bad."
The way Rachel said in her confessional that she wanted to know how it felt to have sex with someone she loved like that, gives me emotional affair vibes. They were talking about doing this long before anything physical happened, hence the “we said we would never do this unless it meant something” or whatever TF they said. Gag.
CHD- Ariana confirms he left her bed to fuck Rachel in the guest bed in their home and returned to bed with Ariana after
CHD- Ariana said that throughout the affair their camera roll was full of great moments and memories
CHD-Ariana asked Tom if he just wanted to have sex, or if he wanted to have sex with her. Tom wasn't great at expressing what he liked about her
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2023.05.25 22:46 zeekoes [EU] Once the Death Eaters took over the Ministry, they want to send a message to the Muggle World by going after the important ones. Unfortunately for the dark wizards, they are way over their heads facing Bruce Wayne and his family.

Under the cover of darkness and drifting fog, Augustus Rookwood and Avery Jr. stalked toward the Wayne mansion. Lord Voldemort had send them on a mission to send a message by assassinating the muggle known as Bruce Wayne. The death of the philanthropist playboy of Gotham would send fear down the spines of all the muggles in the world. What they didn’t know was that something stalked them as well.
Bruce had been alarmed of the intruders way ahead of time. The amateurs hadn’t even tried to make it difficult for the plethora of detection methods Bruce employed. Although he wasn’t exactly sure what technology they used to cover their appearance. He pulled the bust holding the pearl necklace of his late mother and the bookcase gave way to the staircase down into the caverns. He didn’t know why these people were here, but Batman would find out.
Crouching behind the box hedge Augustus saw movement inside the manor through the window. He whistled to Avery and waved him over. The description the Dark Lord had given him about the various member of the Wayne household matched the man inside with Alfred, the butler. This person posed no huge danger as a man far past his retirement age, but he had a history in the muggle special combat force. So negligence on their part could result disastrous. Augustus leviosa’d the nearest rock and threw it through the glass. With a loud shattering the silence of the night was broken and Alfred was alarmed of possible intruders.
Inside the cave Bruce opened the glass cylinder containing the latest iteration of his batman suit. With state of the art detection systems and energy shield technology. Fully masking his weakness for projectile attacks. Donning on the Kevlar armor changed something within the man known as Bruce Wayne. It gave him and edge, a ruthlessness that the playboy did not possess. Embracing the darkness he set out through the cave entrance in an effort to ambush the intruders. On the screen he saw they had initiated contact with Alfred. Transferring the live-feed to his wrist screen he left the cave behind.
High up in the canopy surround Wayne mansion Robin was observing the intruders. They looked like a bunch of amateurs, sneaking around and throwing rocks. Still, they seemed to be in possession of telekinesis, either through mutation or technology. Their aura felt off as well. They looked harmless, but Robin felt and edge of danger to them. They hadn’t spotted him, so he would have the element of surprise on his side. That usually meant it would be a one-sided altercation. Smiling under his mask he grabbed his staff and jumped from the branch he was standing on. Gliding towards his targets like a bird of prey.
Avery had been complaining since they had gotten here. The imbecile had thought a simple assassination of some rich muggle was far beneath his station. Not only did the whining annoy Augustus, it was also an insult to Lord Voldemort himself. He was just about to cast a pretrificus totalus on the old butler, when the faintest sound alerted him to something approaching. He barely had enough time to duck under the metal rod that aimed for his head. It hit Avery full in the temple and send the wizard tumbling. He’d be out cold for a while. Cursing – in the good old muggle way – Augustus Rookwood leaped back to his feet. In front of him landed a man, dressed in the most preposterous spandex suit and a silly mask. Who did this muggle think he was?
Robin had missed his intended target, but he was sure he took out one of them. That left the guy that looked more dangerous. He was sure that just before the landed the guy was pointing his silly little stick at Alfred. What was he going to do with a child’s toy like that? He eyed his opponent and was struck by how completely ordinary, but ferociously dangerous at the same time, he looked. Retracting his staff he somersaulted backwards while throwing a couple of birdarangs to distract his opponent and maybe even hit him. The stalker actually seemed ill prepared for the projectiles. He managed to change their trajectory only in the nick of time, after uttering some kind of Latin and pointing that stick again. If Robin didn’t know any better, he’s swear the guy was a wizard. Who knows, in a world with mutated and super-powered villains a wizard wouldn’t even be the weirdest rogue in the gallery. One of the projectiles had struck the man across the face, leaving a deep and bloody gash.
Batman crouched on the top of the roof, looking out over the ruckus below. That ill-tempered boy of course hadn’t had the patience to wait and got himself in a fight already. They barely knew what they were dealing with, did that kid ever think of that? Still, Robin seemed to be holding it’s own in the fight and even drew blood. The way the villain used that stick of his worried Batman, though. He was reminded of something he had witnessed on Infinity Island all those years ago. There had been this woman that said she controlled magic. Bruce hadn’t believed it to be true, but whatever it was that she controlled, it was dangerous. And she used a stick just like that. He shot his grappling hook to a pillar just behind Robin.
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2023.05.25 22:09 MrPumpdjinn This is so pointless!

So the show is over and it didn't end with the words "My name is Barry Allen, and I'm the fastest man alive!" which is bad but this is not what I'm going for. I'm going for the three new speedsters.
So Avery Ho, Max Mercury and Jess Chambers got powers in the very end. This is pointless. The show is over there is nothing more to add so why introduce new characters when you are not doing anything with them. I no Avery isn't new and Max got a name drop in season 8 I think at least. But they were just put in there to be in there.
Eric Wallace said this is the end for Flash but not for the Arrowverse. But lets face it how likely is it for James Gunn to do anything with the Arrowverse? When Superman & Lois come to an end the Arrowverse comes to an end. But maybe we will see these three speedsters in the future. I highly doubt it but it might be very unlikely happening.
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2023.05.25 17:48 nksdabomb I made a timeline of events based off of podcasts & WWHL/VPR details.

Please feel free to correct me if any details are wrong. I literally whipped this up at work this morning. Also worth noting, some info was featured on the "extra footage" episode of the reunion on Peacock, the Call Her Daddy podcast Ariana was on, WWHL and VPR episodes. And lastly, anytime "Tom" is used, assume I'm talking about Sandoval.
Edit: watching again for the 3rd time and added a couple dates I missed and made a couple corrections.
Dec 2021 - James and Raquel call off their engagement.
Beginning of 2022 - Tom tells Andy during 1:1 this is around the time he starts having feelings for Raquel. 🧐 🤨
Mid April (at Coachella) – Allegedly, Tom tells Raquel that he and Ariana are in an open relationship. Raquel tells others, and it gets back to Scheana, who tells us this at the reunion. Rumors start swirling that Raquel and “Tom” were seen kissing at Coachella. It’s assumed to be Schwartz, but little did we know. 😠
Sometime in July – Schwartz tells us at the reunion Tom confided to him that he and Ariana are having problems. He's setting the narrative.
Aug 2 – Ariana’s Dog Charlotte passes away :(
Aug 3 – Guys night at the Mondrian hotel. Raquel and Charlie show up after leaving the girls trip.
Aug 4 – Schwartz tells us at the reunion that Tom told him he confided into Raquel about his relationship problems with Ariana and they had an "intimate moment”.
Aug 9 - After filming wrapped at “C-U-N-Tuesday” a bunch went to the Abby and that’s the night they had sex. Tom tells Andy this during his 1:1.
Aug 13 - Tom and Ariana host a pool party where Tom defends Raquel against Lala
Aug 23 – Scheana’s wedding in Mexico (Schwartz and Raquel kissed) Tom caught in footage smacking Raquel’s ass. There are rumors Tom and Raquel were seen making out in the hotel.
Aug 31 – Schwartz tells us at the reunion that’s when he finds out about the “one night stand” between Tom and Raquel. Says Tom blamed alcohol and it absolutely won’t happen again.
Sept 2 – Lala’s birthday – Katie tells Tom that Ally saw him and Raquel at the Abby “enjoying” each other.
Sept 5 – Ariana’s Grandmother dies (according to the obituary)
Sept 5 – Labor Day cook out in LA, Raquel is also in attendance. Tom says he “couldn’t get a Lyft” back home to Ariana while others confirmed Lyfts and Ubers were in and out of there all day long.
Sept 12 – Raquel’s B-day, she buys the Lightning Bolt necklace for herself around this time. Also Glamping trip. This is also when Schwartz confirmed at the reunion he was including Tom when he mentioned Raquel having a type of going after men that are taken.
Sept 16-18 Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas – Pictures shown of Raquel on Tom’s shoulders. Tom tells Andy at the reunion this is when the affair “amped up”. (Ariana was in attendance.)
Sept 19 - Raquel’s Instagram post from life is beautiful featuring her wearing the lightning bolt necklace. Captioned “It’s giving Harley Quinn falls in love with the joker vibes ⚡️”
Sept 24 – Ariana’s Grandmoms funeral. Ariana flies to Florida twice this month to be with family. Unclear what those dates were.
Sept - While Ariana is home in FL, Ken Todd drops the mother of all gossip bombs. “I can’t believe, that Tom Zandaville had Raquel, over, when Ariana’s away, in the ju… jacuzzi as well. AND SHE STAYED ALL NIGHT, YEAH?!”
Sept sometime - Tom tells show runner in unaired footage that he feels guilty he’s not sharing his issues on the show and thought it was unfair to the rest of the cast. Again, laying the groundwork.
Oct 14-16 Bravocon – Raquel shows up in TomTom hoodie. Schwartz tells Katie that Raquel isn’t there for him. 👀
Oct 31 – Tom dresses up as Raquel for Halloween
December – Tom takes Raquel home to STL for Christmas.
January - Scheana says she has a convo with Ariana and she said she and Tom are in a good place. Communication and intimacy were good.
January 2023 – Big Bear trip with Schwartz, Jo, Tom, and Raquel – Ariana was not invited. Schwartz claimed he did not know about the affair at this time.
“Mid/late Jan” – Tom tells us at the reunion that’s when he told Schwartz about the affair. Neither can get their stories straight however.
Feb 8 – Both Toms on WWHL. Schwartz is extremely nervous. Tom acts very composed and laid back. (Meanwhile, Raquel is in their hotel room based on info Ariana shared on the CHD podcast)
Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day, Ariana and Tom go to V-day dinner, Tom gifts her flowers. Fight all night about their relationship. (Details provided by Ariana on CHD podcast)
Feb 28- Tom records him and Raquel fapping to each other on Facetime at Schwartz’s apartment.
Mar 1 – Scheana & Raquel are guests on WWHL. Raquel calls Sandoval the “hotter Tom”. Ariana finds out about affair by looking in Tom’s phone in a bathroom stall at Tom Tom restaurant.
Mar 2 – Affair made public by TMZ.
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2023.05.25 16:27 GaliTuli Gold James Avery

Gold James Avery
Simple choices. I don’t have to worry about removing my jewelry to wash my hands today. No soap residue or lotion in the settings. Do you remove your nice rings before washing your hands or putting on creams? PS you don’t have to ‘like’ the Virgin Mary to ‘like’ simple gold rings on Reddit. 😂 😆
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2023.05.25 16:02 Q-BASE-Noob Jackson, MS Cops Charged In Connection To Keith Murriel's Death - Kenya McCarty, James Land & Avery Willis. SOURCE: WLBT-TV

Jackson, MS Cops Charged In Connection To Keith Murriel's Death - Kenya McCarty, James Land & Avery Willis. SOURCE: WLBT-TV submitted by Q-BASE-Noob to 1312Freedom2post [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 18:07 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 8 RESULTS

Eight games between Top 25 opponents means there's little time for an introduction. Let's start with the big one.
#2t UCLA 70, #5 Kansas 64. It's no secret what the Kryptonite for Kansas is: getting their bigs in foul trouble. The tricky part is doing it -- both Embiid and Chamberlain are experts at avoiding fouling. But if it happens, you can get the win. UCLA proved it.
With Joel Embiid fouled out with three minutes to go and Wilt Chamberlain desperately trying not to, Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar feasted inside late, scoring UCLA's last 18 points between them and leading the Bruins (8-0) to a big win over the Jayhawks (7-1) to become the only unbeaten team on Naismith Island.
"Getting through non-conference play 12-0 is the goal, obviously," Walton said after the game. "We can get there if we stay in our groove and let the game flow. Right now me and Big K [Kareem] are doing it right. We aren't afraid of anything coming our way."
Paul Pierce's 14 points were not enough in the end. "We gotta play disciplined," he said when asked how to do things differently. "We didn't do that, and that's why we lost. If we stay focused and don't foul, we can win that game."
#2t North Carolina 99, #8 Michigan 59. What stood as a chance for the Wolverines to prove there was a sixth big name in town turned into a spectacle for those in baby blue.
Michael Jordan and James Worthy each scored 18 points as all 15 UNC players got to play when the Tar Heels (7-1) annihilated the Wolverines (7-1), making sure only one team would get to 8-0 this season.
"Enough people question you and you take that personally," Jordan said after the game. "We made our intentions clear, no more losing. We showed what we can do given the chance."
With the crowd at full throat before the game began for the Heels, Jordan and his teammates got off to a 17-0 start and never looked back. Fans began to wonder if Michigan was playing tentative basketball, saying they were more yellow than blue during timeouts.
"It was one bad game," center Chris Webber claimed. "We'll be back next time."
#7 Syracuse 79, #9 Connecticut 69. Syracuse may be in the ACC instead of the Big East now, but the blood still boils when these two squads get together. Ultimately, it was an advantage at point guard that made the difference.
Dave Bing's 24 points made up for the standoff between the two outside scorers -- Syracuse's Carmelo Anthony and Connecticut's Ray Allen -- as the Orange (7-1) got past the Huskies (6-2) in a game that brought back memories of the tussles of old.
"I admit it, I kinda miss playing them twice a year," Anthony mused. "But we have to stick up for the best conference in basketball, and they're not a part of it. We're 7-1 now; it's time to show we can hang with the big names."
Bing went on a one-man 10-0 run with 7:13 left in the second half, a run that proved to be the margin of victory.
"You live for days like this," Bing said after the game.
Allen and Anthony canceled out with 17 points each.
#4 Duke 76, #12 Indiana 54. Bobby Knight has long made it personal when talking about his former protege Mike Krzyzewski, often claiming a form of ingratitude from student to teacher. If this was all about coaching, Knight might want to rethink his attitude.
Krzyzewski put Grant Hill at the "point-forward" position, using the man's length to try to shut down Isiah Thomas. It worked, as Hill was dominant in the matchup, scoring 22 and giving out 8 assists to lead the Blue Devils (7-1) to victory over the Hoosiers (6-2).
"I don't think about coaches," Hill said after the game. "It's about players and making plays. Today they gave me a tough assignment, but I came through for the team and I'm glad I could."
Many of Hill's assists were to Corey Maggette, who took advantage of being much faster than his counterpart Tom Van Arsdale. With the twins unable to keep up with Maggette's speed, Knight attempted to use Victor Oladipo in the role more. That just led to JJ Redick and Jeff Mullins getting outside shots to fall.
"We had an answer for everything tonight," Redick admitted.
George McGinnis led Indiana with 13 points.
#16 Louisville 86, #14 Maryland 85, OT. All experts predicted another close one from a Louisville squad that has thrived on the edge all season so far. They got what they thought, and then some. And for Maryland, it meant more heartbreak.
Junior Bridgeman received the Wes Unseld inbound pass and drilled a 15-footer as time expired to lead the Cardinals (7-1) to a stunning overtime win and give the Terrapins (6-2) their second buzzer-beater loss of the season.
"I hope that's the last one," Maryland forward Len Bias, who led the team with 21 points, said after the game. "You play hard up until the final whistle, and it just gets taken from you right when you think there's enough."
For most of the game, Bias and the two Williamses -- Buck and Walt -- were able to control Bridgeman, who only finished with 7 points. However, on the final play after Gene Shue's free throws put Maryland in the lead, coach Denny Crum called for a double screen to get Bridgeman open. It worked.
"Having enough time before the final play to advance the ball was the key," Crum said in talking about the last play. "I'm not saying we didn't have a Christian Laettner [moment] in us, but it's a lot easier to have more options in the half-court. Wesley threw a good look and Junior did the rest. It's why I wanted my center doing the inbound pass -- he could get the ball over the defender."
Darrell Griffith led Louisville with 19 points.
#6 Michigan State 81, #11 Arizona 72. With a full team, the Spartans look dangerous. They'll need to be to survive in the Big Ten.
Jason Richardson's 19 points led all scorers as the Spartans (7-1) held off a furious rally from the homestanding Wildcats (6-2) in order to maintain their perfect record when playing with a full squad.
"Depth matters," Richardson said after the game. "To know we got those guys underneat, Z-Bo [Zach Randolph] and Draymond [Green] allows us to take chances, and you can't leave us open, not the way we were getting shots tonight."
Magic Johnson had 13 points and 11 assists, including two beautiful passes to an open Steve Smith that led to layups that put the game beyond doubt. Aaron Gordon led the Wildcats with 15 points.
#18 Notre Dame 79, #17 Texas 54. When Kevin Durant is on, Texas looks almost impossible to beat. When he's struggling, this happens.
Adrian Dantley's 23 points spurred the offense, while his lockdown of Durant held the star to 11 points and fueled the defense as the Irish (7-1) had a complete win over the Longhorns (6-2) before a stunned Texas Court crowd.
"When you have a gameplan you know is going to work, all you have to do is execute," Irish coach Digger Phelps explained after the game. "We knew that if Kevin Durant couldn't have a big game we had the advantage everywhere else on the court. It was our chance to take advantage, and we did just what we had to do."
With Durant stymied, the rest of the team attempted to step up. It wasn't their night either, as Texas was held to 31% shooting (20-64) over the course of the game. Avery Bradley in particular struggled, shooting 4-20 and ending with 10 points.
"That was bad," Bradley said bluntly. "Let's not do that again."
#15 Southern Cal 78, #10 Ohio State 70. A season-opening loss to Kentucky seems like an eternity ago. It's possible the Trojans have a case to be the second-best team in the Pac-12.
Treetop Robinson had 20 points as Southern Cal (7-1) spaced the floor with their three-guard lineup and upset the Buckeyes (6-2) in a matchup with both football coaches Woody Hayes and John McKay in attendance.
"It felt like a Rose Bowl, didn't it?" McKay said when he invaded the press conference to congratulate Sam Barry and the Trojans. "Any time we can defend our turf, it's good. Rest assured you've set the bar for us when football season comes around."
Jerry Lucas couldn't keep up with Treetop underneath, and when Herb Williams or Clark Kellogg attempted to help with a double-team, it left the lane open for DeMar DeRozan (17 points). Ohio State's outside shooters, sixth-man D'Angelo Russell in particular, had their opportunities, and it was a matter of if they could catch up to the Trojan play. They came up short.
"I'm not going to blame anyone," said Russell, who at 18 points was his team's leading scorer. "We win as a team and we lose as a team."
Georgetown 93, #21 UNLV 84. For the third time this season, Georgetown was involved in a game where the Top 25 team fell to someone unranked. This time, it went the other way.
Allen Iverson took advantage of the fast pace to put up 29 points and lead the Hoyas (6-2) over the Runnin' Rebels (5-3) in a matchup that proved the mid-majors still have a bit of a ways to go in order to compete in the NIBL.
"That just wasn't good enough," Rebels guard Reggie Theus admitted. "We can compete with anyone, but we can't just compete; we need to win."
The high-octane offense seemed to play into the hands of the home Rebels early, as Hoyas center Patrick Ewing Sr was often left behind on transition plays. Coach John Thompson quickly adjusted, moving Alonzo Mourning to center and going with a four-guard lineup of Sleepy Floyd, Iverson, Dino Martin, and David Wingate. It paid off, as quick passes stymied Armen Gilliam on defense and often led to Iverson layups.
Shawn Marion led the Rebels with 20 points.
  1. Kentucky 103, Florida State 67
  2. UCLA(t) 70, 5. Kansas 64
  3. North Carolina(t) 99, 8. Michigan 59
  4. Duke 76, 12. Indiana 54
  5. Kansas 64, 2t. UCLA 70
  6. Michigan State 81, 11. Arizona 72
  7. Syracuse 79, 9. Connecticut 69
  8. Michigan 59, 2t. North Carolina 99
  9. Connecticut 69, 7. Syracuse 79
  10. Ohio State 70, 15. Southern Cal 78
  11. Arizona 72, 6. Michigan State 81
  12. Indiana 54, 4. Duke 76
  13. Illinois 102, Oklahoma 96, OT
  14. Maryland 85, 16. Louisville 86, OT
  15. Southern Cal 78, 10. Ohio State 70
  16. Louisville 86, 14. Maryland 85, OT
  17. Texas 54, 18. Notre Dame 79
  18. Notre Dame 79, 17. Texas 54
  19. Houston 114, Marshall 86
  20. Minnesota 82, San Francisco 62
  21. UNLV 84, Georgetown 93
  22. Alabama 67, Villanova 53
  23. DePaul 90, Colorado 53
  24. LSU 85, Detroit Mercy 61
  25. Arizona State 75, Clemson 63
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2023.05.24 08:09 Internub Would you go for this line up?

Would you go for this line up?
Put together a line up that I think would smash. Tried to make mix of artists that would be sure hits and ones that I think would expand the boundaries of the festival a bit without changing the vibe. Who else would you want to add?
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2023.05.24 03:41 VaquitaPorpoise TDP May Monthly Update Toward season 5

Hey TDP fandom! Ahoy me fellow pirates! Welcome to the seven seas of the untamed ocean and welcome to another monthly sea adventure of TDP content, news and updates! Hope everyone had a great Mothers Day!
The countdown to TDP season 5 has begun as we now have to wait one more month for the release date as well as the official season 5 trailer!
Now that the TDP team is waking up by promoting more ocean content to their official social media platforms, the excitement to see a brand new season of TDP is growing wilder than a tsunami and monsoon put together!
Let’s review what kinds of TDP content, news and updates have occurred within the month May me fellow pirates!
  1. What has our fellow captain Wonderstorm put up for us promoting season 5?
A brand new poster called The Wicked Depths that features the Ocean Archdragon Domina Profundis revealing herself from a huge tsunami wave underwater seeing a boat producing huge flashes of lightning up in the sky! Maybe it’s Callum signaling the lightning to Domina Profundis asking her for help?
  1. Arrrrrggghhhh!!!! My fellow pirates! Our wonderful TDP pirate crew cooked up a brand new short story called “The Lost Child!” added to their ongoing series of Reflections! It was Written by Michal Schick and Illustrated by Caleb Thomas & Emily Marzonie.
It tells the story on the interaction between Claudia and the being as Claudia is taking a toll from doing massive dark magic during the past two years bringing Viren back from the dead as her face shows signs of aging.
She looks at her reflection in the pool and is remembered how her mother’s departure greatly affected her and is comforted by Terry and Aaravos’s voice promising herself that she can fix anything viewing herself as a powerful dark mage.
Here’s the link to the short story if you haven’t already read it yet! https://thedragonprince.com/lostchild/
  1. Let’s see what the coral reefs dragged in! The TDP team added a cute, small rayllum comic telling how Callum does his hair to be more up in style using his sky magic to style his hair from bed rest.
The TDP team added another short comic featuring Terry using his Earthblood Elf powers to shelter Claudia from the storm using nearby vines to create shelter.
The TDP team added another small comic called Rock around the Clock that revealed a funny rock pun dedicated to the guardians of Umbor Tor.
  1. Look what the tides cooked us from the shore! Amazon released a few sneak peek pages from TDP’s third upcoming graphic novel in Puzzle House!
Here’s link to check them out on Amazon’s official website! https://www.amazon.com/Puzzle-House-Dragon-Prince-Graphic/dp/133879437X/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=2PKCWZ250TTEH&keywords=puzzle+house+dragon+prince+graphic+novel&qid=1684176809&sprefix=puzzle+house+%2Caps%2C519&sr=8-1#immersive-view_1684176837023
  1. Land ahead on the barrier islands! The TDP team added another short story to their ongoing series of Reflections called “All Storms are Calm!” It was Written by Kris James Illustrated by Caleb Thomas & Emily Marzonie.
It tells the story of Zubeia telling Zym more about his father Avizandum as they both dwell on the pain and loss they experienced on losing the Dragon King. Zubeia acknowledges that she misses him dearly, but loves Zym watching him play in the rain in the meadow below the Storm Spire!
The TDP team another short story called “The Queen’s Mercy.” It was Written by Devon Giehl and Illustrated by Caleb Thomas & Emily Marzonie.
It tells the story of the Bloodmoon huntress interacting with the Sunfire Queen, Aditi telling Kim’dael that one of her descendants will someday be more merciful on Kim’dael’s crimes as she makes a necklace to protect the Bloodmoon Huntress from the dragon’s wrath.
Here’s the link to the latest short story in case you haven’t read it yet! https://thedragonprince.com/thequeensmercy/
  1. Holy high tides! This month couldn’t get any better! We finally have a release month for season 5! Netflix confirmed that TDP season 5 will be released somewhere in July, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet along with a new image showing Terry and Claudia carrying Viren’s body in some type of marsh.
  2. Our captain Wonderstorm released over 10 brand new images from the new upcoming episodes of season 5! Here’s the link to the new season 5 images if you haven’t seen them yet! https://thedragonprince.com/first-look-season-5-screenshots/
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2023.05.23 20:11 Tanyas_Cafe What are your thoughts on LeBron's playoff run with the Cavaliers in 2015 after returning to Cleveland?

After originally leaving the Cavaliers to go play for the Miami Heat, LeBron James won two of his NBA Championships in the four years he spent with them. But then once the Heat lost to the Spurs in 2014, LeBron decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers as a free agent, while Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would stay in Miami for two more seasons. As for the Cavs, they had Kyrie Irving and former Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love.
For the first time since 2010, the Cavaliers have made the playoffs where they would go up against the Boston Celtics in the opening round. The series was also a cakewalk as LeBron James averaged 27 points, 9 boards and 6.5 dimes with the help of Kyrie Irving (23.3 points, 5 boards and 4.3 dimes) and Kevin Love (14.3 points and 7 boards) while the Celtics were able to get some production out of starters Avery Bradley (12.3 points) and Evan Turner (10.5 points, 7.3 boards and 4.8 dimes) and backups in ex-Sun Isaiah Thomas (17.5 points and 7 dimes), ex-Mav Jae Crowder (10.8 points and 5 boards) and Jared Sullinger (12.3 points and 7 dimes) but couldn't stop LeBron. Unfortunately for the Cavs, they lost Kevin Love for the playoffs after a dislocated shoulder courtesy of Celtics' center Kelly Olynyk.
The Cavs made it to the second round where they took on the Chicago Bulls. Despite the absence of K-Love, LeBron averaged 26.2 points, 11 boards and 8.8 dimes with the help of Kyrie Irving (17.5 points) and other Cavs such as Tristan Thompson (9.3 points and 11.2 boards) and ex-Knicks Iman Shumpert (12.7 points and 4.5 boards) and J.R. Smith (12.8 points and 4 boards), while the Bulls' top productive players during the series were Derrick Rose (21.7 points, 5.3 boards and 6.5 dimes), Jimmy Butler (21 points and 5.7 boards), Mike Dunleavy Jr. (11.3 points and 4 boards) and former Laker Pau Gasol (11.5 points and 5.8 boards). Cleveland won the series 4-2.
Going into the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals vs. the Atlanta Hawks, the Cavaliers were also at risk of losing Irving to injury. As for the series, LeBron James averaged 30.3 points, 11 boards and 9.3 dimes with the help of J.R. Smith (18 points, 7.5 boards), Tristan Thompson (11.8 points and 10 boards) and Timofey Mozgov (10.8 points and 7.5 boards), while Irving (13 points and 5.5 dimes) was hobbled with a knee injury that would eventually be aggravated later on. The Hawks got the most out of Jeff Teague (21.5 points and 4.5 dimes), Paul Millsap (13.8 points and 7.8 boards), Al Horford (11 points and 4.8 boards), Kent Bazemore (10.8 points and 5.3 boards), Shelvin Mack (10 points) and three-point marksman Kyle Korver (10.5 points and 4 boards). Ultimately, the Cavaliers would defeat the Hawks and make their first NBA Finals appearance since 2007.
The Cavaliers would get their first crack at the NBA Championship with LeBron back on the team, as they would go up against the emerging Golden State Warriors. LeBron James put up 35.8 points, 13.3 boards and 8.8 dimes with help from Mozgov (14 points and 7.5 boards), Smith (11.5 points and 4.3 boards) and Thompson (10 points and 13 boards) while Irving (23 points, 7 boards and 6 dimes) wound up incurring a fractured kneecap in Game 1 and was eventually lost for the playoffs. Despite LeBron's efforts without Irving and Love, Golden State won their first NBA Championship since 1975.
For the Finals, the Warriors got the most out of Stephen Curry (26 points, 5.2 boards and 6.3 dimes), Klay Thompson (15.8 points and 4.3 boards) and Draymond Green (13 points, 8.3 boards and 5 dimes) while Andre Iguodala took home the 2015 NBA Finals MVP on the back of his performance against LeBron to the tune of 16.3 points, 5.8 boards and 4 dimes.
Cleveland would go on to have three more playoff runs for the rest of LeBron's second stint with the team. However, i'd like to know your thoughts on LeBron James' return to the Cavaliers and his first playoff run for them since 2010 despite losing Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to injury and having to rely on J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov for help contributing on offense instead.
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2023.05.22 16:40 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of my list for Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Which one is your Favourite? (Version 2)

Richard Kiel as T-800; The Terminator
Susan Sarandon as Sarah Connor
Peter Weller as T-1000
Robert Duvall as Dr. Peter Silberman
Morgan Freeman as Miles Bennett Dyson
Margaret Avery as Tarissa Dyson
Henry Darrow as Enrique Salceda
Gary Busey as Todd Voight
Nancy Allen as Janelle Voight
Robert Downey Jr. as Tim
C. Thomas Howell as John Connor
Harrison Ford as Kyle Reese (Cameo; Special Guest Appearance)
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Sylvester Stallone as T-800; The Terminatior
Michael Pfeiffer as Sarah Connor
Michael Biehn as T-1000
David Warner as Dr. Peter Silberman
Danny Glover as Miles Bennett Dyson
Alfie Woodard as Tarissa Dyson
Edward James Olmos as Enrique Salceda
David Morse as Todd Voight
Andie MacDowell as Janelle Voight
Johnny Galecki as Tim
Joey Lawrence as John Connor
Dennis Quaid as Kyle Reese (Cameo; Special Guest Appearance)
Director: James Cameron
Distributed by TriStar Pictures

Dolph Lundgren as T-800; The Terminatior
Nicole Kidman as Sarah Connor
Gerard Butler as T-1000
Ed Harris as Dr. Peter Silberman
Mykelti Williamson as Miles Bennett Dyson
Vanessa L. Williams as Tarissa Dyson
Jimmy Smits as Enrique Salceda
Patrick Warburton as Todd Voight
Carla Gugino as Janelle Voight
Drake Bell as Tim
Shia LaBeouf as John Connor
Charlie Sheen as Kyle Reese (Cameo; Special Guest Appearance)
Director: Roland Emmerich
Distributed by Columbia Pictures: A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company

Dwayne Johnson as T-800; The Terminator
Charlize Theron as Sarah Connor
Channing Tatum as T-1000
Stanley Tucci as Dr. Peter Silberman
Will Smith as Miles Bennett Dyson
Taraji P. Henson as Tarissa Dyson
Benicio del Toro as Enrique Salceda
Cole Hauser as Todd Voight
Jessica Alba as Janelle Voight
Timothée Chalamet as Tim
Tom Holland as John Connor
Christian Bale as Kyle Reese (Cameo; Special Guest Appearance)
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Distributed by Columbia Pictures: A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company/MGM

John Cena as T-800; The Terminator
Brie Larson as Sarah Connor
Robert Pattinson as T-1000
Jon Hamm as Dr. Peter Silberman
Anthony Mackie as Miles Bennett Dyson
Meagan Good as Tarissa Dyson
Michael Peña as Enrique Salceda
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Todd Voight
Elizabeth Olsen as Janelle Voight
Elias Harger as Tim
Jacob Tremblay as John Connor
Miles Teller as Kyle Reese as Kyle Reese (Cameo; Special Guest Appearance)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures: A Sony Company/MGM

Kellan Lutz as T-800; The Terminator
Florence Pugh as Sarah Connor
Tanner Buchanan as T-1000
Michael Fassbender as Dr. Peter Silberman
Michael B. Jordan as Miles Bennett Dyson
Keke Palmer as Tarissa Dyson
Michael Trevino as Enrique Salceda
Ansel Elgort as Todd Voight
Chloë Grace Moretz as Janelle Voight
Dash McCloud as Tim
Audie Rick as John Connor
Tom Holland as Kyle Reese as Kyle Reese (Cameo; Special Guest Appearance)
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures: A Sony Company/MGM
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2023.05.22 13:31 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - May 22nd, 2023

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