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Xpeng: Chinese electric car maker

2018.11.20 20:56 LotsoWatts Xpeng: Chinese electric car maker

Making EV's for safer roads and more progressive time usage.

2018.03.18 06:48 LotsoWatts IonQ: Quantum Computing R & D.

Discuss IonQ and quantum computing.

2018.09.08 22:27 LotsoWatts SunPower: solar power company

Discuss SunPower, solar, and related.

2023.05.29 17:37 chongjunxiang3002 [Doom post ahead] Re: Depreciation of Ringgit

This thread is not about whose fault for ringgit depreciation right now.
A currency flow is a complicated manner that no government nor central bank dare to play with, so all can they do is small adjustment on OPR. Any big change will be a daring bet, a jackpot or a tsunami for entire economy system, so we won't likely see them pegging the currency again (that may hurt exporting industry), nor further increase interest rate (that make borrowing harder).
There was a reason why ringgit leave currency union of Brunei and Singapore in 1975, as that was the time country many attempt to adjust themselves from agricultural base economy to heavy industry export economy, so the free market do the job. The pegging of 1998 was performing to storm through the crisis that we did fine/not fine. You can all laugh 3:1 or very soon 10:1, but that is how free market work, and we are in disadvantage position.
However, they might be a point of no return for currency depreciation. Once a undeterminable threshold is crossed, there will be no more investor believe in ringgit. And soon it will be just downfall like waterfall. After the event horizon, the currency can only go down, there is no more measure that can resuscitation (even harsh market manipulation can only turns thing worse).
Might as well just become Hungary forint in 1946, or your favourite laughing stock, Zimbabwe.
Just like Sri Lankan rupee depreciation of 2022, that slow boiling water just turning into steam jet once a trigger is push (4 Mac, 1LKR-0.0049USD vs 1LKR-0.0028USD, 6 May)

Now, place a risk free bet here, are we crossing the event horizon already?

Additional discussion down in comment:
  1. Should we stocking up assets instead of currency? Gold anyone?
  2. Are we going to see 1SGD=RM5 or RM10 before 2030? I am asking this for my future, all my talented family members are now work at Singapore and somewhere else, leaving me the sole loser with poor skill set still staying here, with a certain foolish hope. Long $ROPE or believe in Falling Devil might be comforting choice for me if this is the case.
Let's discuss.
Also read on:
View Poll
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2023.05.29 17:36 ThrowRA-ellabella My (24F) boyfriend (24m) of 1 year didn't consult me on his future, potential living situation

My boyfriend is not from the state that we live right now, so he has been living at an apartment for the past 9 months. His lease is up in September and does not want to live there after the lease is up. His friend that is from a different state is in town for the next 2 months due to his work and is staying in the same town as my boyfriend's apartment. I do not know the details specifically but I do know that the place that the friend is staying at is a month-to-month lease with his own room and bathroom for a very cheap price. However, the living room and kitchen is shared with around 10 other people. So my boyfriend and I were talking yesterday and he said that he is going to start to look into new places to live after his lease is up in September. He mentioned that he wants to do something simi liar to his friend where its a place with a lot of other people so rent is cheaper. So we talk about the potential of him getting a room where the friend is in September. Fast forward a few hours, he tells me that he is going to ask his friend for the contact of the owner in the case that he might want to live there. We talk a bit about it and as a joke, I say "are there any girls?" and he replies "yeah". I get upset at this and I say "there's girls living there and you didn't tell me?". He says that he didn't tell me because nothing is finalized and he only recently started looking into places so it's not even definite that he will live there. I tell him I wish he still discussed it with me the moment he found out girls are also living there but he keeps saying he doesn't understand why I'm upset when its just a potential and not a sure decision and that he would have discussed it with me if the time to actually choose a place is nearer and it becomes an actual choice. I tell him that it doesn't matter if its just a potential, I wish he would have told me the second he knew instead of me having to ask first. And then he tells me he doesn't even know how many girls live there and that it could be just one girl out of 9 guys for all he knows. Then I tell him it's a deal breaker for me if he lives with girls, whether it's one girl or more. But he is strong in his opinion that he did nothing wrong because the he only just started looking for places today and this place is just a potential place since he hasn't looked into many other places yet. But I am in strong in my opinion that I have a right to be upset because I think he should have discussed with me about even the potential of living with other girls, even if he didn't know that was a dealbreaker for me.
tldr; boyfriend didn't think it was worth mentioning that he might live with girls because it's not a sure decision yet
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2023.05.29 17:36 codekira Is this ok for emulation?

Is this ok for emulation?
Im not a big gamer as far as 2023 AAA heavy games i mainly play ffxi and diablo 2 maybe ffxiv that era but i really want to emulate ps2 and below ps3 and 360 would be icing but not needed.
My question is this machine up my alley for what i want to use it for? This deal seems too good to pass but im not tech savvy enough to know what im doing please help
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2023.05.29 17:36 juheyee A Labyrinth of Suffering in the Aftermath of Choices

(any feedback would be so appreciated!!! be brutal!)
Within the chambers of an anguished soul, pensiveness intertwines with the echoes of shattered decisions. The convoluted path taken, amidst the tangled thicket of life's choices, has led to a realm of disarray and perpetual torment. With each agonizing twist and turn, the veil of understanding grows thinner, unraveling the fabric of reason and ensnaring me in a web of insufferable pain.
In the aftermath of these decisions, a tempest of sorrow descends, casting a pallor upon my spirit. The weight of remorse settles heavily upon my heart, its burden rivaling the crushing grip of a vice. The relentless cycle of doubt and self-reproach taunts me mercilessly, a relentless tempest that ravages the sanctuary of my thoughts.
Amidst the labyrinthine complexity of my torment, the pain inflicted by choices made cuts deep, leaving jagged wounds that refuse to heal. Like ripples upon a stagnant pond, these reverberations of hurt spread, permeating every facet of my existence. The tendrils of regret entwine my very being, forging chains that bind me to the prison of my own guilt.
Each decision, once seemingly innocuous, now carries the weight of consequence—a heavy cloak that smothers my every step. The path untaken haunts my consciousness, taunting me with its unknown potential, while the chosen road reveals itself as a treacherous illusion, leading only to an abyss of heartache. The stark juxtaposition of these divergent paths leaves me stranded in a desolate landscape, forever questioning the roads not traveled.
In the wake of these choices, the pain of realization surges forth like a torrential flood, washing away the remnants of hope that cling desperately to the shores of my shattered dreams. The specter of what could have been gnashes its teeth, a relentless reminder of the price paid for the decisions that have left me broken and adrift.
The hurt, like a relentless predator, stalks my every thought, distorting perception and leaving me mired in the depths of despair. Its tendrils extend beyond the confines of my mind, infiltrating relationships once held dear, corroding the bonds that once provided solace. The consequences of my actions reverberate through the lives I have touched, inflicting wounds that bleed with the anguish of remorse.
In this tangled web of pain, the very act of decision-making becomes a torment unto itself. Each choice is accompanied by the specter of consequences, a specter that lingers, haunting the recesses of my mind. The fear of repeating past mistakes paralyzes me, rendering me impotent in the face of life's ceaseless challenges. The weight of this burden shatters my confidence, rendering me incapable of trust, both in myself and in the world around me.
And so, I remain trapped within this labyrinth of suffering, a prisoner of my own choices and the hurt they have wrought. The complexities of navigating this quagmire of pain defy easy comprehension, obscuring the path towards redemption. Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope flickers—a fragile light that whispers of the possibility of healing and transcendence. In this fractured existence, I yearn to find solace, to emerge from the depths of my anguish and forge a new path, one illuminated by the understanding that even in the aftermath of hurtful decisions, redemption can be found.
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2023.05.29 17:35 longbottomcoffee Buy Espresso Coffee Best Bagged Coffee Bagged Coffee Near Me

Looking to buy espresso coffee? Discover a wide selection of high-quality espresso coffee beans and blends at competitive prices. Find the perfect balance of rich flavor and aromatic experience to satisfy your coffee cravings. Shop now and enjoy the convenience of brewing your own delicious espresso at home. Elevate your coffee game with our premium espresso coffee options. For more information visit our website at or call 1-800-288-1271
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2023.05.29 17:34 ShibbiesClimax I'm kind of shocked at how low gold star Umbreon prices are

So gold star umbreon has been a dream card of mine. For the longest time I refused to look at eBay listings for it because it was so out of my price range (I guess it's all relative right). Now that I have some extra money to spend I'm considering buying a graded one. When I saw I could get a 7 for like 3k I was baffled. I looked up the population report and it has 57 psa 7s?! I guess maybe this card isn't that sought after or something? But I'm really excited.
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2023.05.29 17:33 Mustangs33 [q] are investing in paper stickers worth it?

I’m newer to investing and have been doing a fair amount of research and staring at market trying to pick the right investments. I’ve been wondering if I can invest in papers and see good profit or if I should just invest in holos only. I know holos get higher price but if a paper goes from .05 to .15 and the holos go $5 to $10 the papers would be better I would think. But I also don’t see why papers would raise in price too much bc most people want holos and the supply of papers is way more.
I also don’t know if capsules are worth it right now for me due to all the hype around new ones and too late to invest into older ones.
Sorry if my thought process and explanation is all over, just trying to find the right direction to go in.
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2023.05.29 17:32 immacamel Defending the Draft: 2023 Green Bay Packers

A new era is under way in Green Bay, and there's a lot to cover about this offseason. First, let's set the stage.
Key Signings:
KR Keisean Nixon- the return dynamo who renewed my will to live after watching Amari Rodgers play football. Signed again on a 1 year deal worth up to $4m. And he figures to have a larger role on defense this season. This was one of the biggest wishes for packer fans this offseason, as it finally shows a dedication to building the ST unit.
S Rudy Ford- he had himself a nice 2022 and got re-signed for his efforts. It's a one year deal, and he will compete for the starting safety spot as of now.
CB Corey Ballentine- a reserve CB who I will always have a soft spot for due to his tragic draft night story. Ballentine has been re-signed and will compete for snaps in an unsettled secondary.
S Dallin Leavitt- a Rich Bisaccia re-signing. Leavitt was a quiet killer last season as a special teams ace, and he returns in that role this season.
OT Yosh Nijman- a developmental prospect that has blossomed into an serviceable swing tackle, I thought Nijman would get more on the open market than his RFA tender price. He will be back with the Pack in a LT2 and RT2 role for 2023.
Key Departures:
DT Dean Lowry- Lowry gave the Pack his best and we appreciate him, but his ceiling was evident and achieved. Devonte Wyatt was drafted as a high upside replacement. Lowry signed with the Bears on a 2 year deal.
WR Allen Lazard- Aaron Rodgers's latest security blanket, Lazard is rejoining Rodgers on a 4y, 44m deal with the New York Jets. A quiet, consistent performer for the Packers throughout his tenure, Lazard will continue to be a sure-handed possession receiver in New York, transforming the slot position previously occupied by Elijah Moore into more of a big slot. He will also continue to mug people in the run game.
TE Robert Tonyan- Bobby Tonyan heads south to Chicago to be TE2 behind Cole Kmet. Packer fans love Tonyan for bringing pride back to the position in GB, and I honestly feel bad for him. He likely missed on his chance for a big pay day after tearing his ACL in 2021 and having a down year coming back. Now he's pushing 30, but he still provides excellent hands for the position and a great work ethic. Godspeed, buddy.
DL Jarran Reed- the big man returns to Seattle this season on a 2 year deal. Reed was just about what we expected in Green Bay- not great, not bad. He was a placeholder in a spot that Wyatt hopefully can take over.
Free Agents yet to be signed:
WR Randall Cobb, S Adrian Amos, TE Marcedes Lewis, K Mason Crosby
All members of the old guard. Cobb recently had surgery, and is a contender to rejoin Rodgers in NY. Amos had a down year, but could still have some left in the tank. I'm guessing he has an offer from GB and is weighing his options. Lewis also could be weighing his options between retirement, the Jets, or sailing into the sunset where it all began for him in Jacksonville. Mason Crosbys wife seemed to confirm on social media recently that the Packers have little interest in re-signing their all time leading scorer. Crosby made some clutch kicks for us over the years, and if this is the end, the Silver Fox will never have to buy a beer in Titletown again.
2022 season review: Record: 8-9 Oh man. 2022 was the year it all came crashing down. Green Bay tried to keep its veteran core together for a few years, appeasing Rodgers and navigating the salary cap reasonably well. But they never achieved that brass ring. Minus Davante Adams and working with a broken thumb, Rodgers struggled the most he has since his inaugural season as a starter. It's now time to address Rodgers in this post; I could write an entire entry solely on Rodgers and this past season, but I'll leave it at this: Aaron is my favorite football player of all time. He led the Packers to their greatest stretch of sustained excellence since Vince Lombardi roamed the sidelines, often with depleted rosters around him. In my opinion, hes the most talented QB to play the game. It seems a majority of Packer fans were ready to move on from the man and soured on him this offseason. Personally, I think he will be an MVP contender in NY next year and still love him. But it was time. The Jordan Love era needs to happen, if only for the front office itself needing to justify their faith in the Love pick. Rodgers and the Packers were operating on different timelines the past few years, stuck somewhere between going all in and resetting. The front office has put all their chips in on Jordan Love.
The defense was expected to be a top 5 unit, but regressed heavily. Joe Barry was under scrutiny all year long, seemingly incapable of putting his plethora of first rounders in positions to succeed. A late season push did just enough to save his job (apparently).
Favorite win: Dallas Most frustrating loss: Detroit, week 18
Rodgers's exit also raises an interesting thought: will we see the True Matt LaFleur Offense this season? Offensive deficiencies have been blamed on Lafleur himself or Rodgers's hesitancy at transitioning from a traditional west coast offense to a Shanahan-esque, motion based attack. The answer will be uncovered this year, with Jordan Love having 3 years of experience in the scheme and a first round pedigree. As a Love truther in the pre draft season who hated the pick for the Packers, I am fascinated. This pick will make or break Gute's and Lafleur's tenure.
Aside from the quarterback situation, there are lingering questions concerning LaFleur's ability to lead the team in general. The Packers have consistently laid an egg in one game every season of his tenure and have come up short in the playoffs, with some head scratching decisions rearing their head in crunch time of big games (the end of the Bucs NFC championship the most glaring). I also have questions on his staff hirings/retentions. LaFleur hired 2 dogshit ST coordinators before making the obvious choice of Basaccia. He also chose to retain Joe Barry, noted football terrorist, as defensive coordinator. I've read rumblings that Gute has more say over the staff than the head coach, which is unconfirmed but concerning. I don't mean to dump on LaFleur in this piece, only to emphasize how big of a year this is for him. I think his scheme is sound and the guys play hard for him. With Rodgers gone, I think we see less RPOs and inside zone handoffs to AJ Dillon out of shotgun. The offense will have more identity. But if there are 2 more years without the playoffs in Green Bay, the Cheeseheads will advocate for a new coach.
2023 Draft:
Positions of need: S, TE, WR, DT
Round 1, Pick 13: Lukas Van Ness, Edge, Iowa With the world expecting Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Gute stuck true to his type and drafted athletic freak LVN out of Iowa. Van Ness profiles as a Rashan Gary clone, with a high RAS score and unrefined repertoire of pass rush moves. If he works out like Gary, this is a massive hit. In the pre draft process, the only guy who could have realistically been there for GB that I had above Van Ness was Peter Skoronski. He wasn't there, and there was no doubt in my mind Gute was going for LVN afterwards. He'll rotate with Gary and Preston Smith this year, and will kick inside on certain packages. He makes Smith expendable in the future.
Round 2, Pick 42: Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State Musgrave has the size and athleticism to be a game changer at tight end. His tape was short but encouraging. His biggest questions are durability and how he will develop, given his late breakout and immediate injury afterwards. My comparison to his playstyle was Travis Kelce, and if he can approach even 70% of Kelce's production in a season, this is a great pick. The biggest hole on the roster was TE, and I have a feeling Gute got the top one on his board.
Round 2, Pick 50: Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State The process of this pick was nerve wracking. I was one of many fans pounding the table for Brian Branch, the S out of Alabama. When Gute traded down instead, I was telling friends I hoped he took Jayden Reed, and that's what happened. Reed is smaller receiver who plays bigger than his size on contested catches. He carried the Michigan State offense last year after Kenneth Walker jumped to the NFL. My comparison for him is Tyler Lockett. In Green Bay, Reed will take over the slot role, and I expect him to see around 60% of offensive snaps.
Round 3, Pick 78: Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State Another tight end added to a barren room. The former Jackrabbit is similar to Musgrave in a lot of ways- big, athletic, and a willing albeit unrefined blocker. Kraft's addition along with Musgraves could push the Packers into more 22 personal this season, something LaFleur wants to run but hasnt had the personnel for, and I would not be surprised to see him outsnap Musgrave if he develops quickly. I'm really hoping this is the pick that breaks Green Bays 3rd round curse (seriously look it up its so bad).
Round 4, Pick 116: Colby Wooden, Edge, Auburn A former 4 star recruit at Auburn, Wooden collected 17 sacks as a 3 year starter in the SEC and showed inside/outside versatility. He shows an ability to rush with speed and power, but is inconsistent in his pad level and technique. He anchors well in the run game and showed great gap discipline. I don't see him getting many snaps this year, but if he does I think he takes Kingsley Engabare's role on run downs.
Round 5, Pick 149: Sean Clifford, QB, Penn State A perplexing pick until I saw this man somehow has a 9 RAS. Clifford is an experienced college starter who plays with a clear understanding of his role and a passion for the game. My issues with him were accuracy, arm strength, pocket presence, and decision making. You know, playing quarterback. I did not give Clifford a draftable grade and would have preferred Jaren Hall or Max Duggan. But this is really nit picking over a 5th round pick who was drafted to be a career backup. If the staff sees something in him, I'll give it a chance.
Round 5, Pick 159: Dontayvion Wicks, WR, Virginia A 6'1, 206 lb vertical threat, Wicks was inconsistent in his career at Virginia. If he replicated his 2021 production last year, he might have found himself as a day 2 pick. Alas, a new offense and drops led to his availability at this spot. Wicks has a good release package and the ability to stack DBs and get vertical. His tendencies as a body catcher led to drops last year, and he doesn't provide much after the catch. With his profile, he'll be a WR4/5, but could be a special teams ace very early in his career.
Round 6, Pick 179: Karl Brooks, DL, Bowling Green A bit of a tweener, Brooks is a high motor, high effort pass rusher. He flashes great technique and seems to rush with a plan. He can get washed out in the run game, and will need to commit one way or another to defensive end or defensive tackle. He graded very high from PFF, so that's something. To get on the field, he'll have to show more consistency and ability when anchoring down in the run game.
Round 6, Pick 207: Anders Carlson, K, Auburn Apparently, Mason Crosby's replacement. Anders is the brother of Las Vegas kicker Daniel Carlson, who's pretty damn good. There is a connection with Basaccia there, who's known Anders since high school. I wasn't encouraged by his stats at Auburn, but I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in scouting kickers. If Basaccia says he's that dude, then that dude he is.
Round 7, Pick 232: Carrington Valentine, CB, Kentucky Valentine is a WR convert with a long, slender frame. He is at his best in press man, where he has a variety of ways to get hands on the receiver and reroute him. Unfortunately for Vallentine, Joe Barry hates press man and will kill my family if I suggest it again. Valentine's frame can lead him to get bullied by bigger WRs at times, but he is physical at the catch point. He also brings experience as a productive kick returner, something that could be helpful in the future or even this season if the staff wants to keep Nixon fresh for defensive snaps.
Round 7, Pick 235: Lew Nichols, RB, Central Michigan A big back with some intriguing traits, Nichols enjoyed a very productive 2021 before injuries hampered his 2022. Nichols has good vision, contact balance, and power as a north-south runner. He was productive catching out of the backfield, but wasn't asked to run many routes beyond that. His biggest hurdles in the NFL are going to be elusiveness and speed. He lacks both, but should be a decent backup. For the Packers, they used their RB3 less than maybe any team in the league last year. This will be the Jones&Dillon show again in 2023.
Round 7, Pick 242: Anthony Johnson Jr, S, Iowa State Johnson Jr is a converted cornerback who plays with rare physicality for someone of that description. He did his best work in the box or in the slot at Iowa State, and that may be where the Pack will try to get him some snaps this year. He can be over aggressive in his pursuits at times and take bad angles, but that is coachable. Given the state of the safety room, the 7th round rookie may find himself starting some games this season.
Round 7, Pick 256: Grant DuBose, WR, Charlotte DuBose comes from UNC Charlotte, where there apparently is a football team, and he was 2nd team all C-USA last season. DuBose has excellent size at 6'2, and I love his agility on in-breaking routes crossing the face of safeties. He has experience both outside and in the slot, and is an interesting addition to the WR battle at the bottom of the roster, which is going to be highly competitive. It may come down to how good he can be on special teams. Coaches and teammates rave about his work ethic and love of football, and he worked at Walmart while keeping himself in shape during the Covid year. I'm optimistic he can carve out a role for himself and make the team.
Overall, Gutekunst drafted for need at times in this draft, but still stuck to picking guys that fit his type: big, athletic, and versatile. My biggest shock was not taking a safety until the 7th round, but I think it just never lined up with his board. There was an obvious effort to surround Love with talented pass catchers, which is a breath of fresh air from this team. I was surprised that they didn't take a single offensive linemen, given this is almost certainly Bakh's last year in the green and gold and question marks surrounding some of our young guys, but we drafted 3 linemen last year and the staff may have high hopes for Zach Tom to be the next left tackle. The franchise has earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to scouting and developing OL.
All told, 2023 is the most excited I've been for a Packer season in a few years. There are so many unknown variables surrounding the team, from Jordan Loves development to LaFleur's offense to Joe Barry's pending glue eating scandal. Media pundits have them ranked somewhere between 20 & 26 in the league hierarchy heading into the year. Personally, I'm a little higher on the Pack, and they will shoot up these rankings if Jordan Love delivers. There's a lot on Love's shoulders. This is the season we've been waiting for with baited breath for 3 years, the post-Rodgers era, and now it's here, for better or worse.
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2023.05.29 17:32 theheilheart Help with an online menu app

Hello everyone! I'm a Software Engineering student from Brazil seeking some assistance... I have an exciting project in mind and could use your help. I want to develop an online menu app specifically designed for small restaurants in my city. The goal is to create a profitable venture by selling this app. Here's what I envision:
The app will feature a comprehensive menu list with each restaurant's logo, along with various food options, sizes, toppings, and more. Users will be able to select their preferred items and customize them to their liking. Additionally, users can log in and receive a PDF receipt as proof of their order. The app will also include a real-time chat feature for seamless communication.
Not only will customers have access to their receipts, but restaurant owners will also receive PDF receipts and gain entry to a dashboard showcasing their sales, clientele, most popular dishes, and the ability to customize certain aspects such as name, logo, prices, and items. Each restaurant will have its own subdomain for a personalized touch.
To accomplish all this, I require a robust Content Management System (CMS) for the backend. My challenge lies in handling the creation of subdomains for each new client, allowing them to add their own menu items and prices. I've come across two potential options: Headless WordPress and Sanity.
Now, here are my specific concerns:
  1. How can I implement a subdomain system for every new client and enable them to manage their menu items and prices independently?
  2. Which CMS would be the most suitable choice for this project? Headless WordPress or Sanity?
  3. I've found Next.js to be a fantastic framework for the front-end, but manually adding and editing each new restaurant is impractical. Are there any suggestions on how to streamline this process?
I'm open to any suggestions and would appreciate your insights. Please feel free to ask questions as well. Thank you in advance!
(really, I need your help <3)
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2023.05.29 17:31 meeseinthewoods [US-OH] [H] Steelbooks, Persona 5 Statue, PS3/4, Switch, and Wii Titles [W] Paypal G&S

Hello everyone! First post here, but have sold before on other subreddits. Trimming down my collection a bit, since the money would serve me well right now!
All of my prices are based on Pricecharting and Ebay recently sold listings. However, I will never turn down a good offer!
Shipping is not included in prices.
Pics are found here: and I can add more as needed!

Persona 5 Kasumi Yoshizawa Phantom Thief Statue $150

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Steelbook Case Only $70
Ghost of Tsushima Steelbook Case Only $30
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition Steelbook Case Only $20
Nioh 2 Steelbook Case Only $10
Persona 5 Strikers Steelbook Case Only $50
Uncharted 4 Steelbook Case Only $25

Battlefield 3 (PS3) $3.50
Dragon Age Origins (PS3) $5
Skyrim (PS3) $4
Skyrim w/Steelbook (PS4) $30
Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4) $6
Returnal (PS5) $20
Skyrim Cart Only (Switch) $30
Mario Super Sluggers CiB (Wii) $30

Thank you for looking!
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2023.05.29 17:30 DARKZZz13 FIFA mobile tips & tricks

FIFA mobile tips & tricks
Let me Start this off with a few general points - I have only been playing for around 2 months and have limited experience , this is what I have found .
TIPS AND TRICKS - [ ] Use this website to compare stats and build teams as well as a few other features - [ ] Use this website to let you know if servers are down (lots of websites like this just search fifa mobile servers down ? ) - [ ] Don’t worry about GK other than LVL points for the most part they don’t make a big difference , use players that have personal value makes the game more fun .
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2023.05.29 17:29 ArcaneCavalier PSA: BUYER BEWARE

TLDR: Zenmarket has become increasingly anti-consumer and more "oh, that's too bad" in its customer service.
I have been using Zenmarket for over two years now (purchased hundreds of items) and was really satisfied with their service at first. Things start going downhill last year though.
Previously, if a price drop/ sale occurred on a purchase item after it was added to cart (and the discount was still active at the time of purchase), the difference would be automatically refunded to you. No need to request
Gradually months later , I noticed that became, I had to request refunds for the price difference.
Finally, that turned into, no refunds on price changes since you implicitly agree to the price of the item when you add it to the cart. For example, you add an item to your car that is 5,000 JPY. After it's added your cart, it goes on a time sale and is discounted by 1,000 JPY. Zenmarket does not return the 1,000 JPY discount back to your account. They POCKET that discount!!!!!!!!!! So, in addition to their 300 JPY service fee, which is what they ADVERTISE as their cost for serve and 3.5 % fee to add funds via credit card or PayPal, they POCKET any discounts that occur in your purchases items.
I guess they're technically right that it's implicitly agreed upon, and now it's supposed to be in their updated terms of service, but this practice feels scummy and anti-consumer.
The issue can get even worse (I didn't think it could). Ever since I noticed these changes, I delete items from my cart and re-add the to make sure the price difference is accounted for. Well, this time, I deleted an item from my cart. Usually, that gets the whole cart re-evaluated for price differences. Not this time. I even messaged them before the item was purchased (I had already paid at that point as I had been in a hurry to get the sale price). Got the now usual, that's our policy now and hope for your understanding line.
Also, last year, I ordered two collectibles, each with about 25,000 JPY or so at MSRP. They arrived without their item boxes!!!! The items arrived in the shipping only wrapped bubble wrap....stacked on top of each other to save space, DESPITE my request that items be shipped in as many boxes as needed (that was my selected shipping option). When I pointed that out, I was again, asked for my understanding.
When I informed them of that issue, I was told that I hadn't left a comment to not throw away the item boxes. I was not offered satisfactory compensation/ resolution for the issue and ended up repurchasing the items at Buyee (yes, that meant I bought the same items, twice). If you are a collector, make sure you put in a note/ message to not throw away item boxes.
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2023.05.29 17:29 Trinton09 After updating to W11 22h2, Explorer patcher start menu isn't showing up.

It just shows the stock windows 11 menu now.
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2023.05.29 17:29 PKMNShiro LF: Aprimon, Alcremie, Apriballs FT: Aprimon, Shinies, Apriballs, Items

❄️ Trading in ScVi, SwSh, and BDSP. Accepts USUM. Cross-gen trading welcome ❄️

❄️ Aprimon Spreadsheet

Me You
1 on-hand or item 1 aprimon
1 breedable 2 aprimon
1 Ability Patch 3 aprimon
1 Apriball 4 aprimon
― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ―

❄️ Alcremie

Me You
1 on-hand or item 1 sweet
1 breedable or 2 on-hands 1 Alcremie
1 Apriball 2 Alcremie
― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ― ―

❄️ Shiny List

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2023.05.29 17:28 Nature_Unwind Furniture store hasn’t charged my 0% CC for purchase - Can this come back to bite me?

Last winter I ordered custom furniture that totaled around $6,000. They had a 0% finance deal going on through Wells Fargo credit and so I decided "why not" and just did that instead of dropping all the cash at once. It was going to take like 6 months for the furniture to be manufactured and delivered and the card was to be charged when the furniture was delivered and that is when the clock starts ticking on the 0% deal as well. During the wait time, the furniture was discounted and so we went in and "returned/cancelled" the order and re-ordered it to take advantage of the discount and after some fudging by the sales people it was all straightened out so we could get the lower price. The furniture was delivered on April 2nd and the Wells Fargo card has still not been charged. A part of me thinks with the "return" and re-purchase, there was a mess up on the furniture store's end and right now it feels like I'm never going to get charged for the furniture. It's actually causing me some anxiety as I'm afraid this will come back to bite me somehow as Wells Fargo is a shady company. Ethics of not informing the furniture company aside - Financially can this come back to bite me? Do I inform the furniture store I was never charged? Is there a limit to how long they can go without charging me before I'm no longer responsible?
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2023.05.29 17:28 Forsefire_360 How to lowball ( funny sh*tpost )

I released this on the forums but no one cares they only cared about hypixel being down :/
So do YOU want to get rich and start lowballing? Well you came to the wrong place. But at least you will get a laugh or 2. So sit back and enjoy this thread ( I should probably go study but that can wait )
The preparations!
Alright so when you start you will need some COINS, this can be a daunting task to get with usual money making methods. Solution? You can't sell your 3/4th shadow assassin and juju bow because then you will lose a lot of damage so you should start selling your talismans, They are usless and make good money if you sell them. After this you should have around 4m coins! Onto the next step
The building
Your island looks awful! But taking the time to fix it will take too much time that you could spend using AOTE in the hub. So you MUST build one of those lowballing areas with price ranges ( that no one cares about ) with lowballs in ranges of ( > 25m ) ( < 25m ) ( > 500m ) this will insure that it does nothing at all except make the seller keep social distancing with you
Now is the time where you make the coins from selling those talismans back. You will start advertising the coins you have in the format of ( I HAVE 4M COINS TO LOWBALL VISIT ME, 1M COINS +) and soon enough you will get people that visit you, now it's time for your smartness to shine, only take items that should sell quickly, no pets, no enchanted weapons, no enchanted armour. If you find someone who doesn't have an item you want kick them from the island INSTANTLY, now if they still insit on selling an item take it as a lowball of 40 percent of the item's value under lbin. So for example if an item sells for 45 million coins ask for 20 million coins. True story btw wanted to offer boots worth 45m to a lowballers and they offered 25m just to take it back as they thought it had legion V instead of last stand V.
And that should be it! If you need any more help make sure to bump this post because I don't care about you needing help and I just want views. ( Also comment what else I should sh*tpost about )
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2023.05.29 17:27 PreferenceHuman4083 Thinking about buying in.

I have been watching XRP for a small time now. In this fourm I have seen a lot of speculation on price after the lawsuit. I have seen a lot of statements that say "xrp could be used as a fuel to compete with swift " well that sounds awesome, I have not seen any commits from real governments or enterprise corperations.
I am hoping to distinguish if these rumors are just baseless echo chamber, or what the real speculative value is, before I buy in.
Does anyone have any links or sources to use cases ripple might have. I would really like to buy in as well, but this fourm is so saturated in the lawsuit. I have not been able to find real sources to actual usecases.
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2023.05.29 17:27 Mayday_33 Would these be good components?

I am thinking about building a desktop PC in the next few months as my Asus laptop I purchased my Senior year of college is going on 5 years and become exceedingly slow (plus it doesn’t have have specs compatible with some of the games I want to be able to play).
I’m still only researching how to build, parts, etc., so I wondered if anyone would be willing to offer advice or suggestions?
I’m budgeting around $1200 max towards Windows, the computer, monitor, and additional speakers. My goal is to build something that will be usable now with longevity and room for upgrading (for necessary changes) in mind.
My main uses: 1). Gaming (primarily Sims, Hogwarts Legacy, some indie games, and older titles like Myst). 2). Minor Video Editing (a hobby of mine - I’m not planning on doing anything hardcore) 3). Music Production (my bachelor’s degree is in Songwriting, and my parents bought me some basic Presonus software that I really need to learn how to use well) 4). Everyday Use (Internet Browsing, Research, etc.)
Moving to the parts — I am basing off of prices listed in PC Partpicker which I know can change.
1). CPU - i5-12400f (eventually I believe I will want to upgrade to an i7 processor…. my understanding is that Intel is generally better on music production) 2). CPU Cooler - Vetroo V5 52 CFM (Would an AIO be better?) 3). Motherboard - Asus PRIME Z690-P WiFi D4 4). RAM - Teamgroup T-Force Delta 16 GB 5). Storage - Crucial P3 1 TB M.2 6). GPU - GeForce RTX 3060 Ventura 2x (Would an Rx 6600 be a better option? I don’t really know much about GPUs other than that they are important and I have read that RTX 3060 and Rx 6600 are both compatible options with my chosen CPU.) 7). Chassi - Lian Li Lancool 205 Mesh C 8). Power Supply - Corsair RM850 watt 80+ Gold 9). Monitor - Acer Nitro QG241Y Pbmiipx 10). Side Speakers - Creative Labs Pebble 2.0 (I don’t need to have high-end speakers for my music production needs as I have headphones my dad specifically bought me for that purpose).
Thank you for reading this far :) I appreciate hearing anyone’s thoughts.
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2023.05.29 17:26 igor-campos Help with underextrusion on Kliper with Sherpa mini on Sapphire plus with Robin nano 1.2 and TMC2209

Hello, I am struggling to 3D print an RC plane (
The print is single walled, so this might've been happening before in the inner walls but I only realized it now. I get these weird irregular underextrusion, usually around the edges of the models.
I've played with temperature (no change from 200-230, eSun PLA), retraction (0.7 mm now, direct drive), extruder idler tension, microsteps (now 16), extruder stepper current (now at 0.95 A), neither of those solved the issue. Pressure advance is also quite low (0.055).
The hotend is an E3Dv6 clone and the print speed is 80 mm/s at the outer walls, with a layer height of 0.2 mm this gives 6 mm³/s of flow, quite within the capacity of the extruder set-up. Also the faster printing infill is not giving issues, so I don't think is related to the flow.
I have ran dry of ideas and hopefully the more experienced members here can come to my rescue.
Any ideas are welcome.
Here is the Klipper config:
[include timelapse.cfg]
[stepper_x] step_pin: PE3 dir_pin: !PE2 enable_pin: !PE4 microsteps: 128 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: !PA15 position_endstop: -2 position_min: -2 position_max: 300 homing_speed: 50
[tmc2209 stepper_x] uart_pin: PC8

microsteps: 32

interpolate: True

run_current: 0.9 hold_current: 0.5

stealthchop_threshold: 999

[stepper_y] step_pin: PE0 dir_pin: !PB9 enable_pin: !PE1 microsteps: 128 rotation_distance: 40 endstop_pin: !PA12 position_endstop: 300 position_max: 300 homing_speed: 50
[tmc2209 stepper_y] uart_pin: PC9

microsteps: 32

interpolate: True

run_current: 0.9 hold_current: 0.5

stealthchop_threshold: 999

[stepper_z] step_pin: PB5 dir_pin: !PB4 enable_pin: !PB8 microsteps: 64 rotation_distance: 8

endstop_pin: !PC4

position_endstop: 0

endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop position_max: 340 position_min: -3
[tmc2209 stepper_z] uart_pin: PC12

microsteps: 32

interpolate: True

run_current: 0.8 hold_current: 0.5

stealthchop_threshold: 999

[stepper_z1] step_pin: PA6 dir_pin: !PA1 enable_pin: !PA3 microsteps: 64 rotation_distance: 8

endstop_pin: !PC4

endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop
[tmc2209 stepper_z1] uart_pin: PC10

microsteps: 32

interpolate: True

run_current: 0.8 hold_current: 0.5

stealthchop_threshold: 999

[extruder] step_pin: PD6 dir_pin: !PD3 enable_pin: !PB3 microsteps: 16 gear_ratio: 50:10 rotation_distance: 20.65 #23.52 nozzle_diameter: 0.400 filament_diameter: 1.750 heater_pin: PB0 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F # Stock sensor_pin: PC1 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 260 control: pid pid_Kp: 19.753 pid_Ki: 1.045 pid_Kd: 93.331

pid_Kp: 17.48

pid_Ki: 1.32

pid_Kd: 57.81

pressure_advance: 0.055
[tmc2209 extruder] uart_pin: PC11

microsteps: 32

interpolate: True

run_current: 0.95 hold_current: 0.5 stealthchop_threshold: 0
[heater_bed] heater_pin: PA0 sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F # Stock sensor_pin: PC0 min_temp: 0 max_temp: 130 control: pid pid_Kp: 325.10 pid_Ki: 63.35 pid_Kd: 417.10
[fan] pin: PB1
[mcu] serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_USB_Serial-if00-port0 restart_method: command
[printer] kinematics: corexy max_velocity: 250 max_accel: 8900 max_z_velocity: 25 max_z_accel: 100
[static_digital_output reset_display] pins: !PC6, !PD13
[bltouch] sensor_pin: PA11 control_pin: PA8 x_offset: 0 y_offset: -42 z_offset: 2.575 stow_on_each_sample: False

samples: 3

[screws_tilt_adjust] horizontal_move_z: 5 screw1: 35,300 screw1_name: back left screw2: 265,300 screw2_name: back right screw3: 265,77 screw3_name: front right screw4: 35,77 screw4_name: front left screw_thread: CW-M4
[safe_z_home] home_xy_position: 150,192 # Change coordinates to the center of your print bed speed: 50 z_hop: 10 # Move up 10mm z_hop_speed: 5
[bed_mesh] speed: 50 horizontal_move_z: 5 mesh_min: 10,10 mesh_max: 290, 258 probe_count: 5,5
[gcode_macro G29] gcode: G28 # G28 X # G90 # G0 X15 # G28 Y # G28 Z BED_MESH_CALIBRATE
[virtual_sdcard] path: ~/gcode_files
[display_status] [pause_resume]
[filament_switch_sensor filament_sensor] pause_on_runout: FALSE runout_gcode: F_CONSUMED event_delay: 3.0 switch_pin: PA4
[gcode_macro F_CONSUMED] variable_filament_consumed: 0 variable_filament_lenght: 500 # length between the sensor and extruder gcode: # save current filament consumption SET_GCODE_VARIABLE MACRO=F_CONSUMED VARIABLE=filament_consumed VALUE={printer.print_stats.filament_used} # start checking filament consumption UPDATE_DELAYED_GCODE ID=DELAY_M600 DURATION=1
[delayed_gcode DELAY_M600] gcode: # use set for easier reading {% set consumed=printer["gcode_macro F_CONSUMED"].filament_consumed %} {% set length=printer["gcode_macro F_CONSUMED"].filament_lenght %} # check if predetermine length is reached {% if printer.print_stats.filament_usedfloat <= (consumedfloat + lengthfloat) %} # start looping this script every second UPDATE_DELAYED_GCODE ID=DELAY_M600 DURATION=1 {% else %} M600 REPEAT_M300 {% endif %}
[gcode_macro M600] gcode: PAUSE G91 G1 E-5 F500 G1 E15 G1 E-15 G92 E0
[output_pin BEEPER_Pin] pin: PC5 pwm: True value: 0 shutdown_value: 0 cycle_time: 0.001 scale: 1
[gcode_macro REPEAT_M300] gcode: {% set count = params.REPEATdefault(10)int %} {% for c in range(count) %} M300 G4 P3000 {% endfor %}
[gcode_macro M300] gcode: {% set tones = [1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1000] %} ; S sets the tone frequency {% for count in tones %} {% set cytime = 1 / count %} SET_PIN PIN=BEEPER_Pin VALUE={0.5} CYCLE_TIME={cytime} ;Play tone G4 P50 ;tone duration SET_PIN PIN=BEEPER_Pin VALUE=0 {% endfor %}
[gcode_macro PAUSE] rename_existing: BASE_PAUSE gcode: {% set X = 5 %} #edit to your park position {% set Y = 5 %} #edit to your park position {% set Z = 10 %} #edit to your park position {% set E = 5 %} #edit to your retract length SAVE_GCODE_STATE NAME=PAUSE_state BASE_PAUSE G91 G1 E-{E} F2100 G1 Z{Z} G90 G1 X{X} Y{Y} F6000
[gcode_macro RESUME] rename_existing: BASE_RESUME gcode: {% set E = 5 %} #edit to your retract length G91 G1 E{E} F2100 G90 RESTORE_GCODE_STATE NAME=PAUSE_state MOVE=1 BASE_RESUME
[mcu rpi] serial: /tmp/klipper_host_mcu
[adxl345] cs_pin: rpi:None
[resonance_tester] accel_chip: adxl345 probe_points: 150,150,20
[input_shaper] shaper_freq_x: 73.4 #69 shaper_type_x: mzv shaper_freq_y: 52.8 #54.2 shaper_type_y: mzv
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2023.05.29 17:26 yardsaleyolo Family biz in trouble

My mother runs a family business that has been around for 96 years. It’s well embraced by the community but it’s had some issues over the last few years. They consolidated from 2 stores to 1 store during covid but still have expenses that are too high for 1 location. Recently one of their main suppliers stopped accepting credit cards for inventory orders which means they are losing 30 days in regards to managing their expenses. They are in a position now where for the first time ever they may be late on their AMEX payment. The bill is due tomorrow and it’s $220,000. They are scrambling to figure this out because a late payment could mean higher rates, damaged credit, and also could impact the valuation of the company if they look to sell.
I don’t work for the business and fortunately do well doing my own thing. I have a home equity line of credit that I could tap to lend them the money so they can make this payment. My mom hasn’t asked me, but her operations manager reached out to me.
What should I do? Should I get involved? Or stay away? I want what’s best for my mom, this is her livelihood and it’s her family legacy, but it’s going through a tough time. She’s in her mid 70s and not paying as close attention as she used to. She’s also too nice to let anyone go.
I’m considering doing it, but along with it having some conditions of forcing some change. They need to reduce staff, reduce hours for representatives in the store, and they need to raise some prices.
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2023.05.29 17:25 Budget_Activity_3479 Has anyone ever resold their tickets?

I bought tickets to the governors ball before the lineup to ACL was released and now I’m not sure I want to go since I live much closer to Austin than NYC. What is the reselling process like with ticket master and how much would you price the tickets now? Thank you for any advice!!
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2023.05.29 17:24 Whinito ESSP strategies with 50 % match after 3 years of holding

I'm looking for some sparring when deciding how much to contribute to the next period of Employee Share Savings Plan for my company.
TL;DR: Company matches 50 % of number of shares purchased after a ~3 year holding period, ability to contribute up to 5 % of gross salary towards plan. Looking into selling vested stock to actually max contribution at 5 %, where half of contribution would come from sold stock
Here are the ESSP rules: You can save up to 5 % of your gross monthly salary (taken out of net salary) with a fixed minimum, savings period runs Q3 through Q2. 10 days after each quarterly earnings report, accumulated cash including dividends are automatically and without fees used to buy company stock at market price. If you hold your stock and stay at the company for the ~3 year duration of the plan, you are awarded with a 50 % match to the number of bought shares, half of which is paid in actual company stock, the other half being paid in cash (to cover taxes). Some clarifications: you forfeit matching if you leave the company or do anything stupid, but if you're let go you're still entitled to matching shares. Savings for new plan start in Q3 2023 and matching shares are awarded in February 2027, so it's about 3 years.
I've been with the company for some time and have participated in 4 programs, so I was awarded my first matching shares early this year. I've previously been contributing something in between minimum and 2,5 %, depending on what the stock was trading at when enlisting, but the price has been quite volatile recently so that of course doesn't last throughout the plan. Most of the shares bought in the now vested plan have seen a significant rise, the Covid-dip happening during the plan of course helped, but the stock is also trading at its previous historical max. While I can see myself staying with the company, and recently accepted a new position within the company with a significant jump in salary, the promised match in any plan is not so significant that I couldn't accept a job at another company.
Company info: Industrial company operating in a cyclic market. The company itself is stable and consistently profitable, and I'd say it has improved significantly, i.e. it is in a much better position than at any point during the previous 5 years, especially regarding profitability. Significant amount of profits come from aftermarkets activities while market cycle obviously affect new sales, but the orderbook is currently record high and recent earnings call have all been very strong, both regarding profit and order intake (no guarantees it lasts if inflation keeps improving though).
My financial situation: We get a state pension, so no need to save in 401k, IRA's etc. as per the prime directive. That said, I've been investing between 10-15 % of my net pay, and company stock is currently 8 % of my investment portfolio, but 2,5 % of that is already vested and I'm free to sell them. It would be even less, but I got carried away gambling on individual stocks with the play-part of my investment accounts, and those have seen significant losses. Index funds are >70 % of my portfolio and I've almost exclusively contributed to those the last 1½ years.
My plan: Current market price of already vested shares, both bought and rewarded, would be half of my max contributions for the year, and there's a 33 % profit the vested shares combined. I've previously been unwilling to invest such a big portion of my investment contributions into company stock, but having shares vested now allows me to offset it. So that's why I'm considering selling vested shares to reduce weight of my employer stock in my portfolio, but still maxing future share matching. A 50 % match is a (diluted after 3 years) 50 % match, with significant risk, both positive and negative associated with future share price. I'm willing to take that risk.
I'd likely sell in two portions for both tax and timing (spreading out risk) reasons. Only thing to consider then is whether to lump-sum those sales in index funds or whether to DCA them throughout the year, but I'm leaning towards just lump-summing in as I think that is statistically the best choice.
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