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2023.05.29 18:27 galaffer Pacifier helped

I posted requesting help with frequent night wakings for my almost 8 month old who falls asleep independently.
Well, my mom babysat and put her down with her paci in. Fell asleep in 3 minutes and slept until 4am. Same thing the next 2 night and yesterday was the first time she lasted until morning in her crib!! (Fed at 4:30, then needed help again at 5:15 and 6, up at 7). I was awake super early anyways so I guess if I had been asleep I would have brought her to my bed at the 5:15 wake up but still I am counting it as a big win.
Always so nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
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2023.05.29 18:26 premiumcitrus DEA romanticize/create a cooler alternate narrative around managing their illness?

I realized today that a big part of why I’m so depressed is because I feel like a 95 year old is trying to take over my 25 year old body…and is winning. I feel like my life is an endless parade of doctors and pills and tests. So I, being a fantasy writer, am creating an alternate narrative around managing my fibro to feel less shitty about it.
In this narrative, I’ve been tasked with fighting off a dark force (fibro) and have been armed with health potions to help with the various obstacles I may face along my quest. Will I defeat the dark force? Who knows. But now my meds are organized in cool glass bottles and vials instead of the plastic pill organizers that make me feel geriatric. They say “Health Potion—to be consumed in the morning/midday/evening.” I carry my midday meds and prn’s in what used to be my tarot pouch. The prn meds are in a little brass box with multicolor stones on the lid. These are my secret weapons.
I’m planning to write “(Name’s) Magic Wand” on my cane.
It seems really silly, but I actually feel a little more positive and empowered by this. And my writer side is loving it.
Does anyone else do this? Or am I just a big nerd?
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2023.05.29 18:25 GiversBot /u/FTWCWDIG [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2023-05-29 (t3_ufb3e8 up 394.12 days, LONGTAIL)

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[REQ] (£200) - (#County Antrim , Uk, Belfast) (repay £250 in 1 installment on 4/08/2022) ( PayPal )

Post contents

Broke my hand a month ago couldn't work, so i got a job which allows me to work but i wont start it till 3rd of May.
Willing to go on any platform and Speak to you in person I really need this.
I can put the repayment value higher if needs be. I have no issue discussing this.
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2023.05.29 18:25 alalux Dia Internacional da Luz: A sua importância em nossas vidas

Dia Internacional da Luz: A sua importância em nossas vidas
O Dia Internacional da Luz, comemorado no dia 16 de Maio, é uma ocasião de grande importância nos dias de hoje, pois destaca o papel fundamental da luz em nossas vidas e em nossa sociedade. A iluminação desempenha um papel essencial em diversos aspectos do nosso cotidiano, desde o fornecimento de luz natural que influencia nosso bem-estar até as soluções de iluminação artificial que moldam nossos ambientes.
Neste mundo moderno, onde a urbanização e a vida corrida muitas vezes nos distanciam da natureza, a iluminação desempenha um papel crucial em criar ambientes acolhedores e promover nosso bem-estar emocional e físico. A luz pode influenciar nosso humor, aumentar nossa produtividade e até mesmo melhorar nossa saúde. Ela é capaz de transformar espaços, trazendo vida, brilho e inspiração para nossas casas, locais de trabalho, ruas e cidades.
Além disso, a tecnologia de iluminação tem evoluído rapidamente, trazendo inovações que contribuem para a sustentabilidade e a preservação do meio ambiente. Soluções de iluminação eficiente e ecologicamente corretas têm se tornado cada vez mais acessíveis, reduzindo o consumo de energia e diminuindo a pegada ambiental. A iluminação inteligente, por exemplo, permite o controle personalizado e automatizado da luz, economizando energia e prolongando a vida útil das lâmpadas.
No entanto, a importância do Dia Internacional da Luz não se limita apenas aos aspectos práticos. Ele nos convida a refletir sobre a luz como símbolo de conhecimento, esperança e progresso. A luz é uma metáfora poderosa para a educação, a descoberta e o conhecimento. Ela nos ilumina não apenas fisicamente, mas também nos inspira a buscar a verdade, a criatividade e a inovação.
Enfim, ele nos recorda da importância da luz em nossas vidas diárias e nos convida a apreciar seus inúmeros benefícios. É uma oportunidade para valorizarmos a iluminação adequada, tanto em termos de saúde e bem-estar quanto em relação à sustentabilidade ambiental. Mais do que isso, é um momento para celebrar a luz como um símbolo de esperança, sabedoria e progresso, nos lembrando do poder transformador que ela tem em nosso mundo.
#Alalux #DiaInternacionalDaLuz #InternationalDayOfLight #16DeMaio #May16 #LuzesDoMundo #WorldLights #TecnologiaDeIluminação #BemEstarLuminoso #AmbientesAcolhedores #ProdutividadeIluminada #SegurançaLuminosa #InovaçãoEmIluminação #SustentabilidadeLuminosa #EficiênciaEnergética #IluminaçãoSustentável #LuzParaTodos #InspiraçãoLuminosa #BelezaIluminada #EfeitosLuminosos #BrilhoDaVida #IluminarOConhecimento #TransformandoComLuz #IluminandoCaminhos #CelebraçãoDaLuz #LuzParaOMundo #IluminandoOMundo
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2023.05.29 18:25 CAElite Can someone explain this light wiring to me?

Can someone explain this light wiring to me?
Obviously I have ye olde timey wiring in my flat, red is live, black is neutral, bare copper earth.
Have rewired most of the lights in my house, no stranger too it, however this kitchen light is stumping me.
Two cables coming out the ceiling, the earths have been twisted together, light goes to a dimmer switch.
With the switch off, one of the lives remains at 245v, the other is dead, however this doesn’t seem to change with the dimmer switch on. When I check the difference between the two lives with the dimmer switch off it’s about 70v, with the switch on it’s about 100v. The neutrals it’s a consistent about 50v difference.
Really stuck putting new light up, it’s just a standard fitting with 2 wires I was gonna tie in with Wagos.
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2023.05.29 18:25 deanmole First “proper” marathon in November

A bit of a back story: two years ago I ran a marathon with almost no prep in 5 hours and 10 minutes. In the process injured myself and quit running for a while as a result.
I picked up running again in October 2022. I have been running somewhat consistently ever since then; managed to run a half with a result of 1 hour 30.
At the peak my mileage was around 60km.
Since March I have been running on and off cross training Jiu Jitsu.
Right now, I have a solid base. I want to sign up for a marathon in November.
What recommendations would you give regarding a plan? Like when should I implement speed work(intervals, tempos, etc.). Or instead focus on the mileage.
At this moment, I run 20-30 km weekly; can do more than that easily.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank You in advance!
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2023.05.29 18:25 6IAM6YOU6 Autoflowers revegging?

Okay so I have a question and I'm pretty sure they're not able to do this because it's in the genes. Basically I bought a bag of street weed, said street weed had eight or nine seeds in it. Germinated and planted said seeds all of them sprouted all of them grew two of them were male got rid of them One of them was retarded got rid of it I now have four left. They all started flowering at around 5 weeks The healthiest one was looking good That one started flowering earliest. Fast forward for weeks maybe I now have the one that was like the one I thought was going to be the worst is a full bud cola up the stalk. But the other two have gone back to veg all the buds are disappeared and I don't know why this would happen can anybody tell me? Autoflower shouldn't go back into veg after it starts flowering should it? They work off time not off light so I don't know what the deal is other than the only thing I could possibly think it could be is that the bag of weed was multiple weeds but it was the same bag you know but you never know. It was at one point good bud but when I got it it wasn't great anymore it had looked old and got dark still smelled good had tons of kief. I just wanted to grow the seeds cuz I'm in loser like that lol If anybody can answer that question of why they would go back into veg or if it's even possible I would appreciate it
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2023.05.29 18:24 Demonmercer The blood ravens nicked all my gold...

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2023.05.29 18:24 shenanigans2day Weaning off Vraylar feel like I’m in a dream

So, my psych gave me the green light to wean off of my mood stabilizer (vraylar) and I was really happy and excited because of the side effects I have been having. I was taking 3mg and cut to 1.5mg a few days ago. I will take the 1.5mg for a week and then be done with it. The issue is that I feel so funny today. I feel like I am in a dream state almost. It’s only day 3 of being at half the dose, but I never felt like this when I was taking the 1.5mg before I upped my dose in the past so does anyone know how long I’ll be experiencing this uncomfortable feeling for before the meds are completely out of my system? (Going to call my doctor but they are closed for the holiday today) so figured I’d ask here if anyone else experienced this. TIA
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2023.05.29 18:24 Newaccount5326 Male age 78, newly diagnosed parkinsonism; should we still treat cardiac issues?

My dad was recently diagnosed with psp/cbd after three years of rapid decline that we thought was cardiac-related.
History: He had a heart attack followed by triple bypass in Sept 2020. Followed by a congestive heart failure diagnosis. He continued to decline. He received a mitral valve clip in late 2021 or early 2022 I think. He still continued to decline. His dominant hand/arm began to get rigid and we thought he’d had a stroke. Upon the results of the mri we were referred to a neurologist who diagnosed the psp/cbd. My dad was a healthy, active, brilliant man and is a shell of himself now. I’ve read about what’s ahead and know this will only get worse. Until now the cardiologist has been doing regular cardiac function tests, etc. Obviously he’ll continue taking his heart medications, but at this point are the frequent cardiologist appts/testing necessary? As horrible as this sounds I’d rather he pass due to a heart condition than wait until he aspirates because he can’t swallow. How horribly cruel this disease is.
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2023.05.29 18:24 aurora_records Idris Muhammad - Power Of Soul

Idris Muhammad - Power Of Soul
One of my favorite records, Power Of Soul by Idris Muhammad. A super funky and smooth record with a great lineup consisting of Grover Washington, Bob James, and more. I found this about a year ago and have loved it since the first spin. Definitely one of my more frequently played records of the past year, the sweet sounds of this album are never tiring. Breaking in my newest stereo addition, a Lafayette LR-2200. Love the look of the blue lights and the music sounds sweet through these beefy 27 wpc. Happy spinning yall 🍻
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2023.05.29 18:24 MinisculeMouse Pomeranian puppy needs help

i have a pure bred pomeranian, we’ve had him for about 7 years, he’s my best friend. the woman who gave us him, mistreated him and his siblings. he was pretty much raised in captivity, the litter stayed in one room and one room only. they ate there, slept there and went to the bathroom there so he doesn’t quite like people. and she also refused to give us any paperwork on him, we don’t know if he’s had any shots. i groom him the best i can but lately it’s been getting difficult, as to he won’t let me trim his nails and his belly. and his fur is out of control, we’ve tried taking him to vet but he just barked and growled the whole time so we took him home. i’ve tried to give him dog friendly cbd treats to maybe help him sleep so i can groom him, but he didn’t like them very much. he’s very light and very fluffy. what can i give him to sleep so i can groom him? i was thinking smashed benadryl in apple sauce but idk how much to give him
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2023.05.29 18:23 BryGuy_ASU77 My MR920 Elite just got a Kobra

My MR920 Elite just got a Kobra
Kobra Kydex IWB light bearing holster that is! Holosun EPS and P.ID WML are a great combo. Esthetically, they're a perfect match, but more importantly offer a lot of features and performance. The biggest criticism on new WML's is holster compatibility. After hearing the P.ID and P.ID HC (2 smaller of the 4 models) have almost an identical size/profile to the TLR1 (check the attached pics), I decided to take a gamble with Kobra Kydex and ordered a TLR1 holster. Glad I did coz it's a perfect fit with nice click-in retention. Also checked my buddy's Vedder holster for TLR1, it fits too with even better click-in retention than his TLR1! Not sure if Holosun designed this light's size strategically, but good move (or coincidence) by them to open up holster options (YMMV on other holster brands). BTW, Kobra Kydex quality is top-notch (on par with my Tier1), reasonably short lead time, and good CS (Joe was responsive in answering all my pre-order questions).
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2023.05.29 18:23 callmelandfill Magazine question.

Does anybody have experience with the 509 pmags? I know they have a bad reputation overall but wasn’t sure if they would be gtg for light range use considering they are half the price of OEM mags.
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2023.05.29 18:23 NightCities13 88 Years Later-Game 3-Rest of PreGames

Amethyst and Jett talked about their plan for training, while Chelsey and Memphis discussed their lives in District 6, and Memphis told Chelsey about his cousin Lorraine, who had died in the 2nd Games, placing 4th out of 24.
When it was time to get into their chariots, Amethyst helped Jett up, before getting up herself.
As Chelsey and Memphis moved down the Avenue, neither acknowledged the existence of the crowd, causing them to be booed.
In the moonlight, the amethysts on the outfits of Amethyst and and Jett almost seemed to glow in the dark.
In the end, Chelsey and Memphis were deemed the worst dressed, while Amethyst and Jett earned Anderson Fashion’s best dressed, and had money sent to their families.
Chelsey and Memphis threw knives, but mostly worked in the camouflage station.
Amethyst and Jett threw spears and knives, and avoided Leticia and Terrance (both 2), who had volunteered for the Games. Victoreen (3) was the youngest and shortest tribute this year, and she worked with her district partner Vilnius (3). Marinelle (4) was also young and short, at just thirteen, and she swam in the pool.
Marissa and Weston (both 5) worked in the chemical station, while Tess and Hollis (both 7) threw axes. Plaid (8) appeared to be seeing a dress, while Flaxine (9) worked in the cultivation station. Ortega (10) threw knives, while Ross (11) worked in the botany and toxicology station. Walden (12) utilized the medical station.
Amethyst was the first to be assessed, throwing spears at targets. She scored a strong 9, and was at the top of the pack. Meanwhile Jett threw knives and scored a 5. Chelsey scored a 5 for knife throwing, while Memphis scored a 7 for the same skill.
Other strong skills included Terrance and Vilnius scoring 10s, while Leticia scored a 9. Hollis also scored near the top with an 8.
The lowest scores were Victoreen and Marinelle scoring 3s, while Flaxine scored a 4 alongside Plaid.
On Panem Today that night, the odds were decided. Amethyst had odds of 5 to 1, probably due to her not being a volunteer. Jett had odds of 17 to 1, which were decent for a tribute his age.
Chelsey had odds of 16 to 1, while Memphis had odds of 10 to 1. Almost no one wanted either to win.
Plutaria Snow had on a aqua blue dress, in order to honor Steward. Her aqua dress looked pretty with her blue eyes.
Amethyst was up first, and said that she wanted to be District 1’s first victor of the new era, and the only person she would let beat her would be Jett. She said that if she made it to the top two with Jett, she didn’t know what she would do, and appeared frustrated when Plutaria continued to question her.
Jett talked about how much he respected Amethyst, and his goal was to make it as far as possible.
Chelsey and Memphis refused to apologize for their rebellious behavior, instead criticizing Plutaria and President Zenia Heavensbee for “allowing the killing of children to continue.” Memphis in particular called them monsters, and was booed off the stage.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci gave her hint word, which was “lava”.
The next day the tributes were taken to the hovercraft. They had their trackers implanted into their arms halfway through, and Memphis and Chelsey had to be held down by multiple peacekeepers in order to do so.
Tube Rooms
Amethyst was visited by Anthra, who reminded her not to let her relationship with Jett ruin her chances of winning. Anthra then visited Jett, and reminded him to stay with Amethyst, and she may even let him win at the end.
Peoria visited Chelsey first, who was staring straight ahead. Peoria wished Chelsey luck, and Chelsey muttered that at least she could be with her family again soon.
Peoria then visited Memphis, and whispered something into his ear, that caused Memphis to laugh and look at her in sarcastic humor.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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2023.05.29 18:23 Alaina_TheGoddess Day Four - bandages off!!

Day Four - bandages off!!
Day Four - bandages off!
I’m getting more and more excited about my new bite! My teeth look great. I notice my chin is not protruding as much. I have some bruising on my neck. I know it’ll probably get worse.
I’m regaining feeling towards the bottom of my cheeks. I can speak a lot better.
I’m icing on and off every hour. I’m also using a face roller and lightly massaging areas of swelling.
There’s still a lot of gunk on my face bc of the bandages. I’m not going too hard to clean it all off bc I can’t feel a lot of my chin area and I don’t want to hurt myself.
All in all I’m happy and very excited! I hope this progress continues!!
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2023.05.29 18:23 MajorGreyII Starbucks Frap

Hi, my wife has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 but she loves the Starbucks Frappachino's. However in light of the diagnosis she obviously needs to be careful about the sugar intake. I'm amazed that the website gets away with not offering the correct information (i.e. it doesn't alter the sugar content when the ingredients are changed) in summary it looks like whatever you order you get 35.2g of sugar. Just wondering if anyone been able to get the info out of Starbucks directly for a Grande "Sugar Free" Frapp?
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2023.05.29 18:23 lolcorndog Recommendations for battery pack units as a generator replacement

Looking to replace my 4.5 diesel genset with a battery pack unit, such as made by Bluetti, Jackery, etc.
I would like to get something that offers automatic shore power switching. The larger home units offered by these companies seem to be glorified DIY units, that is I can make my own as well.
I'm looking for an of the self, plug it in, and done, solution. I would rather not have to use a source select switch - so the device can power my fridge when harabor power goes out for a day.
Lighting and electronics. No resistive loads. Maybe the fridge.
Anyone looked at this ? Thanks.
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2023.05.29 18:23 hpsportsfanatic Gas leak in backyard?

Hello all,
I seem to have a leak in my backyard. It’s beyond my backyard shutoff valve so I have it off. It only fuels my fire pit and bbq. I bought a detector and it would go off in the same spot 3 times so I dug up the line. It looks to be at a connection point. And I get a smell of gas when I turn the line back on. My question is, how big of a leak does it have to be to impact the bbq and fire place? I’m obviously repairing it no matter what but I’m trying to figure out if this is the culprit. My bbq and fireplace will still light but it’s basically my bbq is on “low” even if I turn it to high and same with my gas pit. I guess I was expecting a much stronger smell of gas when I drug the area up and turned it on. I mean I smell it but it isn’t an insane amount.
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2023.05.29 18:23 Obvious_Brain My wife recently died. Am I responsible for paying her outstanding loans and debts? (Northern Ireland)

Hello. My wife unexpectedly died last month and I don't know where I stand.
We jointly own our house which I Louvre in with our young children. I was told if the house is joint tenancy (most likely) her equity automatically transfers to me via survivorship.
1 week ago her boss knocked at my door. He said he loaned her £2000 last May 2022 and wants it back.
I honestly didn't know about this loan as we were separated at that time. He said he loaned it to her on the basis I was buying her side of the equity (which I was) but she suddenly died.
He said he asked her to sign a contract which i haven't seen. I have been informed that any debts she had is linked to her estate but she didn't have anything or money. I told him im effectively unemployed now as I commuted back and forth from NI to England, and now that she deceased, that's effectively ended my job too as I have to cater for the children.
Am I responsible for her loan to her boss and can he link it to the house or me. He's not linked to any financial services/authority, he's just some bloke with a business Ive never met before until he was at her wake.
I was told just not to engage with him that it was not my wife's representative in law despite being married.
I don't know what to do.
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2023.05.29 18:22 Mohamadkassar How to make Cranberry Walnut Salad?

Here’s a recipe for cranberry walnut salad:
  1. In a large salad bowl, add the mixed salad greens.
  2. Sprinkle the dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, and crumbled goat cheese or feta cheese over the greens.
  3. In a small bowl, whisk together the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Dijon mustard, honey or maple syrup, salt, and black pepper to make the dressing.
  4. Drizzle the dressing over the salad ingredients in the bowl.
  5. Toss the salad gently to coat all the ingredients evenly with the dressing.
  6. Taste and adjust the seasoning with more salt, pepper, or sweetener, if desired.
  7. Serve the cranberry walnut salad immediately as a side dish or a light meal.
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2023.05.29 18:22 Go0Ld1e Is this anxiety, or something more serious? F14

About me:
Age: 14 (15 soon)
Height: 4'9-5'0
Weight: underweight
I'm British, I also don't smoke, or drink anything.
No meds, or therapists etc.
I'm pale, and have a bad diet. (Eating like rubbish) and i never go outside. (i'm pale.) and my sleep routine is horrible.
So basically, my dad died back in 2019. From lung cancer. I was 10 at the time, and I already knew he was gonna. You know. And after he died. I couldn't really believe it? but the grief didn't click in, until September / November, of 2019. But then at the time, I started going through really stressful, things like, bullying. Name-calling. Harassment. (These had happened online. I know it may not seem like such a big deal but it ruined my self-confidence, and mental health.) And it got worse in 2020, because I got abused online as well And my mental health, got worse to the point where I had urges to kill / harm myself, (I hardly have them anymore, which I'm glad about. Family issues. Stressed Almost constant crying
(The reasons why I'm saying this, is because it could explain why I'm dealing with the stuff I'm about to put down.)
December, 8th, 2020, was the time I got sick.
It was in my stomach, and I though "oh I'm just sick it will pass", but it just got worse. And it would keep, growling, and I lost my appetite fully and didn't even wanna eat. But the thing I realised was that I was stressed / worried about it. Because I though it was stomach cancer. (Still do.) And it would make me feel like I was gonna throw up,
And in 2021. I still had. It. No appetite still, no nothing. Just feeling sick. But I still ate, and drank everyday. But online stuff happened again. (Which I think made it worse? I don't know. And my mental health worse.) But then I started thinking my stomach was gonna collapse. And I started worrying more about it.
And in this year, same stuff. With my stomach. But in April 2022. I had a panic attack? I also had left arm aches / pains. So basically went downstairs, and told my mum about it. And we started talking, about stuff. And i stood up from the chair, and then all sudden, my head started feeling SUPER weird. And I said "mum my head feels weird!" And she said "your probably having a panic attack." And then i started panicking, and said "mum, mum I think I'm dying!!" And I went down on to the kitchen floor.and my brother said "your fine." And my mum said "this is because of your dad." And then she went to open the door for me to get air. And I still felt weird. And my hands were shaking. (I can't remember but I think my mouth /lips was dry.) But the thing is I felt like I was forcing the shaking. Because I was making myself shake (but again I probably wasn't. I did not do it for attention, I know that would of been bad. etc I was seriously scared, that I was gonna die in front of my mum and brother.) . But when I stopped my body felt like nothing. And my breathing was a bit weird a swell. And my mum was trying to talk me out of it. And then a few minutes later, I went to stand up, and go upstairs, but my whole body, and legs felt weird. Very weird. But then I felt the whole night, watching tiktok to distract myself. But then next day, my mum told my older brother that I was having panic attacks. That same day, I felt like I was freak, out and call an ambulance, because I felt like I was going to die. And I was worrying about my health. (Still do.)
and i am also getting forgetfulness. feeling like something is in my throat for a few minutes, and feeling sweaty,(doesn't last long.) when i panic over something. stuttering, headaches. weird head feelings, and weird feeling slightly under my stomach by my hips. dry, mouth / lips sometimes, and feeling like i will gag? on my foods / drinks now.
And my symptoms kept changing.
And now this year, my symptoms have pretty much changed like they have been.
but my stomach still keeps growling for no reason I lost my appetite, 2-3 years ago when this started, but I feel weird, like very weird like the weird feelings you get when you feel like you're about to end up in a hospital? I can't explain my weird feelings, and I feel like I can't think straight? But I can? But I keep looming at things without blinking for a few seconds and my face was just been blank? In a way, and I'm getting weird fuzzy feelings at the side of my face. and I'm scared I'm dying, or it's an illness. But the weird feelings do go away, but they come back after a few hours, or minutes, I know I need therapy, and help but the waiting lists. I'm trying to learn to cope with it. Because I know it won't go away just by ignoring it, and I know as much as I'm worried for my health know I been through a lot of stress, etc and now I been going puberty for a couple years.Anxiety feels like a nightmare, and I hate it. I wish I could stop feeling constantly weird, and strange etc. It's a very very weird and strange feeling and it's odd. I can't explain anything.
But I can't keep letting it get the best of me because I will just need to learn, to accept it as much as its hard to. I'll just accept it and I'll keep telling my mum for therapy or even see a doctor It's terrifying but i know I can get through this oll run around my house etc etc etc for distractions etc until I can get a therapist which I know will take long, but I hope I won't be like this forever and ever.
And I also have a white patch on my tongue it kinds looks like milk? And sometimes I feel a very weird weird feeling that something will happen? And most times I breathe I feel something in my throat lime its my heart beat? Or if my heart skips a beat or something when I breathe sometimes?
But also a good thing is, is that I can drink and eat fine, and I'm not in any bad pains at all, I just physically feel weird, and I can't explain the feelings. But when I sleep, I wake up In the middle of the night for no reason, so that might be from stress.
Does anybody else experience or know what I mean? I don't know why I keep worrying about my health I constantly seek reassurance and it kinda makes me feel a attention seeker.but i also have this weird cold feeling at my back (the cold feeling you get when you're sick?) but i have it at my back, and i don't have a lot of symptoms of anxiety and it's scaring me. are people different with anxiety and stress? do they have different things with it? because i know everybody is different but i'm still scared.
has anybody else had this? i feel like i'm the only person. i think i actually have a illness or something i just feel sick and strange constantly. but i'm planning on getting stress/anxiety gummies i'm terrified.
and i'm thinking about therapy? but i just wanna take small steps for starters.
and i also never see anybody with this same thing as me so i'm scared.
and my hear also makes a drop feeling, even when my heart isn't racing etc it happens out of nowhere, and it's weird, and when i breathed in, i like felt it in my throat? and i just feel awful, and weird constantly, it sucks. it really does suck. i just feel like i'm gonna die or if i have some type of serious/deadly illness etc, i just want it to stop. i don't even have a clue if this is normal or not. i just hope others have, had the same things/thing has me. it sucks i feel alone. it feels like something is wrong inside my body and i can't explain it i'm so sick of it. i feel like i'm about to die any second.
should i change my diet, and sleep routine? and get anxiety/stress gummies from amazon? (they probably won't work but i wanna take small steps.)

I don't understand what's going on? Why am I getting these weird physical symptoms? Because I don't know if it is anxiety, or is just from stress or some kind, of trauma? I don't know but I'm scared, can a doctor or nurse help please.

I really don't feel well, and I can't stop thinking it's something serious, because I know I probably have health anxiety but I'm scared. Can anybody give me reassurance that im okay? Or if anybody else had this? Am I dying??
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