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2023.05.29 16:20 Ok-Rutabaga-3602 Partner was assaulted(?) by bartender.

Last night my partner (M33) and I went to a bar after a festival, the bar was busier than usual because of this which meant we were waiting around 30mins to get served. My partner was about to get served when the guy serving had to leave so another female bartender came. My partner called her attention to let her know he was to be served next (because he already was) she said ok and then went away for a few more minutes before returning and my partner signalled again to remind her as she was going over to someone else.
The bartender lady was already visibly angry with a heavy attitude on arrival before he called to her… and I understand it was busy, a long day or a bad day in her personal life.
We order two ciders (in a bottle) and two beers from the tap (so open and in a cup). She gives us the cider bottles but not the (half full) beer and asks my partner to pay… my partner asks to get the beers first before paying… as is usual in London… she replies with some attitude remark and then takes one the beers to the back and returns with it. At the point my partner was already talking to the rest of the people waiting who saw who all agreed that she went to spit in his drink… whether or not she did spit in it I’m very wary of my drinks leaving my sight because of getting spiked anyway and also I assume bartenders are told not to do this…
My partner assuming she spat in his drink asked for a replacement… she said no and that that beer tap was done now so he asked for a different type. At this point she got extremely angry poured his drink away, told he wasn’t getting served anymore and told the other staff not to serve him too and asked him to pay for the ciders which he did. Everyone at the bar including the other staff knew she was in the wrong and so the young bartender next to her told my partner he would serve him as she was turned away.
She had left at this point for a few minutes and the other bartender served my partner, she comes back and sees and shouts at the young bartender tell him she told him not to serve my partner and grabs him by the collar of his t-shirt. The young bartender was visibly shooken up after this. She then turns to my partner and shouts at him telling him he’s not getting served, she then tries to punch my partner over the bar but he moved out the way and then she throws a plastic cup at him which he manages to avoid hitting him in the face by his hands.
She then runs behind the bar outwards… thinking she is coming after my partner the bystanders at the bar tell my partner to leave (in case he gets angry and retaliates). I didn’t know what was happening so I grabbed my boyfriend and asked what was going on and he told me. By the time he finished she had arrived with the security guard, still shouting and screaming about getting him out (it seemed very personal) on the basis that he didn’t pay for the drinks… but he did. The security guy wasn’t on her level and was trying to be reasonable asking if we had paid… i told him yes and if we haven’t we will now and also tried to explain the assault but she was too busy screaming and causing a scene that my boyfriend was getting more angry and we left.
I’d like to know if there is anything legally we can do here as I’m not sure how much assault is classed as actual assault?
My plan is to write an email to the bar (as I used to go frequently there I know that this is not the usual for that place) stating what happened with the hopes of her getting fired. I am also planning to ask them for the CCTV of the bar (if they have any - I remember hearing that all places with cash registers are meant to have cameras watching) and also ask for statements from the other bartenders who witnessed… especially the one she also assaulted (but i’m aware he might be reluctant to do this).
If I don’t get a response, I would most likely go down there and ask to talk to the manager.
I’m just wondering if there is anything I should do before sending the email, like talking to the police? If there’s anything I should include in the email or ask for?
My partner was very upset about the situation, angry and confused. He still is upset but is trying to forget about it mostly because he thinks he will be blamed or it will get turned on him somehow. I however think it’s important something is done.
For a little context my partner is Indian and the lady was mixed raced or latina… she was treating any of the other bar customers this way (except obviously the bartender) so I’m also thinking it might have been a race issue or a sexist issue because she seemed to have no problem with me or the other female bartenders.
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2023.05.29 16:20 Pm_me_what Seeking advice - Am I ready for June 17th Olympic?

Talk me on/off the ledge. I have my first ever triathlon (Olympic) on June 17th. I was a decent runner before I started my training this winter. Individually, I'm happy with my progress in the pool (first open water this week), my biking could be stronger but doable and I wasn't worried about my running until yesterday's brick session. After my bike ride, I could barely make it 2kms at a snails pace and I finally stopped there. All this to say, I'm on the fence between fighting through the Olympic or going down to the Sprint and then spending the summer training for a bigger race with the lessons learned in training for what would now be a shorter race. I recognize it's an individual choice but just looking for some thoughts from more experienced folk here. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 16:18 oldmonkandsprite Recommendations for books on BDD

Hi, I'm a F,25 been suffering with bodydysmorphia for 10 years now. I have recently opened up to my parents about it, they have been very understanding but would like to know more about it. They would like to read about about what the condition is, how other families have supported someone who has it and to find some solutions to the spiral of thoughts that follow through with an episode. Please do help me out, I'd be most grateful Thank you
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2023.05.29 16:18 wardromon Finally played Torna... I was not prepared for how good this was!

In a very (not planned) poetic fashion, it's quite fitting my Switch Xenoblade journey concluded the same way it started, with XC2 and it's world. And after XC3 left me somewhat disappointed/frustrated as a follow up to XC1 and 2, Torna felt like a much needed final note in my mind, to remind me of what a Great Xenoblade game can be. Probably my favourite of all 3 games extra/DLC Stories
I was a bit scared of going back, as I was not sure if the combat would feel like a step back. Yet I honestly think I like this combat more than XC3. Despite technically having only 3 party members, each member is basically compressed into 3 characters and swapping between them for combos + cancelling felt really good. The only thing that I feel it's sorely missing to make the combat perfect, is the ability to switch between "main" party members in Battle, as there still some stuff that I just don't trust the AI to pull of consistently. Cycling between characters in XC3 in the chaos of battle can be more confusing due to having 6 separate party members to go through, so something like we see in Torna of "1 member = 3 characters" could be a great way to streamline those minor woes... But Alas ... To Xenoblade bread and Butter!
Like in XC1 (which I did not expect to kick off as a revenge story), surprised out of the gate, as I thought Addam would be the protagonist. Instead Lora/Jin take center and their relation and story is a treat to watch (Jin exploring his "mortality" as Blade felt specially interesting, as we all know how's that gonna end...). Addam himself not quite what I expected (in a good way), as a more sensitive, somewhat insecure guy, and at times fearful of the type of power that his Blade, Mythra, has. All mixed with a very likable cast of new and returning characters.
The overhaul Story pulls no punches either. with the game telling one of my favourite type of stories, ones where you know out of the gate, that there is not gonna be a happy ending, but you can make sure the Devs are gonna make you care about this characters so you'll be dreading those fast approaching final moments... And despite me being spoiled about the type of stuff that was gonna go down at the End, that whole sequence still hit me like a truck (which it speaks to how well done the whole thing was). Mythtra going ham on Malos after Auresco is destroyed, Torna crumbling under the Fight between them, Traumatized Mythra just breaking at the sight of the now dead Milton and turning into Pyra (and many others that set up nicely future struggles, but this post is long enough)
Here's the final kicker... All this is condensed into a 30 hour(ish) experience, and other than in length, it doesn't feel any lesser for it and works great as standalone title. If anyone ever comes to me curious about Xenoblade but feels nervous about the time these games can occupy this is the game I would recommend to them to see if they like it
PS: Now I'm in quite a, definitely 1st world, pickle... I have Zelda TotK on the shelve waiting to be opened... But goddam I kinda really want to replay XC2 with Torna fresh on my mind
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2023.05.29 16:17 Buurto Why does the game make link seem to have a max of 10 IQ ?

After having the first sage cutscene and after seeing the first dragon tear cutscene it should be clear to link and anyone else that the enemy is the demon king and than zelda traveled in the past.
I hate how 90% of the story is about who is the evil guy and where is zelda even when link should know this after the first 10 or even less hours of the game.
I hate how they make it such a mystery about zelda or the demon king when link should know it pretty early in the game, they should make Link tell the people about it or make it seem different.
It feels like the whole story is writing not for that type of open world game, because after hearing 4 times about the imprisoning war and that it's clear where zelda is still having link and purah figuring out what happens with zelda it just feels so stupid writing wise.
I am not done with the story but the story telling for the freedom of the game just feels bad how link and purah etc. react to most of the story stuff that is clear after doing like 1 main quest.
My headcanon now is just that link has alzheimer and just forgets about every piece of information he gets 10 minutes later.
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2023.05.29 16:17 germanky Immediate Openings Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Colorado Springs

NOW HIRING Immediate Openings Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Colorado Springs-
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2023.05.29 16:17 iamsynecdoche Wandering versus main quests

I'm looking for a spoiler-free perspective from folks who have gotten further in the game than I have.
When I played BotW, I found that once I defeated Dark Beast Ganon, I was far less motivated to explore and track down things like armor upgrades and all that. I never did complete Trials of the Sword because once I beat Ganon, I had a bit of a feeling of "Why bother?"
Now with TotK, I've been dragging my feet on a lot of the main quest stuff because I don't want the same thing to happen. I found all the Dragon's Tears and completed two of the four Regional Phenomena, but I've been taking my time going on to the next ones because I don't want to end the game too quickly. (I also have beaten Kohga twice, as well as stumbling across a shrine in the storm above Faron that led me to the Construct Factory, but I haven't tried to complete it yet because it feels a bit out of order..)
I guess I am also worried that once I complete the regional phenomena, there will be some change to the world that means I missed out on something cool or that will try to drive me toward the end game when I want to go looking for caves and quests and hidden treasure for a while. Plus, the longer I put it off, the greater the risk I get spoiled on later game stuff. (It doesn't help that my son's playing on his own save, too, and he's a bit ahead of me on the main quest. Not a lot, but a bit.)
Should I get over it and just go deal with the last two phenomena? Or should I take time now to try to explore the open world? I want to know the rest of the main story line, but a lot of the joy of BotW was stumbling across cool mysteries and surprises.
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2023.05.29 16:16 Mythrowawsy AITA for not wanting to work?

I (26F) and my mom (58F) have a pasta shop together. Due to the tradition in my country of eating pasta on Sundays, we work from Tuesday to Sunday, and we are closed on Mondays. This is the practice followed by every pasta shop in my city as well.
Occasionally, there are special days to eat pasta (let's say, for example, lasagna day), but this month, that "special" day fell on a Monday. The other shops didn't open, but my mom informed me (without consulting me) the Sunday before that we were going to work. I was taken by surprise because we hadn't discussed this, and I expressed my belief that it wasn't worth it. Unfortunately, she didn't listen to me.
I assumed we would open at 10:30 am as we usually do on special dates, but at 8:30 am, she called me and asked if I was awake because I hadn't responded to her messages. I told her, "I thought we were going to open at 10:30?" She replied that we were going to open at 9:30 am, like a regular day.
At this point, I was incredibly annoyed because I had gone to bed late, thinking I had more hours to sleep and I always have a headache when I sleep less hours (I’m easily triggered because of my migraine predisposition). When I saw her, I told her that I was just as much an owner of the shop as she was and that she should have consulted me before deciding to open. I informed her that she doesn't have the sole authority to make decisions, and her response was, "Well, you should have told me you wanted to go at 10:30, and it's only an hour difference, so it's not a big deal."
I admit that I should have communicated my preference earlier, but it never crossed my mind that we would open as if it were a regular day. Additionally, she mentioned this on Sunday, leaving us little to no time to organize ourselves.
In frustration, I told her to do whatever she pleases with the shop since it appears that I'm not regarded as an equal and she never consults me about our decisions. This made her angry, and she labeled me as lazy and an asshole. While I don't believe I am, I do admit that I should have informed her about the opening hour in advance. Nevertheless, I never expected her to make this decision without consulting me.
Now I'm feeling guilty for speaking out against her and wondering if I am indeed the one in the wrong for not wanting to work that day, but it’s not the first time she decides things on her own.
So please tell me, AITA?
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2023.05.29 16:15 germanky Immediate Openings Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Colorado Springs

NOW HIRING Immediate Openings Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Colorado Springs-
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2023.05.29 16:15 Hyewes There is only ONE way to save Overwatch now.

There is ONE way, and one way ONLY, to save Overwatch.
After the recent fiasco that has been the announced cancellation of Overwatch 2’s PvE plans, Overwatch and Blizzard’s customer base has every right to never offer this company their trust, EVER again.
There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the decision to cancel the project was purely an executive decision, made with minimal respect to the desires and needs of the actual OW2 development team.
Many players who have remained loyal to the project despite delays and empty promises have reached their final straw. Many people are quitting, likely not in numbers that will impact Blizzard’s pockets very heavily in the long term, but enough to represent a very serious backlash.
Players who have remained have grown even more toxic in response to the news than what is typical of the game, playing with and speaking to other players as though the future of the game and its community doesn’t matter anymore. Leavers and throwers seem to be at a strong peak at the moment, with no signs of slowing down. The community is in a decent amount of chaos at the moment, and for excellent reason.
If the game’s upcoming content designed to replace PvE is to flop, the live game may survive overall across the next bunch of years, decade+ even, but it would represent a lifeless shell of what could have been, and there will be nothing left of the truly, once-in-a-generation, universal recognition of Overwatch’s ambitions, quality, and impact on the gaming world at large since it’s initial release.
Blizzard has robbed the community of a beloved game in exchange for empty promises; all for the sake of “better” monetization. This is the safest conclusion for any Overwatch consumer who has invested any money or time in the progression of this game since release to draw.
Let me repeat. The MOST reasonable way for fans to interpret recent events, is that their loyalty is repaid with a deceitful, corporate cash grab. It’s as simple as that, and it is largely unforgivable.
How can they make up for this? How can the community come back together and enjoy this game and each other’s company in a way not seen since the first few years of OW1?
My proposal: Restore Overwatch 1, and maintain it as a separate game.
Re-release the final patch of Overwatch 1, and repackage it as [Overwatch: Classic]. Free to Play, PC only, cracked wide open.
-Expand the Workshop for even more customizability, allowing players to restore old abilities from earlier versions of the game and mix and match them. Anything from Barrier Bastion to Scatter Arrow to Auto-Aim Symmetra. Create presets for older patches and offer even more development tools to allow for player creativity in developing new modes and ways to play.
-Allow for community made maps and mods to be used within community servers, with the main live game running as normal at the forefront, a la Team Fortress 2. Balance updates spread few and far between. Cast remains the same, no characters released in OW2 will make an appearance.
-Revise the loot box AND inventory system. Allow for at least SOME (limited) player to player trading of skins/cosmetics. Allow for multiples of items, rarity tiers for duplicables, kill counters or other unique effects on weapons, cosmetics/customizables, etc. Keep the old loot box system, but create a new class of unlockable boxes for those that want these paid attributes. This would allow for continued monetization of the original game in a familiar, non-controversial way. The community could more precisely determine in-game value of cosmetics through trade, and difficult to obtain skins (Pink Mercy, etc.) could be negotiated between players in a legit way vs having to trade entire accounts for a chance to get limited cosmetics. Again, taking a page out of TF2’s book, while solving a long-standing problem within the game.
-Keep a smaller, dedicated team for Overwatch: Classic. Separate it from OW2, keeping people who are interested in the new heroes and ongoing story elements of Overwatch satisfied, while paying back the people who had a game they purchased, loved, and remained loyal to replaced entirely without consumer-end justification. OW2 continues as planned, and retains both its PC and console player base who are genuinely interested in the continued development of the game. RuneScape by Jagex takes a similar approach to their main project: RuneScape 3. That project is regularly updated and propels the project towards its future potential, while Old School RuneScape, a version of the original game that the developers happened to find that keeps fans of the original game satisfied, with occasional polish updates based on frequent community polling and feedback.
Overwatch was taken so OW2 could exist and thrive. This did not go as planned, and the consumers of Overwatch do not have the game they paid for back in 2016-2022. A “media preservation” argument can be made here, as well as many others, but at the end of the day, many fans just lost a game they loved in exchange for one that they did not ask for. I am happy that OW2 exists, and I think it should continue to as best as the developers can manage, but the original game did not need to go away given these circumstances.
The most respectful, effective, PR power move that Blizzard could take right now, would be to give players BACK the game they paid for. And let them do what they will with it. Let it go, so that both games can prosper. I think this would be a great starting point to rebuilding trust in Blizzard, if it were to be done and done correctly.
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2023.05.29 16:14 expensiveblonde Highway submission [f24]

At twenty-three, I was already well-versed in the intriguing world of financial domination. My influence had stretched to include a select group of submissives who found satisfaction in relinquishing control. One of them was a man, well-established and drawn to the thrill of my dominance. He was a proud owner of a vintage sports car, his prized possession. So, in our game of power and surrender, I decided to push our boundaries by asking for the keys to his car, with the explicit intention of crashing it.
His initial surprise turned into an apprehensive agreement as he handed over the car keys. As I slid behind the wheel of his beloved vehicle, the power dynamics between us took a tangible form. The weight of the keys in my hand, the purr of the engine beneath me, his nervous anticipation - all of it added to the thrill, the tension between us thick with anticipation.
I drove down the deserted highway, the wind in my hair and the open road ahead. His car, his treasure, was under my complete control, and the exhilarating sense of power coursed through my veins. In that moment, I felt an indescribable thrill, a potent mix of power, dominance, and control.
The deliberate crash was minor, just enough to dent his precious vehicle, but the impact was significant. The sight of his precious car, now with a dent, was a stark testament to his submission, his complete surrender to my desires. The evening ended with an air of intense satisfaction, a unique blend of shared understanding, submission, and control.
This episode was not just about the car or the crash. It was about power and the thrill of pushing limits. It was about experiencing the intoxicating high of control, about witnessing a man's surrender, and about creating an unforgettable memory in our peculiar world of financial domination.
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2023.05.29 16:13 ElgarrsBackBaby What can I do to this now with 1 open prefix or what would others suggest as I thought it’s pretty nice.

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2023.05.29 16:12 bamboozledboom VIP Paris was organized poorly [rant]

I went to the show yesterday and the band was AMAZING.
The VIP setup, however, almost ruined the experience. I haven't heard of problems in other cities, unless others want to chime in.
Salle Pleyel has standing and seating. Looking at their website, it seemed like VIP can choose to stand in the pit or sit in the category 1 seats. I'm 5 feet. So unless I have barricade (which is not always the case), I just want a seat with a nice view.
When the VIP doors opened, I saw that the seating area was closed off. I asked the security guard when they opened the seating for VIP. He didn't understand my question and pointed me to a clerk. The clerk said that all VIP have to stand in the pit. I told him what I saw on the website and he just kept repeating that I had to stand, end of story. Another clerk said I can sit in the back of the pit "if it's not too crowded". And get trampled??
By now there were enough people in the pit that I knew I wasn't going to see shit.
I tried again with another clerk and she told me VIP is allowed to sit. But only after the doors open for GA. So at 7pm, I quickly left the pit and quietly snagged a front-row center seat. Then a clerk told us to move back 1 row because the center front seats were reserved. I thought they were for VIP but NO, they're actually for CATEGORY 2 ticketholders. Apparently they bought their tickets AFTER the venue change and got a numbered ticket.
So: VIP (95 euros) have to stand. Category 1 (45 euros) can sit or, depending on capacity, stand in the pit. Category 2 (40 euros) can also sit, but if you booked after the venue change you can reserve premium front-row seats.
When I bought it in pre-sale, there was NOTHING about "standing only". I would've started queueing at 9am for barricade, or bought a cheaper category 1 seated ticket.
I preferred balcony seats, but I think they were reserved for cat 1 or 2. I didn't want to risk losing my 2nd row seat and get thrown in the sweaty pit again by that clerk.
I enjoyed the concert A LOT, it was my first time seeing them and I'm so so SO happy I got a seat.
Other VIPs who were there yesterday, how was your experience?
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2023.05.29 16:12 BangerIHardlyKnowHer Carcassonne: Beginner's Strategy Tips & Tricks

Carcassonne: Beginner's Strategy Tips & Tricks

Basic Strategy Tips For Carcassonne

Rule of Thumb: Don’t Rush to Complete Cities
In Carcassonne, there’s a natural inclination to rush and complete cities, which isn’t always the best strategy. Yes, a completed city can score you quick points, but this approach often overlooks the long-term strategic value. By rushing to complete a city, you might be committing your meeples too early and limiting your scoring potential for future rounds. Consider each tile placement carefully. Sometimes, expanding an existing city or starting a new one can be more beneficial. By keeping your cities open, you create opportunities to place future tiles that can significantly increase your score. Always think about how your current move can pave the way for higher scores in the upcoming rounds.
Be a Road Warrior
Roads in Carcassonne often don’t receive the attention they deserve. While they may not score as much as cities, roads have their unique advantages. First, they require fewer tiles to complete, meaning you can earn points and retrieve your meeple faster. And secondly, roads are versatile and can fit in many parts of the landscape, providing more placement options.
Roads also can be a brilliant defensive strategy and an opportunity for sabotage. By building roads, you can interfere with your opponent’s plans and restrict their tile placement options. So, don’t underestimate the humble road – it can be a steady and strategic source of points.
Master the Monastery
A completed monastery can score you a hefty nine points, but it also requires careful planning. Monasteries need to be surrounded by eight tiles to be completed, making them a significant commitment and potentially a stuck meeple until the end of the game.
When placing a monastery, consider the landscape’s existing layout. Position your monasteries in areas where other players are likely to place tiles, increasing the chances of your monastery being completed faster.
Meeple Management
Meeple management is at the heart of Carcassonne strategy. Remember, a meeple, once placed, stays on the board until the feature it’s on is completed. This means that having all your meeples committed can leave you powerless in claiming new features.
The key is to strike a balance. While you want to score points by placing meeples on features, try to always have at least one meeple in reserve. This gives you the flexibility to seize unexpected scoring opportunities that may arise. Think of your meeples as a resource to be managed wisely, not just tools to score immediate points. This balance between scoring now and planning for the future is the essence of Carcassonne strategy.

Advanced Strategy Tips For Carcassonne

Farming for Victory
Farms are probably one of the most complex aspects of Carcassonne. They’re high-risk, high-reward features that can significantly impact the game’s outcome. When you place a farmer meeple on a farm, it stays there for the rest of the game, no matter what. So, it’s crucial to choose your farming locations wisely.
The key to successful farming is to get in early and target fields on the board that you think will have multiple completed cities by the end of the game. You cannot place a farmer on a field that already has a farmer on it. By getting in early you have the advantage over your opponents who will have to find more creative ways of getting into the big lucrative field by connecting up other board tiles.
The big risk with farmers is the prospect of getting into a farming “war” where you and your opponent place more and more farmers to win the field but lose on scoring opportunities due to the meeple commitment. If you find this happening, be cautious not to overcommit your meeples to farming, as this can leave you with fewer options during the game. Striking the right balance is crucial to mastering the art of farming in Carcassonne.
Connect and Conquer
One of the more opportunistic strategies involves connecting to an opponent’s city or road. This move can be a game-changer, allowing you to share or even steal points from your competitors. The key here is to carefully analyse the board and predict where your opponent might be trying to expand. By strategically placing your tiles, you can join their features and put your meeple, effectively becoming a part of their city or road.
This tactic not only earns you points but can also disrupt your opponent’s plans. However, be wary of inadvertently giving your opponent an advantage. The goal is to be a leech on their points, not set them up for a larger score. This strategy requires careful planning, a keen eye for opportunity, and a little bit of audacity. If executed well, it can tilt the game in your favour.
For the full strategy guide, check out my blog 📷 Carcassonne Strategy Guide
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2023.05.29 16:12 SanPadrigo Mom always makes the wrong choice

Hi everyone, First of all- this sub has been a great source of information. It helps me feel not so isolated and hopeless. Thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences and opened up about their trauma.
Now, on to the source of my frustration- my mom, the hoarder, and her bad decisions. In 2018 my grandma (mom’s mom) passed away and my mom inherited my grandma’s house. My grandma was a clean freak- even in her old age she would mop her kitchen floors once a week and dust daily, so the house was in pristine move-in-ready condition. The house itself is pretty small (1100 sq ft) but in a highly desirable & affluent neighborhood.
I think my siblings and I assumed the long term plan would be for mom to eventually move into our grandma’s house and then mom’s house could be sold or demolished or whatever. The short term plan was to rent my grandma’s house to my cousin’s daughter. This seemed a beneficial situation- a family member gets to live in a nice house for $500/mo and my mom gets some monthly income.
But it soon became clear my mom had no intention of ever leaving her disgusting hoarded house. You see, my moms house is 2600 square feet with a three car garage- all filled to capacity. She could never bring herself to downsize her hoard by more than half to relocate to my grandma’s little house. So my siblings and I thought- okay, whatever, guess she’ll stay in her hoard house and we’ll inherit two houses (1 clean and 1 ruined) when she dies.
Now… my mom has decided she wants to sell my grandma’s house. And I’m furious. My grandma’s house is worth three times as much as my mom’s. And I KNOW my mom is just going to take the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sale of the house to buy more useless bullshit to fill her garbage house. My siblings and I don’t care about our childhood home- at all, but our grandma’s house was our sanctuary and we loved being there.
I don’t know if I’m being selfish or unreasonable. I just know I feel betrayed and supremely let down by my mom. I’m trying to reason with her- I told her to raise the rent if she needed more money. I told her she should still move to my grandma’s house because there’s less yard to maintain (my mom’s 2 acre yard has only been mowed once this season) and the roof is only 5 years old (my mom’s roof is covered in mold). But she’s still thinking she’ll sell it.
I wouldn’t be so mad if I thought the proceeds from the house would go into a savings account that my mom could live off of for the next 10 years, but I know my mom- she’ll blow through it in 2 years and have NOTHING to show for it except fucking junk that my siblings and I will toss into a dumpster after she dies.
Anyway, just had to get that out there. I’m sure plenty of people on this sub know how I’m feeling. Maybe somebody has had something similar happen. This is just the reality of having a hoarder parent and it sucks.
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2023.05.29 16:11 Professional-One-688 30 [M4M] Constant chats and genuine connections

Looking for CONSTANT chats and genuine connections. This is all online as of the moment. Let's get comfy with each other first, be buddies before making request from the get go. Open to nsfw but if this is only what you're after, I'm not your guy. Keeping it absolutely ANON for now.
I'm closeted, introverted and old soul. Fair-skinned, slim guy, around 172 cm. From Visayas if that matters. Looking for someone younger or around my age. Twink to muscular guy. Preferably closeted, same height/taller, discreet/top. Someone who leads the way and likes to take the lead.
We can chat and vibe here in Reddit before going to another app. Just DM me if this post is still up.
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2023.05.29 16:11 MrUntouchableNYC What do you hope to see in future games in The Division franchise?

Just wishful thinking here but what if your agent and all your stats and achievements from the first game carried over to the second game. We spend so much time building up our agents, they should be interchangeable from game to game and maybe even be used to form a small team similar to “Ghost Recon” for only a few missions from time to time when playing solo. For example, lets say the NY agents are helping the DC agents on a mission. Your agent from the first game should be playable or at least visible in some way and vice versa.
There should definitely be more continuity from games for the items that require premium credits, they should carry over from game to game in the stash or inventory so players can receive more value from their purchases over the long term. Even items received as rewards should carry over considering the amount of hours players have to pour into these games.
I want to be able to access the full open worlds from all previous games in the franchise and all the DLCs lol in a single game. I know that would never happen but still there is so many great features from both games, a guy just wishes he could have it all.
I like how The Division uses weather conditions, imagine if natural disasters where thrown in the mix, earthquakes, wildfires, floods etc.
Vehicles for in game travel, simple things like motorcycles, bikes, scooters lmao. Just something to help cut down on some of the sprinting from time to time. Most of the roads are closed anyway but for those long stretches of land it would be helpful.
A beefed up JTF that can actually aim and shoot effectively and be called in for brief periods of back up beyond control points. Also as an agent, our character should have a variety of combat moves.
More citizens in the streets and the ability to use a canine unit from time to time. That’s all I can think of for now lol. What would you like to see from The Division in the future?
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2023.05.29 16:09 Panmancan My friend probably has hand eczema.

 My friend has had very dry and cracked hands for about a year now. Says it hurts to open and close them sometimes. There is very obviously something wrong with just a glance as his hands are slightly swollen, cracked everywhere, and often times slightly pink in areas. Unfortunately I do not have a picture. He's claimed to have "tried everything" but won't go to see a specialist. Any tips or products that may help? My father has psoriasis and I've dealt with eczema in the past I think it might be one of these two things. Could be wrong though. 
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2023.05.29 16:09 karterwitak insane manager has zero self awareness

insane manager has zero self awareness
long story short, i’ve been working at this place for 3 years now since i was 16. always been a great worker, promotions, raises, etc. we got a new manager about 6 months ago. it’s been crazy, people who never cause trouble are suddenly finding themselves in write ups, getting bullied out of work, or just fired. the workplace is split on two sides. the boss and her crew and the others who oppose her openly. i’m on the ladder of course but i always led her to believe i was on her side. i knew what she was doing was wrong to everyone. i put in my two weeks but two days before, i quit and walked out mid shift. these were the subsequent texts in our group chat with everyone in it.
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2023.05.29 16:09 Synloc04 Why live action is a good thing from a former hater

As many at first i hated the idea of a live action for out favourite anime/manga, but recently my opinion switched for good. These day i'm really back into one piece and, so i want everyone to watch and enjoy the show, i even thought about suggesting my mom to watch it, she's not a anime watcher she wouldn't love fighing and blood at all but she's still open minded. So the answer was clear, thats why the live action is made, to encourage people who aren't used to watch anime to be able to enjoy these master pieces. It's not for us fans, since it's probably never gonna equal the animation and characters wont be identical, but we can still get benefits by sharing our passion further. Let's hope now it's actually properly done, but it looks good so far. Tell me if everyone knew that.
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2023.05.29 16:09 simplyjolly92 Two conures instead of one.

Some things I wanted to share. Seeing all the pictures and videos on here, and then getting my first conure, I thought that their personalities all were quite similar. Getting my second conure, I laugh and laugh and laugh at that thought 🤣. They could not be more different and I love them. I'm thinking this is how people with multiple conures that look alike tell them apart. I'm amazed at how different their little personalities are. It also makes me terribly sad that my first conures wings were clipped (when I got her) and really opened my eyes to how terrible some breeders are. Some bird shops. I fell in love with Pistachio the minute she nibbled my finger, I had to get her out of there, but now I'm mad I contributed. I wish she would have had the same opportunities as my second conure. I can't wait for her wings to grow back and for her to feel more confident in herself. I'm grateful for all that I've learned through here and with them so far. I just wanna give them the best life.
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2023.05.29 16:08 Excellent_Bedroom_65 Help me with a diploma!

TLDR: open the link below and rate some images. Shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.
Been using SD since early October and decided that my diploma would be about diffusion models. It’s almost complete now, and it would be lovely to get some real data for the results section, so I’ve made a small poll where you can rate a few images in relation to each other. I would greatly appreciate it if you take part in it.
Thanks <3
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