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PC powers itself on after AC plug is connected. BIOS setting.

2023.03.12 10:58 DarkNostris PC powers itself on after AC plug is connected. BIOS setting.

Problem seems to be fixed for now. What I did? Unplugged everything from motherboard and took it out the case. Then built the PC back. That did NOT solve the problem.
So I have reset the BIOS ONCE AGAIN as u/Cold_Chill suggested and started to change things one by one restarting every time to the Windows login screen and shutting down. I don't know why it didn't work first TWO TIMES. I will update this post if anything changes just to be sure it wasn't a fluke again.
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X ASUS ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI ASUS ROG STRIX Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 TI OC G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR Seasonic Platinum Series V2 860W
It all end up fine. No RAM issues. Worked since the first boot - after the long RAM training process.
However it turns itself up as soon as I connect the power to the supply.I have checked standard suspects in BIOS as:
Restore AC Power Loss [Power Off]ErP Ready [Disabled]Max Power Saving [Disabled]Power On By PCI-E [Disabled]Power On By RTC [Disabled]
Also connected front panel pins are OK - just unplugged everything just to test this.
After resetting BIOS defaults it worked normally as it should. Computer did not boot automatically. When I loaded my setting back it is happening again.So I suspect there is some BIOS setting that I am missing. I have build the last PC in 2015 so amount of options in BIOS has changed - I am new to this.
Can someone point me to the one setting I am missing. I have dumped settings to the text file.
Thank you in advance.

Ai Overclock Tuner [EXPO II] EXPO [DDR5-6000 30-40-40-96-1.40V-1.40V] BCLK Frequency [100.0000] Memory Frequency [DDR5-6000MHz] FCLK Frequency [Auto] Core Performance Boost [Auto] CPU Core Ratio [Auto] Core VID [Auto] CCX0 Ratio [Auto] CCX0 Ratio [Auto] Dynamic OC Switcher [Auto] GPU Boost [Auto] Tcl [30] Trcd [40] Trp [40] Tras [96] Trc [136] Twr [90] Refresh Interval [Auto] Trfc1 [884] Trfc2 [480] Trfcsb [390] Trtp [Auto] TrrdL [Auto] TrrdS [Auto] Tfaw [Auto] TwtrL [Auto] TwtrS [Auto] TrdrdScl [Auto] TrdrdSc [Auto] TrdrdSd [Auto] Trdrddd [Auto] TwrwrScl [Auto] TwrwrSc [Auto] TwrwrSd [Auto] TwrwrDd [Auto] Twrrd [Auto] Trdwr [Auto] IBUF_LPWR_MODE [Auto] ADDR_CMD_MODE [Auto] M_ORDERING [Auto] S_COL_WIDTH [Auto] MC_SVA_TRIM0 [Auto] MC_SVA_TRIM1 [Auto] MC_SVA_TRIM2 [Auto] Proc CA Drive Strength [Auto] Proc Data Drive Strength [Auto] CPU On-Die Termination [Auto] DRAM Data Drive Strength [Auto] Rtt Nom Wr [Auto] Rtt Nom Rd [Auto] Rtt Wr [Auto] Rtt Park [Auto] Rtt Park Dqs [Auto] Power Down Enable [Auto] Memory Context Restore [Enabled] UCLK DIV1 MODE [Auto] Bank Swap Mode [Auto] Mem Over Clock Fail Count [Auto] Medium Load Boostit [Auto] Precision Boost Overdrive [Enabled] Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Auto] CPU Boost Clock Override [Auto] Per-Core Boost Clock Limit [Auto] Platform Thermal Throttle Limit [Auto] Curve Optimizer [All Cores] All Core Curve Optimizer Sign [Negative] All Core Curve Optimizer Magnitude [17] GFX Curve Optimizer [Auto] VRM Initialization Check [Enabled] CPU Load-line Calibration [Auto] CPU Current Capability [Auto] CPU VRM Switching Frequency [Auto] CPU Power Duty Control [T.Probe] CPU Power Phase Control [Auto] VDDSOC Load-line Calibration [Auto] VDDSOC Current Capability [Auto] VDDSOC Switching Frequency [Auto] VDDSOC Power Duty Control [T.Probe] VDDSOC Power Phase Control [Auto] Performance Bias [Auto] Clock Spread Spectrum [Auto] 1.8V PLL Voltage [Auto] 1.8V Standby Voltage [Auto] Misc_ALW [Auto] Chipset0 VDD Voltage [Auto] Chipset1 VDD Voltage [Auto] CPU 3.3V [Auto] Sense MI Skew 4 [Auto] Sense MI Skew 4 [Auto] Algorithm 1 [Auto] Algorithm 2 [Auto] Algorithm 3 [Auto] Cooler Efficiency Customize [Keep Training] Cooler Re-evaluation Algorithm [Normal] Optimism Scale [100] CPU Core Voltage [Auto] CPU SOC Voltage [Auto] CPU VDDIO / MC Voltage [Auto] Misc Voltage [Auto] VDDP Voltage [Auto] High DRAM Voltage Mode [Auto] DRAM VDD Voltage [1.40000] DRAM VDDQ Voltage [1.40000] PMIC Voltages [Sync All PMICs] SPD HUB VLDO (1.8V) [Auto] SPD HUB VDDIO (1.0V) [Auto] Memory VDD Voltage [1.40000] Memory VDDQ Voltage [1.40000] Memory VPP Voltage [1.80000] Memory Voltage Switching Frequency [Auto] Memory Current Capability [Auto] Security Device Support [Enable] SHA256 PCR Bank [Enabled] Pending operation [None] Platform Hierarchy [Enabled] Storage Hierarchy [Enabled] Endorsement Hierarchy [Enabled] Physical Presence Spec Version [1.3] Disable Block Sid [Disabled] Firmware TPM switch [Enable Firmware TPM] Erase fTPM NV for factory reset [Enabled] PSS Support [Enabled] NX Mode [Enabled] SVM Mode [Enabled] Above 4G Decoding [Enabled] SR-IOV Support [Disabled] Legacy USB Support [Enabled] XHCI Hand-off [Enabled] USB Mass Storage Driver Support [Enabled] Multi-Reader -01.00 [Auto] Multi-Reader -11.00 [Auto] Multi-Reader -21.00 [Auto] Multi-Reader -31.00 [Auto] U32G2_4 [Enabled] U32G2X2_C6 [Enabled] U32G2_8 [Enabled] U32G2_9 [Enabled] U32G1_10 [Enabled] U32G1_11 [Enabled] USB12 [Enabled] USB13 [Enabled] USB14 [Enabled] USB15 [Enabled] USB16 [Enabled] USB17 [Enabled] U32G2X2_C18 [Enabled] U32G2_20 [Enabled] U32G2_21 [Enabled] U32G2_22 [Enabled] U32G2_23 [Enabled] USB28 [Enabled] Network Stack [Disabled] Device [N/A] SATA Controller(s) [Enabled] SATA Mode [AHCI] NVMe RAID mode [Disabled] SMART Self Test [Enabled] SATA6G_1 [Enabled] SATA6G_1 Hot Plug [Disabled] SATA6G_2 [Enabled] SATA6G_2 Hot Plug [Disabled] SATA6G_3 [Enabled] SATA6G_3 Hot Plug [Disabled] SATA6G_4 [Enabled] SATA6G_4 Hot Plug [Disabled] Restore AC Power Loss [Power Off] ErP Ready [Disabled] Max Power Saving [Disabled] Power On By PCI-E [Disabled] Power On By RTC [Disabled] PCIEX16_1 Bandwidth Bifurcation Configuration [Auto Mode] PCIEX16_2 Bandwidth Bifurcation Configuration [PCIE X8 Mode] HD Audio Controller [Enabled] Wi-Fi Controller [Disabled] Bluetooth Controller [Enabled] When system is in working state [Aura Off] Intel LAN Controller [Enabled] Intel LAN PXE Option ROM [Disabled] 10G LAN Card [Enabled] 10G LAN PXE Option ROM [Disabled] USB power delivery in Soft Off state (S5) [Enabled] Serial Port [Enabled] Change Settings [IO=3F8h; IRQ=4] PCIEX16_1 Link Mode [Auto] PCIEX16_2 Link Mode [Auto] M.2_1 Link Mode [Auto] Chipset_1 Link Mode [Auto] M.2_2 Link Mode [Auto] M.2_4 Link Mode [Auto] Chipset_2 Link Mode [Auto] M.2_3 Link Mode [Auto] PCIEX16_3 Link Mode [Auto] Global C-state Control [Auto] IOMMU [Auto] SMT Control [Auto] Core Performance Boost [Auto] L1 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto] L2 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto] L1 Stride Prefetcher [Auto] L1 Region Prefetcher [Auto] L2 Up/Down Prefetcher [Auto] Core Watchdog Timer Enable [Disabled] Platform First Error Handling [Auto] Opcache Control [Auto] Streaming Stores Control [Auto] Local APIC Mode [Auto] ACPI _CST C1 Declaration [Auto] MCA error thresh enable [Auto] SMU and PSP Debug Mode [Auto] PPIN Opt-in [Auto] Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB [Enabled] REP-MOV/STOS Streaming [Enabled] Xtrig7 Workaround [Auto] SNP Memory (RMP Table) Coverage [Auto] SMEE [Auto] Action on BIST Failure [Auto] PAUSE Delay [Auto] Memory interleaving [Auto] Memory interleaving size [Auto] DRAM map inversion [Auto] Location of private memory regions [Auto] ACPI SRAT L3 Cache As NUMA Domain [Auto] Disable DF to external downstream IP Sync Flood Propagation [Auto] Disable DF sync flood propagation [Auto] Freeze DF module queues on error [Auto] DF Cstates [Auto] PSP error injection support [False] Active Memory Timing Settings [Auto] Processor CK drive strengths [Auto] Processor CA drive strengths [Auto] Processor CS drive strengths [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_NOM_WR [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_NOM_RD [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_WR [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_PARK [Auto] Dram ODT impedance DQS_RTT_PARK [Auto] Processor ODT impedance [Auto] Processor DQ drive strengths [Auto] Dram DQ drive strengths [Auto] Power Down Enable [Auto] Disable Memory Error Injection [Auto] TSME [Auto] Data Scramble [Auto] Chipselect Interleaving [Auto] Address Hash Bank [Auto] Address Hash CS [Auto] Address Hash Subchannel [Auto] BankSwapMode [Auto] DFE Read Training [Auto] DRAM PDA Enumerate ID Programming Mode [Auto] TX DFE Taps [Auto] PPT Control [Auto] MBIST Enable [Auto] Memory Context Restore [Auto] PCIe ARI Support [Auto] PCIe All Port ECRC [Auto] Advanced Error Reporting (AER) [Auto] PCIe ARI Enumeration [Auto] PSPP Policy [Auto] UMA Version [Auto] GPU Host Translation Cache [Auto] NB Azalia [Auto] Audio IOs [Auto] PCIe loopback Mode [Auto] TDP Control [Auto] PPT Control [Auto] Thermal Control [Auto] TDC Control [Auto] EDC Control [Auto] PROCHOT Control [Auto] Fan Control [Auto] VDDP Voltage Control [Auto] Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers [Auto] FEATURE FCLK DPM [Auto] SyncFifo Mode Override [Auto] CPU Temperature [Monitor] CPU Package Temperature [Monitor] MotherBoard Temperature [Monitor] VRM Temperature [Monitor] Chipset 1 Temperature [Monitor] Chipset 2 Temperature [Monitor] T_Sensor Temperature [Monitor] DIMM A1 Temperature [Monitor] DIMM A2 Temperature [Monitor] DIMM B1 Temperature [Monitor] DIMM B2 Temperature [Monitor] CPU Fan Speed [Monitor] CPU Optional Fan Speed [Monitor] Chassis Fan 1 Speed [Monitor] Chassis Fan 2 Speed [Monitor] Chassis Fan 3 Speed [Monitor] Chassis Fan 4 Speed [Monitor] Chassis Fan 5 Speed [Monitor] AIO Pump Speed [Monitor] CPU Core Voltage [Monitor] 12V Voltage [Monitor] 5V Voltage [Monitor] 3.3V Voltage [Monitor] CPU VDDIO / MC Voltage [Monitor] CPU Fan Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] CPU Fan Profile [Standard] CPU Fan Step Up [Level 0] CPU Fan Step Down [Level 0] CPU Fan Speed Low Limit [200 RPM] Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] Chassis Fan 1 Profile [Standard] Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Source [CPU] Chassis Fan 1 Step Up [Level 0] Chassis Fan 1 Step Down [Level 0] Chassis Fan 1 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM] Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] Chassis Fan 2 Profile [Standard] Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Source [CPU] Chassis Fan 2 Step Up [Level 0] Chassis Fan 2 Step Down [Level 0] Chassis Fan 2 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM] Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] Chassis Fan 3 Profile [Standard] Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Source [CPU] Chassis Fan 3 Step Up [Level 0] Chassis Fan 3 Step Down [Level 0] Chassis Fan 3 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM] Chassis Fan 4 Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] Chassis Fan 4 Profile [Standard] Chassis Fan 4 Q-Fan Source [CPU] Chassis Fan 4 Step Up [Level 0] Chassis Fan 4 Step Down [Level 0] Chassis Fan 4 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM] Chassis Fan 5 Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] Chassis Fan 5 Profile [Standard] Chassis Fan 5 Q-Fan Source [CPU] Chassis Fan 5 Step Up [Level 0] Chassis Fan 5 Step Down [Level 0] Chassis Fan 5 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM] AIO Pump Q-Fan Control [Auto Detect] AIO Pump Profile [Full Speed] Chassis Intrusion Detection Support [Disabled] Launch CSM [Enabled] Boot Device Control [UEFI and Legacy OPROM] Boot from Network Devices [Legacy only] Boot from Storage Devices [Legacy only] Boot from PCI-E/PCI Expansion Devices [Legacy only] OS Type [Other OS] Secure Boot Mode [Custom] Fast Boot [Enabled] Next Boot after AC Power Loss [Fast Boot] Boot Logo Display [Auto] POST Delay Time [3 sec] Bootup NumLock State [On] Wait For 'F1' If Error [Enabled] Option ROM Messages [Force BIOS] Interrupt 19 Capture [Disabled] AMI Native NVMe Driver Support [Enabled] Setup Mode [Advanced Mode] BIOS Image Rollback Support [Disabled] Publish HII Resources [Disabled] Flexkey [Aura On/Off] Setup Animator [Disabled] Load from Profile [1] Profile Name [SelfReset] Save to Profile [1] DIMM Slot Number [DIMM_A2] Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app [Enabled] Download & Install MyASUS service & app [Disabled] Special Display Features [Disabled] D3Cold Support [Disabled] Discrete GPU _DSM Function A [Disabled] Discrete GPU _DSM Function B [Disabled] NVIDIA DGPU Power Enable [Disabled] Non-Eval Discrete GPU Support [Enabled] Discrete GPU HPD Circuitry [OR Circuitry] Discrete GPU's USB Port [Keep Default Setting] Discrete GPU's SSID/SVID [Keep Default Setting] Discrete GPU BOMACO Support [Disabled] Thunderbolt / USB4 Support [Enabled] Thunderbolt / USB4 Security Level [No Security] Thunderbolt / USB4 MMIO Resource [Full Size] Thunderbolt / USB4 Wake Up Command [GO2SX Command] CPU Frequency [0] CPU Voltage [0] SMT Control [Auto] EXPO [Auto] Active Memory Timing Settings [Auto] Processor CA drive strengths [Auto] Processor DQ drive strengths [Auto] Processor ODT impedance [Auto] Dram DQ drive strengths [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_NOM_WR [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_NOM_RD [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_WR [Auto] Dram ODT impedance RTT_PARK [Auto] Dram ODT impedance DQS_RTT_PARK [Auto] Power Down Enable [Auto] Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers [Auto] UCLK DIV1 MODE [Auto] Precision Boost Overdrive [Enabled] VDDG Voltage Control [Auto] VDDP Voltage Control [Auto] SoC/Uncore OC Mode [Auto] SoC Voltage [0] LN2 Mode [Auto] VDD Misc Control [Auto] LCLK Frequency Control [Auto] VDDIO Ctrl [Auto] VPP Ctrl [Auto] 
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2023.02.17 23:17 ZeusGato Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌

Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌 submitted by ZeusGato to AMCMOONPARTY [link] [comments]

2023.02.17 23:16 ZeusGato Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌

Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌 submitted by ZeusGato to DeepFuckingValue [link] [comments]

2023.02.17 23:16 ZeusGato Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌

Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌 submitted by ZeusGato to AMCEntertainmentStock [link] [comments]

2023.02.17 23:15 ZeusGato Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌

Ape found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit. Route through IEX and not dark pools! Wake up apes! IEX and drs your stonkz! 馃拵馃檹馃徑馃殌 submitted by ZeusGato to WallstreetBreakers [link] [comments]

2023.02.17 22:47 ExploitTheSystem Found this screenshot back from March 2022 when I found these weird settings on ibkr鈥檚 software client and no one I tried to show gave a shit.

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2022.11.28 22:36 Shcheglov2137 weird problem with display on win11

Redditors, I need your help. When a prompt, or just system popup pops up, like "allow application to make chnages" its just blank, empty window with all the options and text, but invisible. I can press them but cant see them. Same goes for ctrl+alt+delete. Full black screen. And same goes for login screen. I can login but csnt see nothing. Also in task manager, tasks are visible, but all left tab options are invisible. Same for windows defender. When opening microsoft edge, screen goes black, and then flickers between desktop and black screen until i close it. When hovering over widgets in bottom left, same happens but there are also artifacts. Same happens when I try to open command prompt, or terminal.
I have all the drivers up to date. Last ones updated was intel driver for arc, 2 days ago and bios update. First one I took from intel driver assistant, second one from MyAsus app. I did full scan with malwarebytes, adwcleaner and windows defender - nothing. I ran system file repair (from booting up, because I can't open terminal due to this weird thing), result wax there was some corrupted files repaired.
I guess its related to msedgewebview or just edge. But I can't fix it. I beg your advice what to do
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2022.11.12 02:09 badlygoodguy Screen freezes seconds after login G14 2021

Screen freezes seconds after login G14 2021
Potentially Solved as of now - I was trying various driver versions for AMD and used DDU to clean my last installation of the latest driver. Then on restart, it default installed driver version "30.0.13002.1001" which is the number for the windows store. I am not able to find an equivalent driver on the AMD website but it was auto-installed for me by the system which I guess is a windows update thing.
More details in my comment
Below is my original post - TL; DR - Laptop screen froze up seconds after the boot and sometimes did not even show me that I had logged in. I only realized that the laptop was working and it was just a display issue after I connected a second monitor, which was showing me everything normally.
Device - Asus ROG G14 - 2021, Nvidia 3060 with AMD Ryzen 9 5900 HS and Radeon Graphics
I don't know if 'screen freeze' is the way to describe this. Image shows my G14 (1 year old at this point) connected to a Second Monitor / TV. It is actually updating but the laptop screen is stuck on MyAsus diagnosis - result screen. I only got to see that screen on my laptop by repeatedly tapping the power key and doing some kind of 'manual refresh' of the screen. Otherwise it is a matter of luck whether the screen changes beyond the 'scan your fingerprint' image.
When it shows me beyond that login screen, the desktop turns up and it is another dice roll for if I can see the mouse or not. If I can see the mouse after login, it will stop moving in a minute or less. At this point any keyboard inputs that may have worked (like Windows + E or X) will also stop showing up on the laptop screen. Started randomly with my mouse pointer freezing for a few seconds while watching a YT video about 36 hours ago and I have done most of what I could. At the same time I noticed that my WiFi was disconnecting randomly but that might be unrelated. It has happened before and I have had to reconnect manually.
Googled a bit, updated some drivers, ran a SFC and DISM from Safe Mode with command prompt after I found that I couldn't go past the login screen when I did a restart. The only way to use the laptop is either in Safe Mode with Networking or with this second monitor connected. Otherwise the laptop screen freezes up in under a minute after login. It is only after connecting the TV screen somewhere midway through yesterday did I realize that the laptop is actually working and it is just the laptop screen that does not change.
Then I Reset the Windows 11 installation while keeping my files since I did not have a restore point. Fresh installed AMD Radeon software turned off Varibright / Freesync on both monitors after connecting to the second screen. Read something else uninstalled the AMD Radeon software and AMD Ryzen 'Balancer' which was in the laptop after the Win 11 Reset. Updated everything from MyAsus and Windows, ran the latest NVidia driver then replaced it with the MyAsus driver. Read somewhere that MediaTek WLAN driver maybe a problem so got Intel driver from MyAsus to avoid conflicts (internet connectivity is fine with either driver).
As of now, I don't have any AMD software installed, couldn't find any 'Asus Calibration' software either. I have the latest BIOS, Nvidia Graphics and AMD Chipset driver from MyAsus. A 'Reset' installed Windows 11 and the laptop screen does not work after maybe 50 seconds to 1 minute post logging in, provided it shows that far. CPU temperature / GPU temperature runs from 50 deg. c. to 60 deg. c. rarely goes to 80 deg. c. when I run the MyAsus diagnostics (3 times now). It keeps telling me update drivers but now all the suggested updates have been done and it simply links to an Asus FAQ page with a red exclamation on the 'device drivers' option.
Otherwise I am currently typing out this post from the same laptop using this second Monitor /TV. I have been using the laptop with Windows 11 x64 over a few months now. Played games, recorded videos, streamed some games with 2D graphics etc. Had no issues other then occasional rainbow pixel lines on screen which stopped occurring after a while. Maybe this is some deeper hardware issue with the laptop screen but I have nothing left to try other than a clean install of Windows 11 or Windows 10.
Suggestions please.
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2022.08.26 19:23 adityabolt Black Screen Issue after Asus Smart Display Control Update

I have been running Windows 11 since I bought this laptop (Rog M16 2021 GU603HM) and had no issues have been updating the bios from the time it was in 310 to all the way to 315 right now with no issues.
Recently there was a update on the MyAsus App for a component called Asus Smart Display Control and after updating this my display started behaving weirdly. My boot logo is displayed when booting the device but bios is not displayed (bios not broken, works with HDMI cable sometimes). I have not updated any other drivecomponent in the meantime.
Even the Windows login screen is not displayed (but the boot up sound comes). The screen is empty with only the backlight after the boot logo. However if I force shutdown (pressing the power button during boot) it trigger the windows re (windows recovery environment) and that is displayed properly. If I press on restart windows from windows re it works well but randomly the black screen appears for a short duration while usage and sometimes the button combination ( win+ctrl+shift+b) fixes it (this button combination only works after booting through windows re, normal booting always causes black screen).
What might be causing this issue? I have tried resetting (with keeping the files option) the laptop too but to no avail. Is it a driver issue? Will installing the old drivers fix this? I tried reinstalling the drivers from the asus support page but that didn't work too. All my other drivers are up-to date and I literally had no issue before the update.
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2022.08.06 22:22 OmegaMalkior My 3-month review on the Zenbook 14X Space Edition- August 3rd BIOS update feedback included

After having done a review for the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14 Gen 7, having been thoroughly impressed with the CPU, I decided why not return the i7-1260P for an i9-12900H? And that's exactly what I did, but I never thought it was gonna come with such an amazing laptop in addition with such a godly chip. It has some caveats tho, minor at best, but I'm going to go in detail of each of them in this review. I'll be mildly comparing it the past Yoga 9i I had along with previous HP Spectre x360 14/15/16 laptops I've had as well.
Full specs:
CPU: i9-12900H (14 core, 6 P Core + 8 E core, 24MB L3 cache)
GPU: Iris Xe (96 EUs)
Display: 2.8K 14 inch 16:10 OLED 90Hz
RAM: 32GB DDR5 4800 MHz (soldered)
Webcam: 720p (non-IR)
Battery/Charger: 63wh + 100w USB-C
Speakers: 2 bottom firing on left/right corners, Dolby Access pre-installed
Login: One-Touch finger print reader

As much as an i9-12900H in a 14 inch non-gaming laptop sounds like an uncooled mess, it's actually much better than what it seems. You get 24MB L3 cache which you can鈥檛 get in other types of CPUs, and single core speeds are among the fastest with decent multi-core as well. My full list of benchmarks can be found here. I posted first the blower assisted benchmarks but let's talk about the standard ones. In Time Spy CPU, we can see that this i9-12900H performs only just a little bit better than my Yoga 9i's i7-1260P (10,865 vs 10,230) [UPDATE: repasted the laptop and now it gets 11,700 without help]. Seems like they should perform identical, but seeing R23's scores, the gap widens a bit by like 1100 points [bumped by about 1400 points, 13,500 10 minute sustained]. Where things get interesting for stock cooling is fanless. My Yoga 9i 14 got a 4650 Time Spy CPU score, which is like my Spectre x360 14 i7-1165G7 28w running at full fan speed. But this Zenbook 14X got a whopping 9558, basically double the performance while emitting 0 fan noise (with a little Throttlestop tweaking btw). This is incredible considering my Yoga 9i without the little fan stand I had for it got like 9700-11,000 scores on average on all max fan speed. So if you're someone that wants to game with an eGPU without much noise, Asus' Balanced and Whisper modes are definitely for you. Temperature wise in general when pushed to it's max with fans ofc it runs close to 100 C all the time (97 C (3 PROCHOT setting) otherwise BD PROCHOT activates) but the keyboard deck doesn't get as hot as the Yoga 9i since the exhaust vents are on the sides and not blocked a bit by the Dolby 360 soundbar). Wattage stays around 52-56w to some peaks at 60w but can't go higher if not used alongside some sort of laptop blowecooler.
Now, onto the laptop blower benchmarks.
With it this becomes a gaming laptop CPU-wise. I haven't tried many games with it, but doing a test with Halo Infinite this thing legit got me GPU bound in a Triple A game. In the big outside I got like 90-100 FPS at 1440p low settings, but when I turned the resolution to the lowest humanly possible setting to see just how much the CPU can output I actually hit 140-150 FPS. To my understanding, this means that I can get a probable RTX 4080 when it comes out and be chilling at 1440p 144Hz in a lot of games. Still have more games to try but so far, the chip has really impressed me. Temperatures in benchmarks were still 97-99 C even with the laptop blower which means this laptop could've definitely had a Vapor Chamber to help it out. It has a VR CURRENT limit as of April 26th of about 76-78w so it can't utilize the full wattage of the 100w the stock charger it came with can provide (haven't tested with new BIOS yet). Hopefully Asus fixes this to use the full 100w but even then, this thermal throttles even with the blower and stabilizes at 70-72w which some dips here and there. A lot of people will say that an i9-12900H doesn鈥檛 make sense on a 14 inch non-gaming laptop, but for people like me, it鈥檚 100% worth it if you know how to use it.
Thermal comment:
Just something I want to give emphasis on, the exhaust vents on this laptop are located on the sides. Even if it has exhaust vents on the top part of the keyboard deck, the fans don鈥檛 blow air through them. That means that in demanding tasks, they鈥檒l become hand warmers if you use an external mouse or in general keep your hands near the vents. This being my first laptop ever with side vents I didn鈥檛 know how annoying this would be in daily use. I really wish they had done vapor chamber cooling/liquid metal application to reduce the fan output in demanding tasks cuz as I live in a tropical country, it鈥檚 not really the most ideal exhaust placement. I鈥檝e put a small plastic box to not have it my right hand with a mouse at least, but regardless, really hope next gen鈥檚 model has exhausts on the back somehow
CPU Performance on Battery\*
*UPDATE AS OF August 3 2022: BIOS update version 304 is here, to address the battery throttling issues which have been a bit infamous on this specific laptop. It doesn't solve it 100% but it's a lot better than before. Before, if the laptop were to exceed 28w (set to 26w in Throttlestop) it would throttle while on battery power to 0.4GHz which makes the laptop quite unresponsive. Now with this update, the laptop can hit up to 40w (37w set in Throttlestop) but if it exceeds 40w it'll throttle to 0.8GHz instead. This is honestly a lot better than before as the wattage increase is pretty good on battery. Not many things require more than 40w while not plugged in to a charger. That said on startup you can still notice it sometimes exceed it a bit and going to 0.8GHz momentarily. Not ideal but still, a LOT better than before where it was a stutter mess, and all of this was done through a simple software update. So with this I don't think almost anyone is gonna be affected by this and the situation is pretty much resolved for the general audience.
Original old CPU on battery comments:
Now you probably read the title of this section and are wondering why is does this have it鈥檚 own part. It鈥檚 not particular important for me, but I do know this can rile you up if you were interested with power on the go with no plug nearby. This specific laptop has an issue where if it surpasses 28 watts of power while on battery, it鈥檒l automatically throttle to 0.4GHz / 10w instantly. The reason for this is as of the moment unknown, and I鈥檝e been in contact with Asus ever since I got this laptop to get it solved. If a solution appears, I will put it here. But basically, let鈥檚 say that you want to game on the go (something not too ultra demanding, this isn鈥檛 a gaming laptop after all). Well the second the wattage goes up above 28w, the entire laptop becomes unresponsive from how bad it鈥檚 throttling. This also happens when starting up the laptop from shut down state, or basically any CPU intensive task. This isn鈥檛 due to thermals as the laptop itself even with my laptop cooler gets cooled just fine. More info and an in-detail analysis of this issue can be found here. I don鈥檛 find this issue a particular deal breaker for me since I鈥檓 almost never unplugged from eGPU, but it鈥檚 something to know of when considering this laptop overall.

Coming with 1.4mm key travel this keyboard is a joy to type on. It actually requires less actuation force than the Spectre 14 keyboard needs which leads to less typing fatigue over time. You can indeed notice the 1.4mm vs the 1.5mm travel the Spectre 14/16 has as difference but it鈥檚 still more than plenty for the average user. Sound profile is excellent as it is much quieter than the Spectre 14 being almost fully on par with the silent keyboard the Spectre 16/Yoga 9i has. I haven鈥檛 found any issues perse with the keyboard apart from a cosmetic defect from the spacebar on the left lower corner where it has a bit of key backlight bleed. For some reason it also looks like the light is another color as well. Asked a friend with the exact same laptop as me if he had it too and could confirm, so it鈥檚 not a particular issue with my unit. This spacebar also sometimes very mildly squeaks when pressed on that left corner, but for some reason it only happens for me during games. Arrow keys are inverted T-shape Apple styled, so that鈥檚 up to your tastes if you favor this style over the traditional big right/left keys with smaller up/down keys. It has that extra right side keyboard keys with Home/PgUp/PgDn/End which the Spectre 14/16 11th gen has which I鈥檝e never been much a fan of since it shifts the keyboard to the left, but I have used it in games before, so it鈥檚 a subjective thing whether you like it or not as well. This Zenbook 14X Space Edition unfortunately only comes in a silver finish which means that this laptop suffers from what any other silver laptop with silver keys does- poor readability when the backlight is turned on during day light. It鈥檚 not that much of a deal breaker for me personally since I just use the key to turn off the backlight during the day and turn it back on during the night, but wish it had a sensor a few laptops have to know when there鈥檚 enough light to automatically turn on or off the backlight. It has 3 levels of brightness. I do not see an option in the MyAsus app nor in the BIOS to turn on the keyboard backlight indefinitely or not. Keyboard backlight stays on for a whole 60 seconds tho, maybe with that it won鈥檛 be annoying for people that preferred it to be always on. Touchpad does turn it on when moved.

Another star of the show. 14 inch 16:10 to me is the dream size on a laptop and coming with an 2.8K OLED 90Hz panel is just the cherry on top. Colors and contrast look absolutely crisp, peak brightness is measured at 400 nits in SDR content and I think it goes up to 550 in HDR mode (need to confirm). Asus really put in their efforts on the software side of things for those worried about OLED鈥檚 apparent downsides inside the MyAsus app as well. For those worried about burn in, the MyAsus app features Pixel Shift technology where after a certain time every pixel will move from the place it鈥檚 in to avoid leaving specific small icons in the same place to avoid the possibility of burn in. For those in fear of PWM, in the MyAsus app you鈥檒l find that it states that this displays doesn鈥檛 feature PWM at a brightness of 60% or higher. I don鈥檛 know how Asus measured this tho, but if I take my Slow Motion camera and record the screen at 720p 240 FPS, I can see it flickering. Read somewhere that the PWM flicker rate is 350Hz so I think it's definitely much higher than other OLED displays so that for sure is good. So not sure how nor why did Asus makes the claim that it purely doesn't have it. It at least includes an artificial brightness slider inside the MyAsus app (like the ones you鈥檒l find in programs like Iris or DimScreen) where you can set the hardware brightness to max with the keyboard shortcuts and dim the screen artificially with the slider so that the PWM is at not so aggressive states that it gets in when nearing lower brightness levels while also dimming the display for night time use. The MyAsus app also offers refresh rate options to where you can set it so when you鈥檙e plugged in it stays at 90Hz and when going on battery power it drops to 60Hz for better battery savings. That said, you can use Fn + 9 to set the display to 90Hz and Fn + 6 to set it to 60Hz. This will matter for those that want to get the best battery savings while not needing to open the MyAsus app all the time. Screen also supports pen input, specifically the tech behind the Surface and HP Spectre/Envy lines use. No issues noted from my writing experience.
Fan noise/Coil Whine
An area I know a lot of people will enjoy reading. Fan noise pitch on this is very pleasant. In Performance mode fans do get loud, but the sound is more of a blowing sound and it has 0 high pitchness unlike the Yoga 9i does at seemingly every mode except battery saver. Fan noise frequency varies, but it's overall very very good. In standard mode under demanding tasks it doesn鈥檛 get that loud while still offering nice performance, and whisper shuts the fans almost 100% off and reduces performance to like 20w I believe. With how strong this i9-12900H is, you鈥檒l barely need the absolute maximum performance this laptop can give for daily use. I suggest that the majority of people tho, get a program like Throttlestop and limit performance to around 26w, as that will prevent the fans from turning on almost at all in whatever mode you set it to. With this performance isn鈥檛 affected too much and noise will be kept in check at really good levels. As I mentioned in my CPU Performance part, if you tweak it with Throttlestop, you can get the full wattage you can out of this CPU under the fanless whisper mode and still have a whopping 9000 points in Time Spy CPU, so making emphasis here again, for those that want eGPU gaming in a thin and light with a good CPU and low noise, this is the laptop for you. Coil whine on regular use isn鈥檛 present, but if you were to pick the High Performance profile Windows offers, you will hear a bit of whine. In normal use this whine is almost never present and it isn鈥檛 that audible to begin with anyways, so I wouldn鈥檛 classify it as a worry. Coil whine is only present if you select the High Performance profile from Windows and leave it on. This profile is honestly unnecessary at the point with how the CPU handles intensive tasks, so don鈥檛 bother using it. In normal use set in Balanced mode, no coil whine is present.
Apart from the CPU and display, the Space Edition theme is the one thing that makes it 100% unique. It has a bunch of space design language drawn onto every bit of the laptop. Here鈥檚 a video demonstrating it, including the unboxing which is a whole 鈥榥other experience as well. That said, it might be too flashy for someone that wants a more muted laptop for say business/work related needs, but I find it can still pass on as one as long as you don鈥檛 specifically want a ThinkPad look. On the back of the laptop lid is the most noticeable thing people will see when you have the laptop and that鈥檚 with the small OLED (white only) display. You can set it to various animations space themed, as well as put up your own custom messages. Doesn鈥檛 seem to drain battery from what I see, and in case you don鈥檛 want it distracting other people nearby you can turn it off in MyAsus if you need.
Overall build quality
This is honestly a mixed bag for me, as this leads to one of the most glaring issues this laptop has. At least personally for me. This is said to be 鈥渟pace grade quality鈥, but we all know that鈥檚 more marketing over any endurance standard. Let鈥檚 get with the positives which outweigh the single negative it has. The screen build quality is absolutely amazing. No lid flex even if you try to force it. Surprises me this isn鈥檛 a 2 in 1 to begin with as it compares with my Yoga 9i which also has insane build quality on the screen for writing purposes. Now, onto the bottom part of the chassis. It feels rigid enough, but you do feel a bit of flex if you give it enough of a twist. But it鈥檚 durable enough to survive being in a bookbag for sure. However, for some annoying reason, it makes the touchpad click itself by flexing the laptop bottom chassis. This doesn鈥檛 sound like something you鈥檇 be doing, flexing your laptop on purpose and all. But if you ever pick up the laptop with one hand by the corner, the touchpad will click. If you do a bit of uneven pressure on the palm rest, the touchpad will either lose travel, or click itself again. So if you鈥檙e not going to 100% sit straight on a couch while using it lapped, get ready to change positions. Not a single of my past laptops has ever done this, and I only recall the infamous first gen Samsung Galaxy Book Pro line suffering from this in their first gen of products I believe. Second gen fixes this. But that鈥檚 a bit more budget friendly laptop line, so I don鈥檛 know why this issue is happening on a $2K special edition laptop of all things. Some people can say this is more of a nitpick as most will be using it on a desk sitting flush, but for the price and promised build quality, you can鈥檛 have expected this to be an issue of all things. I opened up the laptop and tried to maybe reinforce the palm rest a bit, tried seeing if it was the battery that was causing it so I seated it differently, but no fix. It just seems like that palm rest needs to be thicker, or the mechanism of clicks on the touchpad shouldn鈥檛 be on the bottom left and right corners of the touchpad, and instead should be on the real bottom part of it instead. Regardless of this issue tho, build quality is still nice enough, and there is no keyboard flex.
It is pretty good and accurate as most Windows precision touchpads are these days on premium laptops. However, getting back at the issue from build quality, it is rather annoying that sometimes you feel like you lose a bit of touchpad click travel when the palm rest was flexed just a bit. On desk this doesn鈥檛 happen usually at least. Apart from that issue, the click sound itself doesn鈥檛 sound ultra-premium and quiet like the Spectre line has it, more in line with the Yoga 9i, while being just a bit louder. Travel regardless feels only a bit less than I would personally prefer, but no other present issues. Windows gestures work as advertised and fingers glide on it with no issue.
They are definitely good but I miss the front firing speakers that my Yoga 9i and Spectre 14/16 have had in the past. If you use them in a bed, then they do get muffled a tad bit but they鈥檙e still quite enjoyable. Using Dolby Access which comes included with these Dolby certified speakers is a blessing as setting the Dynamic profile boosts everything quite loud and detailed. There is a mild issue where if you鈥檙e booting up the laptop with Windows 11 sounds on, the login sound might cause the right speaker to vibrate/sound distorted. This is apparently caused by the speaker not being tightened 100% (someone mentioned this somewhere, if I remember where I鈥檒l link it here) but I never bothered to confirm it. All I did was lower the volume in the Windows volume mixer for Windows type sounds and problem was fixed. Somehow the volume got reset for me and it hasn't been happening as of late. But I have heard new reports where the issue appears to be much worse. Hardware apart, I did notice that sometimes the speaker driver would report a yellow icon in Device Manager which only happens when I unplug my eGPU. Have to disable and re-enable the driver and it works fine. Rather odd, sometimes it happens sometimes no. Apart from the above mentioned, no other glaring issues and I really enjoy these speakers for any type of mixed usage. Just wish they had a top firing version for bed use.
Battery life
I鈥檓 gonna be frank, don鈥檛 get this laptop if you need all day battery life. Luckily I live plugged in so I don鈥檛 care about it. But this thing with an i9-12900H, 90Hz OLED panel, and only a 63wh battery, it鈥檚 not the best thing out there for on the go. Only getting 4-5 hours on average with browsing and that鈥檚 with all type of battery saving features turned on. Since I鈥檓 always plugged in with my eGPU it鈥檚 not a worry, but for those times that I do have to be on the go, I always take my USB-C battery to power it on the go. It does come with a 100w USB-C power brick so at least it does support faster than your average notebook charging, but if you can鈥檛 find a plug around, you鈥檒l definitely need an external battery to survive for daily browsing sessions. I didn鈥檛 try with only word/sketching sections tho, but it should at best almost give you 6 if you don鈥檛 do anything else and drop down the refresh rate to 60Hz. Maybe.
Wifi Performance
This has the infamous MediaTek card (this one is specifically Wifi 6E capable) which are wifi cards known for having less speeds/more issues than other brands. Luckily, the card is not soldered-in in case you want to swap it out for a more higher tier card you won鈥檛 have issues. I haven鈥檛 honestly been having much issues with it as wifi speeds seem stable enough and have not seen degraded performance so far. I did see this is exactly the same wifi card as the Zephyrus G14 2022 model, just as an FYI.
This has a total IO that will please a majority of people. It has 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 USB-A port, Micro SD card reader and a headphone jack. I personally will miss with a passion that extra USB-C port the Yoga 9i has on the right side for charging/dock purposes as this Zenbook has all the TB4 ports on the left side. So if you have to charge the laptop and your charger is on the right side, you鈥檒l have to bring the cable through the back and around. Apart from that, no issues as both my eGPU, mice, and Thunderbolt 4 dock have worked perfect for my needs. Someone mentioned that for some reason their eGPU wasn't working with the stock cable, but changing it solved it for him. 2 people have had this (not me), so if you experience this, try switching it out.
It鈥檚 720p unlike the Yoga 9i that has 1080p and Spectre 13.5/16 which feature 5MP webcams, but it鈥檚 still good enough for everyday use. Won鈥檛 blow you away but at least you can look clear enough for any job interview/online classes if needed.
Charging capabilities
This thing chargers quite fast with the included 100w power brick. It isn鈥檛 too overly big either. You can also use a 65w charger and even a 45w charger on the go, but make sure to limit the CPU performance by a bit as at least with the 45w it drains a bit. Setting it to Battery saver helps a lot with this in particular. Oh and just as an fyi, this doesn鈥檛 suffer like what the ROG Flow Z13 has where if you use a 100w third party charger it only charges at 65w. My Razer Core X with it鈥檚 100w power delivery has been exceptional for this i9-12900H alongside fast charging as well. Just wish it had a USB-C port on the right side to not have to pass the charger through the back if you're plugged in on the right side.

So, to summarize as Pros and Cons, here鈥檚 a condensed list as a TLDR:
路 Astounding 14 core CPU put into a small 14 inch laptop
路 Fan noise is kept minimal with different power profiles Asus鈥 offers while keeping performance good
路 14 inch 16:10 OLED 90Hz is absolutely amazing (would鈥檝e liked 120Hz tho)
路 SSD with PCIe Gen 4 is fast as can be
路 Screen build quality is amazing, body seems to handle your backpack wear as well
路 Port selection is plenty for almost anyone鈥檚 use case
路 Keyboard is amazing with 1.4mm travel and very quiet use
路 Trackpad is spacious and good with Windows precision drivers
路 Design and theme of Space is really cool for those that want it
路 Expensive, $2000, other laptops offer decent performance with 12th gen Intel (non-space edition with i7-12700H/16GB ram goes for $1300 at Amazon)
路 No dGPU option (Iris Xe is pretty behind even if it was a small leap last year)
路 No Vapor Chamber cooling/Liquid metal application like the Flow Z13 has
路 No USB-C on the right side for charging/dock usage to not have to run a cable through the back of the laptop
路 Battery life is below average so you鈥檒l need to charge it constantly
路 Touchpad clicks itself when grabbing the laptop with one hand on the bottom/flexing it even if this is 鈥淪pace grade鈥 build quality
路 Right side speaker may rumble a bit if you don鈥檛 lower Windows volume, mileage may vary
路 No Windows Hello IR is a shame even if the fingerprint reader is pretty good
路 As a past Yoga 9i user, no smooth edges are a shame when moving the laptop around

What I'd like to see improved for next gen:
Needs that touchpad click issue fixed, like ASAP. Wouldn't mind it getting the Vivobook S 14X panel at 14.5 OLED 120Hz panel but with touch. Display should also go back 180 degrees, not sure why this one doesn't. An optional RTX 3050/Ti version would've been welcomed. The Vivobook Pro 14X has a 3050 Ti so something along those lines. Top firing speakers and USB-C on the right side would've been a heavenly addition. Exhausts really should be on the back, not everyone likes side-handwarmers during intensive tasks. Black option to this laptop should exist, silver key laptops should be extinct by now. 1080p Windows Hello IR webcam would've been welcomed. And last but most certainly not least, Liquid Metal/Vapor chamber cooling would've been absolutely insane. Especially alongside an i9-12900HK option. And no, not to overclock, but to undervolt it and also have more options to more rigorously be able to control this CPU with Throttlestop as the i9-12900H has almost everything locked.
After 3 months of owning this laptop, would I exchange it for another?
At a personal level, no. It's basically my match made in heaven. Display is excellent, keyboard is as well, build quality is decent, and CPU performance for my eGPU is pretty much brutal. I may have bought the non-space edition since it goes for much cheaper, and the only real sacrifice in it is the 16GB ram downgrade, but that specific config took a long time to appear on Amazon, so I don't regret having this Space Edition one earlier. Apart from that only the Yoga 9i 14 Gen 7 looks to truly compete with it. Had it had more key travel I would've maybe been more torn between the two. But fan noise is just a lot better on this Zenbook vs the 9i. Spectre x360 13.5 and Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 are technical alternatives since they have OLED but the Spectre 13.5 has a lot weaker CPU and 9320 runs pretty warm to the touch even in just daily use. So really, with the current market out now, I wouldn't switch it for anything out there. Vivobook Pro 14X with 3050 Ti sounds really appeasing but need a touchscreen + just one single Thunderbolt 4 port is a huge deal breaker for me since I use a TB dock alongside my eGPU. If a Zenbook Pro 14X would come into existence it would definitely be real interesting competition for this regular 14X version. But I'm still plenty happy with this.
If you have any questions about the laptop or anything else that I didn't cover that you would like for me to add here let me know. I'm down to answer whatever doubts anyone needs so let me know. Cheers :)
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2022.06.19 22:24 xt0r3-Reddit External Display Freezing After Windows 10 Pro Update 10.0.19044 on GA401QE

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows what might be happening.


Temporarily solution:
Does anyone have any ideas on what might be done to solve this?
Thanks in advance!
I have tried:
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2022.05.17 23:49 pnmcosta Recent Windows Update KB5013943 breaks Armoury Crate and MyAsus

Not sure why my earlier post on this was flagged, but the Windows Update KB5013943 totally messes up with Armoury Crate and MyAsus. The ArmourySwAgent.exe fails on Windows login with the following error message:
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000135). Click OK to close the application.
Armoury Crate opens, but MyAsus is totally unresponsive.
I'm in contact with Asus support but so far they only recommended reinstall, unfortunately those those work and even the uninstall tool fails to do anything.
The only way I've managed to recover from this was to uninstall the KB via Windows Update and suspend any updates for the time being.
I am using Windows 11 Pro 64bit with Bitlocker enabled on a GA402RK model.
If anyone else has this KB installed, have you also encountered any issues?
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2022.05.03 06:45 AnEdgeLordWeeb BSOD after waking laptop from sleep mode ? PLS HELP!!!

Hey guys! Thanks for anyone who took the time to help me out, really appreciate it! So, a couple of days before I bought an Asus VivoBook flip 14 TP470EA. Everything works out really well, but there's this annoying problem that had me worried. Everytime I decide to let the laptop to close in sleep mode and close the lid and re-open it, I'm welcomed by either a black screen with only the cursor appearing and then a BSOD happens or the login screen appears for a couple of seconds then a BSOD. I really hope it's a windows/drivers problem and not the laptop itself is the problem. For the record, I ran sfc /scannow and myAsus diagnosis and no problems were found. As a side note, I reinstalled Windows 10 and everything seemed to work as normal surprisingly after that. But, unfortunately my happiness didn't last for long. Now the same problem occurs and the weird thing is that sometimes the intergrated cooler kicks in and when that happens, the BIOS shows me that the CPU reaches 60c. Windows 10 ver. 10.0.19044 BIOS ver. 316
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2022.04.29 22:14 BlackViking1134 G14 2022 with R7 and 6700s impressions

G14 2022 with R7 and 6700s impressions
So I recently bought the G14 2022 here in Germany after waiting for two months. I never wanted the high end spec, because in my opinion it's too expensive compared to what I need. And actually from what I have researched the R7 is very little behind the R9 and for me the 6700s goes good, as I don't play so intensively.
Here are my impressions after using this laptop for a week now. Please note that my version has Anime Matrix and I have updated everything (BIOS and other stuff in MyAsus, Win Update, Mediatek Wifi from Lenovo website etc.) and disabled the CPU boost.
The first thing that got me was the screen. WOW. Absolutely gorgeous. This screen is very color accurate and so bright. This version had very minimal back light bleed.
Backlight Bleed
The Keyboard and Touchpad are good. Keyboard has enough key travel which is satisfying. I gotta say though: The backlight of it is sometimes not accurate in some places. It's not that you will notice it; but if you pay attention you'll see it.
Thermals and performance wise, it's actually the same as we all have read here and there. The device gets hot obviously, but it'll manage. I also didn't notice that fan noise some people had on this sub when holding the device at a certain angle. The device maintained 38-45 degrees when I was watching Netflix with it. I've found out that the MSHybrid mode is better on Optimized. The dGPU is mostly off and the iGPU can handle almost everything perfectly even watching Youtube on 1080p.
I also played a couple of games with it like No Man's Sky and Destiny and Fifa 2022. So far they were 70+ fps on "almost" ultra settings. I have to test the device further in games as I played mostly on Stadia with my last device so don't have a big Steam or Epic games library.
Armory Crate Temps on idle
Armory Crate Temps after watching Netflix
Battery as tested lasts 5-6 hours from 80 to ~20 percent. I don't intend to flex the battery so much so I wish to keep it in that range.
The software though is buggy. There are random crashes of Armory Crate, "Unable to login" on MyAsus and once the bluetooth kept turning on and off itself until I restarted the device completely.

That's almost all that comes to my mind so far. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll try to answer as much as I can.
Thanks for reading!
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2022.02.22 20:55 vero9999sd1 馃敟Amazon Deal馃敟 ASUS ROG Strix G15 (2021) Gaming Laptop, 15.6鈥 300Hz IPS Type FHD Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, AMD Ryzen R9-5900HX, 32GB DDR4, 1TB PCIe SSD, Per-Key RGB Keyboard, Windows 10, G513QR-AS98

馃挵Save on Amazon!馃挵

About this item NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost up to 1660MHz at 115W (130W with Dynamic Boost 2.0) Latest AMD Ryzen 9-5900HX Processor (16M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz) 300Hz 15.6鈥 Full HD 1920x1080 IPS-Type Display 32GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM 1TB PCIe SSD ROG Intelligent Cooling thermal system with Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal Thermal Compound Comes with Windows 10 Home and a FREE upgrade to Windows 11 (when available1) 鈥 See more product details

Best Deal On Amazon!


Reviews :

Travis M. 
4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing laptop for the value (ROG Strix G513QR / R9 5900HX / RTX 3070) Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 32 GBHard Disk Size: 1 TBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3070Verified Purchase Four out of Five stars. Minus one star for the godawful MediaTek MT7921 Wi-Fi card.
This purchase was absolutely fueled by my need, as an IT Manager by trade and technology enthusiast, to replace my 3 year old laptop (as of time of this writing) which turned out to not be Windows 11 compatible. I didn't want to buy a laptop, but needs forced me to, which were..
My needs were: * It absolutely needs to run Windows 11 without compromises * I don't want to have to deal with a RAM upgrade later down the line * I want a state-of-the-art current-gen CPU as of the time of the purchase * It needs to have a discrete GPU (dGPU) with some muscle for the occasional game/mining/openCL, etc * Supports two screen output
Pretty much everything else in my use case - which was primarily for personal use, but also occasional work. The work side meant I would be setting up the laptop to dual-boot, which any modern computer can do, given enough storage space.
Pros: * Very sturdy build, very pleasing to the eye. It isn't tacky like a great number of GaMiNG LaPToPZZzz are. * Heavier than a Thin-and-Light, but very acceptable compared to other heavier gaming laptops * Fan/Cooling design is very well thought out & designed. On Silent mode, can be on your lap and not burn a hole in your legs. For long gaming sessions, it can be a little noisy, but you won't hear the noise it makes when using headphones/headset. It keeps the GPU/CPU cool and performance very stable. * Backlit keyboard can go total RGB amongst its other capabilities and looks cool for personal use. When botting into work the Backlit keyboard can also be single color and be more "professional" * Storage seems fast and the 1TB on my model is good enough for now * There's a spare M.2 slot for an additional NVMe SSD when/if I need it later * nVidia RTX 3070 mobile chip is a beast, very much exceeded my expectations * The iGPU is no slouch, either - playing Control at half-res with enhancements on battery is very impressive at 30fps. Most current non-AAA games can run 60fps+ on the iGPU, it's that good. * Has a Gigabit Ethernet Port .. for when low latency gaming matters most * Has an HDMI Port .. though I would have preferred DisplayPort++ 1.4 instead * USB-C port is USB 3.2 Gen2, or 20Gbit, supports DisplayPort alternate mode, and USB Power Delivery 3.0 (100w, 20v/5A) * USB-C port works great with the Lenovo Advanced Dock Gen 2 (Thunderbolt 3) - drives two external 1080p/60 LCD monitors and the laptop display panel simultaneously, for a total of (and maximum of) 3 active displays * USB-A ports are USB 3.2 Gen 1, or 10Gbit * CPU performance is blissful - unbelievably fast when it needs to be, and undeniably cool and silent * Multiple performance profiles are available based on available power (DC, USB-C Power Delivery, Battery) and can easily be switched by pressing the 'fan' button on the keyboard. When I work, I prefer silent - the fan hardly comes on. * Overclocked CPU and dGPU by default, but the activation of it is based on which performance profile is active. The extent of the overclock depends on whether or not it's plugged into power or running on battery, and if the laptop can keep itself cool enough. In practice, this is very simple to use, just press a button (the fan button). * 32GB of RAM is more than I really need, but I don't want to have to deal with it later as time goes on, plus it's all under one warranty. I've heard rumors it can support 64GB (2x32GB) but I haven't seen proof and I'm not sure I'll ever need that much memory unless my use case changes. * Battery life was more impressive than I ever expected. I have the charge limiter set to 60% of capacity; that said I was shocked when, on Silent mode I got about 5 hours out of it with casual work and surfing. On Performance mode, while gaming on the iGPU, I got just past 2 hours. If I work out the numbers on a full battery, that's between 8-9 hours on Silent, and just under 4 hours while gaming on the iGPU on Performance. I haven't tested the dGPU on battery, my guess is runtime would be half that depending on how the RTX is set up for battery mode. * Asus' MyAsus app, which aims to be the place to keep your PC up to date, adjust its feature settings (battery charge limiter, data prioritization, etc), troubleshoot problems, and open support tickets - is beginning to remind me of Lenovo Vantage. Meaning MyAsus is becoming more useful as time goes on, and more professional. They've added features in the last two months I've owned I've owned the laptop to make it practical to use and visit from time to time.
Neutral * Ray Tracing is still gimmicky, maybe by the time nVidia's 5000-series is out, it'll be great * Only 3 active displays at any one time. If using 2 monitors via USB-C and 1 monitor via HDMI, the laptop screen will turn off. Seems a shame, as I've seen significantly less capable and inexpensive GPUs drive anywhere from 4 to 6 simultaneous monitors at 1080p/60. * Asus' documentation on Armoury Crate is not that great - I had a hard time following it and understanding the benefits. I learned more through trial, error, and patience. It's nice that it is customizable, though I don't see any real difference between being plugged into DC and setting for 'Turbo' than going into 'Custom' and taking all the time it takes to tweak to the nth degree. I guess it's for people who want to quibble over what I perceive as small gains. * A built-in camera would have been nice, but I get by without it. I have a Logitech webcam attached to my dock, so lack of a built-in camera is not a big loss for me unless I go out; and even then my phone can handle Teams/Slack/WebEx/Zoom as a video source just fine. Asus also has an app that can pair your phone's camera to the laptop, though I haven't tried it. * UEFI doesn't have a lot of customization to it, for an "overclocked" laptop. There's nothing significant to tweak in Advanced mode, and literally nothing the average user or enthusiast would change in Easy mode. The most useful settings are set in the MyAsus App.
Cons: * That MediaTek WiFi MT7921 chip. It is just awful. By awful, I mean its performance varies wildly based on what Wi-Fi Router it is connected to. It is not very compatible with Ubiquiti UniFi WAPs and loses connection every few minutes - I've had to resort to using my phone as a mobile hotspot (meaning my phone is a hotspot for my home wifi) just to get the laptop's connection to be stable. One Starbucks it may be fine, but another, it won't connect. I was at a hotel for a convention and some parts of the hotel it worked fine, and others, it won't connect - meanwhile my peers had no issues with their various hardware. It's so bad I've ordered an Intel AX210 to replace the MediaTek with. * Only 3 USB-A ports, 1 on the back, 2 on the left, none on the right * Only 1 USB-C port on the back - I would have liked to see 2+, the right side of the laptop is barren * No Media card reader, I work with IoT devices, so including one would have been helpful for me * Armoury Crate app requires the Windows user account to be set as Administrator. It will not work properly if the user is a Standard user. Not only is it not possible to change settings, but the App's OSD will repeatedly appear every 10 seconds or so on the screen as it tries to change settings from Default to whatever the last used profile is, in a never ending loop. Even approving the multiple UAC prompts for Armoury Crate upon every login, the app still doesn't work right. I don't view this as particularly secure or helpful. They need to invest more time on the security & functionality of the app so Admin accounts aren't necessary. Otherwise, if Admin, everything works. Read more 55 people found this helpful Helpful
Twin Number Two 
3.0 out of 5 stars Good laptop so far but... Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 32 GBHard Disk Size: 1 TBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3070Verified Purchase Great laptop so far but I only have 16GB ram and not 32GB 51 people found this helpful Helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 32 GBHard Disk Size: 1 TBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3070Verified Purchase It came on time exactly as described. I highly recommend this merchant. 45 people found this helpful Helpful
Paul b 
4.0 out of 5 stars Mostly Great Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 16 GBHard Disk Size: 512 GBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3060Verified Purchase I don't usually buy in the $1.5 K range so I'm not sure what I should be expecting, but I'm pretty happy with the laptop overall.
It's a little odd that it utilizes both integrated AMD graphics, and the Nvidia 3060. (I haven't looked too into it, but I expected the AMD graphics to be turned off.) Edit: turns out it's a battery saving feature. Uses the AMD graphics out of games to save battery. (Read this sometimes bottlenecks the discrete GPU)
It has good performance, but for a gaming laptop, 500GB is pretty small.
I bought a 1TB SSD to supplement it, but the screw was so tight I ended up stripping it.
I doubt others will have this problem, just my bad luck. 36 people found this helpful Helpful
Miguel Cuadros 
5.0 out of 5 stars Rendimiento Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 32 GBHard Disk Size: 1 TBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3070Verified Purchase Muy buena laptop para uso intensivo en tareas de compilaci贸n, renderizado, multihilo. Adicionalmente en su performance en el apartado gr谩fico con la RTX 3070 se puede jugar muy bien aprovechando gran parte de los 300 hz del monitor, o conectandolo a monitores externos 32 people found this helpful Helpful
Translate review to English Matthew Kessel 3.0 out of 5 stars Built-in, non upgradeable WiFi card sucks. Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 16 GBHard Disk Size: 512 GBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3060Verified Purchase This laptop is awesome with one major caveat. I'll get to it later in the review.
Excellent build quality. Aluminum keyboard deck, great tactile RGB keyboard, glass trackpad, and really solid feeling plastic on the rest of it.
Display is amazing. I have the 1080p IPS 300hz model, and its perfect for the specs. Smoothest high refresh display I have ever used. Doesn't get crazy bright, but it's plenty for indoor use.
Specs on my unit are the 5900HX, 16GB of RAM, a 3060, and a 512GB SSD. This thing plows through demanding games at 1080p, getting 100+ FPS in most of the titles I play. Even better if you're playing something DLSS compatible.
Fans get pretty loud in Performance mode, and it sounds like a jet engine in Turbo mode. I found Turbo mode to be totally unusable even with headphones on. This is par for the course with a relatively thin, high performance gaming laptop though.
Onto the one major, unredeemable negative. I read in the reviews that the WiFi card sucks, but is upgradeable. No big deal, I have a spare Intel 8260 lying around, I'll just throw that in when I get it. I got the laptop in the mail, opened it up, and much to my dismay, the garbage MediaTek card is now part of the motherboard PCB in the revised G513Q model. ASUS, seriously?
This MediaTek card is just as bad as everyone says it is. Constantly drops connection, incompatibility issues, and cannot manage traffic from multiple applications; the card tends to just throttle the crap out of one of them.
Unless you're planning on constantly being wired in to Ethernet, this is a borderline dealbreaker.
Buyer beware if you're planning on using the WiFi on this thing. Read more 21 people found this helpful Helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great all around computer. Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2021 CPU: Ryzen 9 5900HXRAM Size: 16 GBHard Disk Size: 512 GBGraphics Description: GeForce RTX 3060Verified Purchase I had a desktop pc and I thought it was the Bee鈥檚 knees item nine. Thought I鈥檇 grab this laptop to game and program on so I could leave my office and now I feel free and I can work or game anywhere. The screen is amazing, rtx is amazing. AMD is amazing for the core. With nvidia studio you can cancel out all the noise happening around you on a call or in game. I had my daughter screaming and crying with my son while my wife chased them around and Nobody heard a thing. Like wise, if you have an annoying person on call breathing into his mic or a fan on. Nvidia broadcast can cut that out for you. Best purchase I鈥檝e made in a long time. Love the computer, looks and feels great. I thought maybe the screen would be to small but it鈥檚 not at all, the bezel is super thin and the color from the display really pops. Cooling is awesome as well, shoots all the heat out the sides and back 25 people found this helpful Helpful

Buy Now From Amazon!

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2022.02.20 15:33 inam12314 Complete G15 *(my)Setup Guide

I got the 3060 variant of the G15 just 2 weeks ago and have been taking a look at this subreddit ever since. I have been seeing lot of people having issues with their G15 and personally i faced many issues reported by the users too but i have managed to fix them for an amazing experience. This post is a collection of fixes i did to get a stable experience. I am posting this guide after 1 week of use to ensure everything is working as expected.

A clean windows install out of the box.

I always like to start clean every time i get a new device. OEMs usually put a lot of bloatware and the best way to get rid of all that is a clean windows install. Although my G15 didnt come with much installed (Only McAfee) i still did a clean install just to be sure. As for the the OS, i went for Windows 11, for no particular reason. If you decide to go the same route as me, you might wanna backup your C:\eSupport folder, i didnt backup mine because i didn't/ still don't find the need for it, but people around this sub recommended to back it up, so if you wanna be on the safe side, do that.
PS: While formatting i wiped the full drive, Yes the recovery partition too, I am able enough to recover my computere in case anything happens, but you can get away just fine by just formatting the Windows installation drive

Collecting Drivers

As soon as the computer booted, couple of things were obvious, the WiFi/Ethernet was broken, audio was not working properly, the computer was laggy due to missing display drivers, they Fn shortcut keys weren't working and a maybe a few more things i dont remember.
I started by heading to the G15 driver page on the Official website which can be found HERE
The first thing i downloaded were the WiFi drivers so i can connect to internet directly from my laptop.
For the rest of the drivers head back to the G15 driver website and download the Armoury Crate installer and ASUS System Control Interface v3, these allow you to download Armoury Crate/ Aura Sync and MyASUS app respectively.
Open and login into MyAsus app and download all of the following drivers from within the app:
1. Genesys Card Reader
For the card reader duhh.
2. ASUS Smart Display Control
To auto switch refresh rate when on battery.
PS: This doesn't have a normal .exe installer, to install you need to run the included .bat fileas admin.
3. RefreshRate Service
To enable panel overdrive
4. Fingerprint Driver
5. Bluetooth Driver
Download according to your BT card.
6. ASUS Precision TouchPad Driver
For trackpad gestures and all.
7. LAN Drivers
Download according to the LAN card you have
8. Wireless radio control driver
For Airplane mode hotkey
9. Realtek Audio
The basic audio driver, you will also need to download Dolby Acess from MS Store.
10. HEVC Extension
As mentioned by u/ecepada and tested by me, you need to install this extension, this will reduce the CPU usage while playing media. The link for this extension can be found HERE. To install simply run the bat file as administrator and once installed you can also update to latest version by checking for updates in the MS store. The installation files were extracted from eSupport folder provided by u/Gold-Advisor in his post HERE.
Now head over to the AMD driver page HERE and download the auto detect executable. Run it and choose Minimal install. After the drivers have been installed open the AMD Radeon app and disable Vari-Bright from the display options (makes the colors look washed).
Now for the NVIDIA drivers go to the GeForce driver page HERE and download the latest driver for your dGPU, while installing the drivers you can choose to exclude GeForce experience app depending on your preference.

Post Install Cleanup(Optional)

Now that all the drivers are setup, it's time to get rid of some ASUS bloat. Start by heading over to installed programs, in my case i dont use AURA and AI noise cancellation whatever, so you can uninstall everything related to that.
Then open the services(just search it in start menu), right of the bat you can see a ton of ASUS serices running, most of which you probably dont even need. In my case i disabled the following services
1. ASUS Link Near and ASUS Link Remote
These are services for "Link to MyASUS", disable if you dont use that.
2. ASUS Software Manager and ASUS Update Service(asus/asusm)
For checking driver and BIOS updates, also provides recommendations in MyASUS app.
3. ASUS System Analysis and ASUS System Diagnosis
For the diagnosis/troubleshooting within MyASUS app. Useless in my opinion.
4. ASUS Switch
5. ASUS App Service
6. AsusROGLSLService Download ROGLSLoader
7. GameSDK Service
8. ROG Live Service
I have been using the laptop with all of these disabled and didnt face any issues so far, keep in mind that you wont be able to check for updates within Armoury Crate/MyASUS app after disabling the update service.

Addressing any issues

Following all this you should have the necessary drivers for the proper functioning of all the components. However i will address any issues anyone posts in the replies in this section as we go.

Have a good day :)
Update 1: Added HEVC Extension. Update 2: Added post setup cleanup setps
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2022.02.15 02:37 ViCorp Lost fan control on my TUF FX505DU. Help?

A bit over a week ago, I update my laptop and now I can't adjust the fan speed on it. It's plugged in, I hit FN & F5 but nothing comes up and it also doesn't show which option it's set to when I login after boot up. Any ideas on what might have happened or how to fix it?
(tried updating the Amory Crate software & MyAsus but no change. In fact, Armory wouldn't update at all.)
submitted by ViCorp to ASUS [link] [comments]

2022.01.09 10:42 ecepada Finally, My Armoury Crate is now fully functional.

Finally, My Armoury Crate is now fully functional.

Synching Armoury Crate (iPhone) to ROG Zephyrus G15.
Device Model: ROG Zypherus G15 (GA503QS)
Software installed:
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Armoury Crate 5.0.11
Devices with Aura Sync connected:
  • ROG ARION 1 Tb SK Hynix M.2 NVME drive.
Procedure of installation:
  1. I made a clean Windows 11 Pro installation. I modified first the Windows 11 .iso file by adding EI.cfg file. This was done to ensure that I will be installing Win11 Pro and not Win11 Home. Upgrading from Home to Pro caused a buggy OS.
  2. Do a Windows Update. Do this until system shows 鈥淵ou鈥檙e up to date鈥.
  3. Install the latest Asus Control Interface V3.
  4. Install MyAsus app. Login with your account. Update the outdated softwares at Consumer Support section. Note: I don鈥檛 install drivers from AMD or NVIDIA website. I prefer to install from Asus; Asus preconfigured their drivers according to laptop design.
  5. Connect all ROG Aura Sync Devices.
  6. Install Armoury Crate and Aura Creator from Asus website.
  7. At Armoury Crate, update the system at Update Center section. This will update all Aura sync Device Firmwares and other services.
I am so happy, finally, I have a fully functional laptop. I can now control my Armoury Crate using my phone. My previously posted problem about Game Visual is now also fixed.
Final: Keep Windows up to date. Keep MyAsus up to date at Customer support section. Keep Armoury Crate up to date at Update Center.
I made 5 reformatting attempts before I got this stable configuration. I hope this helps.
Additional info:
  • I upgraded my system with 2 pieces of SK Hynix P31 Gold M.2 NVME.
  • I upgraded my RAM from stock Micron 1Rx8 Ram to Kingston 2Rx8. Note: I used 2RX8. This is to stop the stuttering issues. I also used Kingston; Kingston used SK Hynix memory modules. I prefer to have same modules from one manufacturer, that is, SK Hynix.
I hope this helps. God bless you guys.
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2021.11.20 16:19 Mystralitic Unable to format a 128GB eMMC drive to any Linux-compatible filesystem

I got a new ASUS BR1100FKA laptop as a gift. This model got a 128GB eMMC as its primary drive. Tried to install EndeavourOS, before letting out an error. The installer complaints about "input/output" error, while formatting to ext4.
Fast forward a month, and I still can't figure it out. As an alternative, I made a persistent USB pendrive installation. The 32GB space is not very forgiving, though.
Here's what I have tried:
  1. Copying files from /home directory through Thunar File Manager with gvfs installed returns no error. However, trying to mount them through /etc/fstab always failed and took me into the emergency mode. Only after commenting out the responsible line in /etc/fstab allow me to boot properly. Mounting them manually afterwards return can't read superblocks.
  2. Using rsync with -v option, I can see occasional lines of EXT4 ERROR, but it was scrolling too fast. Maybe I will try to catch it later.
  3. cp command is more stable, usually ending with no error. It does get the same /etc/fstab error, though. The error thrown out are Input/Output Error.
  4. dd command is very unstable, and ending up with I/O error
  5. ddrescue never dropped an error, but copying the OS partition means that the partition need to fixed afterwards. Not possible on Win10, as far as I know.
  6. Because Calamares defaults to formatting the partition first, I tried to do vanilla Arch installation. When installing base, linux-lts, and linux-firmware through pacstrap, several I/O errors get thrown out and pacstrap just stopped without installing after download is finished
A lot of Google results on I/O Error shows hardware failure, altough I doubt that is the case. I also read a lot about booting from eMMC, but I would like to tackle formatting them first. There are some pople who have tackled this with BIOS settings that are non-existent on mine.
Any help would be appreciated!
Edit: fdisk command was able to make an empty Linux partition. Still the same error with mkfs.ext4 after that tho
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2021.06.04 02:52 vamadeus G14 2021 No Longer Booting Into Windows, Even after factory reset

I have a 2021 G14 GA401QM (3060, FHD)

Today it's starting having problems booting into Windows 10. Just before getting to the login prompt the screen will go blank then restart. The fans will also go to maximum speed. This will happen every time until startup recovery is prompted. Safe mode worked once. I tried startup repair, go back to a restore point, reset windows 10, and did Asus's factory defaults reset and am having the same results.

Even after resetting to factory settings I am having the same problem. I can't boot into Windows.
I reset the bios to defaults and reflashed the latest bios from ASUS's website. It didn't help.

I think the MyASUS may have had an update this morning it wanted me to restart for, but I just shut the computer down.

Currently my G14 is back at factory settings but am not able to get to the initial Windows setup due to this problem.
I am just outside of my return period too...

Any ideas?

UPDATE 2021-06-04:

I think I fixed the issue. It appears to have been an bad or incomplete VBIOS update my MyASUS.

Based on u/domewrecked comment I decided to investigate if maybe it was the 3060. Since the issue was persistent even with a factory reset it'd make sense if it was a VBIOS or firmware update issue.

I attached an external hard drive with Windows 10 on it and was able to boot successfully. This Windows didn't have any nVidia drivers and used just the Windows Default Display drivers as a fallback.
Since that started fine I then installed MyASUS. I was prompted to install a VBIOS update (v. 6.0.0). I completed that installation and was prompted to reset, saying it'd finish on restart. After restarting MyASUS still said that it would finish the update after restart so I left it to sit for like 30 min or so.

I restarted my computer again and MyASUS showed the VBIOS update in the history only. I shut down my computer and removed the external HDD.
I then started up to the install SSD and it started successfully. I was able to complete Windows setup and am starting up normally. Now I'll finish doing some updates and installs and hopefully this is complete.
I'll update later today if everything continues to work fine or if I have any more problems. (Crosses Fingers).

My suggestion to everyone is if they are having this problem to restart in safe mode and try disabling the 3060 or uninstall the nVidia and 3060 drivers so it only uses the fallback display drivers. Then open MyASUS and see if you are prompted to install the VBIOS update. Do so, restart when prompted, and then let the computer sit for a while after a successful reboot to ensure that completes in the background.
If you don't have this problem and have MyASUS installed then I HIGHLY recommend disabling the auto-install of essential updates! Then when you do go to install these, especially things like BIOS or VBIOS updates then take care to ensure it completes before and after the restart.
UPDATE 2021-06-05:
After updates to Windows, drivers reinstalled, and some gaming I haven鈥檛 had any issues.
UPDATE 2021-06-08:
If anyone is interested my G14 is still working well several days after reflashing the VBIOS using MyASUS. It appears that doing this fixed the problem for me.
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2021.04.27 17:16 RedNnnno Keyboard backlight stopped working + MyASUS "Some functions cannot be used, please restart this application or the computer" fix

Hi, just wanted to put all of that in a single place hopefully useful to others, after Googling and trying things, I wanted to fix this issue without "re-initializing" the computer which is what the ROG site recommends... I strongly recommend rebooting every time you install/uninstall drivers just to be safe.
  1. Uninstall Armoury Crate using the downloadable "uninstaller" from ASUS. The previous links I found on Google actually point to old defunct one, so search on ASUS' site or Google it. Here's the one as of writing:
  2. Uninstall MyASUS application from the Add/Remove programs (for some reason you can't from the Windows Store)
  3. Install Armoury Crate from scratch. Once done, the backlight returned, however the dimming still didn't... (Download in link from step 1.)
  4. Login and check get all the Armory Crate updates
  5. Fix the MyASUS Control Interface V2 - I found this link that hints on what to do: I first tried reinstalling the latest version but that did nothing, I had an earlier version available which I selected. This didn't fix anything however see next steps...
  6. Reinstall MyASUS from the Microsoft Store
  7. Login. When I ran the app, it actually reinstalled (properly?) the latest Control Interface V2! Then check and apply the MyASUS software updates.
  8. After a last reboot, everything was back to as it was! In fact better since now I no longer have the useless Aura stuff that was previously factory installed in Armoury Crate... Unless you have a keyboard that uses that...
submitted by RedNnnno to ZephyrusG14 [link] [comments]

2021.04.08 13:36 585boa Zephyrus G15 2021 keyboard just randomly stopped working

It's been fine ever since I got it, even used it earlier in the day. Went back to login and noticed none of the RGB was lit up... then I noticed no key presses register. Didn't think much of it, figured a restart would fix it, nope. Hard resets, on battery, plugged in, system restore etc basically anything I can think of outside of a complete factory reset I've done. I noticed in MyASUS there's a ROG Keyboard hot fix or something like that. Tried to run it like 17 times and all it does is pop up saying its going to update then closes a split second later while the "download notification" spins for 20 minutes then says it failed. I'm going to try a complete system wipe and hope for the best but I'll report back. Really hope its not a dud because finding one of these is like striking gold.
Anyone have any ideas?
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