Rich and rare whiskey

Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye

2016.11.14 01:02 RudeRedditer Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye

Atlanta whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rye whiskey. Rare and limited bottles. Austin drinks his whiskey with breast milk.

2012.08.28 22:54 DGChainZ BarBattlestations: Where you go to drown your sorrows

This place is pretty straight-forward. Show off your liquor cabinet, booze bench, home bar and any tips or tricks for other users.

2015.05.03 05:22 VPI_1991 The Horse's Butt


2023.05.29 18:30 violinnoob90 Please help-- boyfriend's 13 year old cat peeing and pooping all over the house.

Hello and thanks.
My boyfriend and I have been living together with his cat (13 years old) for 4 years. In that time, she has had occasional issues pooping or peeing outside the box (mostly with pooping). However, for the past year or so, it has gotten a bit out of control. We moved to a new house in November 2022 and now it's the worst it's ever been.
Every day, I wake up and ask my boyfriend if she pooped in her box, and he says "no, she went on the landing" or "no, she went in the closet". It's gotten to be a rare occasion (once every 5-6 times or so) that she goes in the box, although she usually has always peed in the box for the most part. Recently, she has also started peeing in laundry baskets that are left out, on carpets, etc. Last night, she attempted to go in her box after was there encouraging her but had bad constipation and ran off in a panic. We woke up this morning to her having pooped and peed on the couch. I am becoming increasingly disgusted with this and finding it difficult to live with (last week, she peed all over a bunch of my shoes and over the side of a suitcase).
The biggest problem with this is that I can't talk to my boyfriend about it without him getting upset. Every time, he says that she's just constipated and scared of her box and he needs to adjust her food, etc. I can't even make a suggestion (like getting her another litterbox) without him throwing up his hands, raising his voice and telling me that I need to stop "making such a big deal out of it" and he doesn't want to problem-solve, he just wants me to be supportive. (He claims he's actively trying to solve the problem, and he did buy Dr. Elsey's cat attract litter last week and put it in her box, so I guess that's something.) He also says that because she's 13, this is just something that happens, and he gets angry at me for being upset about it, asking what I will do when I have a kid someday or I have to take care of my parents when I'm old. I feel like these are very different situations, though, and I don't see why he seems fine with not solving this problem.
Today, I was visibly upset and said we NEEDED to take her to the vet, he got angry and said he will sometime soon but he's really busy this week and the problem isn't going to be solved immediately. I said I would take her for him this week and he refused, saying he needs to be there to hear what the vet has to say. We got into a huge fight where he told me I always make such a big deal about things and make them worse, but I'm just not okay letting the cat go to the bathroom all over the house! It's clearly not good for her, either.
I should mention that we were gone the other weekend on a trip, and she went in her box normally for the cat sitter the entire time she was left alone, which seems strange to me. Also, she is extremely spoiled-- my boyfriend is constantly obsessing over her and catering to what he thinks is her every need, even after she attacks him and draws blood often.
So I have a few questions for cat owners-- am I actually overreacting? Is it actually normal for cats to pee and poop outside the box this frequently? If not, what can be done? Should I go ahead and just purchase another litterbox? We've tried a few different types of litter, but is it worth trying more?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 18:29 reddit_equals_censor ASUS X570-E Gaming WIFI II motherboard is BROKEN reducing 5950x cpu clocks by 300 mhz + asus support lying and gaslighting!

short version:

the asus x570-e gaming wifi 2 motherboard causes my 5950x cpu to underperform in all core usage by 300 mhz. this is A LOT! this is 8% missing clock speed.
instead of trying to fix the problem, asus support lies and gaslights me to the point where they try to get me to believe, that this broken behavior is perfectly normal.
going so far as to say a cinebench r20 score of 9300 (picture 1 ) is an acceptable score for a 5950x. (IT IS NOT!)

reasons for this long detailed post to exist:
  1. goal why this post got made is to create public pressure on asus to FIX the problem with their motherboard as support fully ignored this issue.
  2. goal is to warn people to avoid asus as a brand completely if at all possible.

asus forum link about this issue and the hellish "support":

whole long version in mostly chronological order:

  1. asus shipped a broken motherboard, that causes a cpu to underperform.
losing around 300 mhz all core clock (picture 2 )
and 6% -ish missing benchmark performance. (picture 3 )
my clock speed: 3600-3625 mhz
my cinebench r20 score: 9539.78 (10 run average, low chip temperature)
reviewer clock speed 3925-3950 mhz
reviewer cinebench r20 score average 10146
missing clock speed: 325 mhz (8%)
missing cinebench score: 606 (6%)

  1. latest bios (4404 and 4602) reduces performance further by around 1% in benchmarks compared to bios 0309.
  2. customer contacts asus support
  3. i provide asus with all my data, which includes pictures of test runs running cpu-z, hwinfo64, etc…. I also include a spreadsheet of reviewer scores (picture 4 spreadsheet ) and a hardware unboxed screenshot showing their clockspeeds during cinebench r20 as a perfect comparison.
link to hardware unboxed review showing their stock score of 10157 and all core clock speed of 3925-3950 mhz in cinebench r20:

  1. asus support claims to have replicated the issue and forwarded the issue to their higher technical team. (picture 5 )

  1. the asus support gaslighting begins:
asus support claims, that a 300 mhz reduced all core clock is due to “system specification difference” compared to professional reviewers.
this follows with asus telling me to overclock my cpu with enabling PBO (precision boost overdrive) and changing certain vrm settings alongside with it. (picture 6 )

  1. lots of asus support hell.
this included several people giving the same advice of overclocking my cpu after I specifically said, that this not a solution and not desired.
support keeps “reseting”. this means, that I talk to a new person, who then takes days to forward the issue to someone else, who then might as said earlier give nonsense “advice”. (e.g. : overclock your computer)

  1. asus lying about 5950x performance:
asus support tells me, that the expected score variance of a 5950x is 9300-9800 points in cinebench r20. (picture 1 ) this is a LIE! (trying to gaslight a customer here)
the variance of 5950x scores from professional reviewers was between 9801-10522.
9801 is already an outlier from the asus crosshair viii formula from overclock3d’s review compared to other reviewer scores.
medium score of 5950x reviews is: 10146.
my score is: 9600.6 (0309 bios) 9539.8 (4404 bios)
so I am missing 6% cinebench score and as mentioned in the title 300 mhz all core clock!!!!
the score is worse by a lot than the worst reviewer score.
the clock and score difference is WAY bigger than could get contributed to silicon lottery differences.
so either my motherboard is broken or my cpu is broken.

  1. asus claims, that they were not able to reproduce the issue now (picture 7 ), despite claiming, that they replicated the issue earlier.
remember, that asus now claims at the same time for the same issue, that they:
A: reproduced the issue of missing clock speed and performance
B: the score and clocks are perfectly fine and as expected
C: they were not able to reproduce the issue
now you might have noticed, that A, B and C can’t be true at the same time :D , but asus support doesn’t care and will actually give inherently contradictory statements.
it is absurd and insulting!

  1. asus keeps going back and forth between having recreated the issue and claiming, that they did nothing and need basic questions answered first.
even when I asked extremely directly whether they did reproduce the issue, asus REFUSED to give me an answer to even that later on!
so the logical step after their latest nonsense claims and avoiding answering is to ask them specifically for the cinebench scores and clocks, that they saw in their claimed test runs.

  1. guess what… :D
asus REFUSES to provide their 5950x score results on this motherboard as well as clock speeds after asking them multiple times for this most basic information.
  1. asus goes on to claim, that my score (and thus clocks) are perfectly fine. (picture 8 ) (gaslighting again)
they then LIE and claim, that the reviewers had PBO enabled. (picture 9 )
remember: reviewer cinebench r20 score average is 10146.44 my score is 9539.78. both stock.
important to know here, that I linked pictures of hardware unboxed running cinebench r20 earlier.
this shows the cpu running at STOCK tdc limit, which is 95 amps.
that not being enough I also send asus a spreadsheet of professional reviewer scores, the boards they used and links to the reviews. NONE of them used PBO of course. (picture 3 )
asus literally is trying to tell me here, that 2+2 = 5!
I send them pictures before, that showed, that 2 + 2 =4 (hardware unboxed picture with stock settings running getting 10k+ cinebench r20 score for example)
NO asus, go screw yourself! 2+2 =/= 5!
your freaking board is broken and your garbage support can try to lie to me and try to gaslight me as much as they want, this won’t change the facts!

this is where it ended at the time.
asus support clearly refused to provide any actual support.
they refused to be honest to a customer on whether or not they recreated the issue.
they continuously lied to me the customer for many many emails over and over again.
they tried to gaslight me to get me to believe, that professional reviewers had PBO enabled to get those stock scores (10146.44 average) and that a 9300-9800 cinebench r20 score is the expected range for a 5950x cpu!

there was no budging. that was the line they were drawing.
a straight middle finger to the customer, who spend 370 euros on one of their garbage products. :/
this is the experience you can expect to get from asus products or worse.
see section
examples of other MAJOR asus motherboard problems:”
below for examples of “worse”

maybe this big post with lots of evidence will be enough to get asus to fix their broken product, but who knows.
either way, please let this post be a warning, to avoid asus products if at all possible!
and for anyone from asus reading this:
fix your broken garbage hardware! and replace the hardware, that can’t get fixed through software!

_______end of the WHOLE LONG VERSION here________

some more stuff still follows for anyone interested, but feel free to ignore those and thank you for reading and hopefully sharing the information about garbage broken asus hardware and the horrible, lying and gaslighting asus support. : )
1: how asus should address the problem
2: relevant specs of my system
3: benchmarking information, as in how i benchmarked
4: examples of other MAJOR asus motherboard problems

1. how asus should address the problem:
public validation:
DO actual validation of the issue and share the data through screenshots publicly here on the asus forum:
get 2 5950x cpus 1. being revision/stepping B0, the other being B2. it could be, that the issue is isolated to the B2 stepping, but i doubt it. but hey this is what proper validation looks like and asus has the chips FOR SURE.
run them in the asus crosshair viii hero wifi with the bios version reviewers used like bios 2311 and the latest bios (this board performed properly for reviewers), then test both of those cpus in the ASUS X570-E Gaming WIFI II with 0309 and 4602 bios.
if the board is fine, then the scores should give the almost identical clocks and scores and the scores should be around or above 10k in cinebench r20 and there should be NO regression in scores when updating to a newer bios.
and i would know, that my cpu is broken and i can contact amd for a replacement. (very very unlikely to be the case)

if the x570-e gaming wifi 2 is broken, then it will show a massive drop in scores and clocks as i suspect is the case.
again, post all pictures with hwinfo64 open as a response here in the asus forum thread i created.
assuming it is the board, which is VERY likely, then the following must be done:

work on a fix, which is likely an easy bios fix and then share the fix with a public bios update.
so you grab your bios developers, look at the bios of the asus crosshair viii hero wifi board with bios 2311 and compare it to the asus x570-e gaming wifi 2.
take whatever is broken in the asus x570-e gaming wifi 2 bios and replace it/fix it with the crosshair viii hero wifi bios code with adjustments of course for the x570-e board.

do the same with asus motherboards, that have the same or similar issue. this person has the same or similar issue of missing clock speed/ performance on the asus rog strix x570-i gaming for example:
so I’m not alone here btw!
if the issue is NOT software based, but hardware based and there is no software fix possible, then REPLACE MY BOARD WITH A WORKING ONE!
and do the same for everyone else with this garbage broken board.

2. relevant specs of my system:
motherboard: asus X570-E Gaming WIFI II
cpu: 5950x (stepping: 2, revision VRM-B2 according to cpu-z)
bios tested: 4602 (latest), 4404 and 0309 (first bios)
psu: evga p6 750 watt (seasonic built unit)
os: spyware 10 (windows 10) 2 different versions tested and windows 7
  1. some benchmarking information, for anyone wondering about my data gathering:
all testing was done with 10 runs and very controlled. no other program running, no screen recording software running, etc… any big outlier due to for example spyware 10 (windows 10) background garbage going on was dropped from the averages.
lots of bios and software testing was done.
any test, where a screenshot was taken is of course discarded from the score data. (that’s the reason 2 scores in picture 2 are blacked out)
and ambient temp controlled as well as i could.

examples of testing i did:
with and without chipset driver, different chipset driver versions. windows 7 (score gets lower, but clocks stay the same) and 2 spyware 10 versions.
lots and lots of bios settings, which includes disabling any possible asus garbage, that could cause issues and changing core current telemetry offset up and down.
i tried everything i could think of, before contacting asus support basically and i did very strong data collection to present them with the best, most accurate data i could reproduce.
if you have any question about how horrible asus support is, or details of the data, please feel free to ask me. i’ll gladly answer them if i can :)
4. examples of other MAJOR asus motherboard problems:
this is for anyone thinking, that my experience with this one product is rare.
the 3 examples given include the biggest asus forum thread with the most views and comments ever (asus x570 dark hero not starting up) and straight up fire risk and thus risk of life, that also didn’t get properly addressed for over 8 months (asus z690 hero):
1 asus x570 dark hero NOT starting up at times:
record asus forum post with most responses and most views. asus did NOTHING to address this problem and was returning boards unchanged, or is exchanging boards and the replacement gets the same issue in a few months at best. asus refuses to share the result of their investigation. (speculation: to avoid a recall) this issue also effects other motherboards btw….

2 asus x670 boards:
sending 1.4 volts at the soc.
burning through chips and motherboards too or degrading the cpu permanently.
putting on WARRANTY VOID disclaimers on beta bioses, that were created to stop further degrading or burning through chips by limiting the soc voltage theoretically to 1.30 volts soc as per amd guidance.
it wasn’t actually fixed at the time with beta bioses as it was still far above 1.30 volts for soc voltage.
so asus set out a statement to void your warranty, when you update a bios to one, that should protect your hardware actually, but at the same time, that beta bios, that had ONE JOB! didn’t even do that!!
lots of manufacturers had too high soc voltages, not just asus, but asus was the highest and asus handled it BY FAR the worst way.

3 asus z690 hero fire and risk of life issue:
no full proper recall done for over 8 months.
for a FIRE RISK, you do a PROPER recall, because people could die.
asus did NOT do so.
to be clear here, PEOPLE COULD HAVE DIED!, because asus didn’t do a proper recall for this level of issue. that is the level that asus is at!
so that was all then, hope anyone who made it here and read everything is going to have a lovely life free from asus support hell. :D
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2023.05.29 18:29 dissociatedfinn Found a ton of VHS tapes at my parents

Found a ton of VHS tapes at my parents
Hello! I don’t know anything about vhs tapes but I found quite a collection while digging through old DVDs at my mom’s so I thought I’d share lol. Not sure what to do with them
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2023.05.29 18:29 Juvinihilist Asylum/hospital horror

Guys, you’ve very rarely steered me wrong with recommendations so I call upon you again: does anyone have a good gory horror book that takes place in medical settings or perhaps with malevolent medical professionals? Hospitals, insane asylums and unethical human experimentation is a plus.
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2023.05.29 18:29 prplp_airwaves how to not look like a creep on Bumble?

I have had an account on Bumble for a while now. After a difficult loss of a group of friends, I am anxious to make new friends. Today, I came across an account of a person who looked very cool and who I would like to get in touch with. We didn't have a matcha (at least for now). However, they had information on her profile that she is rarely on Bumble, so to write to them on Instagram (on which, by the way, she also looks mega cool). I added them to my followers and liked two photos, but I'm a little afraid to write. I don't want to come off as a creep. We were at the same exhibition recently, they listen to similar music and has a similar aesthetic, so I think we have something in common.
How do you start a conversation so I don't come off super weird?
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2023.05.29 18:28 KaitHasAte How do you deal with an ex bf thriving after breaking your heart?

I hear all the time about how he’ll miss you and realize the grass isn’t greener. But what if the grass really is greener for him. What if he constantly levels up and I’m left stuck and alone? How do I get over this?
We were in college, he dumped me for some unknown reason. Next thing you know he went from nerd to widely-admired frat guy, and I’m just a distant memory for him. I had no friends in college, he had tons. Even people I wanted to befriend ended up hanging out with him. He had the college experience I dreamt of having, but I never had the social skills or money. All the things I’d dream we’d one day do he did with his cool higher class friends. He hung out with sexy girls and the most interesting guys in the school. Even went on a yacht trip, and whatever the hell else. Never invited me to anything. He wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence hardly. It just makes me feel low.
Oh and I should mention that he cut me out of his life shortly after breaking up, because of his friends gossip about me. He accused me of stalking and threatened legal action. It was so much to deal with in college. It was really unfair.
And I believe we had a rare connection when we dated that was very special, until that switch went off and I didn’t even know him anymore.
And yes I went to a rich university as a low income bitch. I got complaints for days lol.
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2023.05.29 18:28 AlternativeShit Honestly Embody is not worth its price or reputation

So I received my chair one week ago, and I thought I would be really happy with it but... After sitting in it for 6 days straight, 8 hours a day, I have found a few dealbreakers that will surely make me return it.
It's good chair, I'm not saying it's bad. But it's way too expensive for what it is, and has too many flaws to justify buying it in the 1300 - 1700 price range. Honestly to me it feels more like a 600$ - 800$ chair.Here's why :
- The wobble in full tilt lock 90° position feels really cheap, and is annoying as hell whenever I want to bend over to focus on something.
- The fact that the armrest angle is dependant on the recline angle is honestly not justifiable for this price. Armrest pokes into your forearms when reclined, and you can't rest your hands on your mouse / keyboard without significant discomfort.
- As a result of this design, and depending on the level of tilt tension, when wanting to stay reclined, resting your arm on the armrest can put too much weight on the chair as a whole and straighten it a bit!
- Armrest adjustments in general are not enough for a chair this expensive. Not being able to adjust them forward or backwards makes some positions untenable (for instance being really close to your desk is not possible). Which, for a chair that's supposed to promote movements, is kind of a big deal.
- I can sometimes feel the pixelated seat under the foam, which again, feels cheap and not high end at all. And even uncomfortable at times.
- In the same way, even if I quite like the lumbar support, I can sometimes feel the "fingers" behind my back, and it can be really annoying. Again, feels cheap, when a bit of foam could easily have fixed the issue.
- The really loud popping sound happening once in a while when reclining should NOT happen at all. It's rare, but it happens.
- Recline mecanism in itself is great, BUT has two downsides that makes it not so great. First downside is it doesn't have enough tilt locks. You always feel as if it's reclined too far or not enough... One more tilt lock level could have fix so much in this regard.
- Tilt tension adjustment is... weird. It's always too much or not enough. I really can't put my finger on what is wrong here, but when using it I just can't find a position that will allow me to rock effortlessly. I either have to force the recline a bit, or it's too loose and I recline too easily. Some cheaper ergonomic chairs I tried nailed this perfectly, even Herman Miller's Aeron. So for me there's no excuse.
- Backrest adjustement is not ideal. I get the idea and philosophy behind it, and it can be really comfortable, but it's just not adjustable enough... And strangely enough, it's an other area where finding the perfect middleground is not possible : either the lumbar support is too low, or the shoulder support bends forward too much, and you with it.
All in all I feel like too much of the chair is cheap / rushed, a lot of area would have deserved to be more polished and taken into consideration when making the chair.
It would be perfectly forgivable for a 600$ chair, but given the price I would not advise anyone to go for it. It's just not worth it imo, I stumbled upon a lot of chair better built, sturdier, with more adjustments, and without anything annoying, for a lot cheaper than 1700$.
I do think Herman Miller is good at marketing, and benefits from a brand image that makes them think they can overlook crucial aspects of a chair... And I don't think it's acceptable. The chair IS extremly expensive and it SHOULD be perfect for this price.
I guess you're also paying for the material longevity, the service, and the 12 year guarantee... But still doesn't make up for it, imo.
Of course, it's perfectly fine if you like it. But I do think some of the flaws I listed are not dependant on the user's taste and are just gross oversights on Herman Miller's part.And I think the brand should be called out for it.
PS : not English speaker, so sorry for any grammar mistakes
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2023.05.29 18:27 MiserableAd5929 BillionAir Pre-Sale

🚀🌟 Get ready for the BillionAir Pre-Sale! 🌟🚀
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#BillionAir #PreSale #Crypto #Tesla #AIRB #LuxuryPrizes #OpportunityKnocks
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2023.05.29 18:25 msackeygh Famous pencil artists (and other related questions about line drawings)

I have a number of questions about pencil art and museums, but first want to give a context around my questions. If I’m posting in the wrong sub-reddit, please let me know where I can post this. I’m new to this.
First, I’m not really a visual artist but recently have been more methodically interested in art museums and have grown to enjoy them and found ways to explore the exhibits in these art museums. Prior to this, I’ve known for a long time that pencil art and what I call “line drawing” (I might be using the wrong term!) is the kind of 2-D visual art that I’m most fascinated by. I’ve tried over the years on and off to develop my pencil drawing skills.
MY QUESTION: I really don’t see any pencil art in these typical art museums I’ve gone to. Is pencil art just not regarded as high quality? Or what’s the history behind this lack? In these museums, I see a lot of “oil on canvas” — so basically paintings. And sometimes I see photography, and sometimes collages. I won’t mention the other non 2-D visual art. Can someone illuminate or provide some thought about why pencil art is not (or rarely) exhibited in museums? I don’t mean the sketches that, perhaps, painters might start with before they paint. I’m not even sure if that’s how painters work, but I just imagine some might start off with a sketch on pencil and paper before painting?
RELATED QUESTION: Relatedly then, who are the historical and contemporary famous pencil artists I could look up? Are any featured in major museums?
So a bit more context around what I’m calling “pencil art” or “pencil drawing”. Correct me if the terms are wrong. So I’m most interested in drawings that are produced by either a pencil or pen. In this form, I’m not so interested in a vast array of colors and more interested in shapes, shading, and I suppose the contrast between the monocolor pencil/pen and the paper and the kinds of shading a pencil/pen can do. Also, is this what is called “line art”?
I suppose I’ve heard of many visual artists use pencil and paper to first sketch out ideas but it seems like the humble pencil is not often the feature of the final art work, but relegated to the background of the work of sketching. Is that a reason why there are not many (if any!) pencil drawings on display at museums?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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2023.05.29 18:25 bigma36 What is going on here 😂😂

What is going on here 😂😂
😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ dude on the left is talking about “please don’t call me handsome I have a woman” 😂😂😂 now they’re all arguing over money, the methed up lady to the right is is getting all the money and they’re mad, and she’s all like “they’re good followers” 😂😂 wtaf ?!? this can’t be real life??
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2023.05.29 18:25 thelittlestrawberry3 Struggling for a Diagnosis

I've been dealing with a lot of medical problems and honestly just curious if there are any thoughts that could help me find the right direction. I'm at a point where I've seen a lot of doctors, and no one really has answers. To a point I feel like maybe I'm just crazy. Maybe nothing is wrong and I'm just paranoid. But I feel terrible, all the time. Pain, exhaustion, severe apathy and a wide array of different symptoms. (see list below) I feel like I'm just getting through the days, instead of living.
I'm not sure if there is any point to me continuing to chase a diagnosis or if I should just accept this is how I'm going to feel. So that is my biggest question today. Are there steps I can take forward? Should I? Does anyone have a suggestion of what next? Thanks for any insight.
38F, 5 ft, 185lbs, white, See below for list of medical complains, non smoker, no drugs, rarely alcohol.
Omeprazole 40mg 1x day
Florajen daily probiotic
Welbutrin 300mg 1x daily
Buspirone 10mg 1x daily
Mirena IUD

(Symptom) Pain in hands, mostly. Some stiffness in legs. Pain in hands seems effected by weather. Doesn't feel like nerve pain. No tingling or traveling of pain. Some fingers hurt more than others depending on the day. Hurts most after waking up, but lessons with movement through the day.
(Diagnosed) Inflammation markers in blood.
(Ruled Out) Autoimmune - Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis.
(S) Constant Heart Burn (since late teems)
(S) Food getting stuck in lower esophagus. (scope and dilation completed)
(D) Diaphragmatic Hernia, Dysphagia, Esophageal obstruction, Esophagitis w/o bleeding.
Eosinophilic esopagitis
(Observation, Tests or Treatment) Omeprazole
(S) Chronic Constipation (since late teens)
(O.T or T) Took Colace daily for years. BMs once every 5 or 6 days was normal. Was recently suggested Florajen daily probiotic by new GP. I had taken probiotics previously but this one actually seems to help. Without the colace, BMs once every 1 to 3 days. I have a diet already that should avoid these problems. Plenty of water, fruits and vegetables. I've even eaten prunes multiple times a week for years.
(S) Possible new trouble swallowing at top of throat. It feels like a spot stuff just won't move past sometimes. No fear of choking on the food, it just stops going down sometimes. Doesn't happen often currently, just sometimes. Also occasionally choking on liquids. When drinking, sometimes just on saliva, and its happens sometimes while gargling mouth wash. This really isn't happening often enough I feel like diagnostic tests could be helpful. Couple 2 or 3 times a month maybe.
(D) Essential tremor (I've had this tremor since my late teens)
(S) Signifcant twitching in arms/hands, legs/feet, some less common twitching that seems to effect my neck/head. Very very very annoying daily eye twitching in right eye. Happens on and off most days.
(O.T or T) Standard MRI w/wo contrast - no problems seen, which rules out MS, right?
Saw a neurologist my GP sent me to. He did a standard exam - movement, walking, eyes, etc. Does not believe it to be Parkinsons currently. Believes tremor happens more while moving than at rest. Its hard for me to pay attention to my tremor and twitching. If I'm watching for it, it is a struggle to know if its happening because I'm expecting it, or if I'm slowing it down because I'm concentrating on it. There just doesn't seem to be a natural way for me to monitor it. A partner of mine has observed me while I was unaware and watching a movie and says the twitching is constant. The neurologist says the tremor is more prevalent while in motion, though the time I notice it the most is while I'm falling asleep. Some nights there is a very strong vibration in my arms as I'm nodding off.
I can't say I know if I'm experiencing sleep disturbances. I recently purchased an Oura ring that monitors my sleep. It has a couple times reported movement during REM sleep, but I don't really know how accurate it is. It isn't frequent though. I did have an event this morning when I was dreaming, I was quickly leaning forward in my dream, and woke myself up jerking forward. But this is unusual. I don't experience drastic punching or kicking regularly.
(S) Intermittent weakness in hands and balance.
My hands are fine 98% of the time, but then just every so often stop working suddenly and for a split second. I've been dropping a lot of stuff. I've broken some dishes, the lids of several of my water thermos cups I use (metal cups but plastic lids). Recently had to replace the screen protector on my phone due to several drops and cracks. I bought a cup recently for my water that has a wide handle that I can fit my hand inside of. The cup holds onto me as much as I have to hold onto the cup. I'm hoping that this will keep me from breaking the lid on it. I've dumped a pan of stuff all over the inside of my oven on a couple occasions. Recently threw dinner all over the kitchen floor. I've always been a pretty coordinated person previously.
The balance is a bit less common. Is always when I'm moving from being in a lower position to higher. Like laying down or sitting on the floor, to standing. I'm totally fine, then suddenly everything spins and I'm not moving the direction I intended to. And it lasts just a second and then I'm fine.
(S) Red, painful & flaky skin on scalp & face. Sometimes damp feeling. Head and shoulders helps. Face flares up and gets better over time. Steroids seem to help during flare up.
(D) The allergy doctor I saw told me it was Rosacea. I don't believe this is correct. The medication he gave me for it did nothing (acid and antibiotic creams). The head and shoulders and steroids are much more helpful.
Mental Health:
(D) Depression, Anxiety Disorder (On Welbutrin and Buspirone. Buspirone seems to aggravate tremor, though neurologist says it is fine to continue.)
(S) Constant fatigue. - Oura Ring shows no sleep disturbances. I sleep through the night, hitting sleep stages in a way that is normal, and I seem to have no breathing disturbances.
Exercise truly isn't all that helpful. During covid lock-down I started running on an elliptical. For 1.5 years I ran 4+ miles, 5 or 6 days a week. The benefit in how I felt was minimal. Which makes it really hard to keep up with, even though I would like to. During that period I was eating great as well. I was at a healthy weight, though have since gone back to being overweight. I do start to feel better following a healthy lifestyle, but not by much and still feel like I don't tend to feel like I have the energy to get through most days.
(S) low motivation, days where focus is very hard.
(S) Severe heavy bleeding.
(O.T or T) Ultrasounds. No observed cysts or problems. No pain. My glucose levels have never been high. I am not diabetic or pre-diabetic. Hormones have always been in normal range. I do not believe it is poly cystic.
I have fought with low iron for most of my adult life. Birth control pills were not overly helpful. IUD was places less than three years ago. It took about 9 months, but then I did see significant improvement. For about a year and a half things were great/normal. My periods were still there, but regular and what would be considered normal for most people. In less than three years, efficiency is wearing off. Gyno is suggesting next step to be ablation.
Family History:
Father: Heart disease, diabetes in later life (life long smoker)
P Grandmother: Diabetes in later life
P Grandfather: Alzhimers
P Half brother: Depression, suicide
Mother: My mother will not see doctors for anything less than life threatening problems. And even then it is a fight. I don't have a great medical history on her. I know she had heavy periods. I know she has always had a lot of heart burn. I know she has a tremor. She is currently progressing through some kind of dementia. Very paranoid about doctors and medicine.
M Grandmother: Tremor. Early onset dementia of some kind. She was in a nursing home, locked unit by her mid 60s. Because of the dementia, nothing else was ever really followed up on. She passed in the late 1990s. No autopsy for any kind of diagnosis. During her decent into dementia she experienced significant paranoia and delusions. Once called 911 and told them that she was being held hostage in her home, despite being alone. She believed that my late teens sister pushed her off a swing.
M Grandfather: Died fairly young from an infection in a VA hospital - late 1980s. No real known medical history
M Uncle: Tremor, was diagnosed and treated for Parkinson's, had some dementia symptoms.
M half Sister: Had to have thyroid removed after it became enlarged.
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2023.05.29 18:25 No-Antelope1265 Every ad showing up in my feed is weird spam about “how to get rich” and shit like that. What’s up with your guys ad standards?

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2023.05.29 18:24 Haunting_Tomatillo11 The dog training book I shared

I just wanted to make a to make it clear the dog book I shared, I shared because it was free. Nothing else. I'm not a promoter or an ad bot thing. I'm simply a long time observer and rarely post but I thought that it was a great thing to share a free book with great stuff in it especially during a bad economy. Sorry if anyone was offended.
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2023.05.29 18:24 DubaiCat_ 💸 Trending at the Top! Dubai Cat Dominates PinkSale! 🚀

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2023.05.29 18:22 UnderstandingDry4072 Picked up a St. George sample pack for the long weekend

Picked up a St. George sample pack for the long weekend
Verdict: LOVED Botanivore, liked Dry Rye, Terroir smells like paint thinner and hits the palate like diluted pine tar. Two out of three ain’t bad.
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2023.05.29 18:22 JonnyRobertR How much money do you think Goblin Slayer and his party making?

Im always wondering this. GS seems quite rich for someone who only hunts goblins, one of the lowest paying job.
I know he takes a lot of quests. But I don't think it will be able to justify his many expenses, especially when he is splitting the rewards five-way (or two if only GS and Priestess took reward; I think the other members are super rich)
Any self-proclaimed economist that can help me?
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2023.05.29 18:21 MaleficentBench6331 My thoughts on Season 9 Pam and Jim

I've thought about this and I think that Pam was supportive.
She easily forgave him for going behind her back and joining the company even though they had discussed it.
She continued to support him when he contributed more than he needed to, gambling away a huge sum that was part of their savings. They weren't exactly rich. They had a mortgage and two children to support with salaries that did not offer them a luxurious lifestyle.
With two little children at home, even with the help of her mother, Pam needed Jim there. Being a mom is tough. Very tough. That is why nature needs two people to create a child. Not one.
What's worse is that Jim got angry at her for not filming their daughter's recital properly. Pam got an important call during the opening of the recital.
She was also working on the mural. People forget that. She had managed to find an outlet for her art and was doing something amazing by painting the public mural. She was not unambitious. She was just realistic and thinking like a parent.
These are all the things Pam did.
Jim just didn't fully show appreciation for the work she was doing and didn't cut her some slack for not filming the recital. He was dealing with a lot but she was too. He was the one that choose to join the company. He should have fully understood the toll it would take on his wife.
To Jim's credit, he was fully supportive when she went to New York, even when she almost stayed for more time than they had planned.
All in all, it doesn't matter because they found their way back to a stable marriage. Jim made up for it and she made up for any mistakes she made before. Marriage is complicated.
Note:I didn't proof read this.
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2023.05.29 18:21 MonsieurKennedy (Co-)Parents to be

Hi all! This is my first post here and it's largely prompted by a wish to seek advice from people who are truly objective regarding my situation compared to family and friends of myself and the mother to be of my child. Some background - I am from the UK and currently live in northern England. Last Autumn I spent a few months in France teaching English. Two days before returning to the UK I had a date, we hooked up and two weeks later (and back in the UK) E contacted me to tell me she was pregnant and very likely to go through with the pregnancy. I have never wanted or planned to have children (though enjoy looking after other peoples' when I've had the opportunity), but made sure to put no pressure on E re her decision. She gave me the opportunity to be involved or not and I couldn't really imagine having a child out there and having no involvement. We're now nearing the 3rd trimester and we have been in contact most days and visited each other a couple of times. For various reasons, a couple of planned visits have been cancelled, which means we haven't seen each other since February, which has caused strain between us at times and feels quite surreal. We agreed on attempting a romantic relationship, not just co-parenting, even though I think most people we both know have advised this raises the stakes a bit and potential problems if that side of things go wrong. Our relationship has been quite up and down - sometimes it feels really great, healthy and nice, others utterly toxic and highly emotionally reactive. My feeling is, I don't know how healthy it is to maintain the romantic side of things given how we can both behave towards one another when we're at our most fearful, immature and weak, especially for the sake of the child. However, when I broached this with E recently, she was quite surprised and told me she's not willing to give up on the romantic side of things. This is in response to me telling her I can't handle the ups and downs between us, her very regular criticisms and unnecessary mean comments and my feeling I have to walk on egg shells all the time to avoid big emotional reactions. As I've alluded to, my behaviour also isn't perfect, but I can't remember making negative comments about her personality traits (even if I've wanted to during arguments etc) as I feel this is a bit of a read line and just leads to undermining the other person and making them feel smaller, insecure and even a little bullied. I've also had friends (mostly women, plus a couple who are therapists) and relatives suggest I'm quite probably being gas-lit and a bit bullied at times, but also that this is probably in part due to fear on both sides and not a great deal of trust given we've only known each other for 6 months and are embarking on a (hopefully!) decades long journey together. Anyway, I often struggle to bring up important issues surrounding how we will parent when things are calm and good between us because I want to keep the peace. The problem with this is that I'll then sometimes let worries and frustrations out when we argue, in a crappy way, because there's a feeling of 'what difference will it make?' when things are already bad. There are a couple of things I want to get people's thoughts on, so I can gauge how reasonable they are... Firstly, something I've felt a bit down about is that E made the decision, with no discussion, that the child will spend 'her first few years' growing up in France. For many reasons, I think this probably makes sense. What upset me a bit was the fact this has never been discussed properly, but presented to me as a fait accompli. Maybe it's silly of me, but I would even just preferred a bit of lip service paid to me, if E had made up her mind, but had a discussion around it, so I could ask some questions and also suggest some alternatives (and how long baby /child will spend in the UK if fully time based in FR). Secondly, early on in the pregnancy my thinking was to move to France after the birth. E owns a flat, her family and friends are there, so as a new mum, it does make sense she's there and if baby is there, it would be good if I am. However, in the last few months, given how intense and extreme we can blow up, I feel the two of us in a one bedroom flat could be a toxic environment for the baby (and ourselves). My mum, brother, closest friends all feel I shouldn't move there, which would involve giving up my job, family, general life etc here, to possibly move to France, then things maybe go wrong and I'm coming back again, but to nothing. Obviously it could work well, but it's a big risk. Leading on from this - Part of the reason I've never planned to have kids is I've never been very comfortable financially and it would be a major struggle for me on this front. E isn't rich, but she owns her place and has inheritance from her mother passing away and has said she can take care of herself and the child by herself if necessary. She has a good career as a teacher, so I kind of put forward the idea of us trying out my being a stay at home father, so she can continue with her career whilst I do the daily work of raising the baby (which our society should regard as work which deserves monetary support, but that's another issue). During one argument a few weeks ago E was incredibly spiteful and told me I was out buying clothes and not spending a cent on my daughter. Other than this being quite an unpleasant thing to say, it was in reaction to my sending her a picture in some new work clothes I bought for cheap in a sale as I didn't really have many (and have to wear to be able to work and earn money!) and months before the baby is even born. She has made comments like this which I feel are quite extreme, like using my anxiety against me during arguments and telling me I should do something about it as if I don't, it will impact our daughter. She's saying this as someone who has had suicide attempts in the past and is being treated for depression, both things I would never dream of throwing in her face during an argument to infer it's a risk to the baby... E seems to be of the opinion I should move to France and that I could easily get a job working in a bar or cafe. To me this seems kind of bizarre as I've never done that kind of work, currently work in a law firm and my French is sort of intermediate level. It seems pretty blase and a matter of just kind of throwing out things I could do and I'm fairly sure if I don't go along with this stuff, it will be read as not being bothered or taking responsibility, but I see it as wildly irresponsible to give up my job here, to just turn up there with not much savings in the hope I might get a badly paid, exhausting job, whilst trying to raise a child (having been raised by a single mum working several jobs at once at some points, I know this isn't great for anyone). My current thinking is that for the sake of my mental health, well-being and given the advice I've received from people who care about me, I should stay in the UK, maintain my job (and income) to help financially and we have an agreement for regular visits. I did mention this weeks ago and E immediately went to what, looking back, feels a bit like emotional blackmail by saying if I didn't move there, we couldn't have a relationship as she didn't want a long distance one. Paranoid me wonders if she wants a relationship now as she's worried about me abandoning ship if I meet someone else etc (especially at a time when she's less likely or wishing to whilst heavily pregnant), but non-paranoid me knows she does genuinely want one. Living in the city I currently live in, doing the job I'm doing has lead to my having the best mental health I've experienced in years (discounting the anxiety caused by the baby stuff). I'm really nervous about just throwing that away, even though I'm aware it's always possible to try moving to France and coming back if it doesn't work. Anyway, I appreciate this is long, but at times I'm feeling that my life is now kind of running on someone else's timeline and to their preferred life wishes and kind of fantasy existence. Another aspect to all this is that as a queer (bi) guy, who has my issues with the nuclear family and is interested in alternative ways of raising kids (more communally, less in the spirit of biological mum and dad sort of 'owning' the child), it can feel a bit frustrating as I think E is thinking more traditionally on this stuff. That's of course completely fair, no one way is right or wrong, I'm just concerned about the differences in approach. This post is largely born of a feeling of being 'unheard' and being aware of an inability (probably of both sides) to discuss big things like this calmly and rationally, without quickly descending into rows. I also want to give the caveat that I'm aware this is only one side of the story. E is a good person and there are lots of wonderful things about her, but like me, she's impatient and emotionally reactive (and has suffered some pretty major trauma from a couple of horrible life events). She's been going through her pregnancy with the support of friends and family, but without a close partner, which is pretty amazing, but also saddens and frustrates me that I've not been there to do basic things for and with her. If you have any thoughts or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Please be nice! :)
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2023.05.29 18:20 JustHead6 We never running out of cards Long as you ain't scared and you serious with me ima definitely make you rich no cap. Blank & customized cards available HMU on telegram @Xaxiz link also in my bio

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2023.05.29 18:20 Pleasant_Tax_4619 Question on rarity, and stars.

Is rarity better than stars?
For instance is a 2 star mythic better than a 4 star rare, or a 3 star epic, and why?
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2023.05.29 18:20 clarizzy Should I (28F) tell my boss (35F) that I want to apply for an internal transfer?

For context: I have been working in my current company for the past 2 years. For the first 6 months, I started as a contract worker and my current boss fought for my contract-staff team mates and I to be converted to full-time permanent staff and she did. Since last January, I have been working as a full-time permanent employee and this January, I have been promoted with a 9% increase of my last year salary.
It is extremely rare to get promoted (both title and salary) within a year in the banking industry and my boss fought very hard for my promotion. I know that she genuinely cares for me and the team. Apart from my boss, I love my team very much as everyone is supportive and helpful.
Moreover, I told my boss in last November that I wanted to do more “data and reporting” tasks. And this February, she has assigned me all data and reporting-related tasks. She has always done her best to give us (my teammates and I) what we want to do at work and at the same time — respecting our work-life boundary, i.e., no work during the weekend and she does not expect us to reply her emails after 7pm, weekend and when we are on our annual leave.
However, last week, I stumbled upon an internal job posting that fits my interests and in a completely different region. I desperately want to move out of my country (I live in one of the international financial centres’ city) and my boss does know about it.
My question is: should I tell my boss that I want to apply for this internal transfer?
Even though I’m happy with my position, team mates, colleagues and my boss in this region—the only reasons why I want to leave are: (1) I want to be as far away as possible from my narcissist father as well as my enabling mother and sister.
(2) With the 9% increment of my salary, I am still severely underpaid as compared to my teammates and I have the similar amount of years of working experiences as some of them.
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2023.05.29 18:20 user905022 Theory on why Mai keeps moving so much

so for her apartments, especially her last one the first one in new york, she said that she had to move cause he landlord wanted to sell it but after she left she found out he had lied and let someone else rent it.
also for her penthouse... even though mai is rich i think she was struggling cause she got her editors in to live with her (i highly doubt she was letting them live there for free) and also she never really cleaned the penthouse- what i mean is that most of the rooms were empty or with cardboard boxes.
but anyways, i think she gets kicked out alot. like her landlords dont really want her living there and it makes sense cause she doesnt take care of sterling and landlords are alwayssss so fussy with telling you to look after ur pet and mai always never really took care of her space as well as how her new penthouse building is real bougie luxury type shit where they got an french artist to paint their walls, i dont think mai lives up to that image.
especially cause she has a recent house party, typical trashy, trash everywhere random people type of thing. i BET her apartment got trashed or somethn broke cause i feel like thats the only explanation as to why shes moving even though her lease isnt up, shes getting kicked out and realises she doesnt have enough money and her editors dont either.
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