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Who do you think is the better player currently, and who do you think has the higher upside: Ricky Council vs Terquavion Smith

2023.05.29 17:36 RVAIsTheGreatest Who do you think is the better player currently, and who do you think has the higher upside: Ricky Council vs Terquavion Smith

I'm asking this question because although I'm a Terq believer, and I also like Council, I feel like the way people view Terq is lower than how I view him. I think he's deserving of the first round even with some of his ineffiencies but seems like that's not gonna happen. Council and Terq are mocked around the same area in the draft now.
It's a two part question. Who do you all think is the better player right now, and who do you think is the more projectable/higher upside player down the line?
Council to me is both better now and has more upside than he gets credit for. His shooting form needs to be corrected; he gets no elevation, all arms, too stiff. It's his biggest weakness as a prospect, but he is a very good free throw shooter and has a decent floater so he's not devoid of touch. He's a super dynamic slasher. His ability to adjust in the air, his ability to finish through contact, hangtime, above the rim ability, quickness and burst. For his issues from 3, he has a smooth pull up game. He has a lot of shake as a handler. He can make plays out of the PnR for himself and for teammates. He is a very talented offensive player.
Terquavion get panned for decision making but he's a better playmaker with more vision than he gets credit for and while he may not be a primary initiator in the NBA he will be a guy who can make plays for others off his own offense and he should be able to run the PnR successfully and initiate in a pinch. He remains one of the very best players in this draft at being able to generate his own offense and he remains a very talented shotmaker.
I like both of them a lot and think both are being a bit hard done by; I think Terq has a bit of the edge and is especially a bit low for where I'd take him, but do you all agree? Both seem ticketed to be 6th men scorers in the league. Who do you think will become the better one and who do you think is the most ready to contribute now?
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2023.05.29 17:35 audrirayne Railbird

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2023.05.29 17:35 WildBondingV But that's not the tip of the mountain anymore./-

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2023.05.29 17:35 Walmartpancake Can I get my nasal/sinus tissue(?) removed due to my constant puffy nose?

I'm 17(Male) ,5'9(175cm), and 138lbs, don't smoke/drink for context I'm a nose breather and about a year and a half ago, I started to get puffy nose (nasal tissue) constantly. I tried to eliminate the cause from house dust, even though I have no record of allergy. So, I've started to use a nasal spray to alleviate the puffiness for like 3 hours until I need to spray it again. Without the nasal spray, I can't breathe with my nose and it really hinders everything from sports to studying. The spray only lasts about 3 hours so everytime I sleep, I need to wake up during the night when I can't breathe at all, and I usually wake up with a puffy nose: please don't get me started with mouth breathing. It's honestly stressful and painful to deal with something that was once normal where I need to buy the nasal spray every few months. The money also accumulates as well which is also concerning in the long term. That is why when I turn 18, in a few months, I want to remove/scrap the nasal/sinus tissue which seems to be the culprit. My parents are medical staffs where one is a surgeon. Both of them don't really mind my suggestion but they said I should go to a clinic/hospital first. I don't mind going but I don't to deal with any medication or nasal spray as a solution from them. So I want to hear any opinions/suggestions outside of myself and my parents. Can I remove the puffiness? Is there a better way than removing the laser or electric scalpel? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 17:35 This-Muscle9613 Dried Peyote Buttons

Hello I was gifted a jar of a dried peyote buttons back in 2020. I feel that Peyote is such a strong sacred medicine I didn’t feel right to do anything with them until I learned a little bit more about em and the peoples that use them.
With everything I have learned though, I am still unsure what to do with such a sacred medicine!! I was told to make one button into a tea and that would be a microdose. Is that true?
How do you measure out how much to take for a microdose How much would I take for a healing trip and how do you know how much mescaline is in one button? Did the buttons lose potency sitting in a jar for 3 years?
what’s the best way to ingest?
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2023.05.29 17:35 JacksonvilleModTeam Housing/Moving Megathread

Looking for information about apartments or neighborhoods? Moving to or visiting Jacksonville and looking for information? This is where you ask!
Help us help you. Please include the following information with your question:
  1. Budget.
  2. Number of Bedrooms
  3. Pets and type
  4. Areas you are considering
  5. General area your work is at
  6. School requirements
Visiting/moving question. (what to do/where to eat?):
  1. What area of the city are you staying in?
  2. How far are you willing to drive?
  3. How old are you? (No sense suggesting bars if you are 17)
  4. What do you like/dislike? (No sense suggesting the beach if you hate the outdoors)
  5. What time frame will you be here?
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2023.05.29 17:35 tribal_learner graph showing external debt as percent of gdp

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2023.05.29 17:35 Itchy_Principle6434 Examples of Icahn as Dip provider and as stalking horse

Examples of Icahn as Dip provider and as stalking horse
There was a post awhile back that Icahn might be the DIP loan provider through six street. I did a quick google search to see if he has in fact done this before. He actually did it for Blockbuster. However it says block buster did not meet deadlines for providing details on its reorganization plan.
Icahn also owned a lot of secured senior bonds.
Tiger Capital in my second image seemed familiar.
Small tidbits as we all patiently wait on some news about who wants to acquire us and if next years Memorial Day Weekend will be spent working a holiday shift at Burger King or spending time on our new boats at our lake houses!
Interesting this article came out last week. Especially since there has been nothing in the dockets or public about Icahn
At this point speculation has a few can’t miss items.
1) icahns IEP is being brutally attacked. Maybe a form of backlash from MM’s who are pissed he is about to screw them on BBBY.
2) bonds being bought for cheap as discovered by Kevin Malone on Twitter.
3) the Icahns exiting Newell months ago. Maybe a conflict of interest. Newell had also mentioned BBBY and future plans with them during their annual report.
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2023.05.29 17:35 Significant_Yam1 One day my shrimps will come

One day my shrimps will come
Hey guys! I've had this 2.5 gal cycling for a month now, using bacteria capsules to jumpstart it and supplementing with ammonia since i dont have any livestock in there. I added 3 ppm of ammonia and waited 24 hrs-- still not cycled. Now my LFS guy is telling me i need to add a liquid bacteria supplement to establish bacteria in the water column? Is this necessary? How the heck do I make the cycle start cycling?
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2023.05.29 17:34 GobGoblin8008 Steve the dragon

Steve the dragon
This is Steve I've had him for 6 years he is my oldest reptile I own and I have 9 animals. He will always be my baby <3 he was my second reptile and by far the one with the most personality. (This was the end of last year I need to take more photos of him) I have some baby photos also if people wanna see them <3
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2023.05.29 17:34 44285268S1 🔴 [CANADA] Tangerine Bank Orange Key 44285268S1 - Get 50$ referral bonus

Tangerine Bank
Earn a $50 Bonus when you become a Client using the following Orange Key : 44285268S1
  1. Become a Tangerine Client using the Orange Key 44285268S1 when signing up.
  2. Open your first account with a minimum deposit of $250 and maintain that balance for 60 days.
  3. Get a $50 bonus into your account.
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2023.05.29 17:34 merrysunshine31 It’s Not Going to Lick Itself, a cartoon

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2023.05.29 17:34 medicostudy In Management of Cardiac arrest at primary care, at road or at home

Technique of CPR👇👇
🔴Breathing🗣 Pulse❤️⏱️ checking techniques*👇👇
📍 In not more than 10 seconds Scan Victim's chest for rise and fall and for PULSE feel for carotid pulse both at the same time⌚
🔴 checking Carotid pulse Locate trachea with 2 to 3 fingers and slide those fingers in groove between trachea and muscle where you can feel pulse and this should 5 secs but not more than 10 secs.
🔴 start compressions within 10secs after recognizing cardiac arrest 🧎‍♂️position yourself at Victim's side Make sure patient is lying on faceup on a firm, flat surface⬜. If victim is facedown carefully role the person over. In case of head or neck in injury keep head, neck and torso in a line. Take assistance👫 for rolling over
🟥Compressions Technique 👇👇
✋🏻Place heel of one hand on in the centre of Victim's chest 🩻on LOWER half of breast bone (sternum) 🤚🏿place heel of other hand in top of first hand✋🏻. 🔴Straighten your arms and position your shoulders directly over your hands
🛑push hard and push fast at a rate of 100 to 120/min with a depth of at least 5 cm in adults and not more 6 cm. 🔴Make sure to push straight down on Victim's sternum 🟢Allow complete recoil after each compression AVOID leaning on chest between compressions 🔴Minimize INTERRUPTIONS in compressions I.e try less than 10 secs interruption 🔴Give effective breaths🗣️ over 1 second, enough to make Victim's chest🩻 rise. 🔴Avoid excessive ventilation 🔴continue CPR until the returning of circulation or until the arrival of ambulance 🔴after returning of circulation and breathing,shift the patient to RECOVERY POSITION(to prevent from airways obstruction and aspiration pneumonia , in case if patient vomit)
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2023.05.29 17:34 YouDontJump Simplii Financial Referral Reddit - $50 Signup bonus + potential for a $400 direct deposit bonus

These offers are exclusive to Canadians (who are new customers to Simplii), excluding residents of Quebec.
Simplii Financial is a trademark and division of CIBC. Banking products and services branded Simplii Financial are offered by CIBC. You can access your money from any CIBC ATM in Canada without a fee. You can also withdraw money from any non-CIBC ATM displaying the Interac® or PLUS* signs. Additional costs may apply, including any fees from the owner of the other machine.
To get started with a No Fee Chequing Account, High Interest Savings Account or Personal Line of Credit please apply through the link, otherwise you will not receive the welcome bonus.
When using my referral link or referral code (for mortgages), you must follow all the instructions to set up your new Simplii account and complete the eligible activities:
To get started with a Simplii Financial Mortgage please use referral code: 0009294970
If you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months you'll earn an additional $400 direct deposit bonus!
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2023.05.29 17:33 Thrallov I don't even check what card it is when Mysterious portal is bound to it

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2023.05.29 17:33 letsrizz Remember they’re not rejecting you, they’re rejecting your approach… (FIELD REPORT 5/28/23)

Last night for Memorial Day Sunday I went out, which I haven’t been out in over a week so naturally you get a bit rusty. I had about 4-5 sets with mostly girls in pair of 2s. (Would have done more but was with friends and a girl but I just can’t help myself not gaming lol) anyways I noticed my first 3 approaches were extremely choppy and found myself stumbling over my words and see the girls interest go away within the first 10 seconds. (Side note: when I see the girls interest fade, I always leave the set to avoid making them feel uncomfortable and to not come off as a needy fuck who can’t read social cues BUT I always leave it in a way where I can still reopen later when I’m in a more flow state) this happened to majority of the girls yesterday except for the very last one. Cute Latina with bright red/orange hair. I commented on how every guy I seen talk to her talked about her hair which entertained her. I hit her with some funny banter for about 5 mins then we went out separate ways since I expected to see her later in the night, I didn’t lol. Probably should of gotten her number at some point but oh well. Main point is I didn’t take any of the rejections personally. I recognize that I was choppy and rusty but took action regardless, I took the girls rejections as data points on my approaches. Which led to them getting better throughout the night. Main takeaway is remember you are PRACTICING YOUR GAME. It’s okay to fuck up and miss shots, that’s the point of practice. We will see what tonight has in store 😈 keep rizzing boys.
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2023.05.29 17:33 Interesting_Bad5596 Is it alopecia and will i have any regrowth?

Is it alopecia and will i have any regrowth?
So i got diagnosed with diabetes type 1 (which is also an auto immune disease) about 3 months ago and i started to observe a little bald spot at the back of my head (pic 1) but now its wayy more (pic 2) and i am really concerned about it have an appointment with dermatologist tomorrow but i wonder if regrowth is possible I'm only 17...... Firstly diabetes and now this😞 Any thing right now would help
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2023.05.29 17:33 eyezpinned Picked up an i7 Pro 9 16gb that was an Amazon Warehouse return

Picked up an i7 Pro 9 16gb that was an Amazon Warehouse return
Listed as "used - acceptable." Besides some cosmetic damage to the box, it's in brand new condition. Got it for less than what Microsoft is currently charging for the i5 Pro 9 8gb.
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2023.05.29 17:33 CritterBones Looking for an app (animal/decor)

Hey, if there are any animal lovers and/or decoration lovers, could you tell me if there’s an app that has the ideas of Campfire Cat Cafe or Animal Restaurant, where you have your own food place, or building business in general that you decorate?
But it leans into more of the customizable decoration that you can find in games like Gardenscapes/WordVillas etc, just non-linear decoration
(if you don’t know what I mean, I mean how you usually have some different varying options of the same furniture pieces, allowing you to make your own place unique from others)
I would appreciate if it’s animal themed as well, but I know that’s a lot to ask, so I’ll leave it at that. I feel like every game I find is either linear-decorating or is a match 3 game in disguise Lmao
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2023.05.29 17:33 autotldr 'Russian spy' whale spotted off Swedish coast

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 70%. (I'm a bot)
Russia's top diplomat made the comments as ethnic Serbs tried to violently storm a public building in northern Kosovo.
Ethnic Serbs clashed with police in northern Kosovo on Monday as they tried to prevent a newly-elected ethnic Albanian mayor from entering office.
Kosovo declared independence from old foe Serbia in 2008.
Ethnic Serbs form a majority in northern Kosovo, the epicentre of tensions.
On Monday, Kosovan police and the NATO-led Kosovo Force were seen guarding municipality buildings in Zvecan, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Mitrovica, four areas in the north that held early elections last month.
They were largely boycotted by ethnic Serbs, with only Albanians elected to mayoral posts.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Kosovo#1 Serbs#2 ethnic#3 tensions#4 protect#5
Post found in /worldnews, /ukraine, /UkrainianConflict and /europe.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.29 17:33 EmbarrassedAd9343 AUTO REPAIR LOOP

I tried putting this on Pchelp but to no avail. So here is the post from it, I also tried using a usb device for recovery. No dice.
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2023.05.29 17:33 anonymousgirl321 Wondering if my dad is my biological father

A few years ago, ancestry DNA test kits hit the market and my dad did one. I don’t have his results but I remember looking at them and he had a high percentage of English DNA (almost 95%). The other 5% was Italian.
A couple years after he did his, he gifted me a kit for Christmas (which looking back was kind of strange). Now in my 20s and aware of infidelity that occurred on my mother’s behalf early in their marriage, I’m a bit concerned.
My DNA Results
My dad and I did take tests from different companies but how could our results be so different? Or, are they even that different?
Also, I know that my maternal grandfather took a DNA test and he did not have any Iberian. I suppose the Iberian could’ve come from my mother’s mother but I just don’t know.
Help me understand! <3
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2023.05.29 17:33 shootsandladderss AITA for only buying myself Food?

hi! i‘m 14 and female. For Context: We are buying a new kitchen so we cant cook and its a holiday in germany today (and yesterday) so we couldn‘t buy any food so all we have right now is bread and some jelly. I‘m the youngest of 4 kids (m 26, m 22, m 21) but i only live with 2 of my brothers (m 21 and m 22). One of them works and goes to the gym and the other one sucks. He doesn‘t go to school or work, smokes all day, plays video games, has completely isolated himself from the world and pushes his religious beliefs onto me. We don‘t get along AT ALL. We never speak and when we do we argue so we just avoid eachother. I‘m honestly to lazy to explain the whole story but my other brother really needs 80€ for his drivers license but i don‘t want to borrow him my money.
Okay so now the story: Since we have no food at home i decided to order myself some food. Around 20€. Now my brother and my Mom (Other brother isn‘t at home) are super pissed at me for only buying myself food. I‘m a 14 yr old girl and i have 3 Brothers that are 20+ yrs old. I AM NOT buying anybody food and I AM NOT borrowing anybody money. I need my money to buy clothes, get nails done, hang out w friends, etc. We are not poor, but everything is closed today. I‘m not a guardian?? I‘m not responsible for food in the house. During the argument they brought up that i didn‘t give my brother my money and that i never think of other people and that i‘m selfish etc. My Family are a BUNCH of people pleasers. I think they are just offended that i respect my own boundaries because they are nothing like that. It‘s true that i am kind of selfish but not „park on a handicap parking spot“ kind of selfish, more like „not sharing my food“ kind of selfish.
Sorry for possible grammatical errors i‘m german. :)
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2023.05.29 17:33 PBLP825 Am I losing my freaking mind????

TW: Suicidedeath
I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. I always have Xanax on me, lowest dose - .25. Rarely took it. 30 day script would last me over a year, would have to get a new script and toss the old ones. I take Effexor and have for about 6 years, no issues at all. I also take trazadone - been on that for like 15 years which probably is a terrible thing.
Never dealt with depressions, I’m petrified to die and anxiety has been pretty controlled for years.
And then this past weekend came along, Saturday I was more anxious then I ever have been in my entire life, called my doctor because I took my 1 pill of .25 and it didn’t even touch it. It was peak panic then I’d come down and be in a brain fog, jittery, can’t focus then peak panic again.
Doctor told me when I spoke with her I can go up to .50 2-3 times a day. And I can function finally, but I’m so scared of being addicted or having to take it to live my life.
I think my body is finally just used to the Effexor, So we are gonna up the dose of that.
But holy mother of god. I honestly thought I was going insane, honestly thought I was going to have to be committed. My mom killed her self 5 years ago, so when my anxiety gets bad I panic that I will do what she did, and it just doesn’t stop.
I am not suicidal - I am PETRIFIED of becoming suicidal.
I start counseling next week, I’m trying to take the steps to get better.
But until then - I guess I’m just looking for reassurance that I’m not alone in this .
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2023.05.29 17:33 NagyKrisztian10A [Online][5e][UTC+2] Looking for about 3 Hungarian players for a camaping starting in June

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for around 3 players who speak Hungarian and can attendt weekly session (except durin exam periods). Planning to start at lvl 3 and we will see how far to go (possibly lvl 20)
If you like sci-fi, fantasy or post apocaliptic settings I am sure you will find something to like in this 5e adventure throught the Defiled Lands. Will you manage to slay the dragon or will you fall pray to a swarm of mal-functioning roombas? Who knows!
I'm a 21 year old college student who has been playing dnd on and off for about 2 years know. I have tried running a game before and it was liked by every player but unfortunately I had to end it due to stuff I would rather not go into atm. Hopefully this campaign can last for years tho!
Here is the longer teaser for the campaign:
Here is the form if you would like to apply:
Thanks for reading!
#Hungary #Hugnarian #Magyar #Magyar ország #Magyar-ország #Magyarország #Magyarul
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