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2023.05.26 04:29 Anything_4_LRoy 1 year journal entry

1 year journal entry
Time is strange. I lived independently for so long. Sure, I had always entertained the idea of meeting someone. and you know that i have always believed i fell into a friendzone for the entirety of HS. Of course, active addiction was only going to turn the average introverted only child into an unhealthy cycles of isolation. You know exactly how coincidental it was that we met, when we did, where we did.
I still keep and see the original journal entry you wrote on your first day at Dewey, every day. I lost the one i wrote, but ill take what ive got. I wear your mothers necklace like a wedding band. Only coming off for the 4 surgeries ive had in the last 2 months. Im sure you always knew you were kinda cheating when you would say that "I could get so good and be doing so much better without you". Sure, id probably get clean at some point after you died, well played.
Bennett is going on GRAND adventures. I am healthy...ier. and getting physically stronger everyday. Im goin to be honest now babe, im fucking scared. Its hard to describe. Its kind of like the fear I felt in Dewey that night out by the pic-nic table. But its much worse. Because im scared ill never be scared like that ever again. And im scared because it was you. Im not mad, but you know that you were the one that made me scared like that. Now, I literally fear, the fear of not feeling fear. It starting to bleed into everything. I have resentments towards everyone. I want to act on them. I entertain bad ideas and worry that one day i could reach a point where i truly, just dont care about anyone. ...But, Its too hard to get anything done without you anyways. I dont know, if there is some slim chance that you are able to read any of my journals ever again... i just wanted you to know.
And now, its been 1 whole year since you died. Its been a bit longer than that since youve been gone. that month, absolutely destroyed me. I still dont know if the doctors were just entertaining my fantasies in order to let me down softly. You have to know that i really really believed we would be together forever, whatever that means. Maybe we still are. All I really know is that your "wonderful father" completely robbed everyone of whatever closure they might have been able to find in "your memory". I know what we had. But, there was no service, I have no ashes. Our life, was our life. Theres not much left.
I normally am not the type of person to watch the calendar turn. I try not let past events arbitrarily ruin future days. I want Lucy to have something more than what she has now. Her family made an obituary on a public site, which is completely fine, but than proceeded to write things they really really shouldnt have and used a picture from middle school, for a grown woman. Her father went out of his way and spent money he didnt need to in order to "keep her away from me once and for all". Bitch, we never spent more than 24 hours apart for over 5 years, there never even was a once let alone a for all. For the sake of her Beautiful life, I want to make sure there are people that i can count on to care and understand, to have a small insight into the love she spread.

One of the few and favorite pictures i have left of her. Lucy and the stray who fell in love, Bennett. The two of us together on our first roadtrip, and one of the last 2 pictures i have of us together. And 1 song i would have played at any type of gathering we could have had. Her favorite song that always hits me hard every time. moderate content warning. Its modern rap with "mature themes" and explicit language, but the message is actually solid. ...just the music we listened to lol.

I hope this wasnt too long and okay.
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2023.05.23 05:35 canadian-weed AI haunted by doomsday science fiction - Albuquerque Journal

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2023.05.22 22:07 mountaindynamic Newspapers Obituary Request

Hello! Looking for the obituary of Mary Nafus in The Akron Beacon Journal , Wednesday, August 3, 1955. Thank you!
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2023.05.21 18:49 tw_bot Leadership needed to secure NM's economic future - Albuquerque Journal

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2023.05.21 08:47 Rough_Assignment2516 Democrats will be defending competitive New Mexico Senate seats in 2024 ... - Albuquerque Journal

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2023.05.17 06:10 rdewalt [Furry fandom/Webcomics] A followup to a two-year-old thread that I was just pointed to that I am a primary source in: Re: Four for the Price of One: How a venerable furry artist pulled off a harmless long con that lasted 30 years

Original Thread::
Hi, I'm the rdewalt referenced heavily in the above article. And the one who did the majority of the investigative work and have been the primary fandom liason with Albert's family. I also started a Telegram channel back when he passed away so people could have one common location to find out information.
Those who know me, know to validate that I am who I say I am. This story is always popping up on my radar every six months to a year since his death.
I knew Albert for 20 years, mid 97 until his death. I thought I knew him. Heck, He was one of the groomsmen in my wedding. He'd crash on my couch in DC when he came through the area for reasons. I knew what I thought was all about him. I had only the surface knowlege he let me know. But I was able to piece together the rest.
> This saga primarily spans from 2000 to 2017 but reaches as far back as the late 1980s. As such, much of the story has been lost to the Graveyard of Early Internet. I've done my best to dig up original sources as much as possible, but some parts have been left to hearsay.
As the original source for the majority of the material presented, I'll fill in where I can. I have items that were never shown publicly. And out of respect for his family's wishes, I will not be revealing -every- tiny detail.
The majority of the post is accurate, the information mostly public anyway.
>Shirley Chessler-Wakefield, who went by Shirleemouse online, was Katellis's wife.
They were not actually married "yet". For the remainder of this document, I'll use "CW" for Catswhisker and KE/S for Katellis and Shirley (They basically were a 'couple') Other minor characters will be named in full.
> To date, the comic hasn't been continued.
And unless his brothers have something planned that they have not brought up in the past six years, it will not. Al kept -no- notes. Nothing was written down. He didn't have to work with a collaborator because he WAS his collaborators. I gained full access to his websites and made a copy of everything, so nothing has been lost. However at his brothers' wishes nothing is posted online. Al also may not have had a fullly detailed ending planned. Al -HATED- endings. I'd be in collaborations with him on various things, and rather than a simple "okay, lets wrap the story up here." he was -always- wanting stories open ended. BUT for Gene Catlow, he was starting what would actually be the Final Chapter.
He had spoken with Cecil, my spouse, and they were scheduled to collaborate on the post-Gene-Catlow stories that would have primarily focused on the side characters. He was planning on wrapping up the final bits of the comic, or at least BEGINNING the wrap up of the final when he passed away. In fact, one of the last pieces of art Gene posted was of Cecil's characters. So... there is that weight with us to have.
>Immediately after Albert's death Catswhisker, KatEllis, and Shirleemouse went silent as well. No comic updates, no art, no comments, not a single word from any of them. This was understandable for a time, as they clearly needed time to grieve the loss of a loved one. But the silence went on, and on, and old suspicions began surfacing again.
This actually happened within hours, not weeks or months. It was in the immediate after-shock of Albert's death that I began hunting down his real life family as well as CW & KE/S. Within the hour even. I'm one of those people online that your mother warned you about. I basically "Doxxed" everyone ever involved with Albert that I did not have definitive phone numbers of or had met in person. From my friendship with Albert, I had the full names, ages and where they all lived of CatswhiskeKE/S (As well as the others not mentioned here). Or where they supposedly lived. I won't go into details of my methodolgy, since the information could potentially point people into methods to "Doxx" someone. But basically given the information I had available as well as the resources and connectons I had built up over the decades of my career, I came to answers.
Albert WAS Catswhisker, Shirley, Katellis, Badgerton, Burlington, Moonlight...
> A number of people expressed concern over Catswhisker, but nobody had her contact information. At this point it seemed that everyone was reaching the same conclusion but nobody wanted to say it aloud.
Albert was "living" as anywhere from eight to ten people in JUST the furry fandom alone. Not just Gene/CW/KE&S but there were many others who, strangely, only interacted through gene, or through e-mail.
>>It was verified to me by Rdewalt after I learned that KatEllis supposedly lived in Eugene, Oregon (Eugene is also Gene and CW’s son) and there is no record of a Richard Katellis living in that town.
Ad revenue checks for Katellis's comic were on Al's desk. One of his Laptops was logged into Shirley's mail, another in various IM clients as various people. Every piece of information pointed to Albert's condo, or to mail boxes he owned "for them"
> I wouldn’t say deceived horribly. I’m not upset by it. This is why Rdewalt asked me to not say anything, because of fear of trolls that might soil Al’s memory.
Al was at the very worst, only lying in the fact that he didn't tell us the whole truth. As everyone says, at the end of the day, it was innocent.
> Kiwifarms
I read the Kiwifarms drama, I refused to participate. I felt unclean even looking at that site. I responded to nobody there. Even the truth, trolls would manipulate in troll ways.
>It bears reiterating that this wasn't as simple as one person with a few sockpuppet accounts. Albert cultivated four different personas,
Closer to a dozen. Gene/CW/Katellis/Shirley were the four Most Commonly Known.
The images about Catswhiskers I have. And two more that Al never posted publicly. Image analysis shows they were all different women. Face features, eye colors, eaeye/nose/mouth shapes all different. They were scans of film photos (Al was very much a film camera fanatic, even when many of us were using digital.) Every photo I shared with his family, none of them knew who the women were. I met his family in person at Al's wake held after his death. I had met his brothers in passing years before at conventions, but never more than a casual handshake and hello. They told me he -had- no girlfriend, let alone someone as serious as CW. You'd think he'd tell them about her?
Albert compartmentalized his life VERY strongly. Family, fandom, work? Each got a distinct Albert.
I met his boss of 20 years. The man didn't know Al could draw, could play several instruments, knew NOTHING about Al. He was at the wake, hearing stories, and said he had no idea who he was working with all those years.
The REAL proofs to me was in working with his family. His personal cellphone was accessible and contained -no- photos of CW, nor Jamaica. THAT was the biggest key in this. What guy in a long distance relationship has NO photos of his girlfriend on his phone? Nothing in his phone had any indications it had EVER been to Jamaica. Also? Her story didn't make sense. Why was she in Jamaica? "Witness protection program" he told me. That's not possible, the federal witness protection program doesn't relocate you to other countries. ADDITIONALLY, you don't GET to keep your old contacts and interact with everyone from your 'old' life.
Also, if she was forced to live in Jamaica? Why was Al still in the US? Why did he have NO plans to move there? What guy THAT devoted to his love, would have stayed in the US for 15 years, only going once or twice a year to visit? That never set well with me.
>The only halfway convincing explanation I can come up with is that one of Albert's (allegedly numerous) computers was still logged in to Catswhisker's Furaffinity when his brothers were clearing it out, and they left that message as consolation to the fans. But that would ultimately be a cruel joke.
He was an avid technology collector. I've spent my entire career in similar, so we talked a LOT about them. He had easily two or three hundred computers in his condo, of which a dozen were kept in active use AND unlocked. Those were the true proofs since he was logged into multiple e-mail accounts of the people we didn't know he was. I offered my skills to his brothers in digging through any locked computers for archival purposes. He was their family's computer guru. But it was the only skill I had that was beyond his. He was good at ANYTHING he set his mind to. I knew He did not have encrypted drives since he never used an operating system on a computer newer than Windows 98. This was something I had talked to him at length on. So it isn't a surprise to know they were all wide open, not even a password.
> (faked his death mention in a comment)
I would love for this to have been true. I was the one who made the calls to his local police for a wellness check. I was on the phone when he was found. I have seen his autopsy report, I will not detail it here. There was a LOT about him that he hid even from those of us who felt we were Real Close Friends.
Three weeks before his death, he was at my house, no big deal, we'd get together every other month or so for a day of drawing, comics, geeking out on things, you name it. My last photo of him is him sitting next to my son at lunch the month before that. I had jokingly brought up the "Gene is Katellis" line of thought. His reaction was genuine enough brushing it off, that even after finding the truth, he pulled one over on us all. The subject changed, and I thought nothing else of it. I didn't think at all he was lying.
>This was a monumental undertaking, and the man kept it up for decades.
And not just one person, a dozen. Many felt as real as if I had known them in person. I'd "talked" to most of them in IMs. Not knowing it was Al in every case.
> There was no obituary and, as mentioned earlier, no follow-up on the whole "continuing Gene Catlow once Albert's brothers wade through his notes" thing.
Obituary is by the family. I do not know why they did not run one.
The lack of follow up? I have information (80% confidence) that they found nothing, and what they did find was such that they have chosen to close it as is. Let us remember what we had.
> Anyone who seems to know anything solid fell silent pretty quickly.
He had a heart condition. He collected computers, having an almost literal personal museum of personal computers spanning literally ALL of technology.
> Aside from the Rdewalt journals, all information I gathered about Albert's death and the aftermath was second- or thirdhand sources.
I will answer any questions if anyone still has any. I have significant primary sources I cannot share due to his family's requests, and I am for this post a primary source as well.
>I've wanted to share this story for some time; not to mock the people involved, but to document one of the strangest and most poignant stories I've found on the internet. I don't know if the full truth will ever be known at this point. Maybe it's better that way?
He was multiple people online. His "why?" answer died with him. His family lost a brother. The Fandom lost a van full of people. Gene was so nice and kind, he had enough kindness to be ten earnestly kind people.
It was a bit of a shock to find this old thread. Thank you everyone for being respectful. Al did a lot for us, the death and finding out that he was so many people was traumatic. To this day, we're still in disbelief.
EDIT:: Additional story writeup of the actual "finding his passing"
Everyone knows he did the GeneCatlow comic. He obsessively did it. His comic was seventeen YEARS 3 days a week, never ONCE did he miss an update. He was Obsessively ON TIME with that comic. Like set-your-clock levels of update regularity.
The fact that he missed an update (a monday) was the first hint something was wrong. Al NEVER missed an update. Like, the world could be collapsing, the ground upheaving, aliens vaporizing entire towns, and he'd stop and update his comic.
He missed a second update. (Wednesday) . THAT was what made us start to worry. Even when on travel, he had strips queued up. So something was WRONG. I called his cellphone, his work cellphone. One mutual lived 20 min away (My house was a good two hour drive to his, he lived north of Oakland, I lived south of San Jose.) And found his car in the parking lot, covered in recent tree debris. (That from piecing together neighbor stories meant his cars hadn't moved since Saturday.) His mail box was STUFFED with mail, and none of his neighbors had heard or seen anything of him in days.
Did some digging around, and there was NOTHING indicating he was on travel or had left town.
I called the local police, put in a "Wellness check" and given his age (he was 60 at time of death) and the rest of information I could provide, they sent a patrol to check. The corroborating evidence at the scene and a check of local hospitals, and the decision was made to breach his front door. Friend on scene provided a photo of Al, and the police gave us the news. (We never saw his actual body, the police immediately sealed the scene and checked for foul play, of which there was none.)
From there, I began hunting people. I knew his brother's first name, and went from there to start finding people.
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2023.05.16 13:34 newspaper108 [POEM] The Dog - author unknown

From the Albuquerque Morning Journal, May 16, 1915.
I’ve never known a dog to wag His tail in glee he didn’t feel, Nor quit his old-time friend to tag At some more influential heel. The yellowest cur I ever knew Was to the boy who loved him true.
I’ve never known a dog to show Half-way devotion to his friend, To seek a kinder man to know Or richer, but unto the end The humblest dog I ever knew Was, to the man that loved him, true.
I’ve never known a dog to fake Affection for a present gain, A false display of love to make, Some little favor to attain. I’ve never known a Prince or Spot That seemed to be what he was not.
But I have known a dog to fight With all his strength to shield a friend And, whether wrong or whether right, To stick with him until the end. And I have known a dog to lick The hand of him that men would kick.
And I have known a dog to bear Starvation’s pangs from day to day With him who had been glad to share His bread and meat along the way. No dog, however mean or rude, Is guilty of ingratitude.
The dog is listed with the dumb, No voice has he to speak his creed, His messages to humans come By faithful conduct and by deed. He shows, as seldom mortals do, A high ideal of being true.
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2023.05.14 20:29 steph219mcg GenealogyBank Obituary look up please

Name Mrs Jennie Bruna Death Date 30 Aug 1980 Death Place Springfield Birthplace Coal City Event Type Obituary Event Date 31 Aug 1980 Event Place Springfield, Illinois Event Place (Original) Springfield, Illinois Newspaper State Journal Register
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2023.05.14 17:15 Nathalie364 Why did Walt Whitman call Saul goodman for legal help and not an abogado? Wouldn’t James Mcgill be more helpful? Is he stupid?

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2023.05.11 20:45 abqjournal Are you struggling to find an affordable home in Albuquerque? Let's chat.

Hey everyone,
This is Matthew Narvaiz, business reporter with the Albuquerque Journal. I'm working on a story about prospective homebuyers that are being priced out of the real estate market in the Albuquerque metro area. Is anyone on this subreddit having an issue in finding an affordable home? I'd love to hear from you. Reach out to me by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or by phone at (505) 823-3919.
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2023.05.09 13:47 marco-esquondolas At first I thought the article was about RRECCs...

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2023.05.07 23:12 CobradordelFrac Today's Front Page ABQ Journal story: What's behind Albuquerque's skyrocketing apartment rents?

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2023.05.05 04:20 tjk911 JournalismJobs posted the week of 28 April, 2023

title company url
Capitol Coordinating Editor Sound Publishing Inc
Government Reporter Sound Publishing Inc
Business and news reporter St. Cloud Live / St. Cloud Focus
Auburn Beat Reporter Alabama Media Group/
News Editor Star-Tribune
General Assignment Reporter Torrington Telegram
City Reporter / The Post Standard
Deputy Editor Ballantine Communications, Inc.
Reporter Summit Daily News
General Assignment Reporter The Sun-Gazette
Content Editor 1105 Media
Night Cops Reporter PA Media Group
News Reporter MassLive Media
Politics Reporter MassLive Media
Healthcare Reporter Advance Media New York
City Reporter Advance Media New York
Senior Social Media Producer Advance Media New York
Energy and Environment Reporter Casper Star-Tribune/Lee Enterprises
Copy EditoPage Designer Winchester Star
Education Reporter Lee Enterprises, Inc DBA Lincoln Journal Star
Editor Mountaineer Publishing
Education Lab Editor The Post and Courier
Deputy Communications Director (English and Spanish Bilingual) American Oversight
Editor Summerville Journal Scene
Washington Political Analyst Medley Advisors
Startups, Tech & Manufacturing Reporter Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
Night Editor Bangor Daily News
Director of Revenue Metro Market Media, LLC/The Times Gainesville, GA
Editor Coastal Bend Publishing
Enterprise Reporter The Sentinel
News Media EditoWriter Barrett Media
Journalist Martin Publishing Company
Community reporter The Medina Gazette
Media Producer More Perfect Union Action
News Reporter
Editor The Reflector
Sports Reporter The Messenger
Reporter Parkersburg Newspapers Inc.
Digital Editor Aiken Standard
Director of Training National Press Club Journalism Institute
Reporter -- Children, Family and Schools Rogue Valley Times
Digital News ProduceReporter Baltimore Business Journal
Multi-Media Consultant WLFI TV / Allen Media Broadcasting
Newscast Producer / Multiplatform Journalist WLFI TV / Allen Media Broadcasting
West Virginia Reporter(s) States Newsroom
Managing Editor Grand Forks Herald
Photojournalist The Shreveport-Bossier Advocate
Sports Editor The Shreveport-Bossier Advocate
Features Editor The Shreveport-Bossier Advocate
Editor The Shreveport-Bossier Advocate
Shreveport/Bossier City Reporter The Shreveport-Bossier Advocate
Lead Editorial Producer The Daily Progress
Social Media Editor Phoenix New Times
Reporter Inside Washington Publishers
Social Media and Engagement Editor - Temporary Global Investigative Journalism Network
Director of the Center for Culture and Inclusion in Media Arizona State University
Reportemultimedia journalist wanted The Wilson Times
News Reporters in Sunny Northwest Arizona River City Newspapers
Managing Editor World Politics Review
Multimedia Reporter Florence Morning News
Environmental Reporter Bozeman Daily Chronicle
T. Anthony Pollner Distinguished Professorship (Spring 2024) University of Montana School of Journalism
Publisher and CEO Piedmont Media
Development Manager The Beacon
Education and General Assignment Reporter Albany, (OR) Democrat Herald/Lee Enterprises
Public Safety Reporter Bismarck Tribune/Lee Enterprises
Editor Lowcountry Local Meia, Inc.
Education Reporter Midland Daily News (Hearst Community Newspapers)
Staff Reporter CyberRisk Alliance
Public Safety Reporter Richmond Times Dispatch
General Assignment Reporter Missourian Media Group
Managing Editor Virgin Islands Daily News
Apprentice reporter Franklin News Foundation - The Center Square
Assistant Editor Steamboat Pilot & Today
Higher Education Reporter KVPR - Valley Public Radio
Sierra Nevada and Foothills Reporter KVPR - Valley Public Radio
Associate Multimedia Producer The Christian Science Monitor
Senior Editor Sactown Magazine
Staff Writer Las Vegas Weekly Greenspun Media Group
Politics Reporter Las Vegas Sun Greenspun Media Group
Sports reporter Mitchell Republic
Senior Editor
Digital News Producer The Post and Courier
Live in the beautiful St. Croix River valley Osceola Sun and Country Messenger
Writer (Office of Communications) Urban Institute
City Reporter Albuquerque Journal
Government reporter The Frederick News-Post
The Rapidian Documenters Program Manager Grand Rapids Community Media Center
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2023.05.04 03:38 Rama-magazine A front-row seat to watching the world change: the retired editor-in-chief of the Albuquerque Journal shares what he's learned.

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2023.05.03 02:18 Extreme_Salamander_8 The local paper the day after 9/11 that my mom has kept for over 20 years

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2023.05.03 01:07 Affectionate_Fox9101 A few new Notes on the Everest Cannabis Co. in $38M deal

Another article about the Schwazze/Everest Deal came out on April 25th, 2023:
Schwazze, R.Greenleaf parent company, to acquire Everest Cannabis Co. in $38M deal - Albuquerque Journal (

A few new notes come out of it versus Schwazze's press release:

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2023.05.01 02:34 AZJournalist What questions would you like to ask a CABQ restaurant inspector?

Hi everyone! I put together the weekly restaurant inspection report for the Journal. You might know me from headlines like "Roaches gone wild" and "Mamma mia! Pasta on the walls, roaches on the floor." For some reason, the reports have really blown up on this thread (guess people DO want to know how the sausage gets made).
I'm setting up an interview with a CABQ restaurant inspector to do a Q&A about the inspecting process and answer some FAQ about the weekly reports. Since a lot of people on Albuquerque seem to be interested in the reports, I thought I'd crowd source some questions. What do you want to know?
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2023.04.30 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Sun, Apr 30 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Stop Deceiving the Population’: Russia’s Mercenary Boss Threatens Full-Blown Mutiny
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Japan approves abortion pill for the first time
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Canadian warship intercepts boat carrying $50M worth of cocaine off Mexico
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Police: 11 shot, injured during mass shooting at South Carolina park
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Calls for justice after Mississippi man found with head severed
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Man convicted of murdering three boys in California after 'teenager knocked on his door and exposed buttocks at him'
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Black fathers are happier than Black men with no children. Black women and White men report the same amount of happiness whether they have children or not. But White moms are less happy than childless White women.
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Since 2018 minimum cost of alcoholic drinks in Scotland has been raised to £0·50. Studies indicate this policy reduced alcohol sales by 3%. Our study reports on the final intended outcome and finds that this reduction in sales led to a 13% reduction in deaths and a 4% reduction in hospitalisations.
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Study finds exposure to stressful life events ages adolescents faster than their peers
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Aurora directly overhead real time
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Space Shuttle Columbia Cockpit. Credit: NASA
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Scientists studied four extremely redshifted objects discovered by the James Webb Telescope. They suggest that these objects could be supermassive dark stars powered by dark matter annihilation, with masses between 500k-1M suns and radii possibly exceeding 10,000 solar radii.
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The first UK council to experiment with a 4-day working week is expected to extend the trial after analysis showed it was “overwhelmingly positive” for staff health and wellbeing without denting performance
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AI-generated deepfakes are moving fast. Policymakers can't keep up
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An AI researcher says that although AI will soon be able to perform all human tasks better than humans & automate them - super-intelligent AGI is unlikely to happen soon. AI's intelligence is limited by its training data, which only models human intelligence & AI can't create its own training data.
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What is the scariest movie you ever watched?
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What's the best reply to "fuck you"?
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What do you remember from your sex education in school?
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TIL Bob Norris, the first Marlboro Man, was discovered after being seen in a photo with John Wayne. While Norris was the Marlboro Man for 12 years, he never smoked. He also told his kids not to smoke. After they asked why he was doing cigarette ads, he quit his job as the Marlboro Man the next day.
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TIL that the famous dish: tikka masala - is British, not Indian and it was invented in the 70’s, not some cultural cuisine that’s been around for ages.
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TIL about Troy Hurtubise, a Canadian man who built multiple suits of armor to study grizzly bears up close in nature. He'd test these by having his friends hit him with 2x4s or drive trucks into him
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[OC] Color Frequency in Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting
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Countries with GDP per capita higher than $50k adjusted to exclude the 10% of wealthiest people
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[OC] Typefaces in American Psycho
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How do y’all answer the question “Oh you like to cook? What’s your favorite thing to cook?”
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Just tried pressing Ginger in a garlic press
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Good alcohol for cooking that keeps for a long time without refrigeration?
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[I ate] A Chilli 'Dog
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[homemade] Birria Tacos
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[homemade] Pizza Margherita
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Official Character Posters for 'Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget'
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Ganja & Hess: The 50-year-old vampire movie critics got all wrong. Bill Gunn's 1973 horror was revered at Cannes, but buried in the US – leading him to pen a famous letter about reviewers' racism. Now it's finally getting its due.
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Total Recall (1990) is a classic.
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Desert Home, Me, Digital, 2023
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Untitled, me, pencil, 2023.
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What Now, Me, Digital, 2023
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Michael J. Fox Says Life With Parkinson's “Is Getting Tougher”, Doesn’t Think He'll Live to 80
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Boondocks - 'White' Heaven
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Roy Wood Jr. full remarks at the 2023 White House Correspondents' Dinner
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Before and after the dog park
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Insane view from my gym
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The first photo of the Chernobyl plant, taken by by Igor Kostin 14 hours after the explosion.
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Top Secret! (1984)
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Ball balancing wire machine
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The 6 Levels of GIF Quality
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Bioluminescence is typically used by animals to warn or evade predators, lure or detect prey, or communicate among members of the same species. This Dana octopus-squid, which has the largest known bioluminescent organs of any animal, is likely flashing its photophores to ward off the observer.
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A Glory hole for photographers at local airport.
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Kebap Shop indicates where to start eating.
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This cafe in Italy has used a stock graphic design template for their signage, but they haven’t changed the wording
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The preserved body of Balto, the sled dog that made the final 53-mile stretch through an Alaskan blizzard to deliver life-saving medicine to children.
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*Hawk eats rat in front of traffic camera. *
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*raising a stubborn sheep *
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*Registered Nurses daily logs *
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I was boasting to my boyfriend about how I got a window seat🧐🤨🙃 we both cracked up the first time I opened it. Funny memories 😂
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6ix9ine fails a divebomb in romania
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Baby Bats are Called Pups, and they are Adorable.
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Squirrel leaves a sweet treat for its human friend.
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Bro saves entire raccoon family
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2023.04.30 16:05 Superb-Crew-7096 no fucking way

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2023.04.26 18:20 Wren313 Jeff's Journal

Hello! Please remove this if this isn't an appropriate place for this post, couldn't find a more suitable sub.
Long time lurker, so I'm not sure why this just occurred to me right now, but I have a journal in my possession of a guy I've never met. For a little background, I moved into my house in 2012. The house was sold as-is I guess with a bunch of things inside. I'm not 100% sure of the technical stuff because I was 15 . The important thing to know is that it is basically a house with a small apartment section, and when we moved in the "house" was empty as you would expect, but the "apartment" was full of personal belongings, like someone still lived there.
I have no idea who the guy is, I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to google but I could never find anything out about him. I have his passport (that expired in 2016!) so I know he was born in 195X (I don't know if this guy is still alive so I'm gonna try to censor doxing details.)
Anyways! One thing he left behind was a journal. It goes from January 1973 to December 1975, mostly written entries with a few drawings and photos sprinkled in. I found it pretty interesting and wanted to see if anyone else would. Here's a few random pages, out of maybe 50-70 in total. I have a scanner, so if anyone wants to read the full thing I can upload it at a much higher quality.

EDIT: Seems like at least some are into this so I'm gonna scan and upload the whole thing. It's a bit slow-going and I share the scanner so I'll do it in parts. Here's the first 20ish pages.
Jeff's Journal Part 1

EDIT 2: still scanning away, but I learned a few things in the meantime. Not sure when it started, but Jeff and his elderly parents both lived where I do now, them in the "house" and him in the "apartment." I managed to find Jeff's Dad's 2020 obituary after a lot of searching. It includes the line "Beloved husband of XXXXXXXX. Predeceased by both of their sons, Jeff and XXXXX (last name from journal)" So it looks like Jeff is no longer with us. That kind of makes me feel better, like this is honoring his life somehow rather than spying into it. Haven't been able to confirm, but my guess is he died before we moved in and his parents never had the strength to clear all his stuff out. :( EDIT 2.5: Just talked to my mom. She never told me because she thought I would be freaked out, Jeff died in my old bedroom and wasn't found for weeks. It's why the apartment has new floors.
EDIT 3: Part Two
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2023.04.24 06:35 shawn19 Healthy again, Aaron Pico is back on the right track - Albuquerque Journal

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2023.04.23 12:13 newspaper108 [POEM] Brave Love by Mary Kyle Dallas

From the Albuquerque Morning Journal, April 23, 1915.
He’d nothing but his violin, I’d nothing but my song, But we were wed when skies were blue And summer days were long. And when we rested by the hedge The robins came and told How they had dared to woo and win When early spring was cold. We sometimes supped on dewberries Or slept among the hay, But oft the farmer’s wives at eve Came out to hear us play. The rare old tunes—the dear old tunes; We could not starve for long While my man had his violin And I my sweet love song.
The world has aye gone well with us, Old man, since we were one; Our homeless wanderings down the lanes— It long ago was done; But those who wait for gold or gear, For houses and for kine, Till youth’s sweet spring grows brown and sere And love and beauty tine, Will never know the joy of hearts That met without a fear When you had but your violin And I a song, my dear.
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